The Schaeffer Farm played host this weekend to the 2nd Annual World War II weekend, and LebTown was there to capture the scene.

The two-day event featured re-enactment battles depicting Operation Cobra, which took place in the hedgerows of Normandy exactly 75 years ago this month. Occurring seven weeks after D-Day, Operation Cobra was the offensive that saw Allied troops break past the German line at St. Lô.

The St. Lô breakthrough was reenacted at Schaeffer Farm this weekend, 75 years to the day since it occurred.

The event was organized by the East Penn Reenactors Group, an organization founded in 2016 by Ethan Krall and Luke Newmaster with the goal of promoting the legacy of WWII and specifically that of the 32nd Infantry Division. Krall and Newmaster were both inspired to tell the story of the American GI during WWII after learning of their own ancestors’ stories. (Krall’s grandfather, John Krall of Myerstown, served as a Technician 5th Grade from 1941-1945 in the Pacific Theater. Newmaster’s great-grandfather, John Rittle of Lebanon, served as a Technician 4th Grade from 1944-1946 in the European Theater.)

Together the two have recruited more young men to join their local effort at sharing the stories of this greatest generation. This is the second year the World War II Weekend took place.

See LebTown’s photos from the event below.

All photos by LebTown photographer Will Trostel.

Some of many period items on display during the event. The “Minen” sign in the German camp indicates that you better watch your step for land mines in the vicinity.
Directions, in German, to the Field Post or the Front.
A Sanitator (meaning medic in German) displays various medicine as part of the Wehrmacht German Army, 79th Division.
Various German medicinal products on display.
Soldiers of the German Army preparing for battle.
A panzerfaust put into use by the German Army.
An Allied soldier calling in for reinforcements.
An Allied soldier on his way to the front.
A Allied soldier helping one of their own.
Allied soldiers taking position across from the German line.
Lest you think someone was going for the Instagram shot here, according to our correspondent, the woman was actually acting as a soldier’s wife and participating in the battle.
Spectators enjoying their time at the event.
Allied soldiers storming the German front.
Allied soldiers storming the German front.
A captured German soldier being escorted by Allied forces.
An Allied soldier takes the handgun of a captured German infantryman.

An earlier version of this post briefly mentioned an upcoming event that has since been cancelled. To prevent confusion we have removed it.

An earlier version of this post misidentified Allied soldiers. We regret the error.

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