LebTown features a different Lebanon County pet each Friday to help us enter the weekend with the best vibes possible.

This week, meet Chase and Leo!

Chase and Leo live with Cody and Brittany Byus in Myerstown. On July 8, 2022, LebTown featured their pup Owen, a 2-year-old Alaskan malamute/husky mix.

Now, let’s meet their cats.

Leo & Chase

Chase is an 11-pound, 4-year-old gray domestic longhaired cat, and Leo is a 15-pound, 2-year-old orange domestic longhaired cat.

“Chase is our social and outgoing boy, who loves meeting new people. He hasn’t met a stranger he hasn’t liked!” Brittany says. “He lives his best life on our screened in back porch, where he spends the majority of his day. He even tries to go out there during the winter months, it’s his favorite place to be!”

Chase also has a “big brother” mentality, keeping all 60 pounds of Owen in line. “Our dog is afraid of him!” Brittany says. “Chase’s other favorite pastimes are chewing on our shower curtain liners, snuggling in blankets, and giving the best ‘eye kisses’.”

Chase & Leo

Leo, on the other hand, “is our sweet and snuggly boy, who isn’t very fond of strangers,” she says. “If you’re someone he knows though, he will snuggle up to you all day long! Leo LOVES being brushed, and will constantly come over to us and beg to be brushed! He also tends to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad nearly every night. Leo is addicted to food, and not just cat food. He’s been caught sneaking dog food, eating goldfish crackers, ripping open a bag of marshmallows and eating them, as well as opening many bags of apples and bread to try and eat the contents.

“Leo’s other favorite pastimes include hiding under rugs, running as fast as he can after he uses the litter box, and throwing all of the litter onto our floor.”

Brittany says both cats got along very well “from the moment we introduced them!”

“They have a great brotherly bond,” she says, “and often follow each other around to see what they can get into. Chase took on Leo as a kitten and taught him all the best parts of being a cat in our house. From chewing shower curtain liners, to hiding in the tub and jumping out to scare the humans! There’s always something crazy happening at the Byus household!”

Congratulations, kitties, on being this week’s featured pets … and please, give poor Owen a break!

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