LebTown features a different Lebanon County pet each Friday to help us enter the weekend with the best vibes possible.

This week, meet Katie!

Katie is ready for her closeup!

Katie is a 13-year-old, 5-pound Chihuahua owned by Diane Carroll in Annville.

“I fostered Katie when she was just 1 year old due to trouble her previous owner got into with the local dog warden,” Diane explains. “After 9 months of fostering, her dog warden contacted me stating that the previous owner will not be able to take her back due to hoarding issues. Of course, we kept her!”

Katie is “the most loving and loyal little girl!” she adds. “She follows me around everywhere. During walks she doesn’t even need a leash because she stays right at my ankles.” (Although, Diane adds, she’s always on a leash in public.)

She may be small, but Katie bosses Diane’s 90-pound pit bull around, her owner says.

“She has a HUGE heart!” she adds. “As the years went by Katie developed cataracts, a natural occurrence. Recently Katie went blind. I took her to the vet to confirm that she had total loss of sight in one eye and about 90 percent loss in the other. In a panic, because we were leaving for the Outer Banks, I purchased a Muffins Halo to help her navigate and not bump her head and eyes. It works extremely well! Midweek on our vacation we noticed that Katie was jumping up on furniture. Curious about this, I picked her up and looked at her eyes. They were totally clear! Not just clear, no cataracts! My vet called it a medical miracle!”

Katie loves being on Diane’s lap, cuddling with her pack and lying in the sun, Diane says. “She will even lay on our macadam driveway on the hottest days!”

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Katie in Annville — and be sure to check out those peepers!

Katie navigates with her Muffins Halo.

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