Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

113 North Cherry Street
Dale L. and Kelly L. Harnish to Olivia G. Harnish for $136,500.

1019 Willow Drive Lot 7
Lisa M. Browning to Lisa M. and Jeffrey O. Browning for $1.

117 West Sheridan Avenue
Elizabeth M. Streicher Estate, Betty M. Streicher Estate, Kathy Bentz to PLM Investments Inc. for $84,000.

223 South Lancaster Street
Carl and Jacqueline Wenzler to Johnathan C. and Stephanie L. Butler for $141,000.

747 East Main Street
Trang T. Phan to Carmelo Garay, Blanca L. A. Pineda for $275,000.

411 Maple Street
Greenview LLC to Timothy and Cheryl Anton for $164,000.

Bethel Township

223 North Center Street
Sara L. Hannigan to Matthew J. Tulos for $1.

223 West Main Street Lots 21 and 22
Ian Herr to Hayley R. Wilhelm for $160,000.

416 Union Road
Velma B. and Dale L. Schnupp to Joel and Karlita Stauffer for $455,000.

City of Lebanon

325 South 13th Street
Edward R. and Marilyn L. Zimmerman to Beth A. Hamdan for $175,000.

530 East Weidman Street
Anna E. Ulrich Estate, Jack F. Beaman Jr. to Martha J. Ross, Shannon L. Mallin for $60,000.

256, 257, and 258 South 10th Street
David A. Hunsicker to Mark Cascardo for $95,000.

722 Lehman Street
Philip J. and Andrea J. Lerch to East Wind Properties, Lydia House LLC for $57,500.

58 Tiffany Lane
Zuleika Davila to Kimberly M. C. Vega for $125,000.

347 North 6th Street
Helene M. Eisenhauer Estate, Jane L. Kaylor to LMU Lending for $71,000.

428 North Seventh Avenue
Leroy L. Lehman Estate, John Kunder to Luis R. and Migdalia Rivera Jr. for $179,900.

232 Lehman Street
Catherine I. Groft Estate, Wendy Hoffman to David and Paul Groft for $1.

134 Canal Street
Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties to Jazmin M. Castillo for $140,000.

321 South 3rd Street Corrective Deed
Timothy A. and Eleanor L. Krall to Timothy A. and Eleanor L. Krall for $1.

558 Church Street
Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties to Benita Rosario for $95,000.

306 North Seventh Street
Sarah K. Henry to JDJ Rentals for $80,000.

1309 Brandywine Street
Mikhail Pidgorodetskiy to Steven W. and Brittany M. Hershey for $86,500.

373 Oaklyn Road Lot 130
Juan A. Polonia, Celia J. A. G. Luzon to Juan A. Polonia, Celia J. A. G. Luzon for $1.

1120 Mifflin Street
Amos and Linda L. Lapp to Yelsica J. J. D. Rios, Carlos B. R. Garcia for $115,000.

1115 Forest Street
Jeffrey P. and Melodye A. Woelfling to Marie Kirchdoefer, Robert J. Serafin Jr. for $129,900.

642 North 3rd Avenue
Anthony Bauman to Gary Bauman for $60,000.

1369 Monument Street
Patrick F. Coleman to David B. Coleman for $1.

214 Maple Street
Luis R. and Migdalia Rivera Jr. to Jayden C. Swann for $139,000.

318 East Cumberland Street
Malinda A. Bomberger to Fort Arnold Inc. for $65,000.

732 Walnut Street
Glenda H. Arnold Revocable Living Trust, Cameron Arnold to Cameron Arnold for $1.

1104 Woodward Street Lots 114 and 115
Michael S. and Beverly A. Warfield Sr. to Warfield Famiyl Irrevocable Trust, Kristi Heblow for $1.

121 South Fourth Avenue
Andrew J. and Lorraine Darkes to Andrew J. Darkes for $0.

115, 116, and 117 North 9th Street
John E. and Michele M. Long to Premier Home Solutions for $85,000.

309 North 12th Street
Charles P. and Ellen V. Buchanio, Luis O. and Diana E. Suarez to Premier Home Solutions for $40,000.

1116 Old Cumberland Street
Rolando Ponce to Eddie D. R. Rivera for $80,000.

515 and 517 Bollman Street
Larry H. Arnold Estate, Bonnie L. Wallish to Thomas M. and Sherry L. Capello for $30,000.

1116 Nowlen Street
Marion G. Wilhelm Estate, Robert J. Wilhelm, Wendy W. Hanford to Lindsey M. Staudt for $212,000.

4 Berwyn Park
Luis E. Oyola to Larry Weaver, Ann Wolfe for $235,000.

624 South 15th Street
Chau T. Vo, Quynh N. Haas to Fanfan Bernard, Chantal B. Juste for $179,900.

Cornwall Borough

314 Spring Hill Lane Lot 52
Pierrette P. Brydle to Holly N. and Andrew K. Sensenig for $305,000.

113 Spruce Street Lot 77
Ronald L. Gingrich Estate, Andrea Coulson to David Gingrich, Sharon McIlhenney for $1.

1028 Alden Way Unit 18
Charles N. and Christy M. Stover to Scott E. Gnau, Amy M. Webb for $537,500.

165 North Cornwall Road
Grace E. Waltman Estate, Dale T. Waltman to Richard G. and Lindsay Gristick Jr. for $269,000.

SS Rexmont Road Lot 1 Etc.
Steven M. and Charity C. Pavlesich to Brian M. and Tracie Naylor for $60,000.

342 Pamela Lane Lot 79
Vincent M. Garcia to Zachary V. Garcia for $163,000.

East Hanover Township

10310 Jonestown Road
David B. and Pamela R. Graybill to Aaron and Andrea Buchman for $244,000.

2120 Yordys Bridge Road
Scott J. and Lanea Allison to Austin and Twila F. Gerlach for $130,000.

Heidelberg Township

931 Schaeffer Road
Elmer M. Martin Jr. Revocable Living Trust, Florence Z. Martin Revocable Living Trust, Elmer M. and Florence Z. Martin Jr. to Devonne J. Martin for $160,000.

1172 Heidelberg Avenue
Tyrell S. and Megan C. Brubaker to Tyrell S. and Megan C. Brubaker for $1.

2698 Heidelberg Avenue
James L. and Virginia E. Haynes to Daryl R. Hackman Jr., Jannah C. Schnettler for $140,000.

Jackson Township

424 West Main Avenue Lot 4
Ernest O., Richard L., and Bruce J. Firestine to Reputable Streamline Properties for $100,000.

820 East Main Avenue
Melvin K. Huber Estate, Lester W. and Aaron W. Huber to Lester W. and Janet H. Huber for $300,000.

722 Tulpehocken Road
Melvin K. Huber Estate, Lester W. and Aaron W. Huber to Nelson G. and Eva J. Martin for $230,000.

900 Kutztown Road
Pennsylvania State Grange of Patrons of Husbandry, North Jackson Grange No. 1740 Patrons of Husbandry to Rodney M. Breckbill for $59,000.

1061 North College Street
Richard D. Hummel Estate, Kathy Zohner to Jeffrey S. and Laura A. Walsh for $245,000.

831 Houtztown Road
Michael P. Hibshman, Scott T. and Candice L. Louden to Scott T. and Candice L. Louden for $1.

211 North Locust Street
Kathy J. Murphy to Bradley M. Garner, Kayla M. Downin for $175,000.

899 East Lincoln Avenue Corrective Deed
Tax and Financial Services of Myerstown Inc. to HPD Flip 2020 for $1.

Jonestown Borough

310 West Market Street
Lee E. Bashore Estate, Gerald L. Bashore to Jeremiah S. Stump, Leah L. Barnard for $250,000.

Millcreek Township

14 Cardinal Road
Ronald L. Good to Katybeth Shuey for $155,000.

ES Stricklerstown Road
Roy H. Gettle to Gettle Family Trust for $1.

10 Evergreen Way Lot 303
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly, John E. Everly to Andrii and Svitlana Dribnokhod for $216,268.

12 South Fort Zellers Road
MIllcreek Fields to Zellers Property LLC, FT Zellers LLC for $3,800,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

118 Pennsylvania Avenue
James R. Brown 2nd Estate, James R. Brown II Estate, Diane S. Brown to Jason, Kevin, and Nicolas Brown, Jennifer Geist for $1.

118 Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 34
Patricia A. Brown Estate, Noreen B. Estock to Janet Grant, Noreen B. Estock, Jason, Kevin, and Nicolas Brown, Jennifer Geist for $1.

Myerstown Borough

9 South Cherry Street
Harvey J. Bomberger Estate, Carl H. Bomberger to J. Elvin and Verna G. Horst for $167,900.

3 East Mill Street
David A. Hunsicker to Steven E. Dice for $115,000.

8 West Jefferson Avenue
Emily K. Brandt to Adam J. and Emily K. Keller for $10.

15 East Park Avenue
Brian D. and Kathryn L. Klinger to Kathleen L. Strickler for $196,000.

North Annville Township

1507 North State Route 934 Lot 2
Neidlinger Enterprises to Christopher Guerrido for $187,500.

510 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
James M. and Cassandra R. Vanfleet to Humble Estates for $1.

950 North Mill Street Lot 2
Justin T. Arndt to Matthew and Leah Engle for $165,000.

North Cornwall Township

265 Village Drive
Nelson R. and Charlene Sensenig, Scott M. Patrick to David L. Fair for $196,000.

105 Village Court
Fred L., Marci J., and Rick J. Longenecker to Justin Kimmet, Hayleigh Sauder for $105,000.

990 Lilac Lane Lot 990
John V. and Christine J. Deraco to Christine J. Heron for $1.

1718 Walnut Street
James H. and Jewel C. Fessler to Lorri R. Shaffer for $75,500.

2021 Greystone Drive Lot 126
Clair N. and Michelle D. Zimmerman to Tony L. and Kelly A. Zimmerman for $1.

1900 Lafayette Street 690 and 691
Manuel A. Soler, Zoraida Marcial to Bryan L. M. Muniz for $173,000.

155 South 21st Street Lot 159
Edward Morasco Jr. to Leslie Bowman for $150,000.

WS South 16th Street
Garden Oaks Associates to North Cornwall Township for $240,000.

1920 Chestnut Street
Donald C. and Marsha A. Graby to Derek R. Eisenhauer for $147,000.

3 Oak Knoll Circle Lot 28
Richard D. and Cecilia M. Crawford to Kristene T. Derr for $320,000.

1325 Greiner Street
Jason R. and Hillary J. Leedy Sr., Nora S. Kreiser to Jason R. and Hillary J. Leedy Sr. for $1.

2169 Walnut Street
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Carrington Mortgage Services to Howard Wood for $90,500.

245 Crooked Lane Lot 37
Jaclyn E. and Travis L. Smith to Jacyln E. and Travis L. Smith for $1.

North Lebanon Township

3625 Hill Church Road
Larry P. and Kathleen M. Minnich to Allen J. and Jessica M. Lehman for $219,000.

1705 Weavertown Road Lot 5
David W. Arnold Sr. to William R. Webster, Leah Arnold for $365,000.

748 Barbara Ann Drive
Wanda E. Hoffman to Wanda E. and Tyler Hoffman for $1.

1905 Weavertown Road Lot 10
Robert P. and Kay M. Sponenberg to Manuel A. Soler, Zoralda Marcial for $286,000.

848A Mount Zion Road
Bonita F. Knoll Estate, Treva F. Matthew to Leonard and Rhoda Sauder for $265,000.

1549 North 7th Street
Christopher J. Andrews Estate, Clare E. Yingst to Stewart A. and Joanna N. Martin for $140,000.

807 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 128
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Robert and Penny A. Smith for $356,300.

20 Strack Drive
Matthew R. and Gretchen L. Bachman to Barry W. Hertzog for $250,000.

2135 Hill Street
Marlin R. and Dorothy M. Umberger, Dwight B. Rine to Jolene T. Cramer for $90,000.

805 North 24th Street Lots 31, 32, 33, and 34
Eric W. and Sheri L. Flowers to Zachary L. Kuhn, Erin Secoges for $194,000.

1389 Sholly Avenue Lot 6
Larry P. Derr, Kristene N. Thomas to John J. Miller for $119,100.

825 Kimmerlings Road
Earl F. and Sylvis J. Hollinger Jr. to Trudy L. Heisey for $1.

3635 Kings Drive Lot 16
Michael and Suzanne Doney to Michael Doney for $1.

North Londonderry Township

(UPI #28-2299312-361799-0000)
North Londonderry Investors to North Londonderry Investors for $1.

310 Barrington Court
Larry R. and Elaine J. Willard to Steven C. and Mary Keefer for $170,000.

604 Barrington Court Plot 179
Carl W. Emerick to Carole H. Wilkinson for $185,000.

(UPI #28-2299126=354911-0000) Lot 167
Richard L. and Leeson D. OLeary to Ryan D. and Amanda J. Wampler for $460,000.

74 Shady Lane Building 4 Unit 3
Jeffrey G. Shade to Jessica M. Good, Zachary R. Barkman for $151,000.

Palmyra Borough

530 North Lincoln Street
William C. and Maureen D. Waltz to William Waltz, Lynn Seidel for $150,000.

126 South Harrison Street
David M. Shaffer to U. S. Bank National Association for $3,862.

996 East Maple Street
Jennifer Spiece to Lucy L. Krikorian for $159,900.

609 North Railroad Street
Robert M. Longenecker Sr., Robert M. Longenecker Jr. to Robert M. Longenecker Jr. for $1.

741 West Cherry Street
Midfirst Bank to Millpond Properties for $92,000.

425 West Maple Street
Ryan P. Carpenter to Kyle A. Frey, Holly N. Delong for $230,000.

Richland Borough

129 South Race Street Lot 7
Kami J. Strickler, Justin M. Ely to W. Allen and Karen M. Petre for $150,000.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312032-362954-0000) Unit 40 Building 24
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Gordon S. and Sarah C. Dickmyer for $215,990.

572 Nottingham Way Lot 45
Gardel, Pine Hill at Lebanon to Benjamin and Christy Mootz for $415,000.

South Lebanon Township

1901 Allegheny Avenue Lots 16 and 17 Block D
L & S Property Ventures LLC to Matthew P. Eckert, Shelby E. Hickernell for $155,000.

1320 East Old Cumberland Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Rafael D. M. Torres for $143,700.

38 Moravian Street
Tomas M. R. Martin to Tomas M. R. Martin, Ricardo A. R. Hernandez for $1.

420 East Evergreen Road Lot 6
Kyle D. Wenger to Nolmin Enterprises for $195,000.

301 West Street
My A. Saquil, Aziza Arbad to Michael W. Roth for $36,000.

6 Jayanne Drive
Michael and Rebecca Bowman to Michael and Rebecca Bowman for $1.

701 South 4th Street Lot 2
Bros R., Samuel L., and Robert L. Breidenstine to Jonathan and Sarah S. Wyse for $265,000.

South Londonderry Township

124 Trillium Drive Lot 23 Block C
Benjamin B. Cooperson II to Dukula Katel, Lokesh Kadariya for $347,500.

(UPI #31-2321414-388670-0000) Lots 153 & A
Arne M. and Christi L. Reistad to Arne M. and Christi L. Reistad for $1.

344 Old Farm Road Lot 118
Kerry F. McNulty, Kerry and Timothy W. Link to Kerry and Timothy W. Link for $1.

182 Palmyra Road
James A. and Sharon L. Bracale to James A. Bracale for $1.

143 Lawn Road
Melvin E. Hoffer Estate, Eileen P. Hoffer to Eileen P. Hoffer for $1.

6005 Colebrook Road Lot 3
Jeanette E. Engle Estate, Stacie M. Lanier, Terry L. Engle to OShea & Brubaker Home Renovations Inc., O Shea & Brubaker Home Renovations Inc. for $118,000.

5596 Elizabethtown Road Corrective Deed
Lawn Fire Co. to Lawn Fire Co. for $1.

1593 Mount Wilson Road
Randall S. and Tyann M. Bailey to Jannetta C. Klink for $139,900.

Swatara Township

2 East Broad Street
Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Shane White for $147,000.

5 Oldfield Avenue Lot 64
Michael D. and Marcella A. Long to Richard J. and Carolyn L. Gilson for $310,000.

403 Cindy Drive Lot 71
Andrew T. and Kayla Kurtz to Andrew T. and Kayla Kurtz for $1.

2387 Quarry Road
Craig Kreiser to Hunter Creek Partners LLC for $39,900.

Union Township

2782 State Route 72 Lot 2
Mark E. and Diana L. Micklos to Erika D. Micklos for $1.

West Cornwall Township

180 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 66
Janet M. Risser to Janet M. Risser for $1.

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