Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

411 West Main Street
Thomas S. and Kim M. Wentz to Jessica D. Moyer, Naoise Agnew for $190,000.

210 West Sheridan Avenue
Anna L. Skamangas to Nathan Appel for $180,000.

121 Woodside Court Lot 21
Joan K. Sheetz Estate, Brian W. Sheetz to Gabriela McEvoy, Miguel Pacheco for $250,000.

Bethel Township

218 Mill Road Lot 12
Larry W. and Susan M. Hess to Derek and Stacy Bomberger for $375,000.

22 Mull Lane Lot 2
Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull to Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull for $1.

23 Mull Lane
Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull to Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull for $1.

75 Mull Lane
Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull to Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull for $1.

119 East Walnut Street
Northern Lebanon School District, School Northern Lebanon School District to Yellow Breeches Educational Center Inc. for $1,900,000.

3061 State Route 22
James P. Steffy Sr., Carol A. Steffy to Carol A. Steffy for $1.

City of Lebanon

39-45 South 5th Avenue
Mary E. Stickler Estate, Fred B. Stickler Jr., Bradley R. Stickler to Fred B. Stickler Jr., Bradley R. Stickler for $1.

402 Noble Street
Ramon and Luis F. Dilone to Naralin Dilone for $180,000.

331 South 6th Street
Mildred A. Hartman Estate, Michele L. Allen to Vicki L. Kreiser for $184,800.

434 North 11th Street
Daniel C. Harmon to Musser Rentals LLC for $40,000.

1237 Willow Street
Joseph A. Peffley to Lantz Rentals LLC for $65,000.

1020 Guilford Street
Ana R. Lasanta to Natividad M. Flete for $105,000.

439 East Weidman Street
Edward L. and Mary Whitman to Marsha J. Roux for $40,000.

164 North 9th Street
City of Lebanon, Lebanon City to Mark Will for $80,000.

115 East Cumberland Street
Christine L. Sholly to Rosa E. C. Ortiz for $171,000.

807 East Lehman Street
Darryl P. Eisenhauer to Jason T. Shark, Julieann Price, Douglas T. Stark for $182,000.

1113 Brandywine Street
Gail L. Stalnecker to George and Stephanie Rodriquez for $50,000.

645 North 6th Street
Tammy and Scott Waltermeyer to Martin G. and Gina E. S. D. Martinez for $179,000.

515 Pershing Avenue
Howard F. Wood to Candace L. Spitzer for $160,000.

536 Weidman Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to MarinezIncomeTax LLC for $110,000.

49 Woodland Estates Unit 49 Building 8 Phase 5
Patricia Halsell to Julie J. Royer for $265,000.

424 Freeman Street
Nilda R. R. Quintana to Maria E. S. Soto for $10.

339 North 5th Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Cristian D. J. Bueno for $82,500.

521 Spruce Street
Patrick W. and Rosita D. McLaughlin, Patrick W. and Rosita D. Mc Laughlin to John E. and Victoria L. Drupp for $1.

452 New Street
Timothy and Susan Stirling to Raymond L. Martin for $82,000.

207 North 12th Street
Genoveva Toribio to Genoveva Toribio for $1.

1225 Willow Street
Donald S. Kapp Estate, Lloyd D. Kapp to Alliance Construction & Remodeling LLC for $55,000.

413 North 10th Street
Patricia D. Hartman Estate, Brenda J. Stoner to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $46,000.

308 South 2nd Street
Andrew J. and Kelly J. Bakke to SevenL Property Holdings LLC for $85,000.

554 Weidman Street
Geraldo J. Feliciano to Joanna S. Rissler for $180,000.

503 North 12th Street
John J. Miller to Solomon Street LLC for $110,000.

924 Water Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to John W. Fisher for $170,000.

413 North 10th Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Bruce L. Weaver for $85,000.

333 Hornet Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon for $120,000.

Cleona Borough

231 East Penn Avenue
Donald R. Sudbury to Edward Hine Jr. for $150,000.

Cornwall Borough

716 Aspen Lane
Manfred J. F. Buehler to Derek A. Mease, Brandy L. Gupta for $450,000.

136 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC to Malene K. Frost for $135,500.

332 Pamela Lane Lot 74
Greg and Kathryn McIlvaine, Greg and Kathryn Mc Ilvaine to Gabrielle Haas, Colin T. Wetzel for $260,000.

353 Rexmont Road
Derrick S. and Torey R. Smith to Derrick S. Smith for $1.

125 North Cornwall Road
Robinson Family Trust, Joseph P. and Lois Robinson to Jordan Engle Properties LLC for $154,000.

Heidelberg Township

422 North Market Street
Cynthia M. and Joseph A. Creyer to Billy J. and Alta R. Waldner for $290,000.

111 Mountain Trail Road Lot 1-2
David L. and Rejoice M. Binkley to David L. and Rejoice M. Binkley for $1.

Jackson Township

5 Harvest Drive
Edward S. and Joyce M. Krolikowski to Steve C. and Joy M. Shirk for $549,000.

228 East Rosebud Road
Erwin and Mary E. Mahaffey to Daniel F. and Martha F. Smoker for $238,000.

113 Arbor Drive Lot 382 Block A
Thomas F. and Jean M. Ebneter to Clair and Linda Lapp for $259,000.

51 King Street
D C Dieffenbach Properties LLC, Dieffenbach D C Properties LLC to Sterling Legacy Partners LLC for $1.

511 Kutztown Road
Joann V. Derr, Kathleen A. Zidik to Jesse W. and Lucille M. Oberholtzer for $140,000.

47 Millardsville Road
Jared B. and Kourtni Miller to Joshua T. and Kurstin A. Sugden for $372,000.

1021 Miller Road
Leon R. Brubaker Estate, Dale R. Brubaker to Eleanor A. Brubaker for $1.

111 Deep Run Road
Merle R. and Sylvia W. Brubaker to Kevin R. and Roselle Z. Brubaker for $200,000.

526 West Washington Avenue
Nathan G. and Marlene F. Machamer to Janessa J. Weaver, Stephen P. Wine for $311,000.

188 Gable Drive Lot 141
Brandon K. and Kayla J. Gettle to Kayla J. Gettle for $1.

600 East Lincoln Avenue
Jeanette Stoudt Estate, Nancy A. Henning, Gary R. Stoudt to Jeffrey D. Huber for $156,000.

Jonestown Borough

134 South Lancaster Street Existing Cemetery
Northern Lebanon School District, School Northern Lebanon School District, Jonestown Borough School District, School Jonestown Borough School District to Borough of Jonestown, Jonestown Borough for $1.

295 South Mill Street Area B
Northern Lebanon School District, School Northern Lebanon School District, Jonestown Borough School District, School Jonestown Borough School District to Borough of Jonestown, Jonestown Borough for $1.

295 South Mill Street
Borough of Jonestown, Jonestown Borough to Borough of Jonestown, Jonestown Borough for $1.

Millcreek Township

328 Stricklerstown Road
Mary K. Moyer Estate, John R. Moyer, Carol Klick to Middlecreek Property Holdings for $1,575,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

109 Lebanon Avenue
Kay F. Ankeny Estate, Christopher R. Ankeny to Christopher R. Ankeny for $1.

Myerstown Borough

319 South Broad Street
Paul M. and Jolene S. Weaver to Jesse D. and Michelle J. Burkholder for $120,000.

40 West Main Avenue
Andrea L. Podolski to Andrea L. and Vincent Podolski for $1.

5 East Richland Avenue
Mary Gerhart Estate, Mary K. Gerhart Estate, Natasha L. Gerhart to Samuel D. Kauffman for $200,000.

319 South Broad Street Corrective Deed
Paul M. and Jolene S. Weaver to Jesse D. and Michelle J. Burkholder for $1.

North Annville Township

2598 Long Lane
Michael D. Centini to Michael D. and Letizia J. Centini for $1.

7065 Bates Drive
Kay L. Winters to Benjamin and Jessica L. Kellerman for $247,000.

North Cornwall Township

1821 Center Street
Annette M. Getz, Brenda and George Ritter to Richard M. Minetree Jr., Danielle E. Minetree for $150,000.

2511 West Oak Street
David J. and Carissa M. Garpstas to Morgan Clare for $600,000.

251 Gardenia Lane
Carla S. McClain, Carla S. Mc Clain to Dov E Holdings Irrevocable Trust, Dov’E Holdings Irrevocable Trust for $1.

1402 Quentin Road
RT 72 Partners LLC to 2J2M LLC for $475,000.

1823 Center Street
Ricky T. and Angela M. Reinhart to Brittany N. Nolt for $185,000.

117 Millview Court Lot 117
Vivian R. Hummel to Greenville Construction LLC for $103,000.

North Lebanon Township

771 North 8th Avenue Lot 38-41
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Provest Property LLC for $1,000,000.

731 Suzanne Drive Lot 26
Barry L. Herzog Estate, David C. Herzog to David M. and Judith L. Costa for $230,000.

2137 Long Lane Lot 15
David P. Wise to Kyle D. Barr for $240,000.

542 Bella May Circle Unit 74
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to John and Judith Parmelee for $114,000.

1837 Ashton Drive
Clarence R. Smith to Clarence R. Smith, Ena L. T. Rua for $1.

2084 Mallard Lane Lot 6
Walter O. and Anita V. Smith to Thomas E. McDowell, Thomas E. Mc Dowell for $485,000.

903 Maple Lane Lot 903 Farview Acres Plan
Gregory R. and Mackenzie Moyer to Emily Allard, Michael Dwyer for $260,000.

1557 Sholly Avenue
Sara C. Shirato to Altagracia T. D. L. Cruz, Jose M. Muniz for $290,000.

1239 East Cumberland Street
Henry P. Wallace III, Tamy L. Wallace to Aaron Reager for $175,000.

848 A Mount Zion Road
Leonard and Rhonda Sauder to Matthew R. Zimmerman for $455,000.

1612 Greenwood Drive Lot 4
Ovidio A. Castro to Frank R. Maldonado Jr., Kristen Runion for $339,500.

2067 Meadowfield Drive
Robert C. Henry to Robert C. and Diane C. Henry for $1.

701 Kimmerlings Road
Donna N. Eberly to North Lebanon Township, Township of North Lebanon for $191,000.

110 Kathy Drive
Norman F. and Patricia L. Rader to Wellington and Jessica M. Brown for $305,000.

2705 Tunnel Hill Road
Michael T. Ferguson Estate, Brandi L. Ferguson to Joel L. and Janae F. Nolt for $160,000.

800 Marcon Drive
M. Marie Walters, Christy L. Shutter to Christy L. Shutter for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1336 South Prince Street Lot 133
Charlotte R. Gustin Estate, Vicki M. Riordan to Ian McKenna, Ian Mc Kenna for $270,000.

155 Oxford Road Lot 122
Michael L. and Amy L. Nissley to Michael L. Nissley for $1.

856 Hoffer Road Lot 1
Millpond Properties LLC to Daniel J. and Brian Wolfe for $400,000.

200 Clover Lane Lot 36
Thomas C. and Joyce M. Hetrick to Gregory Pickel for $430,000.

300 Fir Street Lot 1
Frederick H. and Joanne Wendte to Michael J. Montalto for $285,000.

311 Barrington Court Plot 141
Ian W. McKenna to Robert L. and Marianna Wilson for $227,000.

928 Hemlock Street
Sydnor W. Harrison Jr., Karen M. Harrison to Karen M. Harrison for $1.

928 Hemlock Street Lot 11
Karen M. Harrison to Jennifer M. H. and John D. Rathfon for $285,000.

14 Rye Lane Lot 214 Wheatstone Plan
Jorge O. Bouzas to Jorge O. Bouzas Living Trust, Jorge O. Bouzas for $1.

1122 South Green Street Lot 112 Section C
Carl R. Kreider to Kurt and Beverly Kauffman for $313,000.

1131 South Prince Street Lot 8 Plan For Palm Acres
Curtis J. Lear Sr. Estate, Curtis J. Lear Jr. to B & A Partners LLC for $252,500.

38 Ladderback Lane Lot 37
Sara J. Burgess Estate, Patricia S. Prickett to Nicole J., Tyler J., and Jacob T. Burgess, Burgess Testamentary Trust for $1.

Palmyra Borough

220 East Main Street
Dat T. and Chi K. Vu to Gregory Fonti, Jessica Macareno for $300,000.

739 East Birch Street
Kathleen M. Krikorian to Marc D. and Sara J. Martin for $191,000.

517 East Oak Street Lots 178 and 179
Michael and Diane Leonard to Derek and Marlana R. Moore for $362,000.

34 North Railroad Street
Equity Trust Company, Equity Trust Company (FBO Z154219), Equity Trust Company Custodian, Equity Trust Company Custodian (FBO Chris Martin IRA), Chris Martin to MRI Properties LLC for $140,000.

316 North Locust Street
Susan M. Clark to Raymond L. Ingram Jr. for $410,000.

320 East Arch Street
D & B Laundromat LLC, Palmyra Laundromat LLC to Donald Desanto Investments LLC for $265,000.

118 Braeburn Way Lot 41
Daniel E. Underkoffler to Yael N. P. Colon, Eliezer C. Ocasio for $329,900.

Richland Borough

11 Church Street
John R. Buchanan to John R. and Sandra G. Buchanan for $1.

701 East Linden Street Corrective Deed
Rigidply Rafters Inc. to Rigidply Rafters Properties LLC for $1.

South Annville Township

997 Louser Road
Betsy A. and Elizabeth Fasnacht to Betsy A. and Elizabeth Fasnacht, Kathy A. Myers for $1.

NS Quittie Park Drive
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Matthew and Amy Silvestri for $417,990.

546 South Lancaster Street
Brian E. and Rachel Miller to Cartus Financial Corporation for $540,000.

546 South Lancaster Street Meadows at Bachman Run Phase 1A
Cartus Financial Corporation to Henry L. Gingrich, Lisa J. Barnett for $540,000.

20 Blue Jay Way Lot 88 Olde South Crossing Plan
David and Vanessa Caribardi to Patrick M. and Rachel A. Ratke for $560,000.

South Lebanon Township

2103 East Pennsylvania Avenue
J & G Property Solutions LLC to Luis and Valerie R. Rosado for $300,000.

1003 South 3rd Avenue
Lois J. Mease to Nicole L. and Stephen R. Burns for $270,000.

2001 Birch Road Lot B Corrective Deed
Priscilla H. Swanger to Galen M. and Elaine M. Good for $1.

1016 Franklin Avenue
Albert J. Booth Estate, Henry Booth, Linda Martin to Monica A. Pastal for $207,000.

1128 South 3rd Street Lot 8
Barry A. and Vonnie L. Boyle to Vonnie L. Boyle for $1.

2100 State Drive
Brett R. and Briana L. Meckley to James E. and Kelly D. Quigley for $440,000.

912 East Evergreen Road Lot 7
Millpond Properties LLC to James J. Meyers for $269,995.

221 Crosswind Way Lot 52
Ronald L. Witmer to Ronald L. and Rebecca J. Witmer for $1.

WS South Lincoln Avenue Lot 126 Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Stra.
Strathford Meadows LLC to Daniel A. and Barbara E. Karschner for $612,800.

1307 Birch Road Lot 2 Etc.
George Hanna to Eliezer and Elsie Martinez for $295,000.

67 Folmer Street
Mary E. Light, Cheryl Keller, Scott Seltzer, Wendy Lehman, Unknown Heirs to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB8 for $116,964.

507 Noble Street
Frank R. Maldonado Jr. to Tania E. Munoz for $280,000.

10 Mine Road
Cora M. Horst Estate, Kathleen Atwood to CJJC Property Holdings LLC for $220,000.

South Londonderry Township

319 Brookwood Drive Unit 3
BHA Enterprises LLC to Kyle Milosek, Ashley G. Williams for $265,000.

1285 Mount Wilson Road
Daniel A. and Kelcey M. Bucks to Tyler S. Rosenberry for $260,000.

1392 Fox Hill Drive Lot 8
C. Kevin and Karen L. Smith to James D. and Ruth A. Love for $1,050,000.

202 Piper Circle Lot 6A
Basin Street Associates Inc. to WBP Properties LLC for $980,000.

560 Springbrook Drive Unit 48 (Windermere)
Donald E. and Susan J. Kline to Thomas C. and Joyce M. Hetrick for $387,000.

1656 South Forge Road
David W., Steven, and Alan Nocket to Michael L. and Lori A. Wenger for $210,000.

2703 Horseshoe Pike
A & H Holdings LLC to Leeds Corner Realty LLC for $650,000.

401 Bridle Avenue Lot 95 Plan for Carriage Park Phase 2
Cesar Z. Camero, Karen Noriega to Cameron A. Bechard, Laura A. Wojcik for $575,000.

34 West Market Street
Kenneth E. and Eleanore Z. Gepfer to Eleanore Z. Gepfer for $1.

Swatara Township

2062 Grace Avenue
Frank L. and Kandice M. DiGiorgio, Frank L. and Kandice M. Di Giorgio to Shannon R. and Stone N. Sullivan for $350,000.

441 Mountville Drive
Jean M. Kulp Estate, Elizabeth A. Conner, Ann E. Kulp to Miranda S. Noecker for $165,000.

Union Township

15 Hoover Drive Lot 6
Kassie Whitmoyer to John A. Shirk for $200,000.

13 Plymouth Drive Lot 48
Melvin J. Hasenauer Jr., Kelle A. Hasenauer to Kelle A. Hasenauer for $1.

12 Penny Lane
Shirley A. Howard Estate, Dianne L. Strohm to Dianne L. Strohm, Racheal M. Zeigler for $1.

12 Penny Lane
Dianne L. Strohm, Racheal M. Zeigler to Racheal M. Zeigler for $1.

3533 State Route 72
John D. Light to Stay At Swatara LLC for $140,000.

West Lebanon Township

1843 Scull Street
Miles M. and Leah P. Shirk, Pammi Sheaffer to Miles M. and Leah P. Shirk for $1.

1935 West Cumberland Street Lot 14
Shirley A. Howard Estate, Dianne L. Strohm to Dianne L. Strohm, Racheal M. Zeigler for $1.

1935 West Cumberland Street Lot 14
Dianne L. Strohm, Racheal M. Zeigler to Racheal M. Zeigler for $1.