A wet, cold, damp, and breezy weekend is on tap. YUCK!

Good Friday morning.

Friday will again start off cool and crisp. Sadly, unlike the past several days, early morning sunshine will quickly fade behind increasing clouds.

Temps Friday afternoon will barely make it into the low 70s before a tropical system to the south starts to enter our region. As this system moves in, temps will drop and breezy conditions will develop. Area-wide steady rain will develop by Friday night.

Saturday looks to be dismal. Moderate to heavy rain looks likely with several inches possible. Breezy and CHILLY conditions with gusts over 40 mph possible. Temps, 50s.

Sunday is still in question, however at this time I’m calling for RAW overcast and chilly conditions. It’s time to stock up on firewood and pellets at Jono Hardware.

Prepare for winter in the most efficient way with Jono Hardware! 🍂

As the days grow colder, many turn their thoughts to cozy firesides. And for those gearing up to split their logs, Jono Hardware has just the tool to streamline the process. Rent one of their high-quality log splitters and handle the toughest wood-splitting tasks with ease.

Don’t let winter preparation feel like a chore. When you rent one of Jono Hardware’s log splitters, you’re not only saving time but also ensuring precision in every split.

Interested in the nitty-gritty details? Dive into the specs and features here.

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