Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

108 Woodside Court, Lot 8
Suzanne M. Gardner to Nivedita and Suman K. Shrestha for $165,000.

1335 East Queen Street, Lot 4
Douglas W. and Nancy A. Weygand to John W. and Jennifer Yeager for $157,000.

518 East Maple Street
Thomas J. and Donna C. Barry to Mark K. and Jennifer L. Ulsh for $162,500.

102 East Locust Street, Lot 18
Frederic D. and Tanya L. Richter to Arthur S. Miller Jr. and Kathryn A. Miller for $210,000.

31 North King Street
James R. Peters to Dustin Michael and Breanne Michel Zidak for $113,300.

Bethel Township

2 Shirk Drive, Lot 113
Henry Klassen to Lloyd A. and Shirley R. Beare for $289,900.

117 W. Main Street
Laelia and Selene Finance to Glen E. and Cheryl A. Shank for $85,000.

127 North Center Street
Brandon C. and Stephanie N. Deitz to Sean D. J. and Bethany M. Bradley for $112,000.

1550 Mt. Zion Road
Emma M. Spangler and Richard C. Bordner to Andrew L. Newswanger for $165,000.

420 Shirksville Road
Jeffrey S. and Patricia A. Kramer to Jeffrey S. Kramer and Patricia A. Kramer for $1.

City of Lebanon

314 South 12th Street
Surinder Soin to Dan and Tania Brensinger for $155,000.

34-38 North 8th Street
J&D Properties LLC to Walter M. and Paul Florek for $318,000.

902 Quentin Road, Lots 2 and 3
Miguel and Maria G. A. Ramirez to Therese Gretzula and John Bernhart for $127,000.

625 S 8th Street Lot 2
Courla Properties LLC to Accession Holdings LLC for $1,540,000.

340 South Broad Street
Kenneth W. Pyles to Christopher Jesus Calderon for $50,000.

431 North Gannon Street
Thomas E. Kline to Thomas E. Kline and George Rodriguez for $1.

1027 Poplar Street
Dennis L. and Karen E. Shalters, Edward R. and Pamel K. Ream to Starrwar Properties for $125,000.

820 Reinoehl Street, Lots 210, 209, and part of 208
Kada Group to Micah Teegarden and Desiree E. Nycz for $115,000.

1223 Church Street
Marie K. Matarazzi Estate to Jose C. Garcia Cruz for $35,000.

17 Berwyn Park
Curtis P. and Kara E. Moore to Huri Roman Tejada for $150,000.

605 East Lehman Street
R. Eugene and Karen M. Mitchell to Revital Home Co. for $82,500.

228 East Pershing Avenue
Golden Trail Partners to Phillip L. and Brenda L. Wolf for $133,000.

741 Hill Street
Barbara S. Moore Estate to Andrew Scott, Kelly A., and Jennifer N. Mease for $94,500.

133 South Fifth Street
BSRE Holdings to Leventry Real Estate and United Investment Strategies for $22,500.

109 Canal Street
Sara L. Stichler to Alexander Truccano for $85,000.

928 Water Street
William Edward Cupelli Estate to Lonnie D. Heilman Jr. for $35,000.

636 East Lehman Street
Zachary J. Leas and Julie Wood (by Sheriff) to Pennymac Loan Services for $3,513.05.

534 Cumberland Street
Allen G. Light Estate to Clemencio Maria Reyes and Fausto G. Pena Batista for $109,000.

328 North 5th Street
Domingo Segarra Negron (by Sheriff) to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $2,588.87.

118 Maple Street
Julia A. and Andrew A. Hitz (by Sheriff) to Wells Fargo Bank for $2,335.47.

525 N 7th Street
North 7th Street Lebanon Associates to City Construction Services for $50,341.

489 North Sixth Street
Yadira Cupeles to Michael and Michelle Kleinfelter for $71,000.

421 Canal Street
Annie M. OLeary Estate to John W. OLeary for $10,000.

Cleona Borough

3640 Hill Church Road
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Apex Realty for $1.

19 Walnut Mill Lane, Lot 56
H. Howard and Jennie M. Hand to Phisanu Sipramot and Suchittra Daly for $96,000.

Cornwall Borough

484 Boyd St
Catherine M. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

496 Boyd St
Catherine M. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

1 Boyd St
Catherine M. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

1035 Percy Lane, Unit 214
Martha M. Miller to Joel D. and Shirley K. Maulfair for $228,000.

1036 English Drive, Unit 323
Christian Saint Girad and Lawrence E. Frenock to Martha M. Miller for $204,850.

103 Cedar Street
Nataliya Smith to Brett R. and Anne E. McGee for $257,900.

1028 Percy Lane, Unit 129
Cornwall Associates LP and Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Kevin E. and David L. Long for $318,714.

East Hanover Township

10398 Jonestown Road, Lot A
Daniel E. Brensinger to David D. and Gennifer J. Deibler for $170,000.

Ss Allentown Boulevard
Michael and Jody Hall to Steven R. and Karen L. Economopoulos for $130,000.

Heidelberg Township

117 South Lancaster Avenue
Eugene K. Martin to Jared R. Hockley for $151,000.

249 Millbach Road
Ervin S. and Lois B. Newswanger to Austin C. Holly J. Horst for $875,000.

3 Moonstown Lane
Harlan J. Doster Estate to Cindy L. and Harlan J. Doster Jr. for $1.

1344 Heidelberg Avenue
Earl E. and Barbara E. Hehnly to Amie Jo Hehnly for $1.

305 South Lancaster Avenue, Lot 2
Allen B. Minnich to Andrew G. and Kendall D. Fox for $140,000.

317 South Lancaster Avenue, Lot 5
Eugene K. and Linda S. Martin and Blue Lake Builders LLC to Sheldon and Mary B. Zimmerman for $284,000.

Jackson Township

504 Kutztown Road
Philip J. and A. Lorraine Parbel to Carlyn D. and Alicia M. Ebersole for $170,000.

13 N. Ramona Road
Clarence W. Zimmerman to Tyler Robert Cox and Savannah Leigh Belleman for $206,000.

257 Millardsville Road
Lincoln and Justina R. Martin to Elson W. Sensenig for $110,000.

Jonestown Borough

300 West Market Street
Kristina and Kyle D. Goddard to Pennymac Loan Services for $4,586.13.

Palmyra Borough

95 West Pine Street, Lots 455, 454, 453, 452, and 451
John R. Kline to Kate Allison and Joseph Robert murphy for $220,000.

240 N. College Street
Dalana Management to Palmyra Bologna Company for $142,000.

247 North Chestnut Street
Carol Strickler and Leo Moss to Nicholas and Katelyn Nolan for $125,000.

131 East Cherry Street
Samuel M. Blauch Jr. and Brenda A. Blauch to Brenda Ann Bogner for $1.

936 East Walnut Street, Lot 23
Adam J. Furfari to Taren Andrews and Shawn Saaler for $258,700.

615 S Forge Road
Megan E. Hummert to Megan E. and Christopher Finch for $1.

Milllcreek Township

218 South Sheridan Road, Lot 288
Timothy M. Murray to Timothy M. Murray for $1.

122 South Fort Zellers Road, Lot 1
Chris M. and Marcy A. Hibshman to Marcy A. Hibshman for $1.

35 Progress Drive, Lot 20
Myrle E. Harring to Kristin Stoltzfus for $209,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

102 Temple Avenue
Peter S. and Penelope A. Jones to Jared Odrick for $339,900.

Myerstown Borough

36 East Main Avenue
Brett McGee to Shane McEntarfer and Chelsea J. Hamilton for $170,000.

6 West Lincoln Avenue
Michael B. Ream to Nickolas R. and Macey J. Donaldson for $123,900.

337 W. Carpenter Avenue
Glenn M. and Marica R. Bicher to Travis and Angel M. Bicher and Adrianne J. and Mitchelll Arment for $1.

North Annville Township

1660 Church Avenue
Gravel Hill United Methodist Church and Church Gravel Hill United Methodist Church to Waterworks Mennonite Fellowship and Church Waterworks Mennonite Fellowship for $149,000.

1343 North Route 934
Walter K. Heisey to Tiffany Moyer for $109,100.

North Cornwall Township

144 Millview Court, Lot 144
Raymond E. and Miriam A. Youndt to Mennonite Foundation Inc. and Church Mennonite Foundation Inc. for $1.

2073 Greystone Drive
Tina J. Tiene Estate to Jeffrey J. and Sandra J. Snyder for $101,000.

81 Creekside Drive, Lot 57
Narrows Glen Inc. to Daniel H. and Heather M. Jolley for $332,700.

North Lebanon Township

440 Rebecca Street
Lebanon Broadcasting Company to Forever Media Inc. for $325,000.

1434 Jody Avenue
Cathie M. Umstead to Michael S. Fox for $146,900.

905 Smokehouse Court, Lot 67
Fern H. Gish and Diane M. Chritzman to Dawn L. and John J. Pali for $150,000.

1900 State Route 72 North
Michael C. Johnson to Peter J. and Virginia Leigh Davis for $145,000.

215 Grubb Avenue
Michael F. and Carolyn Wolfe to Lester M. and Esther Z. Martin for $195,000.

755 North Fourth Avenue, Lots 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, and 76
Joyce Arlene Rodkey Estate to Rebecca and Krystina Yearby Bean for $128,000.

852 Mount Zion Road
Jay. H. and Audrey Kneasel to Larry L. and Holly J. Umberger for $1.

114 Cedar Lane Lot 12
Patricia Ann Painter Estate to Nelson L. and Elsie M. Ebersole for $70,000.

3015 Tunnel Hill Road
Keith E. and Kim I Snyder to Guenther and Christian A. Lutz for $167,000.

938 Cypress Lane, Lot 81
Jesse J. and Tiffany A. Yermalovich to Dean A. and Jodi L. Moyer for $160,000.

North Londonderry Township

438 Oak Lane, Lot 93
Robert M. and Kathleen Morgantini to John Huzvar IV and Maryann V. Huzvar for $281,000.

55 Oxford Road, Lot 154
Chatham Creek to Thomas J. and Sharon C. Sonni for $480,179.

37 Early Lane, Lot 170
Carol A. Brandt to Michael K. Brandt and Wendy J. Cain for $1.

32 Shady Lane
Tarsa K. Evans to John M. Sanchez and Sixleyi Haydee Almestica Cosme for $163,900.

52 Shady Lane
Jason A. and Wendy D. Durant to Kimberly LL. Szekeres for $173,000.

Richland Borough

7 East Linden Street, Lot 3
Douglas G. Good to Lyndell Grant and Jodi Zimmerman for $222,500.

South Annville Township

634 Horseshoe Pike
Todd M. and Susan M. Fies to Derlyn L. Zimmermann for $175,000.

25 Blue Jay Way
Elizabeth Stewart to David B. Vagnoni II and Nanette M. Vagnoni for $395,000.

562 Nottingham Way, Lot 46
Gardel and Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Meena and Budhi Gurung for $325,980.

208 Ridge Road, Lot 19
Matthew P. and Amy M. Lehman to Dayra Carolina Adorno Martinez for $220,000.

35 Blue Jay Way, Lot 44
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossing to Karen R. and Fred Nell for $399,191.

805 Mt. Wilson Road, Lot 2
Nancy C. McCurdy/Cosey to Nancy C. Cosey for $1.

South Lebanon Township

28 Wheatstone Lane, Lot 53
Jimmie J. Palmasani to Melinda Jo Kissling for $159,999.

140 Linda Way, Lot 13
Narrows Glen Inc. to Heather Himeback for $376,287.

28 Pine Avenue
Nancy L. Trostel Estate to Cynthia L. and James R. Kluge for $129,000.

1316 East Old Cumberland Street
Kahn Properties LLC to Allen C. Shanaman for $109,900.

2000 East Cumberland Street, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Jonathan R. and Ruth M. Davis to Bradley DD. and Andrea M. Bowman for $190,000.

1325 Metro Drive
Thomas R. and Jason T. Ambler to Horst & Williams for $142,000.

South Londonderry Township

210 Fox Road, Lot 28
Donald W. Moyer and Carmen Seguinot to Donald w. Moyer for $384,048.

467 Old Farm Road, Lot 114
Gregory R. Adams and Maria E. Adams to Mark D. Spengler Jr. and Amber L. Spengler for $314,000.

13 South Larkspur Drive, Lot 36
Shirley K. Yoder/Maulfair and Joel D. Maulfair to Gerald C. Thomsen for $352,000.

53 Westbrook Court, Lot 100
David K. and Teresa M. Kochell to Teresa M. Kochel for $1.

423 Springbrook Drive, Lot 14
Kay L. Grunmeier (by Sheriff) to Wells Fargo Bank for $6,686.37.

398 Margaret Lane, Lot 4
Lawrence S. and Susan L. Klauer to Erin E. Klauer for $1.

28 Carriage Road, Lot 112
Kevin Wetzel to Sarah M. Manmilller for $300,000.

239 S. Village Circle, Unit 178
Christian T. Kettering to Kaitlin Marie Merritt for $198,000.

Swatara Township

24 Cranberry Court, Lot 73
Jason and Susan Oskorus to Susan Oskorus for $1.

420 Cindy Drive, Lot 58
Howard F. and Brenda L. Waltermeyer to Kevin M. and Ashley L. Henry for $139,900.

301 Stoner Road
Wilmer G. and Janice L. Stoner to Eric R. and Audrey J. High for $370,000.

9 White Birch Lane, Lot 1A
Daniel J. and Carol M. Sheffy to Timothy A. and Todd A. Sheffy for $1.

27 Greble Road
Wells Fargo Bank and PHH Mortgage Corporation to House Group LLC for $94,093.

16 Pheasant Drive, Lot 12
Patrick A. and Joelle C. Hagle to Michael Edward and Elizabeth J. Hale for $320,000.

Union Township

413 Jonestown Road
Property Investment 101 to Jonestown Rentals LLC for $530,000.

West Cornwall Township

279 N Zinns Mill Rd #D
Catherine M. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

321 Horseshoe Pike
Roy H. and Jane W. Weaver to Gardell W. and Emily J. Weaver for $615,000.

307 Third Street, Lots 10 and 12
Paul J. and Tammy L. Freindshuh to Eric Lawrence Nerino for $165,000.

West Lebanon Township

2422 Mifflin Street, Lot 258
Cory L. and Heather Whitman to Olivia L. Gerber for $69,900.


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