Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

38 West Sheridan Avenue
Nelson D. Bollinger, Leon L. Martin to Shaun M. Webb for $140,000.

48 West Sheridan Avenue
Amber Shutt to Fairy From Mother LLC for $210,000.

564 East Maple Street
Gary C. and Brooke M. Herr to Brooke M. Herr for $1.

442 West Main Street
Jeremy M. Long, Ashley M. Walter to Ryan Beaver, Kimberly Torres for $224,200.

337 East Main Street
Derrick and Katelyn Hilton to Greg and Kathryn McIlvaine, Greg and Kathryn Mc Ilvaine for $295,750.

150 North Moyer Street
Edward D., Kathleen B., Andrew J., Karin A., Mark, and Jennifer L. Jocham to Crabar GBF Inc., Crabar/GBF Inc., Crabar Inc., GBF Inc. for $4,000,000.

Bethel Township

132 Maple Drive Lot 2 on Valley Run Sub
David E. and Patricia A. Gurdus to Showers of Homes LLC for $325,000.

328 North Mechanic Street
Sophie R. Light to Jacob R. and Kaley K. Main for $275,000.

189 Johns Way Drive Lot 26
Derek J. and Stacy N. Bomberger to Renee B. and Jason D. Palski for $375,000.

City of Lebanon

503 North 12th Street
Cynthia M. Condran to John J. Miller for $80,000.

1415 Lehman Street
Todd A. Hugendubler Estate, Todd A. Hugendubler II to R. James and Diane L. Leonard for $210,500.

16 South 11th Street
Keh Logistics LLC to Joy F. C. Tifa for $140,000.

371 North Partridge Street
Corey L. Remlinger Sr. Estate, Corey L. Remlinger Jr. to Lonnie D. Heilman Jr. for $7,500.

1328 Brandywine Street
Amos Zook to Jonas S. Beiler for $121,000.

17 East Locust Street
Michael Carter, Katelyn L. Reinoehl to Jason C. and Bethany J. Good for $148,000.

525 Maple Street
Richard G. and Jean M. Mason to Amos Zook for $165,000.

544 North 8th Street
George T. Bailey to Proverbs Home Buyers LLC for $180,000.

230 East Spring Street
Gary L. Baeshore to CY Properties LLC for $25,000.

829 Scull Street
Jay J. Romero, Washington Guanopatin to 829 Scull LLC for $40,000.

246 South 12th Street
James R. Dean to Maria G. Martinez for $161,000.

437 East Weidman Street
Robert C. and Shirley A. Rowe to George Hanna for $25,000.

507 South Twelfth Street
William O. Weik Estate, William S. Weik to John M. Nakhla for $205,000.

1020 Chestnut Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Shambhu Acharya, Saraswati Ghimire for $280,000.

544 North 8th Street
Proverbs Home Buyers LLC to CDMS Holdings LLC for $208,000.

127 and 135 North Partridge Street
Terry L. Wanner Estate, Terry L. Wanner Jr. to James Halkias for $155,000.

125 South Cherry Street
Martin A. and Norma Seidel to Chez Mel Properties LLC for $100,000.

1023 Monument Street
Jose R. Rivera to Betsy Rivera for $1.

301 South 8th Street
Wanda S. Livering to Jonathan Cameron, Shalani Colon for $110,000.

125 North 12th Street
Howard F. Wood to Johan M. Feliz for $165,000.

613 Lehman Street
Living Christian Church Ministries, Living Christian Church Ministries Jesus Christ Is The King, Iglesia Cristiana De Auivamiento Jesucristo Es El Rey, Church Living Christian Church Ministries, Church Iglesia Cristiana De Auivamiento Jesucristo Es El Rey to Specialty Taxes and Business Solutions Limited Liability Company for $450,000.

1001 Willow Street
Living Christian Church Ministries, Church Living Christian Church Ministries to Specialty Taxes and Business Solutions Limited Liability Company for $360,000.

356 North 4th Street
Vincente E. R. Muniz to James Pariti for $120,000.

1010 Walnut Street
Glacier Estate LLC to Guissela G. Ruiz for $152,500.

410 South Lincoln Avenue
Todd and Jennifer McConnell, Todd and Jennifer Mc Connell to Michael A. and Sherri L. Madl for $144,000.

316 Canal Street
Terry Lerch to Antonio M. Miranda for $180,000.

406 Noble Street
David A. and Suzanne M. Papson to Jenifer K. and W. Ray Hershey for $215,000.

Cleona Borough

254 South Center Street
Michael D. and Amy Meyer to House Cash LLC for $80,000.

Cornwall Borough

130 Magnetite Lane Lot 19A Block C
Raymond L. and Belinda K. Fratini to Cornwall Professional Building LLC for $200,000.

108 Maple Lane Lot 34
Carl J. and Darlene M. Grimes Jr. to Carl J., Darlene M., Travis J., and Chad M. Grimes Jr. for $1.

736 Aspen Lane
Charles F. and Lucinda M. Williams to Michael K. and Catherine L. McNamara, Michael K. and Catherine L. Mc Namara for $525,000.

99 Norway Lane Lot 86
Stanley M. and Lisa M. C. Dacko to Adam and Stephanie M. Moritz for $482,000.

318 Rexmont Road
Jason and Sarah Graby to Darin M. Watson for $255,000.

120 Juniper Street Lot 29
Edward S. and Pamela H. Merkey to Richard A. Kyper for $355,000.

East Hanover Township

1084 School House Road
Harold E. Hostetter Revocable Living Trust, David E. Hostetter, Joann E. Oellig to Thomas E. and Gloria A. Hostetter for $440,000.

10104 Jonestown Road
Karen L. Lesher to Karen L. Lesher for $1.

10104 Jonestown Road
Karen L. Lesher to Karen L. Lesher for $1.

Heidelberg Township

135 Horst Road Lot 2
Gideon A. and Arie Fisher Jr. to Eli and Lizzie Fisher for $5,000.

2496 Stiegel Pike Lot 1
SFP Realty LLC to WellSpan Properties Inc. for $665,000.

111 Mountain Trail Road
Michael D. and Kim M. Whitmoyer to David L. and Rejoice M. Binkley for $430,000.

214 Millbach Road
Lee G. Gerhart Estate, Lee Grant Gerhart Estate, Lora Gockley to Lamar and Julia Zimmerman for $214,000.

1463 Heidelberg Avenue
LSF9 Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust, Hudson Home Management LLC to Killian J. Mummert for $185,000.

Jackson Township

441 Hilltop Road
Sonia K. Umbenhauer, Sherri L. Howdyshell to Myerstown Housing LLC for $255,000.

130 Jackson Road
Edith B. Zimmerman Estate, Harold Zimmerman to Clifford L. and Delphine K. Zimmerman for $800,000.

414 East Rosebud Road
Marlene A. Findley, Lorna P. Rieger to STGB LLC for $193,000.

251 Millardsville Road
Carl Ritzman Sr. to Abco LLC for $200,000.

Jonestown Borough

229 Spring Court
Hazel D. and Amy Moyer to Ryan A. and Alyssa M. VanHouten for $370,000.

Millcreek Township

22 North Sheridan Road
Herman and Nancy Sauter to John H. Sauter for $1.

224 Edgemont Lane Lot 336 Plan Newburg Village
Chad B. Price to Manoj and Gopal Poudyal for $330,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

410 Yale Avenue
Jack H. Anderson Trustee, Jane R. Anderson Trustee, Anderson Family Trust to Matthew J. Corbett for $424,900.

Myerstown Borough

321 South College Street
Eric L. and Sharon A. Heuer to Dakota Stump, Alyssa Viera for $227,000.

528 South Cherry Street
Thaddeus N. Krow to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $100,000.

North Annville Township

1660 Broad Street Lot 11 Plan M B Krum
Lester P., Thomas, Joshua R., Megan R., Tanner G., Teddie B., and Toles B. Hartman, Kacie L., Anna M., and Emily K. Ginder to Janice L. Richardson for $184,000.

121 Wind Furnace Road
Douglas J. Shoop to Austin M. and Brooke E. Samuelson for $450,000.

540 Palmyra Bellegrove Road Lot 2
Maria Gingrich to Linford and Janae Horst for $342,000.

North Cornwall Township

113 South 17th Street
Christopher K. Kreider, Abigail M. Watson to Lynnette Delacruz for $169,900.

51 Walden Road
Jeanne L. and Mary J. McNamee, Jeanne L. and Mary J. Mc Namee to Austin R. and Faith V. Buckingham for $360,000.

2030 Carlton Drive Lot 2030
David M. Erdman to Emily L. Hombach for $195,000.

824 Byler Circle Unit 130
Christian Jablonski, Marissa J. Sava to BSM Property Holdings LLC for $265,000.

250 Forney Road
Clarence B. and Mabel M. Forney Jr. to Clyde D. Forney for $1.

945 Tuck Street
Elwood Sanders Estate, Kim A. Bodnar to MMJ Properties LLC for $226,000.

412 Lavender Lane
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Erick X. T. Cruz, Yamaira J. Torres for $391,855.

229 Gardenia Lane
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Cheryl D. Triplett for $541,520.

North Lebanon Township

1340 Twigg Avenue Lot 114 Plan for Henry J. Arnold Jr.
Stephen R. and Caren M. Morris to Kenneth C. and Jane A. Sutton II for $378,900.

861 Kimmerlings Road Lot 2
Ruth A. Lutz Revocable Living Trust, Debra Ransing, Christine Walturz to Janell L. Ensminger for $355,000.

3703 Hill Church Road Lot 1
Charles D. and Barbara J. Stoudt to Arlong Properties LLC for $285,000.

107 East Brookfield Drive Lot 56 Deerfield North Phase 2
Daniel W. and Elizabeth S. Cannistraci to Roberto S. Perez, Perla M. G. Lora for $315,000.

732 Suzanne Drive Lot 18 Cedar Crest Gardens
Thomas A. Stewart Sr. to Thomas A. Stewart Sr., Laurie S. Horne for $1.

910 Maple Lane
John L. and Evelyn M. Snader to John J. Miller for $140,000.

535 Cherry Street Lot 1
Stephen R. and Jamie S. Hunter to Micah and Elizabeth Horst for $335,000.

835 Kimmerlings Road
Patricia M. Meagher Estate, Michael P. Meagher to Michael P. Meagher for $1.

North Londonderry Township

17 Holly Drive Lot 40
Millard S. and Barbara Stephens to Maganbhai and Manguben Patel for $360,000.

1414 East Maple Street Lot 129
Dana B. Marshall Estate to David R. and Sharon M. Smith for $370,000.

223 Cambridge Court Plot No 26
James W. Blahusch Estate, Brian C. Blahusch to Eugene F. and Shirley Ryan for $244,400.

1036 King Street Lot 33
Marion E. Heatwole, Robert Coppenhaver to Andrew N. and Mair F. Brice for $339,700.

Palmyra Borough

3 Sycamore Lane Lot 72
Beverly Summers to Kevin L. and Kensi O. Antol for $324,500.

18 Cortland Crossing Lot 67
Nicholas J. and Jennie M. Seaton to Riteshkumar and Falguniben Patel for $316,000.

419 South Franklin Street Lot 2 Plan of Lots for Richard R. Cramer
John A. and Shirley A. DAllura to John A. DAllura for $1.

742 West Cherry Street
Erma J. Stump Estate, Valerie D. Fralick to DaShawn L., Jaylene, and Da Shawn L. Martin for $210,000.

257 North Harrison Street
Dawn C. Witters to Gellatto & Co for $86,000.

247 West Main Street
Franz J. Singer QTip Trust, Mary E. Hostetter, Doris E. Singer to Christopher, Olivia, and Jeremy Wahl for $155,000.

49 East Ridge Road
Heather Occhinea to Amanda L. and Robert M. Zimmerman for $315,000.

555 North Railroad Street
Johanna L. Keller to Michael Montalto for $178,000.

Richland Borough

25 Willow Street Etc.
Fargo Assembly of PA Inc. to 6 West Penn LLC for $100,000.

110 East Main Street
Charles A. Haddad to M & B Holding Company LLC for $225,000.

25 Georgie Lane Lot 44
Ralph C. and Michele L. Layser II to Nicholas and Maryann Locicero for $305,000.

South Annville Township

113 Horseshoe Drive Lot 2 of the Har Nor Development Plan
Timothy E. and Sandra A. Rittle to Sharon M. Meson for $212,000.

NS Quittie Park Drive Unit 138 Building 11
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Jason M. Blouch, Leigh E. H. Miller for $418,198.

750 School House Plaza Lots 55 and 56
Carol A. Yeagley to Robert L. and Karen S. Neblock for $200,000.

South Lebanon Township

5 Moravian Street
Joseph C. Gibble to Eugenio M. Nova for $220,000.

907 South 2nd Avenue
Nicole M. Miller to Nickalus Madigan, Caoimhe G. Smith for $187,000.

WS South Lincoln Avenue
Strathford Meadows LLC to Michael D. and Jamie L. Rojek for $516,272.

21 Jayanne Drive
Raymond L. and Dina M. Leedy Jr. to Dina M. Leedy for $1.

726 South 3rd Avenue
David L. and Janet N. Keener to Billie J. Harman, Shawn D. and Benjamin L. Keener for $1.

744 South 4th Avenue
Brian Dolan, Jamie Christman to Joseph Eggert for $250,000.

South Londonderry Township

16 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 10
Betty Jane Kreider Estate, Mary K. Stager to Veronica and Teresa Merone for $265,000.

136 Timber Road Lot 58
Mario A. and Teresa A. Ceresini to Noble D. and Joy A. Anderson for $460,000.

120 Trillium Drive Lot 24 Block C
Vikash and Bulbul Ghimirey to Vikash Ghimiray for $1.

8041 Colebrook Road
Jacob E. and Sylvia G. Glick to Sylvan M. Glick for $1.

121 Schoolhouse Road
Robert S. Lasher to Nathan J. Shupp for $170,000.

127 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 49
Matthew J. Corbett to Kirtikumar G., Manishabahen K., Vijakumar N., and Rekhabahen V. Patel for $275,000.

Swatara Township

426 Cindy Drive Lot 61
William G. D. and Hector I. Rivera, Coralys M. S. Soto to Zeinaris Hernandez, Robinson F. Contreras for $214,900.

9 Gadel Lane
Paul J. Gadel to Paul J. and Tonya Gadel for $1.

145 Old Route 22
William T. Stanley to Cozy Camper RV Resort LLC for $2,300,000.

1813 Quarry Road
Nolt Weaver & Stoltzfus LLC to Nolt Weaver & Stoltzfus LLC for $1.

W Of Mountville Road
Nicholas J. and Sheri Vasil Jr. to Aaron D. and Kristen M. Shelton for $60,750.

WS Mountville Drive Lot 1
Nicholas J. and Sheri Vasil Jr. to Aaron D. and Kristen M. Shelton for $74,250.

NS Washington Avenue Lots 83-89, Lots 75-82 Etc.
Breezy Properties LLC, Middle Creek Investments LLC to Daniel A. and Ashlyn N. Fahnestock for $106,000.

35 Arrow Court
Renee B. Palski to Jose G. G. Galva, Katia E. M. Boteo for $195,000.

Union Township

Adverse Possession 536 Hemlock Hill Lane
Mildred L., Scott A., and Stacey L. Kline to Megan E. Horney for $0.

142 Awol Road
Jonestown Group LLC to Thomas Bomberger for $129,900.

26 Plymouth Drive Lot 29
Tammy J. Borger, Gregory Bentz to Austin M. Hoyer for $299,900.

31 Lambs Lane Lot 16 Kings Plantation
Mark K. Hubbard to Mark K. and Heidi J. Hubbard for $1.

94 Campmeeting Road
Jane A. K. Trate to Cory D. Brown for $175,000.

West Cornwall Township

100 Cassadee Court Lot 1
Judith J. Musser to Dale E. and Jennifer L. Wissler for $780,000.

51 North Lebanon Street
Devin Heim, Kyle Brown to Kyle N. Brown for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2406 Guilford Street
Rhoda K. Lauver to Jack L. Snyder Jr. for $48,047.