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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

602 Maple Street
Jason M. and Dana J. Moyer to Jason M. Moyer for $1.

Bethel Township

1128 Mountain Drive
Jane L. Weik to Jeremy L. and Samantha L. Lutz for $1.

161 Elk Drive
Ronald E. and Susan E. Brewer to Eric G. Kreiser for $300,000.

136 Deer Drive Lot 22
Robert S. and Tracy B. Attick to Bryan A. and Krystal D. Torres for $259,900.

27 Township Line Drive
Cecelia C. Woodham, Cecelia Fleming to Logan and Mikayla Fullmer for $247,500.

ES Sugar Road
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Eve Manbeck Estate for $1.

ES Sugar Road Lot 2
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Eve Manbeck Estate for $1.

WS Sugar Road Lot 1
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Eve Manbeck Estate for $1.

City of Lebanon

1125 Brandywine Street
David H. and Bruce W. Truax Jr. to Integrity First Home Buyers LLC for $35,000.

1125 Brandywine Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Capstone Homes LLC for $65,000.

211 East Walnut Street Lot 151
Stephanie W. and Christopher O Hara, Stephanie W. and Christopher OHara to 4H Holdings LLC for $164,900.

496 East Mifflin Street
Sopheap Khatt to Kermit and Sandra Cruz for $175,000.

479 North 5th Street
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Emanuel B. and Ruth A. Fisher for $715,000.

489 New Street
Carrero Holdings LLC to Trent Morris for $71,500.

131 Guilford Street
Barbara Bordner, Barbara A. Blessing to Zook Homes LLC for $62,500.

222 Chestnut Street
Souad Houisnate, Franklyn Pichardo to Allan and Wanda C. Poole for $143,000.

302 South Fourth Street
Jacqueline M. Grabowski, Leonard E. Ginnetto to Donald J. and Jane L. Seyfert Sr. for $145,000.

366 North 7th Street
Roberto Cruz Jr. to Rafael A. P. Cabrera for $134,900.

379 North Jones Street
Gary J. and Patricia Y. Klopp to Youngs Group LLC for $45,000.

217 Guilford Street
Kathleen L. Daubert to Jose Benitez for $130,000.

514 North 10th
Jose A. R. Clase, Librado A. Rodriguez to Junior Peralta for $130,000.

315 New Street
Wanda M. Cardella to Starrwar Properties LLC for $28,020.

1023 Willow Street
Starrwar Properties LLC to Bruce L. Weaver for $75,000.

315 New Street
Starrwar Properties LLC to Bruce L. Weaver for $80,000.

1023 Willow Street
Greenwood Conservatory Trust to Starrwar Properties LLC for $26,758.

365 North 8th Street
Anthony Velez to Fred Stafford for $55,000.

43 Walton Street
Arturo J. Q. Ortiz to Carlos T. C. Rodriguez for $133,000.

406 North 10th Street
Chris L. Iceman, David B. Emore to Samuel J. and Becky R. Stoltzfus for $112,500.

726 North 3rd Avenue
Paul E. Hoy Jr., William C. McCloskey, William C. Mc Closkey to Paul E. Hoy Jr. for $0.

1124 Buttonwood Street
Philip J. and Andrea J. Lerch to Lydia House LLC for $53,000.

801 Cornwall Road
Karen A. Uhrich to Yakilsi J. G. Hilario, Loreini A. Hilario for $200,000.

34 North 7th Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Latin Eagle Properties LLC for $185,000.

531 East Cumberland Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Citadel Investment Properties LLC for $63,250.

433 North 11th Street
Judith Ann Fox Estate, Joseph J. Fox to Kyle Wenger for $55,000.

613 North 8th Street
Anna M. and Frank Discuillo Sr. to Trent Morris, Trey A. F. Reich for $108,000.

Cornwall Borough

159 Tice Lane Lot 54
Nicholas B. and Deborah L. Moehlmann to Deborah L. Moehlmann for $1.

3 Water Street
Kathryn F. Carpenter Estate, Catherine F. Carpenter Estate, Bruce E. Carpenter to Bruce E. Carpenter for $1.

East Hanover Township

42 Coon Creek Road Lot 3
Donald A. Snader to Donald A. and Denise J. Snader for $1.

Heidelberg Township

918 Schaeffer Road – Corrective Deed
Jeffrey S. Zimmerman to Jeffrey S. and Melanie R. Zimmerman for $1.

SS Schaeffer Road – Corrective Deed
Jeffrey S. Zimmerman to Jeffrey S. and Melanie R. Zimmerman for $1.

318 South Market Street
Luke Z. and Mary A. Horning to Ethan L. Horning for $150,000.

2811 Heidelberg Avenue
Patricia A. and Leon E. Houser to Regents Partnership LLP for $350,000.

2386 Steigel Pike Lot 2
LMC Investments LLC to LMC Investments LLC for $1.

301 Valley View Road
Jadell A. Souders to Scott and Melanie A. Bennetch for $1.

742 North Market Street
Jadell A. Souders to Travis L. Souders for $1.

Jackson Township

18 Springhouse Drive Lot 127 Plan Of Arbor Gate
Rondald L. Zimmerman, Donna Schwalm to Maureen C. Shaak for $190,000.

9 South Fairlane Avenue
Kimberly J. and Vincent Lighty to James G. and Edith M. Weaver for $279,000.

402 Ramona Road Lot 2 and 404 Ramona Road
Daniel F. and Martha M. Petersheim Jr. to Christ R. and Mary S. Petersheim for $1.

400 Ramona Road Lot 1
Daniel F. and Martha M. Petersheim Jr. to Daniel F. and Martha M. Petersheim Jr. for $1.

29 Laurel Drive Lot 28
Nathaniel W. Hughes, Amy Brown to Dana J. and Debra L. Stoudt for $201,000.

Millcreek Township

65 West Main Street
Richard M. Hurst to Dallas Noll for $72,000.

104 Memorial Boulevard
William and Joanne Moyer to Margaret J. Miller for $175,000.

234 South Fort Zellers Road
Patricia A. North to Kristy Moyer for $120,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

102 Muhlenberg Avenue Lot 25
Gibbel Family Vacation Home Trust, Ethan Gibbel, Janice L. Sommerhoff to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $225,000.

Myerstown Borough

50 South Goodwill Street
Phil D. and Tina E. Knutson to Revital Home Co LLC for $117,000.

401-407 South Broad Street
Myra J. Swonger Estate, Myra June Swonger Estate, William E. Swonger to Cedar Lane LLC for $645,000.

North Annville Township

SS Blacks Bridge Road
William K., Thomas G., and Kathleen A. Watson to Thomas G. Beattie for $15,000.

416 Ono Road
Michael S. Snyder, Jennifer C. Fox to Jennifer C. Fox for $1.

North Cornwall Township

NS Chestnut Street Lot 2
Eight E Limited Partnership to Lebanon Quittie Park for $1.

118 Millview Court
Virgil D. Martin to Abner F. Stoltzfus for $157,000.

425 West Locust Street
David C. and Stephanie E. Blauch to Bruce R. Kohr for $242,000.

225 Varney Alley
Frederick G. Miller Sr. Estate, Megan R. Miller to Alvin Heller for $36,000.

218 South 17th Street
EH Company LLC to Kelvin D. M. Maceo, Adaleidy Duran for $275,000.

North Lebanon Township

3010 Tunnel Hill Drive Lot 8 – Corrective Deed
Robert M. Shanfelder Estate, Peter M. Shanfelder to Timothy T. Healy, Keren Shatesky for $225,000.

3102 Tunnel Hill Road
Jesse A. and Rhiannon V. Heilman to Jesse A. Heilman for $1.

219 Daisy Drive Lot 19
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Deg Adhikari, Bedi Kafley for $93,000.

2012 Mallard Lane Lot 24
Nicholas E. Warren to Samuel and Crystal Cocca for $345,000.

1111 Kochenderfer Road
Edwin C. and Cynthia M. Kercher to Cormick R. and Megan N. Hostetter for $85,000.

121 Roberts Circle Lot 33
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Olde Farm Leasing LLC for $250,000.

123 Roberts Circle Lot 34
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Olde Farm Leasing LLC for $250,000.

113 Roberts Circle Lot 29
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Speedwell Properties LLC for $247,500.

115 Roberts Circle Lot 30
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Speedwell Properties LLC for $247,500.

117 Roberts Circle Lot 31
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Speedwell Properties LLC for $247,500.

119 Roberts Circle Lot 32
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Speedwell Properties LLC for $247,500.

North Londonderry Township

44 Edison Road
Michael T. Longenecker to Michael T. Longenecker for $1.

1040 South Forge Road
Hillside Financial LLC to Erika K. Fies, Brendon Zell for $235,000.

211 Barrington Court
Yvonne M. Hopstetter to Christopher R. and Yvonne M. Hopstetter for $1.

208 Parliament Drive Lot 62
Stuart R. and Jennifer L. Umberger to Jack W. Stover, Alanna Nawrocki for $435,000.

134 Lynnwood Drive
Amanda M. Poindexter, Amanda Misiti to Ryan E. Gullett for $350,000.

140 Wood Crest Drive Lot 4
Haven Homes And Renovations Inc. to Radd Ventures LLC for $107,000.

9 Peach Street
Gregg E. and Brandi L. Fasnacht to Gregg E. Fasnacht for $1.

Palmyra Borough

984 East Maple Street Lot 8 Townhouse #7
Jessalynn and Brad Williams to Mitchell Walters for $165,000.

59 Sandalwood Drive Lot 21 On Amity Place Plan
Lori R. Rich to James A. Schnebel, Ellen A. Mchale for $400,000.

519 North Chestnut Street
Bruce F. Rambler Estate, Donna O Block, Donna OBlock to Michael K. Rambler for $150,000.

600 West Maple Street Lot 19
Edward H. and Emma S. Bennett, Victoria M. May to Dan Parson Team LLC, A Plus Home Work LLC for $288,000.

629 East Main Street Lots 160, 161, and 162 On Plan Of East Palmyra
James E. and Holly L. Plummer Jr. to Newland West Penn LLC for $500,000.

149 North Locust Street
Reinhard and Sandra M. Mielke to Reinhard and Sandra M. Mielke for $1.

232 West Cherry Street
Amy Zimmerman to Zachary A. Arnold for $180,000.

Richland Borough

103 Poplar Street
Travis C. and Stacy A. White to Stacy A. and Travis C. White for $1.

101 Curtis Street
Damian L. Williams to Hannah R. M. C. Werner for $114,980.

South Annville Township

90 Beech Tree Court
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Michael A. and Diane M. Kaylor for $324,990.

86 Beech Tree Court
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Ana C. A. Rocha for $329,990.

612 South Mount Pleasant Road
Marlene G. Carney Estate, Dean G. Carney to Stephen L. Carney for $1.

427 Mayapple Drive Unit 98 Building 18
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Kenneth M. and Marcy L. Yeich for $299,990.

301 Fieldstone Drive Lot 8
Jessica K. Kolovani to Brendan J. and Robyn V. Keil for $545,000.

99 Beech Tree Court
Diana L. M. and Paul C. Deserio to Renee D. Houser for $330,000.

South Lebanon Township

400 Klein Avenue
Robert S. Hardy II to 23 Property Group LLC for $150,000.

428 East Evergreen Road Lot 2
John S. Dorward, Kristin A. Schmidt to Billy Gray, Katherine Greely for $326,500.

13 Sunrise Drive
Willard L. Light, Fulton Bank, Patricia E. Mountain to William and Alexandria Rautzhan for $350,000.

650 Richfield Drive
Isaac and Carissa Williams to Erich T. Hardy for $399,000.

520 Charles Street Lot 116
Robert B. and Jodi L. Hoch to Terry R. Weaver for $515,000.

320 Crest Road
Polly A. Krumbine to David A. Krumbine for $1.

26 Moravian Street
Edward R. and Marilyn L. Zimmerman to Juan G. G. Aponte, Nicole T. Irigoyen for $180,000.

South Londonderry Township

150 Bell Road
S. Gerald and Karen Musser to Joshua L. and Kristina J. Hoover for $1.

1040 Debra Drive Lot 20
Awakened Properties LLC to Matthew W. Durbin, Kailyn T. Smith for $355,000.

Union Township

519 Awol Road
Anthony R. and Kim L. Rollins to Skhmhp LLC for $235,115.

98 Hoover Drive
Joseph W. Werni Sr. Estate, Joel D. Werni, Todd T. Hartlieb to Timothy T. and Erin Hartlieb for $153,000.

83 Lincoln School Road
Russell H. Diamond, Lori L. Kimmel to Todd C. Diamond for $1.

28 Plymouth Drive Lot 28
Pierre Scotto to Michael A. and Dawn M. Kummer for $430,000.

West Cornwall Township

433 Butler Road Lot 4
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Tyler R. T. and Julia S. Krause for $99,000.

200 Bell Avenue Lots 88 and 90
Michael and Stacey C. Goldfarb to Kelsey L. M. and Earle M. Bane III for $445,000.

West Lebanon Township

2020 Church Street
Roxane Ruhl to Modern Assets LLC for $55,000.

2105 Church Street
Debbie Moore to Nathan A. and Brittany Gibble for $206,250.

2212-2214 Lehman Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Ronald Ringler, Kristina Martin for $187,500.

2216 West Lehman Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Kristina Martin, Ronald Ringler for $187,500.

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