Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

610 East Walnut Street
Anne M. Lasky to Eric and Shelby Kiekens for $327,600.

53 Union Crest Drive
Garland J. Monceaux III to National Residential Nominee Services Inc. for $430,000.

53 Union Crest Drive
National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Michelle E. Berliner, Candice A. V. Broecke for $430,000.

Bethel Township

201 North Mechanic Street
Thomas H. and Susan M. Rank to Gregory S. and Tammy J. B. Bentz for $305,000.

452 Mountain Drive
Gloria A. Wanamaker to Wanamaker Family Special Needs Trust for $1.

295 West Main Street
Jean M. and George S. Boltz to Joseph Raimo for $234,000.

577 Greble Road Lot 10 and Part of Lot 9
Emilio D. Rosario, Daisy Perez, Josefina C. Martinez to Joshua P. and Dawn A Miller for $225,000.

115 Hemlock Drive Lot 7
Salvatore and Stacia N. Graziano to Christopher J. Seltzer for $185,000.

3212 State Route 22 Lot 1
Delmas L. and Lois Z. Burkholder to Rodney K. and Melody E. Martin for $1,250,000.

23 Mull Lane
Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull, Ruth A. Funck to Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull for $125,000.

111 North Pine Grove Street Lot 2
Doglas A., Cheri J., and Jennifer M. Wright to Blue Pine Real Estate LLC for $425,000.

City of Lebanon

330 North 12th Street
Chad E. J. and Rebekah L. Sanders to Kristopher Martin for $67,500.

1106 Elm Street
Jonathan C. and Amy Dewitt to Nicholas R. Richardson for $169,900.

621 Elm Street Lots 11 and 12
Amanda L. and Michael W. Ruth to Harold M. Delrosario for $214,000.

522 North 10th Street
Kyle Wenger to Carlos and Omar Suarez for $150,000.

228 East Mifflin Street
Craig A., Jessica, and Jamie D. Keisch to Vertical Capital LLC for $70,000.

1232 Lafayette Street
April L. Shipman Estate, April Lucille Shipman Estate, Timothy and Thomas Trout to Steve T. Trout Estate for $1.

43 Mifflin Street
EStreet Properties LLC to Pedro D. S. Irizarry for $115,000.

125 Guilford Street Lot 7
Terrance P. Breidenstine, Jr. to TK Enterprises LLC for $140,000.

704 South 14th Street
Constance Carrig, Carol Reed to Santos N. S. Bautista for $195,000.

125 North 12th Street
Jean F. Hubermann to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $63,000.

120 South 11th Street
Brian L. and Christine S. Martin, Vernon H. and Wuanita L. Wenger to Vernon H. and Wuanita L. Wenger for $55,000.

426 Locust Street
Angela L. Greenawalt to Heather L. Becker for $119,900.

353 North 5th Street
Donald R. and Tammy Tobias II to Lamont A. Fulcher, Maria Valentin for $125,000.

309 Old 10th Street
Revital Home Co. LLC to Douglas W. and Tracey L. Bachert for $339,900.

531 Locust Street
To A Higher Standard LLC to Anthony Zeigler for $144,500.

433 Spruce Street
Ann Leaman to George Hanna for $67,000.

1232 Lafayette Street
Steve T. Trout Estate, Timothy and Thomas L. Trout to Dash Management Group LLC for $55,000.

364 North 7th Street
Craig and Susan Vereen to Weaver Acres LLC for $115,000.

314 South 4th Street
Francis and Deborah Nevill to Rachid Ayar, Yaskany Morales for $260,000.

Cornwall Borough

124 Iron Valley Drive Lot 22
David F. Esterline, Sr., David F. Esterline, Jr., Charlotte L. and Asha P. Esterline to Lawrence T. and Susan L. Meany for $885,000.

111 Hillside Street Lot 114
Joseph A. and Amanda R. Kwiatkowski to Donald R. and Tammy L. Tobias II for $260,000.

30 Valley View Drive Lot 54
Frank L. Cuce, Shriver Lenox to Anna Serafin for $1,075,000.

1013 Percy Lane Unit 203
James L. and Donna L. Fox, James L. Fox, Jr. to Carroll R. and Barbara E. Bloomquist for $315,000.

1022 Percy Lane
Paul R. and Janet L. Fries to Frank and Susan Pologruto for $295,000.

132 Forge Drive Lot 9
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Meghan E. Maclean for $589,300.

East Hanover Township

N Of Appalachian Drive
Colin H. Hershey Revocable Trust, Colin H. Hershey to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $90,000.

35 Main Street
Jeffrey K. and Dawn Orr to Matthew R. Herbert for $200,000.

(UPI #21-22922683-393350-0000)
Mark and Joan Sallada to Justin A. and Brooke M. Soulier for $21,600.

10496 Allentown Boulevard Corrective Deed
Mark A. Sallada to Mark A. Sallada for $1.

10464 Mountain Road Lot 2
Jeffrey A. and Linda B. Smith, Jeffrey A. Smith, Jr. to Jarrett J. Huber for $240,000.

NS Allentown Boulevard
Mark and Joan Sallada to Mark and Joan Sallada for $1.

Heidelberg Township

501 South Market Street
Kenneth R. and Diane M. Haller to Jaden L. and Amy E. Haller for $1.

1102 Heidelberg Avenue
Christopher R. Martin to David A. Jones for $210,000.

327 North Carpenter Street
Margaret A. Welch to Sherri L. Stoner for $1.

4355 Stiegel Pike
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to R Pony Property Management LLC for $82,000.

Jackson Township

411 Stracks Dam Road
Thomas R. and Jeanie M. Trimble to Michael A. Verhagen for $245,000.

121 Gable Drive Lot 52
Devvin Giorgio, Sarah A. Giorgio, Sarah A. Clem to Ronald J. Miller for $410,000.

720 South Ramona Road
Elam Z. and Sara A. Stoltzfus to John and Priscilla Glick for $1,000,000.

42 Deep Run Road Lot 3
Brandon S. Eberly to Brandon S. and Abigail G. Eberly for $1.

648 East Lincoln Avenue
Debra A. Gingrich to Fox Realty LLC for $1,550,000.

540 Stracks Dam Road
Patricia L. Dubbs, Sheila R. Allison, Tina M. Albright to Justin D. and Regina D. Witmer for $144,000.

421 West Main Avenue
Ricky L. and Danette A. Peiffer to Gabriel A. and Anthony J. Rose for $274,500.

Jonestown Borough

34 South Lancaster Street
Stephannie Richards to Stacey Cooper for $230,000.

Millcreek Township

61 Round Barn Road
Harold G. Heverling, Jr. to Harold G. Heverling, Jr., Samantha R. Chadwick for $1.

211 Sweetwater Lane
Kaitlyn R. Bucior to Kaitlyn R. Bucior, Austin C. Reigel for $1.

64 North Sheridan Road Lot 21
John A. Jasinski to 1360 Realty.Com LLC, 1360 Realty Com LLC for $20,000.

68 North Sheridan Road Lot 23
John Jasinski to 1360 Realty.Com LLC, 1360 Realty Com LLC for $20,000.

7 Hogeland Road
Hogeland Family Farm Real Estate Partnership to William C. and Daniel K. Hogeland for $1.

5 Hogeland Road
Hogeland Family Farm Real Estate Partnership to William C. and Daniel K. Hogeland for $1.

8 North Sheridan Road
Ronald K. Miller to Patrick S. Adams for $190,000.

136 West Park Street Lots 22 and 24
James N. and Sara A. Ulrich to Benuel J. and Moriah L. Zuck for $65,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

222 Brown Avenue Lots 268 and 269
Gretchen K. and Elizabeth B. Wallace to Martha S. Knouss for $250,000.

108 Princeton Avenue
A. Ronald Hetrich to Thomas S. Douthit, Joseph A. Bound for $435,000.

Myerstown Borough

315 West Carpenter Avenue Lot 2
Rita E. Rittel to Nolan R. Rittel, Hillary N. Karge for $100,000.

17 South Cherry Street
Terence V. and Teresa L. Wolfe to Justin C. Erb for $165,500.

North Annville Township

1750 Thompson Avenue
Clarence W. Hitz, Sr. Estate, Peggy A. Zechman, Wanda S. Livering to Clarence W. Hitz, Jr. for $240,000.

410 Ono Road
Jesse M. Ulrich to Jesse M. and Ruth Ulrich for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1062 Cornwall Road
Edward Riley to Edward T. Riley Living Trust, Edward T. Riley for $1.

116 Millview Court Lot 116
Edward T. Riley to Edward T. Riley Living Trust, Edward T. Riley for $1.

408 Little Pond Lane Lot 103
Matthew and Ashley C. Lukasak to Scott C. Laicha, Jesus Avila for $360,000.

256 Kathy Court Lot 2A
Michael J. and Janet C. Groff to Michael J. and Janet C. Groff for $1.

(UPI #26-2329238-365999-0000) Lot 45
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to John and Mary Umberger for $470,665.

North Lebanon Township

739 Sally Ann Drive Lot 49
Diana L. Beaver to 23 Property Group LLC for $114,347.

25 East Brookfield Drive Lot 129
Daniel W. J. and Laura Schaetzle to Christopher Pond for $305,000.

1836 Lake Drive Lot 275
Joan E. Reilly to Colton R. and Ashlie N. Kessler for $400,000.

716 Weavertown Road
Santa I. Santana to Jennie I. Santana for $1.

1639 North Seventh Street
Bradley S. and Carissa D. Kern to Bradley S. Kern for $1.

800 North 8th Avenue
Robert A. and Betty L. Bickel to Luis and Edelmira Valentin for $230,000.

938 Mount Zion Road Lot 8
Randall E. and Dorothy M. Kohr to Scott K. Wolfe, Erika V. Tries for $293,000.

864 Kimmerlings Road
Anna M. Griffith to Mychal A. and Ashley N. Robinson for $239,000.

113 Ginger Court Unit 187
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to David M. and Andrea A. Barnes for $470,461.

28 Penny Lane
Hannah Ainge, Hannah Sollenberger to Matthew Lukasak for $214,000.

18 East Brookfield Drive
James C. Garloff Estate, Jennifer L. Becker to Nichole Fleisch for $251,000.

North Londonderry Township

1188 Syner Road Lot 5
Donald L., Betty G., and Stephen G. Seitz to Ryan J. Gorel, Anne E. Ryder for $303,000.

146 Pickwick Circle
Shelly M. Best to Shelly M. and Rodney D. Best for $0.

15 Auburn Drive
Dean and Kristin Wehr to Hasta, Sunita, and Raymond R. Wagley for $500,000.

440 Sweetwater Drive Lot 169
Steven M. and Stacey Riela to Troy Phillips for $495,000.

851 South Grant Street Lots 25, 26, and 27
Martin L. O Shell Estate, Martin L. OShell Estate, Deborah A. Halterman to Randy J. and Jessica C. Roth for $182,500.

789 East Ridge Road
Adrian R. and Holly S. C. Dietz to Adrian R. and Holly S. C. Dietz for $1.

507 Sweetwater Drive
Brett and Janet D. Wood to Brett Wood for $1.

505 Cambridge Court Lot 89
Warren and Laura Otto to Kathleen R. K. and Ashley C. Dinges for $196,000.

Palmyra Borough

419 South Harrison Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Maria D. Torres for $209,500.

209 East Broad Street
Caleb and Amanda Coleman to Joshua L. Frecon for $235,000.

505 South Forge Road
Jeanne L. Trump to Brittany and Hope Allen for $315,000.

827 West Main Street Lot 5
Timothy J. and Jeannine R. Benson to DNR Rentals LLC for $227,000.

324 South Lincoln Street
Adele Smey to Makalely O. Ruhl, Kristian L. Urban for $245,000.

122 North Grant Street
Donna L. Eyler to Kelly T. Kelly for $232,000.

24 North Green Street Lot 137
Helen M. Lutz Estate, Gerald Wimmer to Mohamed S. Amer, Manar Y. Ghanem for $180,000.

859 East Spruce Street Lot 28
Karen L. Stolte to Sovanny Torng for $360,000.

Richland Borough

602 Elm Street
Cleason and Lisa Nolt to Eldon Z. and Violet M. Nolt for $180,000.

South Lebanon Township

113 Stone Hedge Court
Edward J. Albert, Jr. to Stephen T. and Denise S. Rooff for $300,000.

1307 Birch Road Lot 2
Kevin P. and Marcell L. Heckard to George Hanna for $70,000.

604 Meadow Drive Lot 155
Michael D. and Shawna N. Dupert, Jr. to Michael D. Dupert, Jr. for $1.

528 Fox Ridge Lane
Alana L. Clements to Kenneth R. and Diane M. Haller for $210,000.

1008 Franklin Avenue Quit Claim Deed
Edwin J. Haskins to Nancy J. E. Haskins for $10.

South Londonderry Township

32 Roseland Avenue Lots 49 and 50
David K. Royer, Elisha K. Gross, Michelle L. Hitz to Hannah A. Weaber for $180,000.

1955 South Forge Road
Jacquelyn L. Keeney to Keeney Family Trust, Jacquelyn L. Keeney for $1.

1252 Mine Road
Ralph A. Lehman, Cynthia A. Deavan to Ralph A. Lehman, Cynthia A. Deavan for $1.

2808 Horseshoe Pike
Alan K. Cyphers to Christopher J. Miller for $300,000.

125 Forest Circle Lot 73
Michelle E. Berliner to Tika G. and Gyan P. Dahal for $230,000.

1925 South Forge Road Lot 60
Cathy A. Sostak, Gregory A. Kroah to Kevin L. Struphar for $215,000.

59 Lantern Lane Lot 11 Quit Claim Deed
Aurelia and Edwin Martinez, Jr. to Edwin Martinez, Jr. for $10.

Swatara Township

204 East Hazel Street
Michael T. Schmelz to Evan A. Hoare, Jessica D. Hain for $296,500.

40 Little Mountain Road
Marilyn V. Light Estate, Michael S. and Mark A. Light to Ronald E. Yordy for $304,000.

294 Cindy Drive Lot 113
Cameron A. Thompson, Alicia M. Sheaffer to Trent T. Smith, Jenna L. Schaeffer for $192,000.

26 Wildflower Circle Lot 98
Nicholas W. Conrad to Manorath and Madhu Nepal for $360,000.

340 Lighthouse Drive
Christine A. Herr to Brittany Herr, Aaron Hulslander for $191,000.

2 Greble Road
Lindas F. Edris Estate, James M. Edris to Ned E. and Jean C. Bomgarndner for $175,000.

2195 State Route 72 North
Renee Lookenbill to Melissa Renik for $182,000.

Union Township

634 Jonestown Road Lot 3 Corrective Sheriffs Deed
Arthur M. Brag to Wilmington Savings Fund Society for $5,459.

3077 State Route 72
Sandra J. Swanger to Sandra J. Swanger for $1.

2629 State Route 72 Lot 4 and Lot Addition B
Erik and Jennifer L. Bentzel to Sudarshan Niroula, Pabitra Dhamala for $643,000.

135 Moonshine Road
John W. Tittle III, Lauren K. Sattazahn to John W. Tittle III for $204,802.

210 Moonshine Road
Kay L. Dimmick Irrevocable Trust, John P. Dimmick to Larry D. Cassel, Jr., Lisa K. Neidig for $335,000.

West Cornwall Township

26 South Lebanon Street
Adam D. and Mariella Shoemaker to Adam and Mariella Shoemaker for $10.

124 Riders Way Lot 13
Sean R. Rarig to Marcus J. Martin for $210,000.

West Lebanon Township

2414 Lehman Street Lots 1 and 2
Carl H. Spitler Estate, Shari A. Lewis to Flippers & Keepers LLC Investment Real Estate Co. for $176,000.

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