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To my fellow business owners in Lebanon County: I feel your pain, I know how hard it has been to run a business in such a crazy year, I know what it is like to question yourself because you do not want to let down those people who work for you.

Life is complex, especially in 2020, but that has not stopped any of you from keeping your business going; instead, you fight for ways to keep serving those in our community and that is honorable. Recently, Governor Tom Wolf detailed new mitigation efforts to stop the coronavirus from spreading. The sad reality is that, in the process, many of us suffer because our businesses can’t survive without the necessary cash flow to keep them going.

The question, then, that comes to mind, is, how can we survive these types of situations? What can we do as business owners to continue to move forward and be able to see the opportunities that are in front of us?

One of the things that we can do as business owners is to use our voices and experiences and share that with those who follow us in social media. Don’t hide your struggle, ask people to support you; this is the best time to promote your business. When everyone else is looking to step back and stop promoting their businesses, this is your time to shine and let everyone know what you are capable of.

As entrepreneurs we have to be open to setbacks and obstacles, and I know from experience that business owners in Lebanon County have the creativity needed to survive and even grow during times like these. I am not saying it will be easy or that things will get better right away. What I am proposing is for business owners to unite and promote each other.

Your business and the people who work for you are important and we can’t forget that. I know that I have seen amazing business owners in Lebanon who have gone through so much in their lives but yet have managed to prosper and serve people in our community through their business. Let’s rise up and move forward.

Amaury Abreu is an aspiring entrepreneur and social activist who lives in Lebanon.

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