Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

103 Woodside Court Lot 3
Martin D., David A., and Jeffrey A. Yocum Jr. to Michelle V. Jimenez for $175,000.

130 South Spruce Street Lot 21
William and Mollie Bering Jr. to Rachel D. Siepelinga for $210,000.

450 West Main Street
G & S Investments LLC to Kevin L. and Stephanie L. Keener for $170,000.

643 East Queen Street Lot 7
Eleanor M. Ebright to Kenneth and Gwenn Arnett for $230,000.

Bethel Township

133 Pleasant Drive
Dale M. and Teresa J. Speicher to Delmer L. and Charlene F. Leinbach for $290,000.

City of Lebanon

636 East Lehman Street
Pennymac Loan Services to Aaron H. Donnachie for $78,000.

434 Pershing Avenue
Robert J. Eby to Rachel Avila for $118,000.

602 Canal Street
Janet T., Katie, and Thomas Reing to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $35,000.

241 Quince Street
Larry P. and Kathleen M. Minnich to Above And Beyond Transportation for $25,000.

408 Jones Street, 1031 Church Street, and 1036 Church Street
Harry G. and Shirley A. Bowman, Scott M. Patrick to Ceballos Jose J. Home Provider for $78,000.

450 North Seventh Street
Homer Gettel to Star Four Holdings for $28,000.

511 Chestnut Street
Linda B. Schreiber to Brian K. and Kelly A. Miller for $195,000.

1026 Orchard Avenue
Jason M. Cheresini to Michael Cheresini for $1.

1313 Washington Street and 1314 Elder Street
Eric B. and Bethany F. Good to Ethan H. Good for $105,000.

197 Walnut Street
Dayna M. Dinwiddie to Edwin Ruiz Jr. for $1.

1283 Colebrook Road
Marvin G. and Paul M. Frantz to EHCompany for $50,000.

430 Locust Street
Alane E. Stief to Delmary S. Concepcion and Martin V. Rodriguez for $104,165.

364 North 1st Street
J. Holmes to DAB Associates for $35,000.

Cornwall Borough

1278 Ash Lane Lot 186 and Part of Lot 184
Anthony L. and Cynthia J. Burkholder to Anthony L. Burkholder for $1.

144 Rexmont Road Lot 17
Alan D. and Sandra J. Sandhaus to Jeffrey S. and Amy E. Flick for $360,000.

1235 Mosaic Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to Susan D. Maglietto for $366,948.

2512 Cornwall Road
Warren E. Kern to Henry K. Cheng for $35,000.

East Hanover Township

NS Mountain Road
Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler to Charles A. and Michele S. Morris for $75,000.

45 Lincoln School Road
Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler to Aleksandr and Irina Onofrey for $80,000.

SS Jonestown Road
C. Audrey Shuey to Wesley B. and Heidi M. Schrock for $179,900.

10780 Jonestown Road Lot 1
Scott A. Dubinsky to Ricardo A. O. Fuentes and Ana M. I. Madariaga for $35,000.

Heidelberg Township

166 Sunnyside Road
Connie M. Etzweiler to Connie M., Brian K., and Rhonda L. Etzweiler for $1.

301 South Market Street
Reuben J. and Martha Stoltzfus to Gregory P. and Ashley N. Rocker for $161,600.

381 Distillery Road
Dixie L. Petry and Penny M. Barry to Nicholas J. Barry for $170,000.

314 North Carpenter Street Lot 5
Jedd A. Musser to Susan A. and Jeffrey J. Mitchell for $180,000.

Jackson Township

111 Country Lane Lot 46
Dennis and Linda J. B. Gould to Dennis and Linda J. B. Gould for $1.

116 Gable Drive Lot 258
David P. and Shelby L. Taney to Cynthia A. Bucks and Thomas C. Gavrish for $283,500.

Millcreek Township

214 West Main Street
Jeffrey S. Kale to Timothy W. Martin for $104,000.

Myerstown Borough

160 East Maple Avenue
Clara J. Grumbine to David M. Grumbine for $1.

North Cornwall Township

150 Northwood Court Lot 150
Calvin S. and Sally VanRiper II to Amber D. Crusha for $123,000.

505 Byler Circle Unit 21
Builder Services Group Inc. to Brenda R. Hartman for $170,965.

61 Creekside Drive Lot 47
Narrows Glen Inc. to Laura P. and Zachari L. Engle for $68,200.

103 Farmstead Circle
Seaneen R. Lockard to Seaneen R. Lockard for $1.

1315 Kreiser Street Lots 15 and 16
John C. Houser to Kyle E. and Tanya C. Stimeling for $225,000.

North Lebanon Township

1139 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 66
Isaac and Carissa Williams to Robert J. and Abigail E. Eby for $216,000.

1430 Old Hickory Lane Lot 10
Jason M. and Jennifer L. Bodie to Estreet Properties for $95,250.

1430 Old Hickory Lane Lot 10
Estreet Properties to Re Create Investments for $112,000.

928 Sycamore Lane
Richard A. Zellers to Andrew G. Zellers, Zellers Family Trust for $1.

911 Poplar Lane
William C. and Tammy Mehrtens to MTGLQ Investors for $1.

160 Prescott Drive
Paul R. Boeshore and Scott M. Lengel to Scott M. and Kim E. Lengel for $1.

323, 324, and 325 Ebenezer Road
Colin R. and Doris J. Crouse to ABVHS for $225,000.

705 North 22nd Street
Richard and Juanita Seibert to Alan E. Celmer for $140,000.

North Londonderry Township

1350 South Duke Street Lot 115
Shawn M. and Nicole A. Brandt to Chester F. and Nora J. Lubecki Jr. for $171,025.

190 Pickwick Circle Lot 93
Daryla J. Rozanski to Hementa and Purna Upreti for $365,000.

19 Oxford Road Lot 168
Chatham Creek to Lihni Wang, Jing Liu, Robert L. and Quan L. Keck for $403,326.

31 Fairfax Lane Lot 110
Jay E. and Linda Laff to Patrick S. Blaser and Jane L. Deck for $395,500.

150 Apple Blosson Lane Lot 49
Emilee A. Godshall to Frederick J. Hansen and Ryan L. Groff for $1.

150 Apple Blosson Lane Lot 49
Frederick J. Hansen to Ryan L. Groff for $251,053.

44 Waterford Lane Lot 131
Glenn A. and Corrine R. Rauchut to Glenn A. Rauchut for $1.

164 Spruce Court Building 8 Unit 4
Drew and Kelly A. Bankes to Catherine L. and James Demler for $170,000.

49 Rye Lane Lot 59
Arthur R. and Renee M. Amelio Jr. to Jared M. and Grace M. Salyards for $273,500.

264 Parliament Drive Lot 97
Monica L. Vanscoy to Robin Titus for $320,000.

Palmyra Borough

78 Cortland Crossing Lot 58
Sunshine E. Miller to Kaitlin and Paul Hefferin Jr. for $255,000.

34 Braeburn Way Lot 49
Andrew S. and Yasied Wagner to Kathryn M. and Benjamin Bird for $225,000.

971 East Maple Street Lot 62F
James L. Seltzer and Pamela J. Blantz to Francisco A. and Dulce M. Acevedo for $155,000.

801 West Cherry Street
U.S. Bank National Association to Matthew J. Breidenstine for $92,700.

51 Sycamore Lane
Patrick D. and Kelsey E. Horan to Kelsey E. Horan for $10.

137 North Chestnut Street
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Smith Manor Construction LLC for $62,500.

29 East Main Street
RL Properties to 33 Main Street LLC for $25,000.

33 East Main Street
RL Properties to 33 Main Street LLC for $645,000.

Richland Borough

306 East Linden Street
Sara A. and James N. Ulrich to Devin L. Frey for $163,000.

South Annville Township

600 South White Oak Street
Mark E. and Trinity C. Cain to Edward and Wendy M. Zepeda for $215,000.

Lot 56 (UPI 29-2312218-362936-0000)
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to John and Dawn Butler for $289,990.

Lot 116 (UPI 29-2313346-361116-0000)
Garman Builders At Bachman Run LLC, Gardel to Arthur R. and Renee M. Amelio Jr. for $417,490.

South Lebanon Township

650 Richfield Drive Lot 8
William E. and Judy A. Warner to Issac and Carissa Williams for $279,900.

1601 Cambridge Drive Lot 73
Garman Builders At Lebanon LLC, Reading Road Corporation to Eugene P. and Andrea N. Raggi for $514,990.

1335 King Street
Gregory and Kathy J. Drahovsky to Sydnee Peters for $126,000.

39 Clover Drive Lot 16
Ruth E. Clark to Ruth E. Clark for $1.

1011 Franklin Avenue
Thomas L. and Karen S. Zentz to Dane C. Zimmerman and Emily J. Miller for $170,000.

605 East Evergreen Road Lot 43
Mary A. Shutter to Amanda A. Hower and Rosser H. Lamason for $184,900.

529 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 40
Erica L. and David M. Oswalt to Erica L. Oswalt for $1.

South Londonderry Township

133 Hummingbird Way Lot 26
E. Joseph and Mary T. Schneider III to James T. and Susan M. Keller for $725,000.

324 Brookwood Drive Unit 147
Alyson L. and Heng F. Lim to Alyson L. and Heng F. Lim for $1.

229 Valley Road Lot 47
Peter J. and Carolyn K. Harris to James T. and Dorothy J. Bennetch for $297,000.

589 Old Farm Road Lot 139
Shirley I. Burkholder to Mark J. Carothers for $250,000.

137 North Village Circle Unit 114
Laura B. Hughes to Rebecca and Catherine Anderson for $208,000.

5238 Elizabeth Road Lot 21
Benjamin D. and Rachel Nelson to Stacy A. Hubbard for $335,000.

4 Conewago Hill Road
Lynn G. Phillips and James C. Christman to James C. Christman and Lynn G. Phillips for $1.

Swatara Township

2 East Broad Street
Pingora Loan Servicing, Flagstar Bank to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs for $1.

214 Lighthouse Drive Lot 23
Bobbie J. and Andrew J. Yeats to Bobbie J. Yeats for $1.

Union Township

91 Fisher Avenue
Samuel A. and Samuel A. Ollar Jr. and Debra M. Carpenter to Craig E. and Kathy S. Steiner for $125,000.

North Of Fort Swatara Road
Roy M. Spancake to Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation Inc. for $264,000.

West Cornwall Township

305 6th Street Lots 31, 32, 33
Cheryl Dellasega to Angela L. Hollinger for $175,000.

Lot 48 (UPI 34-2333362-348067-0000)
S. Gerald and Karen M. Musser to Allan F. and Suzanne W. Ganter for $84,000.

435 and 445 Butler Road Lots 5 and 6
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Michael W. and Shannon M. Pedrick for $150,000.

250 Northwood Drive Lot 8
Kenneth S. Shertzer to Richard and Andrea Lown for $370,000.

441 Lori Ann Court
Tiffany and Brian Ulshafer, Ronald J. and Suzanne S. Naples, and Glenmede Trust Company to Tiffany Ulshafer, Ronald J. and Suzanne S. Naples, Glenmede Trust Company for $1.

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