Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

208 South Cherry Street
Deborah K. Zechman to Deborah K. Zechman, Todd C. Harchuska for $1.

931 East Maple Street
Hazel M. Diaz to Karla E. B. Galindo, Enrico L. G. Sanchez for $280,000.

158 Woodside Court Lot 58
John E. and Sophia A. Lavelle to John E. Lavelle for $1.

130 South Weaber Street
Jan J. and Patricia A. Bowman to Joshua M. and Elaine S. Brandt for $630,000.

Bethel Township

2609 South Pine Grove Street
Roman M. and Olga Gumenyuk to Victorya E. Lampkin, Ryan J. Smith for $220,000.

37 Creek Drive Lot 48
Thomas M. and Angela Cazee to RAC Closing Services LLC for $335,000.

37 Creek Drive Lot 48
RAC Closing Services LLC to Pablo A. and Jamie M. Naupari for $335,000.

144 Deer Drive Lot 20
Christopher Martz to Lindsay and Bruce C. Sechman for $285,000.

299 West Main Street
George S. and Jean M. Boltz to George S. and Jean M. Boltz for $1.

985 Swopes Valley Road
Arlin R. Wine to Arlin Robert Wine Living Trust, Arlin R. Wine for $0.

120 Spruce Street
Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler to Reuben R. and Anne C. Redcay for $75,000.

City of Lebanon

1525 Washington Street
William A. Reed to Tranquility Home Investments LLC for $125,000.

599 Guilford Street
Dennis C. McGale Estate, Dennis C. Mc Gale Estate, Jennifer D. Smythe to Bonnie R. Martin for $155,000.

442 North Sixth Street
Central PA Express LLC to Orlando R. Santiago, Jessica V. Luna for $161,000.

114 South 3rd Street
Frank Tomecek, Jr., Kristine K. Warner to Alex J. Miller for $125,000.

203 South Lincoln Avenue
Daniel J. and Kelli Mackewicz to Nicholas I. Culbert for $215,000.

422 North 7th Street
Alan A. and Trudy J. Derr to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $105,000.

307 New Street
Alan A. and Trudy J. Derr to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $55,000.

105 North 12th Street
Alan A. and Trudy J. Derr to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $75,000.

1546 Walnut Street
Charles J. and Priscilla F. Ward to Aldry Parra for $125,000.

373 North 10th Street
Liduvina V. Velez to Cesar D. L. Torres for $70,000.

309 New Street
Alan A. and Trudy J. Derr to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $45,000.

28 North Quince Street
Lion Secure Holdings LLC to Jesse D. Burkholder for $92,000.

435 Chestnut Street
Mychal A. and Ashley N. Robinson to Michael and Drenna L. Heiser for $215,000.

524 Maple Street
Felix A. Guzman to Jordan D. Wolf, Alexis Mast for $190,000.

311 South 5th Street
Cora C. Shutter Estate, Kim D. Kohr, Pamela F. Newmaster to Franco C. S. Maritza, Transito C. Urbina for $155,000.

512 Spruce Street
Suzanne S. King to Lapp Realty LLC for $125,000.

831 Maple Street
Holly A. and Stuart A. McLaren to Logan Weaver, Autumn E. Martin for $185,000.

352 North 9th Street
Christian N. Thomas to Ricardo A. Ramos for $125,000.

514 Church Street
Jose R. A. Fernandez to 514 Church Street LLC for $1.

410 Jones Street
Jose R. A. Fernandez to 410 Jones Street LLC for $1.

433 Lehman Street
Amos L. Zook to Meadow Valley Properties LLC for $265,000.

123 Guilford Street
Jesus C. Perez to Teresa Sandoval for $1.

433 North 5th Street
Jason J. and Desiree A. Nelson to Lisa M. Rumcik for $115,000.

717 South 12th Street
Donald W. and Nancy O. Lesher, Jr. to Frank P. and Shawn M. Carrozza for $350,000.

409 East Elm Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Raquel M. and Hector L. Rodriguez, Jr. for $250,000.

332 Maple Street
Jevon J. Weixler to Dylan Baez for $222,000.

1130 Cumberland Street
Rite Aid Of Pennsylvania LLC, Rite Aid Of Pennsylvania Inc. to MBG Gonzalez Family Trust, Armando and Maria B. Gonzalez for $10.

464 North 4th Street
Dianne Fichthorn to Omar and Carlos Suarez for $110,000.

383 North Partridge Street Lot 1
Pointer Group LLC to Select Home Buyers LLC for $20,000.

323 South 3rd Avenue
Geraldine R. Guth to Jill T. Wenrich for $200,000.

930 Spring Street
Lydia House LLC to David L. Leid for $95,000.

516 North Hanover Street
Roberto J. Valentin to Charles Bundy, Elmer Stolzfus for $165,000.

40 Woodland Estate Unit Number 34 Building 14 Phase 4
Nancy S. Behney Estate, Mary B. Ostien to Maria O. Odhiambo for $230,000.

362 North Plum Street
Robert L. and Jacqueline K. Brouse, Marlin Brouse, Jr., Beth S. Keeney to Judah Clapper for $65,000.

400 Rear Canal Street
Winfield R. Boyd Jr. Estate, Winfield R. Young to Patricia M. Young for $1.

321 Taylor Street Part of Lots 10, 11, 12, and 13
Samuel A. Mione Estate, Scott A. Mione to Lerch Flippers LLC for $135,000.

1126 Nowlen Street
Morgan B. Swisher Estate, Lisa I. Spencer, Randall L. Heilman to Jennie L. Swisher Estate for $1.

1126 Nowlen Street
Jennie L. Swisher Estate, Holly A. Bleyer to Yvette D. L. Vega, Michael Suarez for $250,000.

Cleona Borough

317 South Wilson Street Lot 307
South Central PA Properties LLC to Joseph Manzella for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1019 Northgate Drive Unit 42
Wright Family Living Trust, Ronald D. and Jerilynn R. Wright to Harold M. and Barbara F. Myers for $460,000.

(UPI #12-2342870-347307-0000) Lot 1
Nathan K. and Megan L. Conrad to Megan L. and Nathan K. Conrad for $1.

1051 Percy Lane Unit 215
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Harold R. Marsolais Living Trust, Susan L. Marsolais Living Trust, Susan L. Marsolais for $412,084.

1049 Alden Way Lot 43
Daniel E. and Claire E. Cleary to James D. Bonner, Virginia Champion for $335,000.

1032 Alden Way Unit 20
Lawrence M. Mundok, Jr., Rita A. Mundok to Jan J. and Patricia A. Bowman for $395,000.

549 Hemlock Lane
Donald H. and Kristine K. Wolf to Brian and Jasmin Kaley for $525,000.

East Hanover Township

16 Crooked Road
Harry E. Dimitriou to Andrew and Amanda Blatt for $569,842.

34 Harrison School Road
Panagiotis P., Ellen, James P., and John P. Sinetos to Kelly L. Franzetti, Steven M. Vaccarella for $440,000.

12 Main Street
Diane F. Petrozziello, Jocelyn Shay to Jocelyn Shay for $1.

Heidelberg Township

335 South Market Street
Jeffrey Hartranft to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $65,000.

Jackson Township

118 Country Lane
Charles H. and Mary L. B. Arnold to Daniel C. Arnold for $421,000.

2 Primrose Crossing
Shirley A. Reede Estate, George E. Reede to Leonard H. and Violet G. Martin for $230,000.

(UPI #23-2373018-372612-0000) Quit Claim Deed
Charles R., Susan, Cynthia F., and Gerald Zimmerman, Barbara S. and Mark Auker, Kathleen J. and Earl Horning to Janet M. Zimmerman for $1.

1181 Miller Road
Janet M. Zimmerman to Joel L. and Karen L. Zimmerman for $500,000.

45 Martin Road
David L. and Dorothy S. Fisher to Zachary L. Martin for $277,000.

62 Pleasant Drive
Joseph B. Rose to Willis W. and Mary J. Martin for $190,000.

495 Houtztown Road
Jason J. Good to Dwayne E. and Sandra S. Nolt for $365,000.

Jonestown Borough

337 Swatara Creek Drive
Clinton J. and Mandy L. M. Tice to Edwin G. Balaguer, Edwin G. Planell for $280,000.

Millcreek Township

21 North Sheridan Road
James A. Rhoads, Larissa A. Hionis to Levi K. and Sarah A. Smoker for $281,000.

7 South Millbach Road
Dale E. and Marian Musser to Anatoliy Zaitsev for $200,000.

251 Memorial Boulevard
Benuel J. Zuck, Moriah Ulrich to Benjamin Houser for $201,000.

104 Sweetwater Lane Corrective Deed
Colton J. Shephard, Tanya N. Sasso to Colton J. Shepard, Tanya N. Sasso for $1.

811 A Weavertown Road
Leon E. and Donna L. Ziegler to David E. and Taylor A. Ziegler for $1.

Mt. Gretna Borough

216 Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 41
Anderson Family Trust, John L. and Bonnie L. Anderson to Jose A. P. and Nicole M. P. Kennedy for $450,000.

412 Lancaster Avenue Lot 1
David W. and Elaine L. Pierce to Daniel Deitzel III, James Benjamin for $431,900.

Myerstown Borough

723 South Railroad Street
Randy L. and Audrey L. Seager to Randy L. and Audrey L. Seager for $1.

15 North College Street
Richard S. and Susan M. Eckenroth to Lynne Galanos for $214,000.

North Annville Township

4030 Shanamantown Road
Christopher J. Brown to Sharon K. Williams for $695,000.

North Cornwall Township

411 Locust Street Lot 30
James C. and Margaret A. Purcell to Robert M. and Jean M. Skwarecki for $210,000.

67 Walden Road Lot 44
Dale L. and Sharon M. Mort to Nathan A. L. and Nicole Harman for $383,000.

40 Walden Road
Ysabel and Joseph Pariti, Jr. to Jonghoon, Jae R., and So S. Lee for $485,000.

250 Crooked Lane Lot 5
Sharon R. Edris to Timothy and Angela Kiphorn for $300,000.

116 Village Court Lot 116
Meghan O. Trancucci to Ysabel Pariti for $133,500.

1615 Colebrook Road
Wayne E. and Jason C. Nolt to Anna M. Nolt for $68,500.

2017 Carlton Drive
Douglas W. and Nancy Snuggs to Victoria Elkins for $190,000.

710 Park Drive
Derek C. Byler to Dustin Tobias, Anna Light for $265,000.

North Lebanon Township

1766 North 8th Avenue Lot 9
Evelyn M. Houser to Lea Stouffer for $395,000.

1678 North 7th Street
Gregory E. Daub to Walter J. and Tabitha A. Payne for $275,000.

1106 Harvest Drive Lot 3
Margaret D. Clark to Jennifer L. Clark, Robin S. Cummings for $1.

811 East Canal Street Lot 37 and Part of Lot 22
Eugene M. and Frances C. Hughes to Larry Werner, Karen Carroll for $275,000.

491 Cherry Street
Gary L. and Lois J. Hammer to Rebecca M. Hammer for $1.

5 Fawnwood Drive
Dawn M. Cavic to Deborah A. Stough for $232,000.

845 East Kercher Avenue
Marvin and Michelle J. Enns to Christopher D. Martin for $328,000.

520 Prescott Drive
Lamar K. Martin to Lamar K. and Sharon D. Martin for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1149 South Green Street Lot 102
Grace I. Miller to Michael J. Miller for $1.

9 North Londonderry Square
Burger King Corporations to Burger King Company LLC for $1,302,847.

1188 Syner Road Lot 5
Stephen G. Seitz, Donna S. Daniels to Donald L. and Betty G. Seitz for $1.

1132 Old Forge Road Lot 52
Bruce L. Gingrich, Jr., Kathleen A. and Steven N. Gingrich to Christy and Benjamin Wheeler for $290,000.

42 Auburn Drive
Marcy C. and Carrie K. Stough to Daniel L. and Megan S. Wheelden for $605,000.

Palmyra Borough

155 Macintosh Drive Lot 67
Andrew Foy, Andrew J. Foy, Jr. to Allison R. Eberly for $400,000.

123 South Harrison Street
Craig W. Chartrand, Leanne M. Krupzig to Douglas Shade for $174,500.

320 North Railroad Street
Franz J. Singer Living Trust, Franz J. Singer to Michael Sechman for $40,000.

617 East Pine Street Lot 278 and Part of Lot 277
Barbara Musser, Denise Dissinger to Jaxon Management Partners LLC for $192,400.

548 South Green Street
Joshua and Pamela Holl to Joshua Holl for $1.

1 East Main Street
Pastimes Property Management LLC to Christopher T. Behney, Jr. for $199,000.

734 East Oak Street
Garrett R. and Jennifer L. Bear to Nicholas N. and Madeleine S. F. Boyd for $247,500.

757 West Cherry Street
Frank P. Simione Estate, Frank P. Simione, Jr., David A. Simione to David A. Simione for $1.

757 West Cherry Street
David A. Simione to Daryl J. Simione for $1.

Richland Borough

7 North Race Street
T. Grace Ziegler to Robert P. and Sherry L. Sullivan, Jennifer A. Murray for $72,519.

700 East Linden Street
Binkley & Hurst LP to EQD Properties LLC for $1,400,000.

206 South Race Street
Ryan M. Mitstifer to Destiny N. Nafzinger for $155,000.

100 Poplar Street
Jason M. Borden to Douglas Shaak for $170,000.

South Annville Township

316 Ridge Road
Eileen Beazley, Joerg Meindl to Joerg Meindl for $1.

South Lebanon Township

72 Norfolk Lane
Patricia M. Sergott Estate, Kyle A. and John W. Sergott, John W. Sergott, Jr. to Brandon Light, Crystal Wiles for $362,000.

500 East Walnut Street Lots 37 and 38
Harry J. Lamlin, Rebekah L. Youse to Douglas W. and Nancy Snuggs for $299,900.

309 Acorn Circle Lot 112
Kimberly N. Myers to Kimberly N. and Bradley T. Haulman for $0.

16 Pine Avenue
Greco Family Living Trust, Charles A. Greco to Charles A. and Harolyn Greco for $1.

100 Herr Street
Legacy Cash Offer to General Allied Construction LLC for $119,000.

617 South 14th Avenue
Brian D. Heibel to Brian D. and Christine M. Heibel for $10.

South Londonderry Township

1460 Mount Wilson Road
Travis D. and Hannah E. Tennis to David J. and Diane L. Allen for $355,000.

102 Shady Lane Lot 20
James T. and Charlene R. Fulk to James T. and Charlene R. Fulk for $1.

711 Weaber Avenue
Wendy K. Adams Estate, Wayne K. Katzaman to Christopher Purcell for $26,876.

2065 South Forge Road
Pearl E. Frantz Estate, Pearl E. Corrado Estate, Sterling Bechtel to Diane N. and Steven Fay for $140,000.

970 Stauffers Church Road
Logan D. Price, Cortne Barnhart to Joshua L. Baker for $370,000.

35 Woodridge Drive Lot 20
Lisa C. Gardner to Carol J. Nye for $1.

2920 Long Road
Steven N. and Judy L. Oliver to Hershey Estate & Storage LLC for $3,997,400.

334 Fencepost Lane
Daniel and Megan Wheelden to Lok Dhimal for $385,000.

655 Coachman Lane
Maureen K. and Curtis J. Burns to Maureen K. Burns for $1.

174 Barnwell Lane
Guenther O. and Lynn E. P. Proschold to Tilachan and Krishna M. Dhungana for $420,500.

Swatara Township

1803 Quarry Road
Jo E. and David Meyer to Daryl L. and Darlene S. Weaver for $125,000.

42 Monroe Avenue Lots 53, 54, and 55
Kevin and Paula Miller to Troy S. Ream for $1.

2203 State Route 22
Norman L. Harman Estate, Scott W. Harman, and Carol N. Harner to Wilmer J. and Theresa Weaver for $125,000.

312 Cindy Drive Lot 116
Carol H. Martin to Dolores A. Williams for $192,000.

Union Township

11 Lickdale Road
Kyle A. and Tamara J. Boltz to Cedarline Pa Subco LLC for $3,523,000.

(UPI #27-2345387-373308-0000) Lot 1
Jeffrey D. and Susan K. Steckbeck to Babu Patel for $425,000.

1549 Suedberg Road
Jordan Waybright to Brian R. and Kathy L. Martin for $950,000.

9 Gold Mine Road
Sandra L. Weaver to Chad A. and Kimberly Weaver for $1.

9 Gold Mine Road
Beverly J. Balser to Chad A. and Kimberly Weaver for $10,000.

2781 State Route 72
Darren E. Wenger to Jose A. O. Laviena for $202,000.

West Cornwall Township

WS Pinch Road
Natural Lands Trust Incorporated, Natural Lands to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $681,675.

76 West Main Street Lot 2
Michele A. Neidigh to Christopher and Katrina High for $155,000.

710 Fifth Street
Jon M. and Janet L. Green to Yasmin E. Brown for $480,000.

511 Sixth Street
Yasmin E. Brown to Nathan J. and Rebecca K. Godfrey for $350,000.

West Lebanon Township

505 North 22th Street
Marlin Martin, Betsey F. Sternberger to Lizbeth Angueira for $185,000.

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