Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

46 North King Street
Pedro J. and Lina M. Gratacos to Garry G. Reyes, Elisabeth A. Snody for $199,000.

620 East Walnut Street Lot 25
Michael P. and Theresa Moran to Michael P. Moran for $0.

1075 East Main Street Lot 6 and Part of Lot 7
James R. and Shannon L. Hoffman Jr. to Jordan R. Crews for $174,000.

Bethel Township

105 East Main Street
Elmer B. and Sharon L. Weaver to Premier Home Solutions for $65,000.

25 Horizon Drive Lot 116
Eugene, Mariya N., Vic, and Anna Strelkov to Eugene and Mariya N. Strelkov for $1.

138 North Mechanic Street
Lloyd R. and Lori A. Brandt to David E. Miller Jr. for $89,900.

156 Lake Side Drive
Christopher R. Martin to Stace A. and Megan S. Reading for $120,000.

340 Beagle Road Lot 6
Eldon J. and Esther R. Shenk to Galen M. and Esther M. Oberholtzer for $425,000.

City of Lebanon

315 Canal Street
Andrew J. Schrum to Francisco G. Sanchez for $133,000.

1016 Walnut Street
Danilbi Y. Abreu to Freddy R. R. Urena, Laurie J. P. Peguero for $87,500.

332 Lehman Street
James E. and Robin L. Leed Jr. to Starr War Properties for $20,000.

821 Church Street
Jessica R. Aguilera, Ramon R. Colon to Jessica E. R. Aguilera, Ramon L. R. and Veronica A. R. Colon for $1.

338 East Guilford Street
Waldemar Plichta to Valerie Roman for $84,900.

26 South 4th Avenue
Julian B. Mizgala to Romildo J. and Rosalynd M. Dinicola for $145,000.

433 Walnut Street
Jose D. Martinez to Maria D. J. Garcia for $72,000.

137 South Fourth Street
Norman J. and Susan A. Dieffenbach to RW Marketing Limited Liability Company for $52,000.

225 East Cumberland Street
Harry L. Fox and Linda A. Fox, Sherri L. Behney to Linda A. Fox for $1.

714 Walnut Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Samuel S. Allgyer for $85,500.

111 Mifflin Street
Starr War Properties LLC to Valerie M. R. Lugo for $150,000.

623 Elm Street
Julius T. Williams Jr. to Javier E. Figueroa Jr. for $116,000.

659 North 3rd Avenue
Janera Sanchez, Wilfredo S. Gonzalez to Deidra R. Koons for $185,000.

1241 Willow Street
D & D Investing to Thomas E. and Kristen M. Wolfe for $37,000.

1264 Willow Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Aaron H. Donnachie for $1.

215 South Eighth Street
Jarrett Feeman to Victor M. M. Medina, Cornelia E. Collado for $117,000.

101 North 12th Street and 1211 Willow Street
Roque A. Cabral, Juana M. Deariza to Roberto L. Marte for $106,000.

535 Maple Street
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Yomarys and Pavel Brens for $38,000.

1200, 1201, and 1202 Chestnut Street Etc. Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7
George A. Christianson to Wanner Lebanon Realty for $1.

532 Spruce Street
Amos G. Fisher to Francisco Rojas for $118,000.

425 North Fifth Street
Bartolo F. Rodriguez to Francisco J. L. Rojas for $100,000.

429 Willow Street
Darby S. Maguire to Kenneth Kleinfelter for $103,000.

520 Chapel Street
Reputable Streamline Properties to Belliard Realty Inc. for $26,000.

333 South 2nd Avenue
Aaron S. Hoover to Richard Leonard III for $165,000.

439 Maple Street
Christopher R. Boehler to Ezequiel Cruceta, Nairovy P. Rodriguez for $163,500.

305 South 11th Street Lot 15
Johnny and Gina R. Snow to Kathy E. Hill for $231,900.

319 East Vine Street Confirmatory Deed
Scott A. and Michael E. Runkel, Jody L. Lerch to Lucky Number Seven for $1.

414 South Broad Street
Segue Systems to Cecelia M. Bornemann for $126,500.

2 East Lehman Street
Chung S. Boyer, Glenn Priddy to Hoffert Partnership for $950,000.

1034 Maple Street
Lebanon FD LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 42 DST for $2,085,000.

426 North Fifth Street
Rodger A. Coffen to Daubert Shertzer & Fields Equality for $90,000.

624, 625, and 626 North 9th Street
Craig M. Wilson to Jessika L. Hiepler, Kevin E. Gray for $175,000.

236 East Pershing Avenue
Walter L. and Kathleen L. Zehring to Hector M. C. Serrano, Yolanda Cruz for $135,000.

Cleona Borough

20 South Lincoln Street
Rebecca J. Borders to Jeffrey B. Biondi for $286,000.

8 Dogwood Lane Lot 43
Bulldog Investment Properties Inc. to William R. and Barbara J. Gable Jr. for $133,700.

418 West Chester Street
Thomas L. Cornett to Ronald E. Martzall for $130,000.

121 West Chestnut Street
Jason R. and Tyann L. Weikel to Jason R. and Tyann L. Weikel for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1005 Brandywine Drive Unit 15
Cornwall Associates LP to William W. Cookson for $75,000.

526 Hemlock Avenue
Scott H. and Sherri L. Schauer to Benjamin J. and Jessie L. Olson for $200,000.

1024 Villa Drive Unit 298
John W. and Stephanie J. Beavers to Bruce C. and Janice E. Marquette for $320,000.

122 Julia Lane Lot 10
Paul C. Vranesic to Alyssa M. and Mario Perdomo for $170,000.

1018 Northgate Drive Unit 8
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Mark A. and Sandra E. Esolda for $464,123.

1020 Northgate Drive Unit 9
Cornwall Associates to Joseph B. and Kelly A. Arnold for $80,000.

East Hanover Township

19 Lincoln School Road
Swatara Real Estate Holdings to Soccer Ace Real Estate Holdings for $60,000.

549 Mill Road
David P. Chandler to Michael E. and Denise M. Barnes for $310,000.

622 Pine Road
Marilyn J. Early to Tyler J. Early for $1.

Heidelberg Township

1564 Stiegel Pike
Keenan Properties LLC to WRI Holdings for $287,500.

5 Morgan Drive
Kathy J. Wert Estate, Leonard P. Wert to Joshua N. and Kaitlin E. Kline for $160,000.

115 North Church Street
Jared Horst to Jared D. and April J. Horst for $1.

321 South Market Street
Daniel E. Martin, Blue Lake Builders to Allen J. and Janelle M. Burton for $304,335.

225 South Lancaster Avenue
William F. Martel Sr. to Martel 5 LLC for $1.

Jackson Township

232 Limestone Drive Lots 120 and 121
Ervin R. and Mary J. Weaver to Trailway Properties for $277,000.

436 Yeagley Road
Esther Z. Yeakley Estate, Shirley Henly, Barbara Stauffer, Linda Craun to Levi L. and Lavina Z. Zook for $730,000.

209 North Locust Street
Patrick A. and Melissa J. Klick to Kathleen P. Martin for $165,000.

3 Homestead Circle
Bryan P. and Angela M. Struckmann to Colton Marko, Milei Taeschler for $365,000.

1108 North College Street Lot 2
Kathryn G. Berger to Joshua P. Weiant for $100,000.

Jonestown Borough

21 Williamsburg Drive Lot G32
Susan L. Shuey to Joseph Cavezza for $169,900.

Millcreek Township

11 Evergreen Way Lot 324
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Christian G. T. Rodriguez, Colleena M. Torres for $275,876.

20 Evergreen Way Lot 308
Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk to Lance M. and Rosemary M. Shirk for $1.

7 Stouchsburg Road
Luther M. Bennetch Living Trust, Eva T. Bennetch Living Trust, Paul R. Bennetch, Marilyn K. Campbell, Lisa A. Capretti, Donna L. Zimmerman to Marcus L. and Renae A. Hurst for $720,000.

58 East Main Street
Newmanstown DG to Newmanstown DG LLC for $1,527,507.

17 Overlook Lane Lot 500
Connie L. Fabian to Roger and Rosemarie Ambris for $266,000.

25 South Parish Avenue
Jason R. Bender to Jamie E. F. Garipoli for $1.

110 West Main Street
Paul J. and Kathy M. Sobolewski to We Buy PA Inc. for $35,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

208 Columbia Avenue Lot 87
Robert J. and Janice A. Andreozzi to Laura S. Sterling for $1.

217 Lancaster Avenue
Timothy J. Dailey to Brett and Sarah LLC for $212,000.

Myerstown Borough

14 North College Street
Sergio Alicea, Rebekah L. Bernat to Cash Flo for $93,000.

North Cornwall Township

509 Byler Circle Unit 23
Leigh A. Smith, Gregory G. Shean to Leigh A. Smith, Anthony J. Burke for $1.

2013 Walnut Street Lot 3
Charles T. and Heather Gross to Luis A. Diaz for $165,000.

77 Creekside Drive Lot 55
Narrows Glen Inc. to Catherine and Peter Waselkov for $354,106.

(UPI #26-2341584-357815-0000) Units 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Services Group Inc. for $208,193.

221 Waterford Way Lot 67
Carol and Carol M. Reiss to Sarita Pande, Ratna S. Tamang for $285,000.

735 Farmwood Lane Unit 78
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Brett K. Barber, Leah J. Rutt for $175,060.

219 White Oak Circle Lot 85
Patrick J. and Katrina S. Brennan to Patrick J. and Katrina S. Brennan for $1.

733 Farmwood Lane Unit 77
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Leon R. Mills, Trish A. Ream for $195,900.

737 Farmwood Lane Unit 79
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to David and Laura Price for $178,900.

516 East Penn Avenue, 536 East Penn Avenue
Daniel R. and Lynne M. Fields to Noble Housing for $375,000.

1520 Wheatfield Lane Lot 29
Tuyen T. Nguyen to Michele R. Melendez, Pedro O. Perez for $315,000.

(UPI #26-2341543-357481-0000) Unit 81
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to David and Sadie Fisher for $175,060.

739 Farmwood Lane Unit 80
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Gary and Tracy M. Mehaffey for $178,900.

721 Farmwood Lane Unit 71
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jovan A. G. Hernandez, Jomarie A. Pagan for $196,710.

North Lebanon Township

100 Narrows Drive Lot 4
James J. Koegel Residuary Trust, Donald Sheehy, Marie J. Koegel to Lebanon Hospitality Holdings LLC for $115,000.

2075, 2076, and 2077 Water Street
Deer Lake Associates to TC4 LP for $1.

1560 Joel Drive
Snow Goose to Rockstar Real Estate for $11,500,000.

1501 Sholly Avenue Lot 73
Sherri L. and Duane T. Rodkey to Sherri L. and Duane T. Rodkey for $1.

803 East Canal Street
Thomas D. Loughran to Nancy L. Miller, Eugene R. Lesher for $200,000.

1011 Kochenderfer Road
Dorothy V. Garchinsky to Katie Revard for $210,000.

2731 Tunnel Hill Road Lot 4
Justin A. Arnt to Charles D. Sharpless for $205,500.

917 North 8th Avenue Lot 2
Jesse and Laurie L. Pyles to Ben Martin for $49,500.

(UPI #27-2331713-380041-0000) Lot 125
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, S. Gerald Musser Builder to Nathan D. and Peri R. Shea for $317,863.

1789 Ashton Drive Lot 95
Richard L. and Rachel R. Hoffman to Jeremy and Amanda L. Hollinger for $220,900.

1107 Watson Street Lot 42
Jason E. and Amy B. Houston to Eliza and Aishla M. S. Perez for $238,000.

1142 Harvest Drive Lot 70
Steven A. and Jolynne Z. Shannon to Steven A. and Jolynne Z. Shannon for $1.

731 East Maple Street
Lynford and Sheila Horning to Melvin J. Gonzalez, Sheyla T. C. Orama for $90,000.

North Londonderry Township

980 Hoffer Road Lot 4 Etc. Corrective Deed
James A. and Amelia L. Rothermel to Rothermel Family Trust, James A. and Amelia L. Rothermel for $1.

1532 Cambridge Court
Victoria Boxler to Jamie L. Boxler for $1.

560 Sweetwater Drive Lot 10
Richard A. and Deborah K. Alford to Paul E. and Debra T. Lotier Sr. for $360,000.

26 Clover Lane Lot 45
Steven L. and Virginia A. Hobkirk to Steven L. and Virginia A. Hobkirk, Hobkirk Family Trust for $1.

845 South Grant Street Lots 28, 29, and 30
Russell R. and Sandra L. Souder to Christopher R. and Jeffrey R. Souder for $1.

15 Pin Oak Street Lot 167
Forrest E. and Christina L. Borod to Forrest E. and Christina L. Borod for $1.

304 Barrington Court Plot 137
TRI Sigma Investments to Tammy and Paul Friendshuh for $168,500.

1414 Cambridge Court
Barbara C. Kenny Estate, Lillian J. Greshko to Lillian J. Greshko for $1.

Palmyra Borough

27, 25, 23, and 21 South Hetrick Avenue
S. Keith and Teri L. Hoover to Benjamin S. and Summer A. Miller for $425,000.

240 North Lincoln Street
Brenda F. and Edward J. Chambers to Helen Chambers for $1.

242 North Lincoln Street
Brenda F. and Edward J. Chambers to Helen Chambers for $1.

67 Cortland Crossing Lot 20
Weaver H. R. Building Systems Inc. to Jitendrakumar and Sarlabahen J. Patel for $246,590.

212 East Main Street Lot 11 Etc.
Kevin and Jodi OShea, Eric and Susan Brubaker, OShea and Brubaker Home Renovations to Daubert Shertzer & Fields Equality, DRB Real Estate for $225,000.

817 East Birch Street
Jeffrey T. and Mary B. Williams to Cynthia L. Dinger for $155,000.

325 North Chestnut Street Lot 1
Melissa S. Parker to James A. and Lori A. Houser for $55,000.

105 West Pine Street Lots 456, 457, 458, 459, and Part of Lot 460
John M. and Karen Neiswender to Earl A. and Colleen G. Brooker for $210,000.

600 West Maple Street Lot 19
Edward H. and Emma S. Bennett, Victoria M. May to Edward H. and Emma S. Bennett for $10.

750 West Cherry Street
Barbara F. Reed to Kelly J. and Eric P. Lawrence for $210,000.

31 Sycamore Lane Lot 64 and Part of Lot 65
Rebecca A. Lumm to Rebecca A. and Kenneth J. Lumm for $1.

533, 534, and 535 North Railroad Street
Carsten Management to Deepali Paknikar for $335,000.

129 North College Street
Gayle S. Fasnacht to Jeffrey P. Kennedy for $60,000.

25 South Center Avenue
Mariaelena D. and Lisle L. Wilke to Lindsay D. Newman, Ryan L. Roller for $170,000.

201 East Broad Street
Ronald D. Akright, Patrice A. Emery to Cory D. Haines, Megan N. Sim for $159,000.

201, 202, and 203 East Cherry Street Lot 17
Carsten Management to Goldmine Realty for $315,000.

Richland Borough

205 Leffler Drive Lot 11
Bradley C. and Melissa L. Pflueger Jr. to Peter Maksym for $210,000.

8 Judy Lane
Christian G. T. Rodriguez, Colleena M. Torres to Darina B. V. D. Martinez, Yelinton M. Guzman for $230,000.

101 Curtis Street
4 A Key Realty to Martha J. Hippert for $150,000.

South Annville Township

304 Valley Lane
Barry L. and Melody K. Donmoyer to Travis and Courtney Donmoyer for $203,725.

1401 South White Oak Street Lot 5
John R. and Earla F. Leisey to John R. and Earla F. Leisey for $1.

657 Fieldstone Drive Lot 88
Gardell, Pine Hill at Lebanon to Youthearith Sokhan, Laklita Sor for $192,000.

125 Crestview Avenue Lots 117 and 118
Jillian N. and Ryan R. McGrath to Wendy J. Mitchell for $265,000.

690 Bricker Lane
Richard A. and Ronita L. Funk to Jordan and Ivonne Johnson for $1.

909 Locust Road
CDDST Irrevocable Trust, Douglas S. Dohner, Henry A. and Kathy A. Killian to Joshua P. and Megan R. Kuhn for $100,000.

South Lebanon Township

120 Linda Way Lot 18
Narrows Glen Inc. to Joseph and Lauren Sirriannia for $99,100.

7 Pennwood Road Lot 27
Richard T. and Isabella M. Wysokowski to Justin Arnt, Kristy Morgan for $325,000.

1104 State Drive
Linford R. and Beth L. Musser, S. Gerald Musser Builder to Andrew J. and Amanda E. Carpenter for $65,000.

1320 Birch Road Lot A
Louise I. Hicks to Irish Assets for $155,000.

156 Linda Way Lot 9
Narrows Glen Inc. to Melissa and Patrick Klick for $363,573.

1300 State Drive
Adam A. Fernsler Jr. Estate, Bernadette, Mitchell K., and Adam A. Fernsler III to Mitchell K. Fernsler for $1.

1 Wheatstone Lane Lot 60
Hess Home Builders Inc. to Fox Ridge Homes GP for $150,000.

308 Charles Street Lot 216
Julio and Carmen Montero to Julio and Carmen Montero for $1.

28 Moravian Street
Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon to Justina L. D. Alberto for $140,000.

10 Linden Road
Larry J. Neuman Jr. to Larry J. and Jennifer L. Neuman Jr. for $1.

801 Smith Avenue
Joan M. Hamilton, Rodney J. and Dawnn M. Klopp to Rodney J. and Dawnn M. Klopp for $1.

1029 Franklin Avenue
Gary A. and Keely Verna Jr. to Kevin and Tammy S. Semeran for $187,000.

621 East High Street
Bryan S. and Shirley M. Massar to Genesis Morel for $195,000.

152 Linda Way
Narrows Glen Inc. to Kristen L. and Christopher C. Greeninger for $90,000.

South Londonderry Township

712 Center Drive
Adam C. and Jessica L. Buck to Jeddiah Z. Nye for $199,900.

25 Berry Lane
Alice M. and Randolph Haulman to Alice M. Haulman for $1.

2096 South Forge Road Lot 13
Tracey L. and Matthew A. Guillory to Kelly S. J. Bryan for $295,000.

249 Forest Circle Lot 96
Leigh A. McGonigal to Brenda Brandt for $210,000.

46 Palmyra Road Lot 1
Palmyra Road Property LLC to Palmyra Road Property LLC for $1.

143 Lawn Road Lot A
Melvin E. Hoffer Estate, Eileen P. Hoffer to Eileen P. Hoffer for $1.

145 Lawn Road
Melvin E. Hoffer Estate, Eileen P. Hoffer to Steven K. and William C. Hoffer for $1.

19 Roseland Avenue
Gaylene Webber to Killian W. Bedi for $190,000.

252 South Village Circle Unit 191
Kelsie J. Irons to Nathan B. Irons for $186,000.

107 Glendon Drive Lot 12
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, S. Gerald Musser Builder to Mark S. and Heather B. Cavanagh for $122,900.

72 Forest Circle Lot 52
Jennifier L. Frey to Gaylene K. Webber for $162,000.

213 Timber Road Lot 10
Marion V. Cornwell to Jon C. and Wendy J. Koller for $280,000.

169 Timber Lane Lot 152
Michael and Elizabeth A. Bross to Nathaniel B. and Kimberly R. McFadden for $289,900.

315 Spring Road Lot 315
Jeffrey D. and Ann E. Ebersole to Jonathan R. and Katie E. Heberling for $450,000.

145 Lawn Road
Steven K. and William C. Hoffer to Aqua Properties for $530,000.

Swatara Township

377 Lighthouse Drive Lot 43
Matthew J. Kantner to Michael W. Sholly for $165,000.

415 Cindy Drive
Mindy R. Grubb to Amy B. Fusco for $167,500.

6 Applewood Court Lot 75
Andrew M. and Courtney L. Brakey to Nathaniel A. and Melissa L. Lockrem for $259,900.

3 Willowcreek Avenue Lot 44
Christopher J. Graul to Jose L. Lopez Jr., Jehnna M. Wealand for $248,000.

12 Greble Road
Beverly J. Brewer, Debra J. Bishop, Lesley K. Fortna to Shelby L. and Bradley M. Kreiser for $189,500.

4 Oldfield Avenue Lot 23
Mark R. Simmon to Doel A. and Julene A. Santiago for $279,900.

46 Wildflower Circle Lot 108
Anthony W. and Kristyn E. Demsko to Narayan Dhakal for $290,000.

339 Lighthouse Drive Lot 37
Jamie L. Saphore to Cody J. Kersey for $150,000.

17 Swatara Circle Lot 25
Ernest T., Darlene H., and Beatrice E. Warlow, Pamela J. and Dennis Miller to Sasha N. Stone for $245,000.

165 Mowery Road
U.S. Bank to RW Marketing LLC for $70,000.

258 East Chestnut Street Lot 90
Richard G. Bentley to Ronald W. Eynon for $236,000.

1004 North Lancaster Street
Kristie L. and Robert Houtz to Christopher W. and Kristie L. Long for $1.

Union Township

12 Plymouth Drive Lot 36
Michael P. Romanoff to James A. Walter for $230,000.

(UPI #33-2317945-395409-0000) Lot 81
Alvin M. and Jesse L. Weaver to Ray D. and Linda K. Bert for $45,000.

3275 State Route 72
David W. and Rebecca B. Dewees to Jevon P. James, Iwona Labuz for $400,000.

West Cornwall Township

601 Second Street Lots 4, 6, 59, 61, 62, and 64
Joan R. Sinz to Evin M. and Tammie B. Fitzpatrick for $272,500.

201 Glossbrenner Avenue Lot 8
Paula M. Bressi to Ricki F. ONeal for $75,000.

279 North Zinns Mill Road Lots 16 and 34
Jeffrey D. and Susan K. Steckbeck to Cornwall Professional Building LLC for $1,250,000.

West Lebanon Township

1827 Church Street
George J. Pitt Estate, Duane A. Pitt to Ramchan Persaud for $247,000.

1934 Church Street
Sandra K. Reinhart, George P. Simon to Terrance P. Breidenstine for $22,000.

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