A classic Lebanon Bologna Sandwich is pretty straightforward: Bread. Bologna. Cheese. Enjoy. But what about a 150-foot long Lebanon Bologna Sandwich? Well, you can get a taste for yourself this summer when we build the World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich at the Lebanon Area Fair on Tuesday, July 25. We promise the sandwich will still have the basics, but it definitely won’t fit into your school lunchbox.

All fairgoers will have a chance to get a free slice of the sandwich from 5 to 7 p.m. during the Community Night celebration. It’s 150 feet, but we can’t guarantee it’ll last the whole night, so make sure to be here early. Plus, with an impact that is even greater than 150 feet, this sandwich will do more than just taste good!

The breadwinner

Simply put, it’s not a sandwich unless it’s got bread. That’s why we’ve partnered with none other than Chef Brian Peffley of the Lebanon County Career and Technology School’s Pastry Arts Program. Chef Peffley has been sharing his craft with some of the best up-and-coming chefs in the area since the late 90s. In fact, Chef Peffley was once a student chef at the tech school as well, “I’m actually a graduate from Cedar Crest, I went here in my in my senior year in high school,” he states. “To see the evolution from me, just a poor kid in Lebanon County, and how I have been able to take my craft and my skills and expand and be a facilitator of opportunity. We’re very proud of that.” 

After hearing about the World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich, Chef Peffley’s interest was piqued. “When Jennifer Kuzo, President of Visit Lebanon Valley, said to me that their next project would be this large bologna sandwich, I was very intrigued and I said, ‘for a sandwich? Who is making the bread?’” Once Peffley heard about the cause behind the sandwich, as well as the need for a bread maker, he was sold, “I’m really excited to see the process come together and everything that it is going to take to build it all together.”

So, what will go into this 150-foot slice of bread?

“It’s going to be a French bread with a soft crust. We’re going to be in July, so I wanted a bread that was durable enough to take the heat, but one that would chew well. And with the consistency of the bologna, we wanted to make sure the bread complemented and was elevating that bologna, not overpowering it. We will be using approximately three 50-pound bags of flour to produce the bread to start and I’m hoping that will cover it, but I have an extra 100 pounds if needed. So, it could be going to an upwards of 250 pounds of flour.”

Did we mention it’s going to be big?

We’ve got beef…

Of course, it’s not a Lebanon Bologna Sandwich without the classic taste of Lebanon Bologna from Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meats. The Lebanon Valley’s claim to fame and a key component to charcuterie boards and lunchbox sandwiches alike, Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna is no small deal here in the Valley. Since 1902, Seltzer’s has been family owned and operated in the small town of Palmyra, and now run by their fourth generation, they are proud to continue to give back to a community that has loved them for so many years. 

The World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich will feature over 1,200 slices of Seltzer’s very own Lebanon Bologna. That’s over 67 pounds of seasoned, smoked, and sliced 100% beef, made right here in the Lebanon Valley. So yes, this sandwich will be full of bologna… literally.

All the fixin’s

We’ve got the bread and we’ve got the bologna, so it’s only natural that we’re going to need some cheese as well. Topping off the 67 pounds of Lebanon Bologna on this sandwich will be around 600 slices of fresh provolone cheese. With the simple taste of a semi-sharp cheese, the smokey flavor of Lebanon Bologna, and the soft crust of Chef Peffley’s French bread, you’re not going to want to miss your chance for a bite of this sandwich! 

Plus, the accompanying Fixin’s Bar will have all the classic toppings that make a Lebanon Bologna Sandwich truly unique. From honey mustard and onions to potato chips and butter, you can make your slice of the sandwich all your own. 

Beyond the bologna

While we are excited about the ingredients within the World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich, the biggest piece to the sandwich is the impact that will come out of it. In an effort to fight hunger in the Lebanon Valley, each footlong “bite” of the sandwich will be available for sponsorship at $100 per foot, and all sponsorship proceeds will be donated directly to Lebanon County Christian Ministries

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According to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, nearly one in ten people in the Lebanon Valley lived with food insecurity in 2020. By sponsoring a bite (or two!) of the sandwich, you can help us in the fight against hunger here in the Lebanon Valley. Our goal is to fill sponsors for all 150 feet of the sandwich for a total of $15,000 to be donated towards LCCM and their efforts to provide for those in need in our community. So, whether you’re a business owner or you just love Lebanon Bologna, help us take a “bite” out of hunger by becoming a sponsor here.

We invite all fairgoers to join us as history is made (and eaten!) on Tuesday, July 25, during the Fair’s Community Night. All 150 feet of the World’s Largest Lebanon Bologna Sandwich will be sliced and served for free from 5 to 7pm, and festivities will continue throughout the evening to celebrate. 


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