Born on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca, Francisco Fullana is one of the world’s preeminent violinists. This Sunday, he will bring his talents to the Gretna Playhouse for a performance as part of Gretna Music.

Fullana has performed around the world and is a graduate of both The Juilliard School and the USC Thornton School of Music

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So, without further ado, here’s your chance to learn more about Francisco before the concert this Sunday!

How would you describe your performance to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

Francisco Fullana: An exciting musical journey between two countries, Spain and France at the turn of century. This program hits close to home for me, growing up in Spain and performing music by Turina or Sarasate for as long as I can remember.

What inspirations have gone into your work?

Francisco Fullana: I am very interested in showcasing the subtle connections of music between different eras, different countries. The tradition of classical music is a beautiful tapestry weaved from centuries of these connecting threads, overlapping and coming together in surprising and interesting ways.

What has the experience rehearsing and putting it together been like?

Francisco Fullana: Jiayi Shi is a fantastic pianist that I have been lucky enough to work with for a long time now. We just understand each other’s playing so well and it’s a joy to take risks on stage knowing the other will always be right there with you.

Where is the most unexpected place you’ve heard or played amazing music?

Francisco Fullana: I was in Mysore, India this past year and I decided to share some music in the local train station. Playing Bach Chaconne for thousands of people that mostly hadn’t heard it before, was an eye opening experience: the universality of Bach’s music was so clear, as people from all backgrounds and cultures kept stopping and enjoying this masterpiece. 

What would be your Jigger Shop order?

Francisco Fullana: Baked Alaska Sundae! I love making them, so I can only imagine how yummy the sundae version must be…

Photo courtesy of the Jigger Shop.

If you go…
7:30pm July 7, Francisco Fullana

“The Spanish virtuoso is hailed as an ‘amazing talent’ by LA conducting giant, Gustavo Dudamel.”

Full Disclosure: Gretna Music is an advertiser with LebTown and this series was produced as part of a media relationship. Gretna Music does not review interviews before publication.


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