Although renovations at the Colebrook Tavern are underway, the new owner is staying mum for now on what might come next for the historic establishment.

The property was sold from the Morris family to Allen Real Estate, LLC, in August 2019 for $190,000. The liquor license, currently in safekeeping status, is held by Allen Commercial, LLC. Both LLC’s share an address with Dauphin County-based Allen Restorations, LLC.

Safekeeping status allows license holders to preserve a license while the establishment is not operational. A representative of Allen Restorations acknowledged the ownership of the tavern by company principal Lucas A. Koser but declined further comment.

According to lore, the tavern has one of the oldest continuous liquor licenses in Lebanon County (prohibition not withstanding – for a hint at what “tea” might mean in this context, see here). The Colebrook is said to have obtained its first license for $25 in 1915.

The Morris family had operated the tavern from 1982 until when it was sold.

The building, which dates to 1915, was also used as a tea shop and gas station during prohibition.

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