Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

120 South 3rd Avenue Part of Lot 74 and 95
Randall K. and Nancy Moore to Thomas J. and Norrine Fidler Sr. for $149,900.

454 East Main Street
Swallowtail Solutions LLC to William C. and Lily P. Steiner for $175,000.

110 East Main Street
Christopher S. Magni to Andrew and Char Newswanger for $120,000.

1470 East Main Street Lot 3
Ivette M. Guzman to Brandon J. and Natalie A. Groff for $160,000.

216 East Maple Street
Garry J. and Wendy E. Smith to Hazel M. Diaz for $140,000.

233 East Main Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Landin M. Comins, Ruthmary V. Pearce for $299,000.

Bethel Township

2233 South Pine Grove Street
Lorraine K. Shilling to Joseph P. and K. Hope Saam for $100,000.

100 Locust Avenue Lot 2
Dylan J. and Michaela L. Swoyer to Sherene L. Weaver for $150,000.

564 Blue Mountain Road
Rodney A. and Karen L. White to Rodney A. White for $1.

461 Chesnut Hill Road
Dolores R. Lutz to Dolores R. Lutz, Nelson W. Royer for $1.

313 Airport Road Lot 4
Dorinda Wertheimer to Brian C. Remper Jr. for $207,000.

1117 Houtztown Road
Marlin R. Kegerreis Estate, Jean F. Keeney to Raymond B. Zook for $113,000.

135 Laurel Drive Lot 97
David A. and Judy A. Boyer to Sonya Wix for $235,000.

113 2nd Street
Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, ServiceLink to Amos L. Zook for $54,900.

300 Union Road Lot 1
Gary B. and Whitney J. Weiler to Grant D. Weaver for $157,000.

337 Forest Drive
Leslie Stuck to Leslie E. Pugh for $1.

115 Hemlock Drive Lot 7
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, Rushmore Loan Management Services to Salvatore and Stacia N. Graziano for $48,000.

1117 Houtztown Road
Marlin R. Kegerries Estate, Jean F. Keeney to Raymond B. Zook for $1.

City of Lebanon

355 North Hanover Street
Thomas M. and Lynda M. Glant to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $80,000.

731 East Lehman Street
Jimmy D. Rivera to Raysa V. M. D. Valverde for $157,000.

734 North Seventh Street
Patricia L. Kofler to Jose R. Pena for $89,900.

131 South Quince Street
Luis A. G. Vazquez to Shannon J. Schaeffer for $115,000.

481 New Street
MRI Properties to Christine Maxwell for $49,900.

228 East Elm Street
Gregory A. and Marian K. Funk to Denisha Batista for $180,000.

257 South Partridge Street
Lorraine R. Miller to JOG Investments for $17,750.

701 Walnut Street
Ralph W. Gousha to Richard L. Gehret for $1.

130 South 7th Street
Elida C. Osorio to Pedro A. R. Jimenez for $123,750.

805 South 12th Street
Lorraine K. Patton, Kay P. Synder to Adaelsy M. Sanchez for $182,500.

257 South Partridge Street
JOG Investments to Reputable Streamline Properties for $22,000.

825 Locust Street
Timothy and Kelly Good to Hari OM Enterprises Inc. for $60,000.

35 East Locust Street
Lesley A. Jones to Tina L. Hauck for $160,400.

118 Maple Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dale Albertelli to Manuel L. Ricar for $40,000.

266 South 5th Street
Camo Enterprises LLC to Melvin P. King for $125,000.

127 South Eighth Street and 129 South Eighth Street
Rodolfo and Mary D. Barahona to Rodolfo Barahona for $1.

373 Oaklyn Road Lot 130
Susan E. Allwein Estate, Mark T., Christopher A., and Douglas M. Allwein to Juan A. Polonia for $190,000.

416 Partridge Street
Donald L. and Carol A. Stoltz to Whispering Hope Enterprises LLC for $54,000.

1217 Brandywine Street
Debra M. Tice to Jose L. and Iris E. Lopez for $15,000.

1108 Reinoehl Street
Gareth L. Fisher to Olga I. M. Pena for $141,000.

1270 Willow Street
Khadija Elkachani, Khalid Rida to Lilian R. S. D. and Wilkin R. Ramirez for $120,000.

130 North Fourteenth Street
Rocio Vieyra, Stephanie A. Donmoyer to Waldo Robles, Christina Galvez for $67,500.

226 Federal Street
Walter L. and Kathleen L. Zehring to Dean L., Duane G., and Mary W. Zehring for $1.

497 East Arnold Street Lot 1
Walter L. and Kathleen L. Zehring to Dean L., Duane G., and Mary W. Zehring for $1.

545 Canal Street
Richard A. and Monica J. Progin to Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore for $120,000.

541 Park Drive Lot 63 Etc. Quit Claim Deed
Daniel C. Kreiser, Brittany I. Rodriguez to Daniel C. Kreiser, Brittany I. Rodriguez for $1.

40 Guilford Street
Noel A. S. Grajales to William F. Castro Jr. for $47,000.

134 and 136 Canal Street
Ashley Norton to Starrwar Properties LLC for $75,000.

729 East Mifflin Street
Dale R. and Donna J. Meyer Jr. to Mitchel W. Almond for $85,500.

301 New Street
George R. and Deborah K. Griffin to Vonda and Koree D. Griffin for $75,000.

1215 Brandywine Street
Brian S. Boyer to Irvin A. and Janet M. Carrero for $10,000.

309 Lehman Street
Teresa Orihuela to Nelva N. R. Torres for $1.

1408 Elm Street
David K. Drummond to Kenneth G. and Stacey E. Espenschied for $129,000.

Cleona Borough

8 Dogwood Lane Lot 43
Wayland P. and Julie R. Alexander to Bulldog Investment Properties Inc. for $72,526.

21 East Walnut Street
Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York to Donovan and Kyla A. Wolfe, John A. and Lucinda Yutzy for $184,900.

253 South Center Street
Dennis and Lois I. Miller to Bret A. and Patricia L. Fisher for $117,000.

555 East Maple Street Lot 8
Chrstine M. R. Oliver to Curtis J. Wells for $175,000.

409 West Penn Avenue
Interstate Rental Management Group to Connor L. Buckingham for $230,000.

Cornwall Borough

112 Dohner Street
Jason C. and Tara Devert to Jason C. and Tara Devert for $1.

103 Spruce Street Lot 72
Anthony J. Fitzgibbons to Debra A. and Gary L. Shaver for $199,000.

156 Maple Lane Lot 21
Cynthia L. Wentzel to Sean A. and Sarah M. Hartman for $309,000.

134 Maple Lane Lot 14
Michael L. Smith to Austin A. Douple for $180,000.

1233 Mosaic Drive Unit #390
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Newell A. and Adele M. Miller Jr. for $382,624.

118 Norway Lane Lot 63
Thomas E. Grosse, Lorraine A. Lamonte to Jonathan R. Krall, Ashlee N. Fortney for $437,000.

274 Rexmont Road
MMJ Properties LLC to Caitlyn King for $144,900.

124 Anthracite Road
Ralph D. Kleinfelter to Jonathan M. and Irving L. Fritz for $130,000.

341 Boyd Street Lot 53
Michael A. and Aimee J. Schmitt to Michael A. and Aimee J. Schmitt for $1.

60 Anthracite Road
Joan L. Bernhardt Estate, Rain Buck to Daniel V. and Nicole M. Baker for $485,000.

1207 Mosaic Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Daniel W. and Patricia F. Hottenstein for $607,755.

1024 English Drive Unit 331
Robert J. Mazzoni Jr. to Dennis F. and Dawn A. Bolibruch for $208,500.

1241 Mosaic Drive Unit 386
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Andre G. and Colleen L. C. Moine for $352,870.

East Hanover Township

10601 Allentown Boulevard Etc.
Donmoyer Realty Corporation to Swatara Real Estate Holdings for $1,350,000.

35 Harrison School Road
Panagiotis, Pete, Peter, Ellen, James P., John P., and Peter Sinetos to Tyler Schrader for $180,000.

Heidelberg Township

NS Schaeffer Road Lot 3
Leon and Shara Kazanjian Jr., Donna DiGregorio, Lisa Bagin to Dianne K. Zimmerman for $68,000.

135 Valley View Road
Lynford and Anita H. Martin to Elaine H. Shirk for $1.

322 South Lancaster Avenue Etc.
Justin M. and Sheryl Z. Horning to Justin M. and Sheryl Z. Horning for $1.

1467 Heidelberg Avenue
Lynn A. Ontkos to Miles R. Wagner for $150,000.

W of Michters Road
Melvin D. Hershey Jr. Estate, Lilly J. Hershey Estate, Melvin D. Hershey III to Paul D. and Joy A. Weidman for $8,150.

1164 Heidelberg Avenue Part of Lot 87
Amos and Jillian A. Zimmerman to Cara S. Christopher for $133,000.

210 Gibble Road
Debra L. Leininger to Jeffrey L. and Janys M. Ruth for $275,000.

Jackson Township

416 Abbey Drive Lot 233
Leroy C. Wagner to Douglas E. Gunden, Sharita S. Kreider for $270,000.

110 South Fairlane Avenue
Betty M. Peiffer to Urie and Malinda Esh for $455,000.

120 South Fairlane Avenue
Betty M. Peiffer to Ricky L. and Danette A. Peiffer for $1.

3 Monarch Circle Lots 38 and 39
Craig D. and Ellen R. Venator to Gary L. and Kelly D. Althouse for $335,000.

111 Arbor Drive Lot 381
Betty J. Moyer to Betty J. and Bruce D. Moyer for $1.

503 Woleber Road Lot 2
Martin S. and Jill A. Fidler Jr. to Kevin L. and Amanda J. Hearn for $300,000.

621 Hilltop Road Lot 20
Linda R. Bailey to Jeremy Q. Kegerreis for $169,900.

51 West Strack Drive
Kevin L. and Amanda J. Hearn to Stephanie A. Rzeplinski for $183,000.

403 East Rosebud Road Lot 12
Jason A. and Crystal M. Neuin to Clifford J. and Rocinda K. Nolt for $285,000.

523 West Main Avenue
Lucas C. Sandoe to Jason A. Neuin for $199,900.

8 Mayfly Court
Jonathan D. and Stephanie A. Hoke to Stephanie A. Hoke for $1.

4 Bower Drive Lot 205
Kris A. Bucher to Michael K. and Donna M. Stuckey for $160,000.

3 Grasshopper Court Lot 29
Maureen L. Starry to Mark A. Marez for $167,000.

6 Springhouse Drive Lot 133
Richard J. and Susan M. Harvey to Joseph C. and Carol L. Hunt for $186,500.

57 Gable Drive Lot 22
Jeffrey and Holly C. Ritter to Jeffrey L. Ritter for $1.

900 Houtztown Road
John G. and Amy B. Kerper to Amy B. Kerper for $1.

206 West Jackson Avenue
Sharita S. Kreider to Steven M. Wills for $174,200.

Jonestown Borough

178 Twin Creeks Drive
Elizabeth S. and Nathan Ulm to Mark Walters for $205,000.

354 South Mill Street
Henry J. and Mildred I. Arnold Jr. to Sharon L. Wartluft for $1.

Millcreek Township

722 State Route 419 Lot 1
Stanley L. and Marilyn H. Newswanger to Lynford H. and Anita H. Martin for $450,000.

7 Abbey Lane Lot 25
John D. Sholly Jr. Estate, John D. Sholly Estate, Eugene E. and Larry R. Sholly to Ryan K. Fisher for $230,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

120 Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 35
Charles Investments LLC to Stacy L. and Matthew C. Schroeder for $288,000.

NS Lebanon Avenue Part of Lots 98 and 99
George W. and Esther M. Jackson to Margaret F. Good for $99,000.

106 Harvard Avenue Lot 53 and Part of Lot 163
Margaret S. Guilliams to Mark D. and Adrienne E. Turner for $281,500.

Myerstown Borough

11 East Richland Avenue
Brian and Lauren Spicher to Morgan L. Lerch, Peter J. Emborsky for $129,900.

112 North Railroad Street
Richard and Lucille L. Read to Jami M. Freed for $175,000.

205 West Carpenter Avenue Lot 14
Jeffrey L. and Teresa L. Martin to Bryce Miller, Kristie Wolfe for $162,100.

8 West Park Avenue
Matthew R. Garloff to Patrick and Karen Coffey for $85,000.

15 South Cherry Street
Panda Real Estate to MRI Properties for $1.

45 East Main Avenue
Benjamin A. Schoener to Crystal Neuin for $155,000.

North Annville Township

401 Kauffman Road
V. Earl Light Jr. to Jay K. and Pamela J. Long for $120,000.

140 Clear Spring Road
Cindy A. Gift to Cindy A. Shaffer for $1.

(UPI #25-2308171-377340-0000) Lot 2
David G. and Pearl M. Davies to Shane M. and Zara A. Kohr for $1.

274 Rexmont Road Lot 1
Edward L. and Joanne L. Winters Jr. to John B. and Candice L. Weisser for $130,000.

1701 Thompson Avenue
Candice L. and John B. Weisser to Candice L. and John B. Weisser for $1.

1465 North State Route 934 Lot 2
Timothy J. and Alexander J. Yordy to Timothy J. and Alexander J. Yordy for $1.

North Cornwall Township

705 Farmwood Lane Unit 63
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Alicia Showalter for $172,010.

1535 Wheatfield Lane Lot 5
Robert F. and Melanie L. Monk to Michelle L. and Jason M. Long for $310,000.

433 Lori Ann Court Lot 11
John and Caroline S. Mingle to John and Caroline S. Mingle for $1.

Units 83, 84, 85, 86, 87 and 88
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Services Group Inc. for $208,193.

17 Creekside Drive Lot 25
Brian and Samantha Frisby to Andrea L. Splain for $375,000.

71 Creekside Drive Lot 52
Narrows Glen Inc. to Elizabeth S. and Nathan M. Ulm for $342,467.

NS Center Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Howard F. Wood for $40,000.

65 Clover Place Lot 40
Kurt A. and Megan S. Graupensperger to Kurt A. and Megan S. Graupensperger for $1.

North Lebanon Township

3 Winchester Circle Lot 178
Jason M. and Michelle L. Long to Thomas M. and Lynda M. Glant for $235,000.

812 Poplar Lane
Lisa A. Hartman to Kurt M. Sohn for $196,000.

905 Poplar Lane
Joyce A. Rowe to Shawn M. Rowe for $1.

1560 Pleasant View Drive Lot 4
Daniel E. Martin, Blue Lake Builders to Paula J. and Robert L. Battle for $283,000.

1105 Harvest Drive Lot 28
Jon and Laura Krehling to Jennifer Ditzler, Matthew J. Sherman for $224,000.

1249 East Cumberland Street
Darren C. and Elizabeth Brandt to Michael Amato for $179,900.

825 Patmar Drive Lot 56 and Half of Lot 55
Abigail L. Nash to Jeffrey Metsger, Dominique Townes for $198,699.

705 Halfway Drive
Leroy W. and Judy A. Kline to Brent A. Mellinger for $249,900.

3015 Tunnel Hill Road
Guenther and Christina A. Lutz to Jason M. Lutz for $167,000.

2150 Cloverfield Drive
Fidencio S. and Alicia D. Rodriguez to Jaime and Carmen Saez for $220,000.

494 Cherry Street Lot 2
DDST Trust to Robert J. Smith for $110,000.

SS Long Lane
Henry J. and Mildred I. Arnold Jr. to Jeffrey A. Wartluft for $1.

1693 Christine Drive Lot 5
Jeffrey S. and Roxanne M. Kale to Jose E. Rodriguez for $269,000.

850 Prescott Drive
Daniel J. and Laura R. Brungart to Daniel J. and Laura R. Brungart for $1.

993 Miller Street Lot 62
Michelle M. McNalley to Michele M. McNalley for $65,000.

854 Water Edge Court Lot 48
Roger L. and Dean A. Currier to Mary L. and Marjorie Chan for $280,000.

1144 Garden Avenue Lot 23
Sofia E. R. Aguirre, Michael M. B. Albitres to Sofia E. R. Aguirre for $1.

North Londonderry Township

37 Hetrick Court Lot 88
Carol R. Lacey to Kyle Birchall, Kaitlyn Beauchemin for $330,000.

11 Peach Street
Ivonne and Jordan Johnson to Christopher A. Swope for $290,000.

810 Cambridge Court Plot 311
Annerose Cochrane to Diana K. Wells for $170,000.

601 Cambridge Court Unit 65
Diana K. Wells to Penelope K. Buchter for $150,000.

235 Apple Blossom Lane Lot 9
Randy L. and Linda S. Vettori to Jhuma D. and Indra L. Timsina for $275,000.

1112 Old Forge Road Lot 51 Section C2
Megan R. Davis, David L. Grasso III to David L. and Megan R. Grasso III for $0.

78 Shady Lane
Steven E. Schiavoni to Timoteo E. and Allison J. Meson for $162,000.

1127 East Maple Street Lot 96
Shelly R. and James B. Hunt to Shelly R. and James B. Hunt for $1.

350 Sweetwater Drive Lot 175
Seth M. and Samantha E. Steinmetz to Bobbie J. Ayers for $345,000.

80 Oxford Road
Glenn M., Kay A., and Gregory M. Diritto to Glenn M., Kay A., Gregory M., and Jeffrey H. Diritto for $0.

2 Charleston Drive Lot 153 Quit Claim Deed
Janelle D. McLeod, Robert P. Henry to Jannel D. McLeod, Robert P. Henry for $0.

1322 South Duke Street Lot 112
Guy R. Blouch Estate, Jenny L. Sim to Jenny L. and Robert W. Sim for $1.

Palmyra Borough

425 East Oak Street
Joshua J. Hulstine to Rebecca P. Hulstine for $1.

834, 835, 836 West Main Street
Watsell Management to Jonathan R. and Rana D. Herr for $300,000.

321 North Railroad Street
Watsell Management to Jonathan R. and Rana D. Herr for $250,000.

350 West North Avenue
Dennis A. Maloskey Estate, Michelle A. Maloskey to Alexander R. Malsokey for $25,000.

125 South Harrison Street
Valeta F. Thompson Estate, Valeta F. Wilson Estate, Todd E. Leahy to Stacie M. Marrie for $116,300.

537 North Grant Street Lot 114 and Part of Lot 115
Jonathan L. and Dolores A. Wrightstone to Zachary and Holly Given for $225,000.

Richland Borough

1 Georgie Lane Lot 2
Jonathan Krall to Melvin G. and Rebecca A. Stoltzfus for $244,900.

110 East Linden Street
Daniel M., Lillie D., and Danette L. Culhane, Danette L. C. Wasilewski to Daniel M. and Lillie D. Culhane, Danette C. Wasilewski for $1.

3 Chestnut Street
Jeffrey L. Earhart to Jeffrey Earhart Family Trust, Laetitia Bachleda for $1.

201 North Race Street
Ruth A. Stoner, George L. Behney Jr. to George R. and Deborah K. Griffin for $231,500.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312136-362979-0000) Lot 52
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Christopher Clyde for $257,500.

692 Bricker Lane
Richard A. and Ronita L. Funk to Jordan and Ivonne Johnson for $515,000.

405 South Spruce Street
Lloyd W. and Susan B. Longenecker to Lawrence W. and Tonya M. Mayes for $402,000.

(UPI #29-2312055-363393-0000) Unit 25
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Connie E. Carrasco for $249,470.

(UPI #29-2312068-363372-0000) Unit 24
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Craig and Regina M. Robinson for $235,990.

643 Louser Road Lot 7
Tracy Williams to Ryan and Nicole Reitz for $317,500.

15 Wren Drive Lot 84 Corrective Deed
John L. and Lois Caribardi to John J. and Lois Caribardi for $1.

South Lebanon Township

2608 King Street
Jeffrey C. Seitzinger to Harold E. Dice for $140,000.

460 Olde Meadow Lane Lot 124
James G. and Denise T. Cassel III to John D. Napolitano, Colleen Andrews for $330,000.

503 Adam Drive Lot 34
Paul H. Snell Estate, Robert E. Snell to Courtney Eisenhauer for $188,000.

705 South Second Avenue Lot 3
William A. and Mary A. Kovach to William A. Kovach for $1.

206 Adam Drive Lot 26
Bruce P. and Ruth L. Busch to Douglas T. and Margaret E. Stark for $200,000.

809 East Evergreen Road
Robert M. and Carol N. Maurer to Suzanne Horst for $225,000.

South Londonderry Township

75 Cobblestone Drive Lot 46
Sean J. and Megan F. Myers to Blair A. Larson, Zachary R. Yiengst for $362,000.

225 Kreider Road Lot 2
C & S Construction LLC, Copenhaver Builders LLC to Nicholas A. and Ashley M. D. Hoover for $467,134.

626 Springbrook Drive
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Stephanie M. and Donna K. Maurer for $356,583.

1860 Mount Wilson Road
Brenda E. Flory to Brenda E. Flory for $1.

31 Landings Drive Lots 2 and 3
Jocham Real Estate Joint Venture to Tobias Rentals for $375,000.

217 North Thistledown Drive Lot 87
June L. Moonshine to Charles D. and Debra A. Beard for $225,000.

(UPI #31-2297171-344657-0000)
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Richard M. and Nancy E. Kantola for $136,900.

50 Mockingbird Lane Lot 9A
Jesse M. and Tracey L. Ziegler to Jed and Sarah Vail for $570,000.

125 Forest Circle
Michelle E. Rubey to Michelle E. Berliner for $1.

(UPI #31-2291936-348707-0000) Deed of Confirmation
Springbrook Farms Inc. to Springbrook Farms Inc. for $1.

Swatara Township

24 Greble Road
Franklin I. Bachman Estate, Carl A. and Jay V. Bachman to Nathan Bachman for $140,000.

315 East Chestnut Street Lot 14
Scot W. Adams, Betty J. Bettinger to Matthew and Sherri Grace for $409,000.

106 Swatara Circle
Robert H. and Diane P. Roth to Brett E. Courtney, Emily N. Setser for $240,000.

514 Darlington Avenue Lot 9
David A. Leffler to David A. Leffler, Christel Ritter for $1.

435 Mountville Drive
Katherine and Kierra Heist, Stephanie Noll to David E., Benjamin A., and Amanda S. Rhoads for $87,000.

2101 Kenbrook Road
Carol A. Lutzkanin, Carol L. Sojda to Tyle A. Whitmoyer for $235,000.

431 Darlington Avenue Lot 42
Matthew R. and Traci Brosius to Chelsea Sellers, Trevor Smith for $225,000.

Union Township

SS Allentown Boulevard
Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank of Dunmore, Fidelity Bank, Blouch Family Trust to Blouch Family Trust, Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank of Dunmore for $1.

624 Jonestown Road
Donald J. and Roberta P. Blouch to Michaela L. and Dylan J. Swoyer for $1.

15 Yingst Drive
James J. and Christine Bouch to Jesse A. Sager, Melissa A. Kleinfelter for $235,000.

514 Jonestown Road
Emma B. Ludwig Estate, Robin M. Rueppel to Mason H. Shuey for $130,000.

West Cornwall Township

203 Glossbrenner Avenue
Victor J. and Lynda M. Massad to John N. Waters for $149,500.

West Lebanon Township

1953 West Cumberland Street Lot 5
Jordan and Jamie Ebersole to David C. Garrison, Jade L. Herto for $121,000.

2001 Cumberland Street
Karoar II to MCP of Lebanon for $2,725,000.

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