Greetings People of Lebanon,

A few months ago, we asked for your help by filling out a reader survey.

More than 100 of you took the survey which we appreciate immensely.

However, the market-research grind never ceases, and that’s why we’re asking for your help again.

If you took the last survey and want to take this one too; that’s great. If you didn’t take the last one but want to take this one; that’s great.

If you didn’t take the first survey and don’t want to take this one either; that’s great… just not AS great.

Those that took the initial survey may find it familiar, but we want to see how much your habits have evolved over the last few months.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please fill out the new survey below.

Thank you in advance for helping us out. Your answers will help us deliver the best product that we can.

LebTown Reader Survey 2

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