In a press event today, County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz (D) announced her re-election campaign and reaffirmed her commitment to put “people above politics.”

Litz had been waiting to announce until the county’s voting system decision had been made.

Litz’s campaign vision is to, “Plan seven generations ahead to provide good government, economic growth, and preserve & protect this community’s natural beauty.”

In prepared remarks, she hit on five main goals:

  1. Support farms & farmers.
  2. Construct a new 911 Center to increase public safety.
  3. Implement state-mandated voting machines with a paper trail.
  4. Complete an in-depth analysis of county finances & operations through DCED for a 5-year look forward to help us run a better county government.

Today is the first day that candidates may circulate and file petitions for the 2019 elections. Countywide offices require 100 signatures from voters registered for the given party a candidate is seeking to represent.

Each party may nominates two candidates and the three candidates in the general election who receive the highest number of votes are named Commissioners. This results in the election of two majority and one minority party Commissioner.

Commissioners Bill Ames (R) and Bob Phillips (R) had previously announced re-election campaigns. A GOP primary challenger also emerged in the form of Lebanon County Republicans treasure Matt Shirk, who entered the race this December with nepotism allegations against Commissioner Ames.

More information about Litz’s campaign can be found on her website.


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