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One of the questions that may arise from learning about the newly formed Hispanic Business Association is “why?”

That question is a rather simple one to answer. The Hispanic Business Association is a need in the community because it not only serves as a way to promote and advertise Hispanic businesses, but it is also here to anchor the community and unify the voices of the Hispanic businesses in the area. 

Progress is impossible without change, and change is necessary. Lebanon, PA is continuously growing, and the Hispanic community has become a prominent part of the city and its culture. The rapid growth of this group, as well as the impact it makes in our economy, is undeniable. According to the University of Georgia, Pennsylvania is among the top 10 states with the greatest growth since 2000, and is among the nation’s 25 largest Hispanic consumer markets.

The other question that may come up is “Why is this association only a city group?” The majority of the Hispanic businesses are located within Lebanon city. The Hispanic Business Association aims to be successful, and we want to start by focusing on the city and then eventually expanding to the county. In the near future, we will certainly become available to businesses operating outside of the city limits and support them where they need.

Our mission statement reads “The Hispanic Business Association will unify the City of Lebanon’s Hispanic businesses to create a platform to support, educate, promote and provide resource opportunities for the purpose of integrating the Hispanic business community into the Lebanon economy.” Currently, we are utilizing that platform before we become an official entity with the state of Pennsylvania. Whether you are a Hispanic business owner or not, we want and need your input! Please consider attending our upcoming meeting being held on Feb. 23,, 2021, at 6 p.m. at Scott Church’s Living Room located at 39 S. 8th St., Lebanon. 

Amaury Abreu is an aspiring entrepreneur and social activist who lives in Lebanon.

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