Singer Alicia Olatuja has quite the resumé. She’s a classically trained singer with a Master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music and was even a featured soloist with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

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So, without further ado, here are five questions with Alicia Olatuja.

How would you describe the Jazz Worship Service to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

Alicia Olatuja: Well, technically I haven’t seen it either (laughs) so I can only guess it’s a gathering of people with open hearts and ready spirits to share in a beautiful program of music, stories and messages of love with uplifting melodies.

What inspirations have gone into the performance?

Alicia Olatuja: When performing I’m always inspired by the lyrics and the message behind the music. That’s what makes each performance special and personal.

What has the experience rehearsing and putting it together been like?

Alicia Olatuja: We’re pretty much mid-tour for my latest album Intuition: Songs from the Minds of Women, a celebration of women composers and each show informs the next. So tonight’s performance preparation will be the result of an accumulative experience.

Where is the most unexpected place you’ve heard or played amazing music?

Alicia Olatuja: Hmmm…. a school cafeteria in London.

What would be your Jigger Shop order? (The Jigger Shop is a historic ice cream parlor located near the Playhouse. See their menu here!)

Alicia Olatuja: I used to work in an ice cream shop and I love to bake so I’d love to try the Apple Fritter Flambe or Pineapple Upside down Cake Sundae! Mmmmm! ?

If you go…
3:00pm June 29, Jazz Cottage Concert with Alicia Olatuja
“An intimate performance in a Mt. Gretna home.”

11:00am June 30, Jazz Worship Service
“Reverend John Overman from Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Enola will lead a non-denominational service with jazz vocalist Alicia Olatuja and her bandmates.”

Full Disclosure: Gretna Music is an advertiser with LebTown and this series was produced as part of a media relationship. Gretna Music does not review interviews before publication.

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