Two local independent media outlets are teaming up to better serve Lebanon Countians.

Today LebTown is announcing a strategic partnership with Lebanon County Weather that will expand our value offering to the readers, members, and advertisers who make our work possible.

Since its creation in 2011, Lebanon County Weather has established itself as the region’s largest independent local forecast information service, reaching more than 21,000 followers on Facebook. Fans praise Lebanon County Weather for its timeliness, accuracy, and overall commitment to the wellbeing and safety of other Lebanon Countians.

LebTown was founded in 2018 as an independent media outlet conceived to provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive journalism intended to help people navigate their daily lives and promote the general well-being of Lebanon County.

Together these outlets represent the largest dedicated local audience in Lebanon County, playing a central role in the lives of more Lebanon Countians than any other publication, with engagement rates an order of magnitude higher than legacy competitors.

No changes are planned to Lebanon County Weather’s core offering, a daily weather forecast geared directly towards local readers. LebTown will be incorporating these forecasts into its newsletter and website. Lebanon County Weather will also gain access to additional resources and partnership opportunities through a new shared dedicated marketing, sales, and technology team managed by Lebanon Publishing Company, the corporate parent of LebTown.

LebTown advertising is measurably effective and it’s the most efficient way to boost business while also giving back to the local community. There’s no hedge fund manager profiting off our work; your support goes directly towards more local journalism.

If you’re a reader who supports our work, consider purchasing a limited edition Lebanon County Weather t-shirt.

From all of us at LebTown and Lebanon County Weather, thank you for reading and supporting local independent media. We look forward to bringing you more announcements later this year as we continue and expand our efforts to provide Lebanon County with the news outlet it deserves. If you have questions, comments, or other feedback, please reach me and the rest of our team using the contact form below.

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Davis Shaver

Davis Shaver is the publisher of LebTown. He grew up in Lebanon and currently lives outside of Hershey, PA.