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Rep. Meuser’s Letter to the Editor published in LebTown on Dec. 9, 2021 lacks references. This is an opinion letter. It may surprise Mr. Meuser that some of his constituents are critical thinkers. We need references for your analysis/statements. Only then can we decide if the information is accurate. It is discourteous to make the reader look up everything that the writer is stating.

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President Biden has been in office since Jan. 20, 2021. So, we are to believe that “President Biden and his Administration have done virtually everything in their power to decimate domestic fuel production and the well-paying jobs associated with it” in 11 months? This statement indeed needs references to delineate what “virtually everything” entails. It needs specific examples.

Rep Meuser’s letter did not mention the concept of supply and demand. The world came to a halt with the pandemic. When the world opened again in 2021, after President Biden came into office, there was a demand for fuel because everyone wanted and needed to be on the go. The world slowed production during the pandemic because there was no demand. Workers are in short supply for all jobs, so why not for the petroleum industry? It takes awhile for production to get back to where it was before the pandemic. OPEC member countries and Russia did not increase oil production because that kept their oil prices up, i.e., more profit for them. Also, Rep Meuser did not define “begging” with regards to Russia and OPEC countries.

Since Mr. Meuser was campaigning with his letter, constituents should not take as fact everything that is published in a letter. Do you own homework.

Jean Wildauer
Lebanon, PA

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