Good Friday morning! A complex of severe thunderstorms is currently hauling quickly towards our region. This system is dynamically driven, and associated with high dew points and expected sunshine combined with lower 80’s, trouble could be looming this afternoon.

Timeframe for potential storms currently looks to be between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Some short range forecast guidance is becoming aggressive in nature showing a very complex bowing line of storms that would likely produce widespread wind damage.

We are going to closely monitor this situation and update later with more details.

Saturday and Sunday will both feature very HOT and HUMID conditions. Saturday will likely be the hottest of the two weekend days, as mid 90’s will be met! A gusty afternoon thunderstorm cannot be ruled out, but this will be very hit or miss.

Sunday temps will again rebound into the lower 90’s under a very humid air mass. A cold front will be entering into the region late Sunday afternoon and more gusty thunderstorms are possible depending on the exact timing of the cold front.

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