Once a week we share the most recent obituaries in a post like this, but you’ll find the full list of Lebanon County obituaries in the Obituaries section.

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Kreamer & Lum

Kreamer & Lum
Jonestown, PA
(717) 865-5215

Christman's Funeral Home

Christman’s Funeral Home
Lebanon, PA
(717) 272-7431

Kreamer Funeral Home

Kreamer Funeral Home
Annville, PA
(717) 867-4811

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Christman’s Funeral Home

Samuel E. Long (1934-2022)

Mervin F. “Merv” Boyer, III (1957-2022)

Joyce A. “Nanny” Butera (1940-2022)

Kreamer Funeral Home

George W. Houtz, Sr. (1943-2022)

Betty A. Templin (1932-2022)

Geraldine E. Daubert (1934-2022)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

Salvador Jimenez, III (1979-2022)

Ivette Santiago (1961-2022)

Jonathan J. “Bear” Olesh (1952-2022)

Ronald L. Stump (1946-2022)

Thomas D. Kreiser (1947-2022)

Thompson Funeral Home

Donald E. Smith (1936-2022)