Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

228 South Lancaster Avenue
Frederick A. Hess to Gary and Victoria E. Funck for $232,000.

Bethel Township

1519 and 1525 Mount Zion Road
Judith A. Gordon to Michael T. and Judith A. Gordon for $1.

895 Greble Road
Glenn M. and Luella B. Zimmerman to Audrey R. and Linford R. Snyder for $1.

895 Greble Road
Glenn M. and Luella B. Zimmerman to Audrey R. and Linford R. Snyder for $1.

136 North Pinegrove Street Lot 2
PNC Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $10.

City of Lebanon

402 East Pine Street Lot 103 Rolling Green Heights Plan
Joanne M. Kline to Joanne Knoche for $10.

823 South 6th Street
Hari Om Enterprises Inc. to Isaac Zook for $78,000.

1117 Walton Street
Brahim Balima to CDMS Holdings LLC for $66,000.

1009 Quentin Road
Hasaun Grigger to Luis D. Hernandez for $255,000.

1419 Elm Street
Benjamin J. Grischott to Santiago Rios for $242,000.

715 North 9th Street
Peaceful Homes LLC to Christ Fisher for $135,000.

627 South 7th Street
Joseph H. and Kathy J. Snyder to Heller J R Com LLC, J R Heller.Com LLC, J R Heller Com LLC, J R Heller LLC, Heller J R LLC for $68,000.

407 East Mifflin Street
Acquisition Concept LLC to Angele S. Scotland for $210,000.

918 Meily Street
Joshua S. Wolfe to Julissa Benzant, Norberto A. Jose for $215,000.

459 North Fourth Street
Michael L. Amato to Samuel and Lettycia Valle for $154,000.

418 Steitz Street
Joseph O. Morales to Joseph O. Morales, Anna M. Deraco for $1.

1026 Orchard Avenue
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Onyx Investments IV LLC for $88,000.

429 New Street
Ahmed Mohamed to Mohamed, El Mahfoud, and ElMahfoud Boudriss for $65,000.

244 South Sixth Street
Kelly Serrano to John R. and Freda M. Mumma Sr. for $216,500.

1040 Lehman Street
Hometown Revival LLC to Juan A. Alvarado for $100,000.

362 North 11th Street
Grinilda Escobar to Gilberto A. Escobar Jr. for $1.

126 Canal Street
Gail M. Johnson Estate, Robyn R. Houser to Melissa Schaeffer for $145,000.

518 Canal Street
Demetrios N. Siozos to Hamdy Aboshuska, Fayza Nasr for $1.

940 Summit Street
Michael J. and Rose E. Baron to Lance G. and Paula E. Dietrich for $649,900.

1114 Mifflin Street
Reuben Lantz to Harold E. and Audrey R. Dice for $1.

220 North 12th Street
BU12 LP to Dixon Foundation Realty LLC for $1.

301 East Chestnut Street Lot 78
Lisa M. and Jeffrey L. Arnold to Jeffrey L. Arnold for $1.

615 Blueberry Lane Lot 12
Peter J. Grandi Jr. Estate, Peter Grandi Jr. Estate, Richard D. Swisher to Elizabeth A. Long for $225,000.

604 Locust Street
Gumercindo Garcia to Nereida T. Maldonado, Anibal M. Garcia for $75,000.

522 Pershing Avenue
David P. Adams to David A. Lapp for $70,000.

Cleona Borough

2 East Chestnut Street Lots 214, 215, Part of Lot 216
Beatrice A. Owusua to Larry P. and Kathleen M. Minnich for $180,000.

330 East Chestnut Street Lot 341, Part of Lots 340, 342
Frederick F. and Jenifer T. Coffroth II to Joseph Silvetti for $297,000.

14 West Walnut Street
Debbie F. and John J. Rafferty to Brittany N. Jones, Deborah G. Kolowitz for $285,000.

31 Morningside Avenue
Sylvia A. and Joseph P. Krall to Sylvia A. and Joseph P. Krall for $1.

Cornwall Borough

149 Julia Lane Lot 42
Joanne D. and Scot E. Cerulli to Joanne D. Cerulli for $1.

41 Palmer Street Lot 19
Casey and Kimberly McNally to Mark W. and Sarah I. Lingle for $445,000.

1018 Riverstone Circle Unit 377
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to John C. and Deborah S. Pugh for $432,703.

1003 Alden Way Unit 2
Raymond R. Kupchik Estate, Anthony J. Fitzgibbons to Janice M. Gephart, Kathy A. Dean for $325,000.

342 Boyd Street Lot 37 Block D
Christopher M. Danz to Benjamin R. Ellinger for $170,000.

104 Forge Drive Lot 2
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Trisha A. and Derek N. Yoder for $130,500.

East Hanover Township

805 Ono Road
Kenneth A. Shaud Estate, Cynthia A. Foster, Tammy S. Simpson to House Cash LLC for $160,000.

20 McGillstown Road
Mary L. Kissinger to Timothy J. Bower for $1.

87 Race Horse Drive Lots 1, 2 on Plan for N. Standord Miller
Dolores A. Habecker to Michael S. Habecker for $1.

Heidelberg Township

228 South Lancaster Street
Brandon M. Whitmoyer to Joseph A. Ginder for $270,000.

1105 Whitfield Boulevard Lot 3
Wendy Noll to Craig Holzman for $149,900.

305 Hardwood Drive Lot 25
Brandon L. and Emily J. Martin to Joshua L. Oberholtzer for $260,000.

466 Sheep Hill Road
Keith A. and Dawn S. Musser to Jeremy D. Horst for $330,000.

Jackson Township

909 Hilltop Road Lot 1 on Plan of Lots by H. Eugene Keller An
Allen P. and Sheila A. Boyer to Bradley F. Jenne for $330,000.

514 East Rosebud Road
Donald M., Keith, and Kent Uhrich to Jamie M. Zombro for $191,000.

6 Bumblebee Court
Kevin P. and Anastasia R. Piersol to Kevin P. Piersol for $1.

274 Ken Lin Drive Lot 5
Larry C. and Rebecca J. Wenger to Luis and Dorothy Perez for $511,000.

951 North College Street
Travis J. and Brittany H. Lehman to Brandon L. and Emily J. Martin for $533,000.

Jonestown Borough

138 East Market Street Deed of Distribution
Earlene K. Baal Estate to Michael A. Baal for $185,500.

228 South Broad Street Lot S87
Ramon and Heidy Arroyo to Ramon Arroyo for $1.

Millcreek Township

220 West Park Street
Pamela S. Parenti to CCMN Properties LLC for $125,000.

27 South Progress Drive Lot 16
Donald R. Collins Estate, Lori A. Long to Lori A. Long for $1.

21 West Main Street
James P. Halikas to M & B Holding Company LLC for $129,000.

312 West Main Street
Gregory T. Keeney to Curt and Bethley Snyder for $160,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

210 Lancaster Avenue
Lois K. Herr to Susan Biebuyck for $425,000.

Myerstown Borough

200 West Maple Avenue
Fern M. Patrick Estate, Cynthia A. P. Davis, Kathy L. Seitzinger to Cynthia A. P. Davis for $1.

WS South Goodwill Street
Fern M. Patrick Estate, Cynthia A. P. Davis, Kathy L. Seitzinger to Cynthia A. P. Davis for $1.

North Annville Township

707 West Main Street
HMI Company to Daryl Heller for $1.

North Cornwall Township

50 South 19th Street
Dorothy E. Dean to Ana Lasanta for $110,000.

1800 Colebrook Road Lot 1
Walter and Rosene Nolt to Jaedon M. Steager, Mariah E. Brubacker for $321,000.

705 Evergreen Road
Springwood Development Partners LP to WellSpan Properties Inc. for $1.

1420 Quentin Road, 969 Tuck Street Etc.
Silvana and Daniel T. Drill, Adele Bonaccolta, Joseph and Gloria C. Mangano to 2J2M LLC for $600,000.

129 Millview Court, 131 Millview Court, 133 Millview Court
NCG Holdings LTD to Abram B. Lantz for $518,000.

SS West Walnut Street
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Fox Bend Partners LLC for $1,600,000.

1717 Center Street
Michael N. Sherk to Dreambig Investment LLC for $60,000.

135 Millview Court
NCG Holdings LTD to Vianela P. D. Eusebio for $170,000.

2153 Colebrook Road Lot 12
Carol A. Sensenig to Michael T. and Lori Sensenig for $400,000.

2193 Walnut Street
Jeffrey J. and Sandra J. Snyder to Joel C. Bachman for $190,000.

North Lebanon Township

1715 Weavertown Road Lot 7 Plan for Mac
Lonnie D. and Kelly D. Burkholder to Scott M. and Lacy J. Kless for $375,000.

770 North 8th Avenue Lot 49
Michael D. and Jennifer L. Wickenheiser to Daniel M. Davis, Olivia E. Pedia for $292,000.

1113 Hunters Chase Lane Lot 38
Ryan J. and Lindsay R. Pugliese to Lindsay R. Pugliese for $1.

1147 East Old Cumberland Street
Jolene F. Brandt to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $140,000.

1113 Sandhill Road
Leona Daubert, Michele Shafer to Kevin A. Gilmore for $75,000.

1800 Martin Drive Lots 53, 56, 1J
Ryan P. Carpenter, Ashley Hopkins to Ryan P. Carpenter for $1.

1103 Watson Street
Donald L. and Kelly J. Minnich to Hunter Creek Partners LLC for $65,900.

1642 Heilmandale Road
Lonnie D. and Christy L. Heilman Jr. to Anthony W. Lauver for $279,900.

1345 Twigg Avenue
Gloria A. and Larry D. Hoover to David R. and Deborah L. Swinton for $440,000.

1137 Kochenderfer Road
Richard A. and Donna K. Rhen to Richard A. and Donna K. Rhen for $1.

243 Daisy Drive Lot 13 Plan for Mapledale Estates
Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC to Gary K. and Olivia J. Snyder for $85,000.

2154 Long Lane
Township of North Lebanon, North Lebanon Township to New Covenant Christian School Inc., School New Covenant Christian School for $94,000.

1811 Janet Avenue Lot 157 on Plan of Lakeview
Randall R. Ream to Christopher G. Conrad, Ashton L. Truby for $280,500.

North Londonderry Township

559 Eisenhower Road Lot 4 on Final Plan Lot Addition and Agri Easement Plan
Bonita K. Kreiser to April R. Kreiser for $1.

613 Sunset Boulevard Unit 7
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Scott and Laura Sorensen for $530,100.

410 Hemlock Street Lot 11
Kenneth C. and Cynthia L. Deitzler to Joshua S. Wolfe for $332,000.

22 Plum Street
Steven A. Kreider Estate, Nancy E. Kreider to Nancy E. Kreider for $1.

713 Sunset Boulevard Unit 21
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Steve and Dana B. Tsai for $164,500.

97 Cottonwood Court Lot 137 Final Plan of Arbor Green Phases IV and V
Lewis L. and Audrey Siegfried to Lewis L. Siegfried for $1.

8 Carson Lane Lot 10 of Tiffany’s Equine Estates and Final Plan
David O. Weber to David O. Weber Revocable Trust, David O. Weber for $1.

242 Parliament Drive Lot 79
Ofomata E. and Eunice Ejike to John Moran for $459,900.

7 Dogwood Drive Lot 69
Patricia A. Laclair Estate, David M. Laclair, Terrence E. Jones to Janaye L. Bruton for $1.

857 South Grant Street
William D. and Nancy A. Cavanaugh to Cavanaugh Family Trust, William D. and Nancy A. Cavanaugh for $1.

721 Sunset Boulevard Unit 23
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Eunice N. and Ofomata E. Ejike for $565,612.

721 Cambridge Court
Carol A. Thaler to J&L Rental LLC, J & L Rental LLC for $235,000.

118 Bradley Road Lot 28 Plan of Palmyra Industries
Joseph T. and Margaret A. Serba to James Almer Jr., Lori Yiengst for $359,000.

915 King Street
Dennis F. and Karen L. Wolgemuth to Lynn R. Peters for $377,108.

320 Hemlock Street
Tara M. Davis, Johnny and Rachel Mateo to Johnny Mateo for $1.

Palmyra Borough

231-233 North Lincoln Street
Steven A. Kreider Estate, Nancy E. Kreider to Nancy E. Kreider for $1.

842 East Broad Street Lot 2B on Plan BK 24 PG 83 Quitclaim Deed
Laurie Garman to Laurie A. and Donald P. Garman for $1.

631 East Oak Street Lot 172, Part of Lot 173
Justin A. and Stacy L. Jones to Susan A. Diodati, Kathryn A. VanBoskirk, Kathryn A. Van Boskirk for $341,000.

104 North Locust Street
Gyula and Julian Csongradi, Eva Marton to Lobsylvania LLC for $213,500.

800 Victoria Lane Windsor Crossing Sub Plan
Geraldine M. Langton to Karen Moad, Geraldine M. Langton for $1.

802 West Maple Street Lot 17 on Plan of Hampton Tract
Lisa Cali to Michael Frick for $255,000.

South Annville Township

137 Horseshoe Drive Lot 5 on Har-Nor Development Plan BK 17
Christine L. Fasnacht to Christine L. and John Fasnacht for $1.

South Lebanon Township

618 South 14th Avenue Lot 13
Irene E. Ernst Estate, Diane L. E. Chobanoff, Kathleen A. Gildersleeve, John W. Metzger to Emily B. Craine for $275,000.

24 Berbec Avenue
Henry J. Arnold Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Arnold to Sandra A. and Donald L. Podjed for $1.

775 Norman Drive
WellSpan Properties Inc. to Springwood Development Partners for $1.

21 Keystone Drive Lot 6A
Thomas P. and David W. Kauffman to Kirbys Holdings Inc. for $1,462,500.

548 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 11
Timothy J. and Stacey Bliss to Logit and Betthyna Succes for $262,500.

21 Manor Drive Lot 38 on Plan for Southgate Manor Inc. Phase
Felix and Beatrice Appiah to Timothy and Stacey Bliss for $350,000.

102 Stone Hedge Court Lot 3
Daniel Page, Jessica Kuehn to Paul McVaugh, Paul Mc Vaugh for $405,000.

605 East Evergreen Road
Amanda A. Hower, Rosser H. Lamason to William H. and Pamela R. Lamason II for $250,000.

1311 Jill Ann Drive Lot 105
Larry D. Tannehill to Ahmed E. Hassan for $291,001.

17 Briar Road Lot 39 Land Plan for Juliada Manor
Brian K. Eisenhour to Lovella E. Merkey for $359,900.

South Londonderry Township

874 South Mount Pleasant Road
Roland E. and Lsa Sonder to Tyler Sonder for $180,000.

229 Coachman Lane
Steven J. and Laura Brady to Benjamin Grischott, Stephanie Lewis for $415,000.

502 Woodland Circle Lot 20
Benjamin and Jessica L. Kellerman to Daniel R. and Kimberly J. Levengood for $630,000.

125 Chesterfield Drive Lot 112
Romeo L. and Susan R. Requena to Susan R. Requena for $1.

5398 Elizabethtown Road
John L. and Ann Epler to David J. and Susan L. Epler for $450,000.

569 Woodland Circle
Kirk L. and Mary H. Reider to Joyce A. Gold Living Trust, Joyce A. and Richard H. Gold for $486,500.

29 Lantern Lane
Michael R. and Michelle E. Fonseca to Fonseca Family Trust, Michael R. and Michelle E. Fonseca for $1.

119 Valley Road Lot 36
William D. and Nancy Cavanaugh to Cavanaugh Family Trust, William D. and Nancy A. Cavanaugh for $1.

32 North Village Circle
Jenell A. Miller to Krunalkumar M. and Lata K. Patel for $303,000.

15 North Village Circle Unit 133
Lori A. Yiengst to Alberto M. Dominguez for $278,000.

311 Chestnut Hill Road
LC Sheriff Inc. to Lennard C. and Pamela J. Sheriff for $335,000.

Swatara Township

303 East Chestnut Street
Elaine M. Moyer to Velda L. and Ronald Brewer for $460,000.

SS Monroe Valley Drive Lot 46
Hunter Creek Partners LLC, Full Circle Mountain LLC to Madyson R. Vaughn for $352,486.

Union Township

74 Awol Road
Marion E. Krall to Cindy E. Krall for $1.

198 Camp Meeting Road
Michelle L. Fortna to Barbara A. Batula for $1.

115 Silvertown Road
Gerald J. and Lori D. Eckert to Travis J. Adams for $84,000.

West Cornwall Township

101 North 5th Street Lot 9
Jennifer L. Bonham, Warren W. Dodge III to Three Knocks LLC for $297,000.

306 Markwood Avenue Lot 7, 3
Donald F. and Gaylene P. Melchior Jr. to 909 North Walnut LLC for $320,000.

212 Boehm Avenue Plan of Lots for Mount Gretna Camp Meeting Association
Chester W. N. and Emily Johns to Kenneth M. Stoltzfus, Barbara K. Martin for $380,000.

West Lebanon Township

2418 Guilford Street
Lisa A. Brower to Matthew and Paul Markowski Sr. for $135,000.

2408 Guilford Street
Amber Dishong to Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon for $135,000.

502 North 23rd Street
Manuel Ricart, Jayko R. Abreu to Kristian Nieves, Oriana M. Roji for $152,700.

375 North 24th Street
Kenneth S. Hinkle to Aaron Long for $155,000.

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