Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

310 West Queen Street
Dawn A. Basselgia to Dawn A. and Jennifer Basselgia for $1.

1504 East Queen Street
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Joseph P. Brewer, Kerrie D. Smedley for $160,000.

351 West Queen Street
Joseph S. and Karen M. Viozzi to RV Moore LLC for $118,000.

233 North Lancaster Street
Anna L. Skamangas to Barbara A. Sweigert for $120,000.

235 West Sheridan Avenue
Joseph and Kristi H. Sandbakken to Gerald E. Miller, Kasey E. Thomas for $310,000.

129 West Sheridan Avenue
Mollie and William Bering Jr. to Zanita R. L. Lewis for $170,000.

Bethel Township

112 Beech Avenue
Melissa A. and Cory T. Vogel to Cory T. and Melissa A. Vogel for $1.

533 School Drive Lots 8 and 9
George R. and Lacinda Y. Appelt to George R. and Lacinda Y. Appelt for $1.

136 North Pine Grove Street Lot 2
Sarah E. Hodges to PNC Bank for $100,860.

1377 Mountain Drive
Dennis C. Kramer to Kendal M. Siegrist for $285,000.

108 Farmers Drive
Debra L. Simniskis to Joshua J. and Samantha L. Simniskis for $200,000.

2383 Mount Zion Road
John D., Joanne P., and Thomas K. Reinbold Jr. to 2383 Mount Zion Road LLC for $1,100,000.

City of Lebanon

155 South Lincoln Avenue
Mary L. Miller to Z & Z Investments LLC for $70,000.

813 Maple Street
Manuel Ricart, Nichole D. Fleisch to Romy M. M. Herrera for $73,000.

218 Lehman Street
Rikka Banayat to 218 Lehman Street Rental Property LLC for $1.

425 Arnold Street
Cody J. and Madison G. Snyder, Tyler E. Martin to 425 Arnold LLC for $100,000.

325 North 5th Avenue
Linda Kay Wolfe Estate, Karen E. Wolfe to Jolene V. Regan for $100,000.

25 Hoke Avenue
Thomas and Sherri Sevco to David Drummond for $130,000.

502 East Weidman Street
Linda Kay Wolfe Estate, Karen E. Wolfe to TCGB LLC for $65,000.

504 East Weidman Street
Linda Kay Wolfe Estate, Karen E. Wolfe to TCGB LLC for $65,000.

307 Mifflin Street
Kenneth L., Linda L., and Audrie L. Yetter to Alvin Heller for $59,000.

128 Guilford Street
Rufina Santiago to Melvin Stoltzfus Jr. for $132,000.

525 South 7th Street
Violet V. Achey, Wendy Steiner to Wesley B. Schrock for $175,000.

418 North 10th Street
John J. Kirsch to Jonathan J. P. Nunez for $41,000.

209 East High Street Lot 226
Wilson S. and Leona E. Morris Jr. to Kelly M. Scott for $475,000.

320 Elm Street
Brandon S. Moyer to Trevor and Courtney Oberholtzer for $275,000.

823 Bollman Street
Hari Om Enterprises Inc. to Jesse Richburg III for $3,000.

150 South Hanover Street
Ramon A. S. and Angela M. S. Rios, Scott Boris to Leonal Gomez for $120,000.

322 North 7th Street
Giselle Montijo Estate, Liz M. Clark to Ivanah D. Ventura for $1.

729 Federal Street
Kyle D. Wenger to Grade A Holdings LLC for $90,000.

551 East Scull Street
Kristopher Martin to Ethan P. and Diane J. Hollingshead for $85,000.

1017 Steckbeck Street Formerly 1016 Meily Street
Douglas L. Zook to Linda M. Horstick for $248,638.

513 Pershing Avenue
Terrance P. Breidenstine to Dianne M. P. Guilloty, Ariel S. Rosado for $215,000.

1115 Elm Street
Justin S. Clements to Justin S. Clements for $1.

364 North Prune Street
Larry R. Haulman Estate, Cynthia A. Walmer to Thomas N. Tumilty for $51,000.

310 South 5th Street
Daniel A. Helms to Journey and Lindsay Henderson for $160,000.

542 North 8th Street
Nyreen C. Cruz to YGK Property Management LLC for $31,549.

1268 Willow Street
Maria E. Santiago to Daphne A. R. Garayua, Nelson V. Correa for $113,000.

618 Crowell Street
Daniel Rojas to 618 Crowell LLC for $100,000.

425 North 4th Street
Hari Om Enterprises Inc. to 425 N4 LLC for $110,000.

441 North Third Avenue
Bryan A. Dunn to Yvelisse D. L. Feliz for $119,900.

1215 Woodland Street
Joseph W. Daub Estate, Joseph R. Daub, Kellie J. Spencer to Dash Management Group LLC for $150,000.

20 South 11th Street
City of Lebanon Land Bank to Marilyn R. Hernandez for $164,000.

381 Jones Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Howard F. Wood for $65,000.

31 South First Avenue Lots 31 and 32 and Part of Lot 33
Michael J. and Michelle L. Reppert II to Sky Rentals LLC for $429,000.

45 East Spring Street
Miller Enterprises to L Q Properties LLC for $65,000.

30 Hoffman Street
Kenneth L. and M. Jacqueline Miller III to L Q Properties LLC for $90,000.

528 North Third Street
Michael L. Amato to Related Realty LLC for $110,000.

307 South 8th Street
Sydney Y. Allie to Sydney R. and Estrinetti L. Allie for $1.

Cleona Borough

510 West Penn Avenue
Josiah A. and Marlena C. Ricords to John R. and Caitlyn S. Santiago for $235,000.

328 East Maple Street Lot 23
Thomas L. Dillard, Nancy E. Smith to JVM Real Estate LLC for $150,000.

Cornwall Borough

236 Rexmont Road Lot 12
Barbara S., Noelle R., and Jeffrey W. Vahanian to Robert E. and Helen M. Martin for $172,000.

1127 Alden Way Unit 72
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Raymond E. Follansbee for $407,555.

7 Willow Street Lot 37
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Ross A. and Bethany O. Asroff for $132,500.

1706 Hickory Drive Lot 210
Dean F. and Nancy S. Dingler to Theodore M. and Eileen E. Schnitzler for $465,000.

1220 Mosaic Drive Unit 414
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Lori Swingholm for $433,883.

116 Anthracite Road Lot 4
Mark W. and Sarah I. Lingle to Timothy J. and Elizabeth A. Gover for $215,000.

1234 Mosaic Drive Unit 418
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Robert R. and Dawn L. Martin for $346,594.

3201, 3205, 3207, and 3209 Lebanon Road
Anthony L. and Sandra J. Landis to Mt. Hope Holdings LLC for $180,000.

100 Freeman Drive Unit 152 1024 Standford Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Donald N. and Gail B. Jones for $502,853.

East Hanover Township

11 Log Cabin Drive
Kevin M. Burkholder to Kevin M. and Gina M. Burkholder for $1.

34 Homestead Road
David M. and Gabriella M. Wenrich III to Lila Basnet, Him M. Thapa for $455,000.

555 Mill Road
Linda M. Focht to Dylan and Alexis Beam for $345,000.

10472 Jonestown Road
Janet M. Blatt to Jodi L. Yiengst, Bryan L. and Timothy J. Blatt, Kathy A. Hostetter for $1.

ES Swatara Drive Lot 1 (Plan BK 13 PG 68)
Matthew Wengert to Long’s Excavating Inc. for $15,000.

Heidelberg Township

361 South Market Street
Kim M. Massabni, Nina M. LeClair, Nina M. Le Clair, Diana M. Cobb to Diana M. Cobb, Kim M. Massabni for $1.

361 South Market Street Etc.
Diana M. Cobb, Kim M. Massabni to Kim M. Massabni, Diana M. Cobb for $1.

308 South Lancaster Avenue
Tylor Y. and Misti M. Heagy to Tylor Y. Heagy for $1.

361 South Market Street
Kim M. Massabni, Diana M. Cobb to Derek B. and Anita J. Bowers for $360,000.

316 Sheep Hill Road
James R. Rutter Estate, Sheila R. Stahl to George W. and Suzanne K. Swanger for $3,000.

8 Sportsman Lane Lot 4
Suzanne L. Mentzer to Eugene M. and Dawn M. Hoover for $236,500.

10 Sportsman Lane Lot 1
Suzanne L. Mentzer to Eugene M. and Dawn M. Hoover for $143,000.

E of Sportsman Lane Lot 3
Suzanne L. Mentzer to Eugene M. and Dawn M. Hoover for $77,000.

NS Sportsman Lane Lot 2
Suzanne L. Mentzer to Eugene M. and Dawn M. Hoover for $93,500.

316 Sheep Hill Road Deed of Consolidation
George W. and Suzanne K. Swanger to George W. and Suzanne K. Swanger for $1.

Jackson Township

30 Grasshopper Court Lot 15
Glenn D. Miller to Erwin J. Miller for $162,000.

201 West McKinley Avenue Lot 127A
Bryn L. and Deborah L. Stevenson Jr. to Devin L. and Danielle A. Hardy for $265,000.

620 Plymouth Drive Lot 39
Dennis R. and Bonnie L. Kantner, Gwen Harrison to Joseph T. and Mary A. Dunn for $298,550.

51 Laurel Drive Lot 83
Derek B. and Anita J. Bowers to Rirong Jiang, Jinshu Chen for $225,000.

701 Weavertown Road
Ronald L. Diem to Kovalsky Properties LLC for $930,000.

203 North Locust Street Lot 2
AJ Homegenix LLC to Brubaker Properties LLC for $220,000.

218 West Franklin Avenue Lot 90 Jackson Heights
Revital Home Co LLC to Kyle D. Wenger for $1.

69 Arbor Drive Lot 35 Block B of Plan BK 49 PG 60
Richard W. Trompeter Estate, Heidi L. McKay to Lorene Mast for $200,000.

811 Houtztown Road
Dwayne W. Motter to Tammy L. and Dwayne W. Motter for $1.

Jonestown Borough

147 East Chestnut Street
Mary A. L., Allen L., and Kenneth L. Nelson Jr. to Elaine M. Moyer for $270,000.

Millcreek Township

9 Central Drive Lot 211
Theresa B. Harach Estate, Joseph A. Remetta to Joseph A. Remetta for $1.

219 Sweetwater Lane Lots 541 and 542
Jaclyn and Patricia A. Arrigo to Jaclyn Arrigo for $1.

142 Sweetwater Lane Lot 410
Bruce A. and Janice Roessner to Bruce Arthur Roessner Joint Revocable Trust, Janice Roessner Joint Revocable Trust, Bruce A. and Janice Roessner for $1.

29 Meadow Drive Lot 464
William E. Nagel Sr. Revocable Living Trust, Janet L. Nagel Revocable Living Trust, Janet L. Nagel to John W. and Fawn M. Schlaffer for $286,000.

26 and 28 West Main Street
Amos L. Zook to Elmer Huyard for $387,500.

72 Round Barn Road
Sandra L. Kreiser to Todd M. and Michael T. Kreiser for $1.

318 West Main Street
SBC Properties LLC to Logan C. and Aleina L. Snyder for $265,000.

314 East Main Street
Jason and Nadoehne Gehman to Timothy P. Einwechter for $175,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

110 Harvard Avenue Lot 54
Joseph S. and Catherine M. Halteman to Larry W. and Judith L. Heinsey for $325,000.

Myerstown Borough

127 South Broad Street
Melissa S. and Jazzie R. Battle to Jazzie R. and Melissa S. Battle for $1.

207 West Main Avenue
Snyder Rentals LLC to Broc A. and Abigail R. Ressler for $265,000.

308 South Railroad Street
Larry S. Harman, Andrea Novak to Andrea Novak for $1.

321 West Carpenter Avenue
Rhonda M. Mitchell to David A. and Brittany E. Frandsen for $321,000.

50 South Goodwill Street
Revital Home Co LLC to Kyle D. Wenger for $1.

101 West Center Avenue
KDW Real Estate LLC to Kyle D. Wenger for $1.

305 South Broad Street
Joann M. Steffy to Benjamin S. and Brooke A. Moyer for $321,000.

715 South Railroad Street
Henry W. and Sara J. Zug to Kristin B. Ross for $1.

North Annville Township

1350 North State Route 934 Etc.
John H. and Margaret M. Reigel to Travis J. and Sherri A. Starner for $435,000.

1726 Blacks Bridge Road
Eugene C. Hostetter Estate, Sheila J. Schwenk, Alan D., Barry S., and Ernest E. Hostetter to Krista Breckbill for $185,000.

422 Ono Road Lot 7
Robert E. and Diane F. Engle to Anthony D. Hoover for $285,000.

5615 Valley Glen Road
Harvey D. Miller Estate, Harvey Daniel Miller Estate, Jeremy R. and Beverly K. Miller to Glen M. and Merline J. Weaver for $798,000.

North Cornwall Township

1901 Carlton Court Unit D on Plan
Margaret M. Connor Estate, Margaret L. Connor Estate, Joseph S. Connor to Robert J. Connor Jr., Dorothy M. Ellinger for $160,000.

1824 Chestnut Street
Lancaster Area Habitat For Humanity Inc., Habitat For Humanity Lancaster Area to Noemi Rymer for $179,000.

1509 Quentin Road
Frederick Chevrolet Cadillac Inc. to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Department of Transportation for $1.

205 Gardenia Lane Lot 34
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Donald J. Hart III for $479,585.

1900 Walnut Street Lot 758 and 759 Plan Known as Gloninger
Cameron Batz to Edward Eisenhour for $255,000.

North Lebanon Township

685 Prescott Drive Lot 4
Justin T. Lilley, Chaia Conner to Chaia Conner for $1.

41 East Brookfield Drive Lot 22
Raymond and Sean Goddard Sr. to Adam T. Wolfe for $253,500.

981 Miller Street Lot 53
Andrew Martin Builder LLC, Martin Andrew Builder LLC to Tanisha M. Smith, Tiana M. S. Colon for $85,000.

1016 Cider Lane
William J. and Susan M. Parker to Beth A. Berlin for $414,000.

1538 Beta Avenue Lot 89
302 Investment Group LLC, Hunter Creek Builders to Timothy D. Dinich for $390,000.

2085 Weavertown Road Lot 98
Joseph T. and Mary E. Hinks to Justo Pena, Crystal M. Rodriguez for $269,000.

506 Bella May Circle Unit 63
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Crossings at Sweetbriar Inc. to Daniel W. and Carolyn B. Du Bois for $111,500.

602 Lilliana Drive Unit 101
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Chris and Denise Hoffman for $107,200.

538 Bella May Circle Unit 72
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Paul E. Collins, Karen Kelly for $522,500.

1162 East Lehman Street Part of Lot 38
Viola C. Shiner to Breanna Acker for $108,000.

714 Weavertown Road Lot 4 and Part of Lot 6
Eduardo N. Rodriguez, Daniela Cardenas to Wendy Luzon for $1.

915 Sweetbay Lane Unit 17 Crossings at Sweetbriar Plan
Thomas W. and Gabriele H. Edwards to Gilbert Cunningham, Lisa Adams for $440,000.

North Londonderry Township

43 Hetrick Court Lot 87
Jonathan L. and Jessica S. Heil to Jonathan L. Heil for $1.

25 Hickory Street Lot 67
Nelson L. and Elsie M. Ebersole to Shaun C. and Diana E. Cooney for $395,000.

42 Brunswick Lane Lot 75 Plan for K B Bowling Centre Inc.
Heberling Family Trust, Thomas P. and Kay F. Heberling to Lisa Gladysz for $237,500.

603 West Pajabon Drive Lot 45 (Plan Book 17 Page 12)
Carmelo Seguinot Living Trust, Carmelo Seguinot Jr. to John and Lydia Hutchinson for $250,000.

810 South Grant Street
Doris M. Zellers Estate, Thomas C. Zellers to Thomas C., Alexander P., and Derek A. Zellers for $1.

12 Plum Street Lot 17
Karen K. Fagan to Derrick and Katelyn Hilton for $366,000.

115 Grand Summit Drive Unit 33
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Richard and Linda Grumbine for $539,900.

13 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Lot 149
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Terry L. and Lori C. Scovill for $524,300.

502 Hedge Row Lane Lot 29
Jason and Michele Orellana to Cartus Financial Corporation for $650,000.

502 Hedge Row Lane
Cartus Financial Corporation to Douglas A. and Renata R. Guilherme for $650,000.

Palmyra Borough

75 Sun High Circle Lot 114 Phase V Orchard Hill Estates Plan
Jeffrey J. and Tiffany M. Tipton to Christopher Vates for $550,000.

322 North Railroad Street
Franz J. Singer QTip Trust, Mary E. Hostetter, Doris E. Singer to Joshua M. Jones Jr. for $174,500.

226 North Chestnut Street
Bonnie M. Rhoads to Jeff R. Batchelor for $211,000.

402 North Railroad Street
Dale R. and Laurie L. D. Keller to Ivan S. and Barbara E. Fisher for $359,900.

35 North Locust Street
Dolores C. Bordlemay Estate, Wendy L. Lingle to Steven M. Bordlemay for $1.

621 East Walnut Street
Michael J. and Connie L. Mrakovich to Susan E. and John Dye for $379,900.

510 East Oak Street
Traci A. and Elaine M. L. Rossi to Stacy OConnor, Stacy O Connor for $335,000.

503 North Railroad Street
JVM Real Estate LLC to Lucinda L. Hess for $450,000.

Richland Borough

104 East Main Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Austin L. Smucker for $268,000.

2 Poplar Street
Derry L. and Sherri L. Weaver to Alexander and Hannah Smith for $200,000.

South Annville Township

NS Quittie Park Drive Unit 126 Building 4
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Andrew W. Bogdanovich, Janessa E. Zahorchak for $327,986.

429 Mayapple Drive Unit 97 Building 18
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Craig and Ingrid Y. Christman for $333,632.

617 Meadowview Drive Lot 126 Plan the Meadows at Bachman Run Phase 2
Richards Family Trust, Bonnie E. Richards to Karen M. and Robert P. Upton for $497,999.

249 Highland Court Unit 118
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Susan L. Schlener for $341,882.

3 Blue Jay Way Lot 23
Daniel L. and Kelly L. Matthias to Juan L. Santizo, Claudia Hurtarte for $504,000.

251 Highland Court Unit 117 Building 117
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Qais Abdiani, Sadaf Masoomi for $378,572.

South Lebanon Township

621 South 14th Avenue Lot 53
Patricia L., Lloy W., Margaret J., and Bryan D. Sanders to Dale L. and Elizabeth A. Reppert for $233,000.

1144 East Cumberland Street
Steven and Rie Moore to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $150,000.

309 Acorn Circle Lot 112
Kimberly N. and Bradley T. Haulman to Bradley T. Haulman for $1.

1152-1154 King Street
South Lebanon Township, Township of South Lebanon to Anthony C. and Jennifer L. Fesig for $5,000.

1152-1156 King Street
Anthony C. and Jennifer L. Fesig to Anthony C. and Jennifer L. Fesig for $1.

1 Mine Road
Gareth L. Fisher to Chad M. and Barbara A. Yeagley for $425,000.

347 Timber Boulevard
Donald N. and Gail B. Jones to Tabitha L. McLeish for $410,000.

807 East Evergreen Road Lot 4
Lawrence H. Roller Family Trust, Peter C. Roller to Suzanne W. Roller Revocable Trust, Peter C. Roller for $425,000.

62 Monticello Drive Lot 6
Strathford Meadows LLC to Sarah M. Krumbine for $512,200.

50 South 5th Avenue
Cecelia A. Eisenhour to Melissa Torres for $192,800.

South Londonderry Township

2068 South Forge Road
Steven M. and Hannah E. Dove Jr. to Amanda M. and Dalton Haulman for $215,000.

232 South Village Circle Unit 196 (Springbrook Farms)
Katherine A. Webb to Randall D. and Deborah E. Baruh for $277,700.

5599 Elizabethtown Road Lot 2
Melissa S. Lehman to Dale S. and Pamela H. Robbins for $296,000.

2050 South Forge Road
Stephan P. and Michele P. Boyer to Integrity First Home Buyers LLC for $80,000.

2050 South Forge Road Lot 2
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Steven R. Kern for $150,000.

200 Prospect Road
Allen M. Wenger Personal Residence Trust, Allen M. Wenger, Nancy L. Siler to Daniel and Sherri Collins Jr. for $656,149.

2095 South Forge Road
Christopher and Krista Smith to Lazrush and Lila M. Gurung, Tika R. Mongar for $415,000.

NS Northside Drive
Northside 34 LLC to Northside Commercial East LLC for $1.

NS Northside Drive
Northside 34 LLC to Northside Commercial West LLC for $1.

355 Timber Lane Lot 116
Mary J. Haines to Kyle L. Z. and Ashleigh C. Walter for $325,000.

2900 and 2902 Horseshoe Pike
2900 Horseshoe Pike LLC to Aga Realty LLC for $410,000.

Swatara Township

NS Darkes Road Lot 4
Steven P. and Debra A. Clay to Nathali M. and Lersy Calzado Sr. for $18,000.

25 Arrow Court Lot 10
John R. Swisher Estate, Jodi L. Swisher, Debra A. Radina to Jodi L. Swisher for $1.

336 Lighthouse Drive Lot 105
Lacy J. Yiengst to Arlin and Janelle Fox for $209,900.

15 Wildflower Circle Lot 88
Constance R. Renninger to Kelly A. Burdick for $344,900.

286 Cindy Drive Lot 107
Connie K. Edris to Kenton D. Klassen for $220,000.

Union Township

18 Lion Lane Lot 77 of Kings Plantation
Saddie P. Garcia, Kelly Corujo to Dalton M. Francik for $325,000.

205 Shepherd Street Lot 131 “Kings Plantation” BK 51 PG 28
Shaun and Diana Cooney to Adam N. and Paige Erbach for $315,000.

508 Hemlock Hill Lane
Mark A. and Robin A. Lehman to Lauren N. and Matthew R. Bond for $410,000.

148 Race Horse Drive
Joshua D. Witmer to Joshua D. and Janelle A. Witmer for $1.

181 Ridge Road
Doris Solmiren to Roger Yordy for $1.

West Cornwall Township

206 1st Street Lots 4, 19, and 21
Nathan and Rebecca Godfrey to Stephanie and William J. Kennedy for $342,500.

1086 Alden Way Unit 108
Marion V. Cornwell Estate, Suzanne K. Kreider to Suzanne K. Kreider for $1.

209 Weaver Avenue Lots 9 and 11
David R. and Kristine K. Warner Jr. to David R. and Kristine K. Warner Jr. for $1.

502 South 6th Street
Jeremiah D. Shuman to Justin T. and Julie M. Webb for $365,000.

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