Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

1433 East Queen Street
Dolores A. Miller Estate, Dolores W. Miller Estate, Michael R. and Thomas W. Miller to Thomas W. Miller for $78,000.

430 West Main Street Part of Lot 67
Michael S. Vanscyoc to Scott R. and Margaret L. Groy for $165,000.

245 North Lancaster Street
Brandon Mathias to Scott R. and Margaret L. Groy for $119,000.

1503 East Walnut Street Part of Lot 95
Jason E. and Karin A. McCabe to George E. and Tracy A. Clayton III for $205,000.

428 West Queen Street
Mark S. Bomberger Revocable Living Trust, Margaret P. Bomberger Revocable Living Trust, Dennis A. Bomberger to Brandi S. Santaniello for $85,000.

Bethel Township

114 Deer Drive Lot 27
Robert M. and Ashley K. Taylor to Charles E. Shifflett for $243,000.

2924 Pine Grove Street Etc.
Ray M. and Ruth A. Funck to Ray M. Funck for $1.

344 Mill Road
Glen R. and Lorene W. Martin to Kevein M. and Amanda S. Martin for $272,000.

11 Circle Drive Lot 2
Helen D. Afuape to Helen D. and Joseph L. Afuape for $1.

309 Mowery Road Lot 5
Tambra S. Yoder to Forrest G. Lamm Jr. for $199,900.

105 East Main Street
Premier Home Solutions to Beyond Holdings for $110,000.

2206 Mount Zion Road Lot 1
Roy M. and Carolyn L. Zimmerman to Gregory P. Wilson Sr., Lisa M. Worley for $410,000.

148 Airport Road Lot 7
Diana L. Lugo to Jason L. OBrien for $255,000.

15 Claires Way Lot 17
Kourtni Schauer, Brandon Morison to Blue Mountain Property Management Inc. for $135,000.

1569 Mount Zion Road
Terry R. Lerch to James Young for $235,000.

18 Flinchbaugh Lane
Stanley D. and Marlene M. Habecker, Mervin B., Mervin B., Judy A. and Judy Zimmerman to Mervin B. and Judy A. Zimmerman for $1.

City of Lebanon

737 North Hanover Street
Charles and Catherine Martin to Kirk Toburen for $150,000.

323 South 6th Street
Abner L. Lantz to Christian B. and Aaron B. Miller for $140,000.

402 North 6th Avenue Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Olga Goglad, Manual Peguero to Arlene R. Zellers for $1.

104 Lehman Street
Gareth L. Fisher to Josh Snader for $46,500.

370 North Partridge Street
Clair E. Seibert Jr. to Rafael N. Causillas for $20,000.

258 South 8th Street
Andrew R. Nicarry to Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties for $35,000.

710 Locust Street
Horace and Marcus Samuels to Miguel A. R. Agramonte for $105,000.

15 East High Street Lot 213 and Part of Lot 212
Thomas W. Vonah, Barry Huber to Jonathan and Kerilyn Massie for $222,000.

1022 Orchid Avenue
Kevin R. Royer, Kevin R. Royer Jr., Patricia Binner to Kevin R. Royer Jr. for $1.

1280 Colebrook Road
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Timothy J. and Rachel B. Turley for $140,000.

644 Walnut Street
Christopher R. Martin to KPG Holdings LLC for $139,000.

915 North 8th Street Lot 8
Lois M. and Brett T. Eisenhower to Jesus L. Rosario for $75,000.

401 South 12th Street
Bansari A. and Jeffrey Hanna to Christopher G. and Lynn M. Brown for $285,000.

127 Locust Street
Reputable Streamline Properties to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $44,000.

611 Guilford Street
Christine Webb to Lynn M. Przywara for $74,500.

134 South Fourth Street
Jason L. OBrien to Kendra Y. N. Vera for $103,500.

1131 Walnut Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Family Christian Fellowship Church, Church Family Christian Fellowship Church for $50,000.

417 North Seventh Street
John D. and Elizabeth A. Flint III to Premier Home Solutions for $40,000.

442 North 7th Street
Reputable Streamline Properties to Miguel A. T. Claudio, Cathy Lind for $119,900.

511 South 7th Street
Larry H. Arnold Estate, Bonnie L. Wallish to Broad Street Properties for $65,000.

104 East Walnut Street
Jeffrey T. and Jennifer L. Usner to Walnut Street Mansion for $600,000.

593 Guilford Street
Donna A. F. Collins to Brandon L. Field for $10.

608 Raspberry Lane Lot 43
Nicholas A. Bogner Jr., Nicholas A. and Brian K. Bogner to William L. and Mary A. Fields for $170,000.

922 Elizabeth Street
Ralph B. Donmoyer to Gregory and Kathy Drahovsky for $40,000.

933 Chestnut Street
Yuossef Rezk to Mena Rezk for $35,000.

530 North 8th Street
Robert A. and Tammiem I. Norman to Justin D. and Tarah J. Cave for $135,000.

919, 1003, and 1003 North 8th Street Lots 5, 6, and 7
Lois M. and Brett T. Eisenhower to Edwin D. and Bethany G. Strubhar for $140,000.

1117 Lehman Street
Zoraidea Maldonado to Amos L. Zook for $25,000.

324 Old 9th Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Alvin & Lillian Rentals LLC for $188,000.

19 North 3rd Street
MPL Home Buyers to Badreddine Saadoune for $110,000.

220 South 10th Street
Lori A. and Juan Gonzalez to Juan J. Gonzalez for $1.

410 Canal Street
David W. and Alicia Muma Jr. to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $95,000.

823 Church Street and 825 Church Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Aaron H. Donnachie for $240,000.

365 North Gannon Street
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Aaron H. Donnachie for $1.

320 East Chestnut Street
Sharon R. Edris to Deborah A. Silvetti for $196,000.

309 Guilford Street
Evelyn A. Kulp, Rita M. Dilibero to Valerie M. Umberger for $83,000.

449 New Street
Juan F. Lobos to Israel A. Oquendo for $45,000.

1011, 1012, and 1013 Elm Street
Richard L. Henry to Javier Cubides for $138,000.

438 North 10th Street
Aracary S. Shopf to Nakila H. Viney for $122,000.

218 East Birch Street
Denise R. and Luis R. Nardo to Jose L. R. Nardo for $1.

23 Tiffany Lane Lot 12
Ronald F. Cairns Estate, Taylor and Austin Cairns to Colin B. and Erica J. Fox for $130,000.

237 South Partridge Street
Eugene B. Burkholder Estate, Milagros M. Burkholder to Elam F. Lapp for $11,000.

433 New Street
Sonia G. Rodriguez to Mariangely Vega, Marisol Martinez for $40,084.

1030 Lehman Street
Joseph D. Dunlap Estate, Mariellen M. Lantz to Starrwar Properties, Starr War Properties for $55,000.

200 South 4th Street Consolidating Deed
Good Samaritan Hospital of Lebanon, Good Samaritan Hospital to Good Samaritan Hospital of Lebanon for $1.

1137 Willow Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Josefa E. A. D. Pepin for $89,900.

25 North Fifth Street
Teresa J. Hoffman to J. Brian Krall for $47,000.

Cleona Borough

21 Walnut Mill Lane Lot 57
Daniel J. Grodzinski to Ethan T. and Tamera L. Grodzinski for $111,000.

227 South Cyrus Street Lot 38
C. Eugene and Doris J. Espenshade to Doris J. Espenshade for $1.

SS East Maple Street
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie for $1.

207 West Locust Street Lot 279
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Marci A. Soliday for $189,000.

Cornwall Borough

165 North Cornwall Road Corrective Deed
Grace E. Waltman Estate, Dale T. Waltman to Richard and Lindsay Gristick for $269,000.

306 Spring Hill Lane Lot 56
Jeffrey S. and Patricia A. Stinner to Milton K. and Judith A. Lauch for $350,000.

143 Maple Lane Lot 6
Albert J. and Brenda L. Mettley to Gregory W. and Jeanine M. Pfaff for $355,000.

268 North Zinns Mill Road
Enrico and Kristy M. Malvone to John and Caroline S. Mingle for $546,000.

732 Aspen Lane
Stan A. and Linda W. Alekna to Stan A. and Linda W. Alekna for $1.

374 Rexmont Road
Christopher C. Kepley, Dale P. Heffner to Christopher C. Kepley for $1.

East Hanover Township

47 Main Street
Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. to Matthew and Tracie R. Witmer for $101,000.

788 Ono Road
Troy L. Moyer to Troy L. Moyer, Amy S. Harnish for $1.

Heidelberg Township

353 South Market Street
Abram L. and Peggy L. Buffenmeyer, Jean D. Louwerse to Kenton T. Horst, Kristi L. Zimmerman for $226,000.

410 Oak Street Corrective Deed
Bachleda Properties to Matthew and Kimberly L. Newhouse for $1.

410 Oak Street Lot 2 Quit Claim Deed
Matthew and Kimberly L. Newhouse to Bachleda Properties for $1.

419 Valley View Road Lot 3
Randall L. and Mary A. Horning to Wilford N. Sensenig for $275,000.

253 Canaan Grove Road
Aaron E. and Laura Good to Randall L. and Mary A. Horning for $364,000.

2734 Heidelberg Avenue
Benjamin K. and Rachel K. King to Gideon E. Beiler for $225,000.

Jackson Township

467 Kutztown Road Lot 1
Glenn R. and Alma R. Engle to Brenda J. Brown for $185,000.

90 East Strack Drive
Elam G. and Malinda S. Lapp to John L. and Anna L. Lantz for $240,000.

118 Oaken Way Lot 37
Brandon L. and Lindsey M. Staudt to Brandon L. Staudt for $1.

450 and 452 West Lincoln Avenue Corrective Deed
West Lincoln Associates to West Lincoln Associates for $1.

454 West Main Avenue
Eric E. Weihs to Eric E. and Debra M. Weihs for $1.

3 Katydid Court Lot 68
Brian L. and Robin A. Kimmey to Erin M. and Jose A. Garcia for $270,000.

26 West Strack Drive
Thomas J. and Cynthia A. Schnelly to Erin Thornton for $331,500.

44 Golf Road
Benjamin F. and Fannie G. Stoltzfus to Jacob B. and Sadie M. Stoltzfus for $525,000.

ES Golf Road
Benjamin F. and Fannie G. Stoltzfus to Jacob B. and Sadie M. Stoltzfus for $525,000.

(UPI #23-2359844-388897-0000) Lot 4
Cornerstone Woodworks to Ryan L. Lutz, Haley M. Challenger for $310,136.

750 East Lincoln Avenue
Dwayne S., Justin E., and Kendall L. Martin to Dwayne S. and Kendall L. Martin for $1.

450 Stracks Dam Road
Hetty Wengert Estate, Kenneth W. Wengert to Jane K. Spengler, Jeffrey L. Sharp for $221,000.

Jonestown Borough

41 East Market Street
Caroline L. and John C. Jernigan to John C. Jernigan Jr. for $178,000.

304 Swatara Creek Drive Lot G-181
Anhthi A. and Carey L. Vuong to Juan C. Irizarry for $188,500.

120 East Market Street Lot 171
Gruvia to Dustin T. Breidegan, Cassandra L. Ginter for $185,000.

Millcreek Township

79 East Main Street
Keith L. and Dustin Snyder to Kirsten C. C. Feger for $106,000.

10 Meadow Drive Lot 448
Randy K. and Jennifer L. Shirk to Randy K. and Jennifer L. Shirk for $1.

670 Stricklerstown Road
John R. Martin to John R. and Sheila M. Martin for $1.

1 Edgemont Lane Lot 137
Anne A. Waldron to Anne A. Waldron, Michael B. Young for $1.

29 VIllage Drive Lot 193
Travis L. Groff to Christopher D. and Darsha V. Beckford for $223,000.

Myerstown Borough

323, 324, and 325 South Cherry Street
Modern Assets to David S. Martin for $225,000.

17 South College Street
Prime Home Investments to Melanie L. Cornelius for $129,900.

18 East Maple Avenue
L. Eugene and Mary J. Wenger, Pilgrim Mennonite Conference to Ryan Mellinger for $150,000.

41 East Main Street
Modern Assets LLC to Lucas E. Frable, Ashley N. Layser for $120,000.

North Annville Township

1789 Blacks Bridge Road
Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Sandra Rivera, Anthony M. McKenna for $274,900.

1789 Blacks Bridge Road
Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Sandra Rivera, Anthony M. McKenna for $274,900.

North Cornwall Township

2154 Walnut Street Lot 8
David L. and Sheila Conapitski to Connor M. Campbell for $159,900.

31 Creekside Drive Lot 32
Narrows Glen Inc. to David I. and Meghan E. Ebling for $365,696.

1114 Cornerstone Lane Lot 220
Joseph Yatsko to Rebecca T. M. and Jason R. Cole for $680,000.

2084 Acorn Drive Lot 85
Michael A. and Alonia M. Johnston to Susan F. Valerio for $168,000.

20 Stoneleigh Drive Lot 22
Ramon G. Musheno Estate, Susan Carol to Kevin Fox for $250,000.

3 Greystone Crossing Lot 118
John R. and Sharon L. Long to John R. and Sharon L. Long for $1.

48 Creekside Drive Lot 95
Narrows Glen Inc. to Stephanie A. and Scott M. Hocker for $87,800.

(UPI #26-2341581-357974-0000)
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Services Group Inc. for $429,507.

4 Greystone Crossing Drive Lot 82
Narrows Glen Inc., Landmark Homes, Landmark Builders Inc. to Keyla M. Castillo, Wilfredo Mercado for $332,825.

149 Furnace Court
Melvin C. Bartow III to Miguel A. V. Heredia for $149,000.

750 Norman Drive Lot 40
Shanda Enterprises to WellSpan Properties Inc. for $250,000.

37 Oak Knoll Circle Lot 44
Jeffrey S. and Christmas G. Reed II to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $346,900.

37 Oak Knoll Circle Lot 44
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to William Knapp for $346,900.

628 Pondside Lane Lot 188
Lori A. and Douglas L. Corcoran to Gary and Jazmine Gristick for $285,000.

408 Little Pond Lane Lot 103
Michael and Karen Gerhart to Matthew and Ashley C. Lukasak for $335,000.

North Lebanon Township

1695 North 7th Street Lot 80
Wenger Foundation Inc. to EC3 Properties LLC for $215,000.

850 Melody Lane Lot 43
Michael and Karen A. Kane to Cory and Jenna L. Reedy for $279,900.

1605 Greenwood Drive Lot 69
Christopher C. and Kristin L. Greeninger to Lisa R. Koppenhaver, Nathanael J. Litschi for $280,000.

750 North 3rd Avenue
Joseph P. Galebach to Joseph P. Galebach for $1.

801 Marcon Drive Lot 124
Paul F. Horn to Peter and Christine G. Klassen for $45,000.

(UPI #27-2342297-379090-0000) Lot 105
Paul F. Horn to Peter and Christine G. Klassen for $1.

1015 Watson Street
Gina M. Capretti, Vincent P. Capretti Estate, Vincent Lee Capretti Estate, Vincent Capretti Estate to Brian A. Beck for $32,000.

110 North 11th Avenue Lot 2
John P. and Stephanie M. Thompson to James A. Steiner Jr. for $50,000.

3201 Tunnel Hill Road
Herman and Patricia Dundore to Morgan and Kyle Arnold for $169,900.

113 Buck Run Lot 206
Gary L. and Frances P. Miller to Gary L. and Frances P. Miller for $1.

1836 Martin Drive Lot 22 Etc. Deed of Distribution
Hattie M. Miller Estate, Leah F. Kuhns to Harry E. Whisler Jr. for $1.

450 East Canal Street
Nancy L. Shay to Nancy L., Barry S., Stephen L., and James E. Shay for $1.

905 Mount Zion Road
Kneasel Farms to Brian L. and Lucinda M. Hoover for $550,000.

978 Miller Street Lot 1
Kristopher and Abigail D. Martin to Antonio C. and Danielle Borriello Sr. for $210,000.

742 Barbara Ann Drive Lot 30
Seth A. and Nicole M. Mishoe to Seth A. and Nicole M. Mishoe for $1.

1946 Hill Street
Jennie Marino Estate, Salvatore F. Marino, Monica A. Strouphauer to Salvatore F. Marino, Monica A. Strouphauer for $1.

817 Shore Land Drive Lot 34
Darlene J. Landis Revocable Living Trust, Galen M. Martin to Norman and Sheila Royce for $305,000.

1395 Meadowbrook Lane Lot 35
Todd L. and Beth E. Lerch to Jonathan Whitaker for $109,300.

North Londonderry Township

52 Brunswick Lane Lot 77
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Ashley C. Blauch for $225,000.

111 Coventry Court Plot 32
Michael J. and Margaret Bradley to Jamie L. Boxler for $175,000.

27 Augusta Drive Lot 11
Donna M. and Roger L. Feeg to Mukeshkumar B. and Pragnabahen M. Patel for $310,000.

924 Hoffer Road
Jacob J. and Dorothy M. Brandt to Daryl L. Alger for $1,746,379.

924 Hoffer Road
Daryl L. Alger to Daryl L. Alger for $1.

831 South Railroad Street
Susan L. Sweitzer Estate, Clarence W. Sweitzer Jr. to Rustyn A. Holp for $210,000.

1251 South Prince Street Lot 48
Marie A. Chmielewski Estate, Leonard J. and Mark S. Chimel to Andrew M. Whitman, Bridget C. Cole for $285,000.

17 Abbey Lane Lot 60
Naila Khalid to Qasim Khan for $10.

17 Abbey Lane Lot 60
Qasim Khan to Scott V. and Ashlee N. McCann for $374,900.

148 Apple Blossom Lane Lot 50
Yvonne K. and Carl F. Erb to William F. and Diane M. Even for $360,000.

87 Edison Road Lot 2
Mounzer Tchelebi to Leila T. Tchelebi for $595,000.

Palmyra Borough

317 North Railroad Street
Kathleen and Steven N. Gingrich to Colleen M. Ruhl for $134,900.

971 East Oak Street Lot 47A
Edward J. and Noreen B. Grassi to Jillian Parker for $159,900.

405 South Green Street
Perry Painting Staining & Powerwashing LLC to Louis F. Borgatta for $275,000.

302 East Spruce Street
Shirley H. Spahr to Palmyra Enterprises for $1.

Richland Borough

104 Oak Street Part of Lots 31 and 32
Elvin D. Nolt to Amanda D. Martin, Trevor Price for $205,000.

South Annville Township

14 Behney Drive Lot 21
Robert Edwards Revocable Living Trust, Marsha L. Zehner to Jason E. and Amy B. Houston for $305,000.

10 Blue Jay Way Lot 17
Rosita Reyes, Sandra F. Reus to Lisa M. Krcmarik, Robert P. Tomik for $460,000.

(UPI #29-2314321-361631-0000) Lot 60
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Peter J. and Alicia M. Potena for $408,242.

1229 Royal Road
Mark P. Kearney to Mark P. and Maryann J. Kearney for $1.

703 Nottingham Unit 9
Paul Dabrowski, Emily E. Mainquist to Jason and Kaitlyn Markel for $498,000.

764 South Lancaster Street Lot 63
Hari P. Timsina, Pooja Basnet to Hari P. Timsina, Pooja Basnet for $1.

(UPI #29-2313605-362155-0000) Lot 37
Gardel, Pine Hill Building Co. to Kyle N. and Nichole M. Brandt for $423,740.

South Lebanon Township

10 Princetone Avenue
Scott W. Karli to Gregory T. Arnold for $106,000.

261 Crimson Court Lot 67
Brendan and Greta J. Cawley to Alexander and Erin Taschner for $393,000.

2105 South 5th Avenue
Lloyd M. and Jane W. Burkholder to Joshua A. and April L. Burkholder for $1.

21 Mine Road Lot 4
Ellen M. Whitmoyer to Rochelle L. Book, Nathan M. Pontz for $245,000.

101 Linda Way Lot 1
Narrows Glen Inc. to Nobin Kafley, Tenuka Adhikari for $366,027.

355 Schaeffer Road
Thomas M. and Dawn M. Arnold to Thomas M. and Dawn M. Arnold for $1.

31 Foxchase Lane Lot 44
Rong X. Lin, Jibin Zheng to Joseph and Blossom Rodriguez for $319,000.

144 LInda Way Lot 12
Narrows Glen Inc. to Lauri and Michael Eckenroth for $474,072.

105 Linda Way Lot 2
Narrows Glen Inc. to Chandra Kaflay for $366,353.

1548 Cambridge Drive
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC, Reading Road Corporation to Keith J. Pemrick for $415,990.

1434 Esther Drive
Lorraine H. Zuck Estate, Dale T. Zuck, Norma J. Swanger to Timothy M. and Rebecca J. Landis for $175,000.

1011 Franklin Avenue
Dane C. Zimmerman, Emily J. Miller to Dane C. Zimmerman for $1.

20 Klein Avenue
Andrew J. and Holly K. Gates to Andrew J. and Holly K. Gates for $1.

South Londonderry Township

2500 North Brandt Road
Jacob J. and Dorothy M. Brandt to Jacob J. and Dorothy M. Brandt for $1.

110 Lawn Road
Steven J. and Benson E. Alger, Amy B. Irvin to Rodney Goodling, Kathy Gainer for $108,000.

444 Bridle Avenue Lot 41
Ryan T. and Lauren M. McAndrew to Vijaykumar N. and Rekhabahen V. Patel for $460,000.

1000 Maple Dale Road
George T. Loose to George T. and Matthew G. Loose for $1.

109 Glendon Drive Lot 11
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Sara A. and Muhammad S. Khan for $128,900.

1382, 1383, 1394, 1385, and 1386 MTC Lane
Bruce S. and Tina L. McArthur to Harold S. and Mary A. Weaver for $1,125,000.

203 Valley Road Lot 42
Brian and Carly High to Karen Kinloch, Michael C. and Nancy L. Fitting for $410,000.

106 Lynmar Avenue Lot 17
Joseph Barlett to Emily L. and Todd W. McConnell for $131,000.

Swatara Township

93 Cemetery Road
Dennis J. and Heather J. Via Jr. to Dennis J. and Heather J. Via for $0.

204 East Queen Street Lot 13
Corey E. and Faith A. Lex to Erick B. and Antonia B. D. Laureano for $201,000.

39 Golf Road
Florence E. Krissinger Estate, Terry L. Krissinger to Terry L. Krissinger for $1.

Union Township

56 Fisher Avenue
Jonathan A. and Molly L. Lum to Lydia Rice, Merek A. Piotroski for $225,000.

209 Awol Road Lot 1 Quit Claim Deed
Kathleen M. Edwards to Kathleen M. and David J. Fox for $0.

540 Hemlock Hill Lane
Gerald E. and Tracey L. Schott to Gerald E. Schott for $1.

West Cornwall Township

196 Riders Way Lot 75
Joshua M. Faust to Timothy Cheng, Ciqin Zheng for $159,000.

458 Old Mine Road
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Nathaniel C. and Lisa K. Hawkins for $105,000.

West Lebanon Township

2436 Guilford Street
Debra M. Houtz to Herman and Patricia Dundore for $14,745.

433 North 22nd Street
Gary S. and Tracy Mehaffey to Paul S. and Rosa M. Platt for $79,900.

305 North 20th Street
Delux Um, Darathida Chey to Joshua C. Kreiser, Nikita J. Harris for $150,000.

1905 Scull Street
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Carina M. Hilario for $62,500.

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