We Are Lebanon, Pa is a positivity project to tell stories of citizens of Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

This interview runs a little long but it’s worth it. Naomi Boyer isn’t just someone who moved from across the country and has made Lebanon her home. She’s not just a graduate of Trinity Western University. She isn’t just a photographer with her own local photography business. She’s all of those AND she’s someone who is giving back to individuals and their families when they are going through one of the hardest things you can go through in life.

Naomi tells us about her path to Downtown Lebanon, her photography, and the Beth-Elle Memorial Fund, which she started to give our community the chance to get free lasting memories of their loved ones who have been given unthinkable diagnoses and might not have long to be with them.

What Naomi is doing is admirable, but she could reach so many more with your help! Head here to get more information and to support the Beth-Elle Memorial Fund.

Shot on the RED Digital Cinema and Canon C100 – Edited with Adobe Video. Music supplied by Soundstripe. Graphics supplied by Envato.

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