LebTown loses access to critical Facebook group in arbitrary decision by moderator

2 min readPosted December 4, 2018

LebTown founder Davis Shaver (me) was kicked out of the Lebanon PA Over 40 Facebook group today, not because admins finally realized I was ten years short of the group moniker but rather because a single moderator decided he did want to see my messages anymore.

The Lebanon PA Over 40 Facebook group has nearly 10,000 members. LebTown links are consistently among the group’s most engaged content, and the group in turn provides a significant percentage of the site’s overall audience.


The link in question was a re-share of this Facebook post on the LebTown page.

The group is moderated by a few local people: David and Shelly Eggert, James L. Hartman, and John R. Nye. By my own experience the moderation does not appear to be consistent or systematic.


Nye appears to be the admin who kicked out LebTown, apparently in response to a thread where the consistency of moderation was questioned. I shared examples of other equally questionable content, such as links about Duncannon or questions about random tchotchkes found in someone’s attic.

Responses to other moderators asking for insight into the policy or cause here have gone unanswered.

Ironically, just recently a debate took place within the group regarding another member’s placement into “Facebook jail”, with Nye’s post about the subject removed by moderator David Eggert, who took immediately to the page with an explanation of the removal. This prompt explanation of a deletion or expulsion seems right and proper for these communities, which are ultimately autocracies controlled by whomever started the group. I have argued in the past that Facebook group moderators need to hold themselves to a higher standard.


Lebanon’s media offerings are already limited, and hostile actions like this will deter me and others from making further investment in this space. I am requesting two things from the moderators of the Lebanon PA Over 40 group:

  • Reinstatement into the group
  • Clear guidance on how relevance is determined, and timely notices of what/why something was removed

Thank you for sharing this important perspective.



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