When else, and where else, would the unloading of a plain cardboard box from an ordinary white commercial van elicit a round of applause and cheers from a line of weary health care frontliners standing out in the cold?

Probably only in the midst of an interminable viral pandemic, if the box holds 975 doses of a long-awaited vaccine, a scene playing out at numerous hospitals around the country today.

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The mood went from festive to electric as the WellSpan van rolled up to Good Samaritan Hospital’s main entrance at 10:30 this morning, Tuesday, Dec. 15. The box, maybe two feet square and three feet tall, was placed on a hand truck by the driver and rolled into the hospital’s main entrance as employees lined the way.

Steve Thomas, Director of Pharmacy Services for WellSpan Health’s Eastern Region, was on hand, and offered some brief remarks.

“We are fortunate to be one of the first to get the vaccine,” he said. “This is the light at the end of the tunnel. A momentous day.”

A spokesperson for the hospital said that further information on the vaccine and how it would be administered would be disclosed at a 2:00 p.m. video conference with WellSpan infectious disease physician Eugene Curley, M.D.

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