We Are Lebanon, Pa is a positivity project to tell stories of citizens of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. At times, we do a special series of videos to further other causes. The Kortne Stouffer Project is just that.

This is the last interview in our I Am Kortne series. These videos have garnered over 66,000 views just on Facebook. People have come forward with new leads and for the past eight months, twice a month, people have been talking about Kortne. As of now our series hasn’t cracked the case but we’re still hopeful and so are all the family and friends who care about Kortne, who miss her daily and who have shared their stories here. Our interviews are ending but we hope that your prayers for the truth to be found won’t stop. Someone knows what happened to Kortne 10 years ago this month.

Kortne seemed to have a way of finding people when they needed her most. She could lift them up and be their voice when they were down. Kortne could find the silver lining in the darkest cloud and get you to see it too. Time and time again people have shared how Kortne would go out of her way to be there for them, to cheer them up, to not give up on them. Morgan Innocent is one of those people. Kortne was there for her when she needed a friend. When she needed a boost up in life and someone to encourage her to be the person she could be… the person Kortne knew she could be. Living without Kortne hasn’t been easy but she still carries the lessons and positive vibes she got from Kortne with her today.

Please share Morgan’s brief story. Your share could be the one that reaches the person who has that critical clue that helps solve this case and brings Kortne home.

Kortne Stouffer disappeared from her apartment in Palmyra on July 29, 2012.

According to the FBI report at FBI.gov, 21-year-old Kortne Ciera Stouffer disappeared “without an apparent reason” sometime after Palmyra police were called to a disturbance at 3:30 a.m. “Foul play is suspected regarding Stouffer’s disappearance,” the FBI website notes.

At the time of her disappearance, Kortne had worked as a salon and spa employee and as a pet groomer. She had blond hair, was 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighed 115-120 pounds and had a “One Love” tattoo on her right arm, three stars on her right foot and a pistol shooting flowers on her left side.


Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to submit a tip to the FBI or call Lebanon County detectives at 717-228-4403.

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