Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

439 East Main Street
Skyler and Eden Rittle to Dorian G. Carpenter for $162,000.

10 Union Crest Drive Lot 7
Owen W. and Yasminda Omari Reitenauer to Tirtha R. and Padma M. Subba for $415,000.

317 West Church Street
Lindsey M. Porter to Mary J. Tarlecki, Matthew W. Licata for $138,000.

438 East Main Street
Eric R. and Jennifer S. Bucher, Lawrence C. and Pamela J. Smith to Eric R. and Jennifer S. Bucher for $1.

135 West Sheridan Avenue
Vincent E. and Miriam K. Collins to Ashley Lukasak for $226,000.

Bethel Township

370 West Main Street Lot 2
James E. Copenhaver to Avery B., Eric R., and Audrey J. High for $250,000.

SS Freeport Road
Jacqueline Wolfe to Kevin Stellar for $120,000.

28 Creek Drive Lot 76 Quit Claim Deed
Kevin C. Adey to Kevin C. Adey, John W. Boyette for $1.

6 Vista Drive Lot 33 Fiduciary Deed
Dennis C. Walborn Estate, James T. Spring to Cindy S. Rivers for $270,000.

115 North Pine Grove Street
Russell E. and Sandra K. Schott to Wilmer J. Weaver for $120,000.

17 Shirk Drive Quit Claim Deed
Thomas W. and Amanda L. Robinson to Thomas Robinson for $49,250.

905 Shirksville Road Lot 1
Darlene F. Boltz to Gary L. and Barbara M. Lentz for $336,000.

995 Greble Road
John M. and Rebecca L. Fisher to Christian S. and Rachel S. Lantz for $1.

159 North Bethel Street
Violet Leibensperger to Denise C. Flanick, Kevin L. Leibensberger for $0.

City of Lebanon

1215 Willow Street
Peaceful Homes LLC to David R. and Nancy A. Stoltzfoos for $150,000.

718 Reinoehl Street
Lucille M. and Chester A. Behney Jr. to Siochan Holdings LLC for $135,000.

517 North 3rd Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Miriam M. O. Castillo for $175,000.

138 Weidman Street
Eleanor L. Krall Estate, Timothy A. Krall, John M. Zimmerman to RMRR Properties for $1.

320 Chestnut Street
Nabil Yagoubi, Elsie Gomez to Jean C. A. Gonzalez for $165,000.

1324 Elm Street
Pamela OConnor, Pamela O Connor to Erik G. Rowe for $201,000.

1141 Walnut Street
Camelot Realty LLC to Grichevsky Apartment Rentals LLC for $760,000.

700 and 704 Chestnut Street
Denyse M. Allen, Seamus Carmichael to Aaron and Willow Donnachie for $350,000.

533 Weidman Street
Luz M. Jimenez, Juan Vazquez to Eddie D. R. Rivera, Adriana P. S. Gomez for $70,000.

1010 Walnut Street
Jacqueline K. Cassidy Estate, Timothy J. Cassidy Jr. to Glacier Estate LLC for $22,000.

50 Mifflin Street
Smita Real Estate to Shanon M. Haulman for $155,000.

545 and 547 East Maple Street
Nolmin Enterprises LLC to Whispering Hope Enterprises LLC for $500,000.

1235 Washington Street
Marvin A. Gipe Jr. Estate, Marvin Andrew Gipe Estate, Susan M. Gipe to Segpar Investments LLC for $20,596.

330 North 12th Street
Kristopher Martin to Fritzner Merisca for $149,000.

510 Guilford Street
Greenwood Conservatory Trust, Wanda M. Cardella to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $22,537.

546 Spruce Street
Pedro M. and Isabel Rojas to 248 South Quince Street LLC for $83,000.

510 Guilford Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Hernandez Housing LLC for $95,000.

402 Maple Street
Kelly L. Smith to Kevin Y. S. and Eileen R. Figueroa, Jeanette Bosques for $192,000.

950 North 9th Street
Jaxon Management Partners LLC to Lester Zimmerman for $59,900.

333 East Locust Street Lots 346 and 347
Rainaldo Quintana to Orchard View Farm LLC for $221,000.

762 Guilford Street
Lance D. Miller to Proverbs Home Buyers LLC for $45,000.

819 Walnut Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Jean C. T. Garcia for $145,000.

1120 Chestnut Street
Nereida Torres to TK Enterprises LLC for $140,000.

537 Maple Street
Tyler A. and Emily Emerich to Enoch J. Telford for $145,000.

762 Guilford Street
Proverbs Home Buyers LLC to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $85,000.

1017 Lehman Street
Nolmin Enterprises LLC to Sonbeam Enterprises LLC for $275,000.

622 East Lehman Street
Bernardine C. Donton Estate, Pamela A. and Todd M. Donton to Albert Migliaccio IV for $154,000.

534 Cumberland Street
Clemencia M. Reyes, Fausto G. P. Batista to Merle and Heather Zimmerman for $200,000.

32 South 4th Street
Yalitza G. Matos, Dolores M. Ortiz to Yalitza G. Matos, David Gonzalez, Dolores M. Ortiz for $0.

26 Woodland Estates Unit 40
Henry R. Finkle to Randy Walmer for $218,000.

612 North 3rd Avenue
Marie C. Virtue to Linda M. Fruecht, Mary A. Gurley for $1.

309 South 8th Street
Gladys M. Boyer Estate, Brenda B. Gaspari to Moises G. Serrano for $128,000.

15 South 4th Street
Lorraine Hinkel Estate, Laura B. Miller to RND Real Estate Holdings LLC for $76,000.

Cleona Borough

36 East Chestnut Street
Scott J. and Donna A. Wolfe to Kathleen B. Wolff for $250,000.

1 East Penn Avenue Lot 18
William A. and Susan L. Bechtel to William A. and Susan L. Bechtel for $1.

Cornwall Borough

11 Willow Street Lot 19
Landmark Homes At Junction LLC, Landmark Builders Inc. to William Wong, Christine Law for $655,000.

102 Ironmaster Road
Michael C. Hostetter to Mary E. and Cory A. Earl for $340,000.

117 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes At Junction LLC to Rebecca A. and Daniel D. Reno for $585,000.

300 Iron Valley Drive
Thomas L. and Karen S. Zentz to Thomas L. Zentz for $1.

East Hanover Township

11 Lincoln School Road
Jared Fittery to Debra and Taryn Weatherholtz for $140,000.

41 Bull Frog Road
Seth H. and Janelle M. Lewis to Seth H. and Janelle M. Lewis for $1.

Heidelberg Township

711 Oak Street
Mary K. Donmoyer to Mary K. Donmoyer, Joanne M. Horst for $1.

3182 Heidelberg Avenue
Cody L. and Wanita H. Zimmerman to Randall C. Wenger for $317,000.

Jackson Township

4 Apple Creek Lane Lot 24
Matthew J. Wagner to Jonathan R. and Kaitlyn M. Day for $490,000.

96 West Jackson Avenue
Susan K. Shuey Estate, Bonita F. Hartman to Smita Real Estate L P for $216,000.

104 Oaken Way Lot 30
Jonathan R. and Kaitlyn M. Day to Robert W. Gantz for $378,000.

293 West Lincoln Avenue
Kathy A. Weik to J Loren Real Estate LLC, Loren J Real Estate LLC for $715,000.

629 Hilltop Road
Jessica L. Berrier to Brian V. Gagliardo Jr. for $285,000.

533 Hilltop Road
Brian V. Gagliardo Jr. to Austin Hummel for $240,000.

1 Arbor Drive Lot 1
Kim A. Edwards, Sheila K. Houtz to Larry and Rebecca J. Wenger for $200,000.

608 Plymouth Drive Lot 43
Suzanne R. Upton to Julian Yang, Keta H. Xiong for $270,000.

Jonestown Borough

31 Williamsburg Drive Lot G-37
Arthur R. Stahlmann to Wagner T. Villanueva for $280,000.

158 Twin Creeks Drive Lot S-55
Michael Swerdowski to Dayton M. Dell, Amanda B. Wolfe for $320,000.

Millcreek Township

324 East Main Street Lot 4
David C. Hoover to S & L Rental Properties LLC for $170,000.

10 Edgemont Lane Lots 205 and 206
Tina M. Bridegam to Joseph and Tiffany M. Hollinger for $250,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

407 Lancaster Avenue
Barbara W. Long to John R. and Katherine K. Musser for $400,000.

Myerstown Borough

225 East Main Avenue
Jane E. Reichard to Stephen C. and Sherry L. Croft for $180,000.

148-150 West Main Avenue
Daniel M. Landis to Lane A. and Whitney J. Kurtz for $335,000.

11 East Richland Avenue
Peter J. and Morgan L. Emborsky to Zachary News, Nayeli Tarrafa for $210,000.

North Annville Township

2850 Water Works Way
Maureen E. Webber to Myranda and Sherree Webber for $1.

2737 Cedar Run Road
Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust F, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Tri Star 2022 for $104,500.

North Cornwall Township

1926 Carlton Drive
WBXB LLC to Jacob and Jessica Banyai for $153,000.

527 Byler Circle Unit 32
Dorothy Cecil to Real Exchange LLC, Margot Horwood for $250,000.

NS Chestnut Street
City Of Lebanon Authority to Erekev LLC for $55,000.

211 South Mill Street Part Of Lot 14
Andrew Bernhardt to Anthony W. and Jessica L. Burian for $175,000.

251 Gardenia Lane Lot 11
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Carla S. McClain, Carla S. Mc Clain for $461,180.

2225 Chestnut Street
Erekev LLC to Erekev LLC for $1.

253 Gardenia Lane
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Troy E. and Jeanne P. Gruber for $421,000.

810 Byler Circle Unit 137
Le Vaughn D. Westbrook, LeVaughn D. Westbrook to BSM Property Holdings LLC for $265,000.

1908 Chestnut Street
Tasia L. Becker to George and Stephanie Rodriquez for $115,000.

North Lebanon Township

857 Walnut Crest Drive Lot 45
Robert L. and Patricia A. Schucker Sr. to Linda L. Reedy for $350,000.

1408 Sandhill Road Lot 11
Courtney L. Roth to Donna L. Zeller for $226,000.

1340 Sandhill Road
Glenn L. and Dianna Connatser to Citadel Investment Properties LLC for $116,360.

743 Barbara Ann Drive
Barbara A. and Toni D. Weidman to Dana J. and Debra L. Stoudt for $245,000.

901 Laurel Street
Michael Bechtold to Siochan Holdings LLC for $385,000.

145 Ginger Court Unit 175
Landmark Homes At Sweetbriar Inc., Crossing At Sweetbriar to Steven H. and Lois I. Weiner for $484,400.

2138 Cloverfield Drive
James E. and Jovita C. Templin to Irvin L. and Melanie S. Doster for $275,000.

WS Miller Street
John D. Barry to Cocalico Holdings LLC for $20,000.

410 Gary Avenue Adverse Possession
George R., Marvin J., and Anna M. Horst to John and Connie Santana Jr. for $0.

914 Kochenderfer Road
Dash Management Group LLC to Braulio Estrada for $360,000.

2053 Meadowfield Drive
Larry B. Smith Irrevocable Trust, Stephanie Holler to Alex J. Zalar, Katlyn E. Wolf for $185,000.

NS Kimmerlings Road Lots 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, and 121
Paul F. Horn to Michael P. Meagher for $1.

811 Briar Rose Avenue Unit 130
Landmark Homes At Sweetbriar Inc., Crossings At Sweetbriar to Ronald K. and Shelby W. Ness for $413,800.

2499 and 2247 West Cumberland Street
Hanford Family Limited Partnership to Moyer Commercial Real Estate Of Lebanon LLC for $10,400,000.

1332 Sandhill Road Lot 20 Lots Of Daniel S. Funk
United Enterprises LLC to Norman Sensenig for $152,500.

125 Roberts Circle Lot 35
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Weiler Properties for $255,000.

127 Roberts Circle Lot 36
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Weiler Properties for $245,000.

North Londonderry Township

37 Wheatstone Court Lot 160 Subdivision Plan Of Wheatstone
Kenneth R. and Connie S. Neiswender to Bret A. and Sarah L. Applequist for $450,000.

841 Londonderry Boulevard
Grichevsky Apartment Rentals LLC to Daryl W. Hursh for $480,000.

724 West Pine Street
Brandon and Allison Quaranto to Joann M. Berzinski for $345,000.

1252 Queen Street
James H. and Jean L. Foutz to James Foutz Trust, Jean Foutz Trust, James H. and Jean L. Foutz for $1.

101 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 143
Landmark Homes At The Pinnacle LLC to Dennis E. and Deborah A. Stum for $134,900.

822 Buttonwood Street Lot 16
Shirley M. Stayner Estate, Ellin J. Holmes to James C. Tedder for $1.

718 West Pine Street
Kevin J. and Debora J. Pysell to Charles O. and Destiny J. Cromer for $384,000.

407 Cambridge Court
Stephen P. Polanski to Darron and Abigail Locke for $200,000.

212 Pajabon Drive
Glen E. and Brent J. Peiffer to Mark J. and Kristin E. Cote for $223,260.

161 Lindbergh Drive Lot 1
Samuel E. Fager Estate, Samuel E. Fager Jr. Estate, Samuel Fager Estate, Sharon Fager, Unknown Heirs to James E. and Brenda L. Jeffries for $212,500.

446 Oak Lane Lot 92 Plan Of The Oaks
Nicholas J. and Natalie W. Buchkovich to Timothy R. and Brittany L. Krupko for $505,000.

430 Oak Lane Lot 94 Plan Of The Oaks
Sean P. and Elizabeth McCarthy, Sean P. and Elizabeth Mc Carthy to Mason and Karli E. Sosnoski for $425,000.

Palmyra Borough

725 North Railroad Street
Jodi M. and Jordan J. Johnson to Michael J. Montalto for $249,000.

12 Sandalwood Drive Lot 7
Raymond J. and Arbutus V. Fitzgerald to Fitzgerald Family Trust, Raymond J. and Arbutus V. Fitzgerald for $1.

701 Colony Drive
Randy and Jennifer Wagner to Steven and Gina Barnak for $382,600.

121 South Harrison Street
BSRE Holdings LLC to Chad Bogner for $192,500.

617 West Walnut Street
Douglas E. Alexander to Douglas E. Alexander for $1.

970 East Maple Street Lot 15
Jim Properties LLC to Ambe Realty LLC for $209,000.

409-409A and 411 West Main Street and 413-415 and 415A Rear West Main Street
Gregory S. and Jill J. Snavely to Vincent F. Tafuto for $325,000.

132 Orchard Hill Drive Lot 48 Plan Of Orchard Hill Estates
David P. and Rachel V. White to Christopher L. and Suzanne E. Finch for $452,000.

303 North Railroad Street
Ida M. Livingston to HHB Real Estate LLC for $265,000.

317 North College Street
Fancave LLC to Karen T. Pearson for $0.

South Annville Township

118 Killinger Road
Melvin J. and Karen N. Huber to Harlan L. and Rosene N. Huber for $1.

(UPI #29-2311634-363330-0000) Unit 73 Building 12
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Nicole D. L. Vega, Nicole D. Vega for $337,434.

1813 Horseshoe Pike
322 Storage LLC to Great Row LLC for $3,200,000.

541 Fieldstone Drive Lot 68
Tirtha R. and Padma Subba to Matthew Chesser for $465,000.

(UPI #29-2311390-362805-0000) Unit 120
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Brian M. and Christine M. Burkhart for $362,003.

15 Finch Drive Lot 8
James W. and Denise Calder to Kyle and Emily Webster for $480,000.

South Lebanon Township

1275 Birch Road and SS Birch Road
Youth With A Mission, Youth With A Mission Lebanon PA to Oasis Christian Fellowship, Oasis Christian Fellowship Church, Church Oasis Christian Fellowship for $220,000.

24 Ridge Avenue
NMRS Properties LLC to Lorena I. and Seth P. Hainly for $250,000.

708 South 2nd Avenue Lot 8
Ellen Whitmoyer to John and Kelly K. McLaughlin, John and Kelly K. Mc Laughlin for $259,500.

445 Schaeffer Road
Raymae Limited Partnership to JKL Real Estate Holdings LLC for $4,000,000.

1410 Esther Drive
Jerry and Abigail Allgyer to Sabrina R. and Barron L. Tartaglia for $265,000.

908 South 2nd Avenue
Matthew J. and Tawanda N. Myles to Tawanda N. and Matthew J. Myles for $1.

700 South 5th Avenue
Alfred A. and Lori S. Brandt Jr. to Alfred A. Brandt Jr. for $1.

(UPI #30-2341978-359230-0000)
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders At Lebanon LLC to Robert W. and Deanna M. Geiter for $477,990.

403 Horst Avenue
Judith A. Greish, Susan E. Schneck to Judith A. Greish, Susan E. Schneck for $1.

13 Pennwood Road
Debra A. Bowman, Eugene H. Cooper Jr., Claude W. Keysey Jr. to Kelly V. and Winfred K. Fox for $299,000.

1300 Stevens Lane
Corey E. and Rachel M. Swisher to U S Bank Trust, Bungalow Series III Trust for $235,000.

639 Richfield Drive
Ricky L. Brustad, Nanette McAlice, Nanette Mc Alice to Thomas M. and Carole L. Shirk for $380,000.

912 Evergreen Road Lot 7
Brenda J. Gerhardt, Misty S. Koch, Melissa Inzerillo, Unknown Heirs to Millpond Properties LLC for $174,500.

1415 Warren Drive Lot 25 Plan Of School Lane Meadows
Kermit A. and Joan L. Wengert to Joan L. Wengert for $1.

South Londonderry Township

10 Brook Lane
Martha T. B. Slayman to Luke A. and Jesukah J. Beachy for $824,000.

2021 South Forge Road
Gerald L. and Janice M. Musser to Robert A. and Saudia A. DeCarlo for $27,000.

2037 South Forge Road
Robert A. and Saudia A. DeCarlo to Robert A. and Saudia A. DeCarlo for $1.

131 Bell Road Lot 75
Earl A. and Philip A. Blatt to Joseph A. and Morgan E. Lingle for $299,550.

679 Saddle Road
Scott M. and Monica D. C. Mong to David A. and Sandra A. McCloud, David A. and Sandra A. Mc Cloud for $465,000.

255 Schoolhouse Road
Rose A. Maloy to John C. and Ann M. Gardiner for $1.

Swatara Township

141 Stoner Road
Lester M. Putt to Lester M. and Margaret J. Putt for $1.

135 Greble Road
Amber N. Heffner to Jacqueline C. Brown for $1.

37 Old Jonestown Road
Michael S. and Stephanie L. Keller to Adam Ulrich for $201,000.

Union Township

19 Mayflower Drive
Jeffrey T. and Julie A. Campbell to Bao Pham for $341,000.

190 Ridge Road
Lesley K. Houser, Richard E. Briar Jr. to Olivia M. Moore for $265,000.

139 Ridge Road
Eric and Kasey J. Tobias to Eric and Kasey J. Tobias for $1.

17 Lambs Lane Lot 9
Joshua J. and Samantha L. Simniskis to Nar B. and Aita M. Rai for $278,500.

23 Hoover Drive Lot 8
Donald C., Lucille J., and Thomas J. Kreiser to Donald C. Kreiser for $0.

62 Hoover Drive
Mark L. Werni to Melody A. Vincent for $1.

West Cornwall Township

202 and 204 Riders Way Lots 78 and 79
Wolf Trust, The Wolf Trust, Frederick S. and Victoria J. Wolf to Larry J. Fees for $200,000.

202 and 204 Riders Way Lots 78 and 79
Larry J. Fees to Modern Assets LLC for $145,000.

206 and 208 Riders Way Lots 80 and 81
Wolf Trust, Frederick S. and Victoria J. Wolf to La Demijo Investments Inc. for $160,000.

206 and 208 Riders Way Lots 80 and 81
La Demijo Investments Inc. to Sunnyside R E Enterprise LLC, Sunnyside R.E. Enterprise LLC for $175,000.

205 Glossbrenner Avenue Lot 12
Thomas A. and Julia M. Alfano to Francis and Kristin Herrmann for $275,000.

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