Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Bethel Township

240 Snow Drive Lot 1
Rodney T. Beamesderfer Estate, Amanda J. S. Beamesderfer to Amanda J. Sanger, Tammi Hopkins for $308,000.

2265 Mount Zion Road Lot 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14
Lamar M. and Bonita Z. Weaver to Daryl L. and Judith A. Martin for $3,000,000.

339 West Main Street
Barbara M. Bauer Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew Whitehill for $1.

City of Lebanon

1662 Rita Lane
Dixie E. Hoover to AJ Homegenix LLC for $189,000.

830 Lehman Street
Jerome E. Hutter Jr. Estate, Jennifer S. Davis to Jennifer S. Davis for $1.

55 Lehman Street
Earlene J. Petruska to Cristian Tejada, Rosainy R. Vicente for $215,000.

360 North 9th Street
Hari Om Enterprises Inc. to Carlos Suarez for $102,500.

722 Union Street
Amos Zook to Daniel R. Beiler for $108,000.

722 Union Street
Amos Zook to Levi B. King for $108,000.

631 Union Street
Dean L. Zehring, StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to New Street Property LLC for $100,000.

239 Cumberland Street
Jason P. and Megan E. Jones to Harold R. Boltz Jr., Corbie J. Boltz for $185,000.

222 Walnut Street
Amy L. Conklin to Trinity P. and Ryan M. Blizzard for $175,000.

414 Steitz Street
Branden C. Dye, Breanna L. Hoppes to Courtney Vangeli for $265,000.

1227 Lehman Street
Ester N. Fares to 248 South Quince Street LLC for $1.

820 North 6th Street
Kevin Smith to Ashley Uhler, Deeanna Ebling for $200,000.

21 Tiffany Lane Lot 11
Dana L. Shay to Nehemias P. Gonzalez, Pastor Nehemias P. Gonzalez for $155,000.

454 North 6th Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Odani A. Mercedes for $143,000.

24 East Maple Street
George E. and Linda L. Miller to Brandi Deaven, Cody L. D. Young for $172,000.

523 North 3rd Street
Juan R. and Isabel Olan to Elizabeth L. D. Nova for $140,000.

1115 Forest Street
Robert J. Serafin Jr. to Cody W. Foster for $185,000.

1126 Buttonwood Street
Caroline Rodriguez to JR Rental Properties LLC for $80,000.

1127 Washington Street
Philip L. Martin Jr. to Howard F. Wood for $95,000.

419 North 6th Street
Ethan Good to Percy Walton for $112,000.

1114 Mifflin Street
Harold E. Dice to Simeon B. and Malinda Beiler for $170,000.

SS Furnace Hills Road
Coleman Memorial Park to City of Lebanon, Lebanon City for $1.

SS Furnace Hill Road
George E. Christianson to Coleman Memorial Park for $1.

528 North 10th Street
Jennifer Franklin to Dagmaris M. Creagh for $100,000.

131 Guilford Street
Jesse D. and Dorcas J. Weber to Andreas Stump for $119,000.

430 North 6th Street
Jeanette and Richard Torres to Frank Camacho, Charlotte MacNamara, Charlotte Mac Namara for $28,800.

Cleona Borough

206 South Center Street
Brenda M. Smith to Christopher Gedon for $175,000.

Cornwall Borough

364 Granite Street Lot 74 Block D
Rachel Briody to Frank Tomecek Jr., Kristine Warner for $140,000.

1273 Ash Lane
Alejandro Rivera Jr., Ken Krukowski to Suzen Regmi, Bhola N. Kadariya for $630,000.

123 Furnace Street Lot 1
Keely C. Chamberlain to Robert S. and Kaitlyn R. Strickhouser for $360,000.

1067 Stanford Drive Unit 165
Joseph Kozak to Terry L. and Barbara L. Oxenreider for $319,900.

132 Magnetite Lane Lot 19A Block C
Brant E. Meckley to Megan M. Reedy for $185,000.

East Hanover Township

46-48 Main Street
Diane S. F. Petrozziello to J Shay Rentals LLC, Shay J Rentals LLC for $100,000.

125 Racehorse Drive
Adams Family Trust, Leroy W. Adams Jr., Holly Adams to Triple Z Acres LLC for $906,000.

16 Crooked Road
Andrew and Amanda Blatt to Amanda Blatt for $1.

WS County Line Road
George D. Berryhill Sr. Estate, George D. Berryhill Jr., George D. Berryhill Testamentary Trust, David E. Berryhill to John A. and Wendy S. Saich for $390,000.

Jackson Township

4 Scenic Drive Lot 269 Block B
Christel A. Sicinski to Nancy L. and Phillip H. Sechrist for $200,000.

ES North Ramona Road
Jackson Developers LLC to Lynford H. and Dorcas M. Martin for $725,000.

445 South Race Street
Frederick L. Shaak Jr., Catherine R., Michael D., and Corinne D. Shaak to Catherine R. Shaak, Frederick L. Shaak Jr. for $1.

451 South Race Street
Frederick L. and Sally A. W. Shaak to Sally A. W. and Frederick L. Shaak for $1.

106 Arbor Drive Lot 421 Block G (Plan BK 54 PG 61)
Russell W. and Margaret A. Kunkle, Anna M. Trate, Patricia A. Everett to Marlin D. and Janet M. Rosenberry for $232,000.

1 Thorndale Drive
Michael Miele Revocable Trust, Michael and Susanna Miele to Linwood P. Kern for $264,900.

27 Scenic Drive Lot 281 Block E
Thomas G. Starry Jr., Linda L. Starry to Linda L. Starry for $1.

451 Yeagley Road
Glen M. and Merline J. Weaver to Samuel K. and Ada L. Kauffman for $376,000.

3 Primrose Crossing
Joseph A. Kling to Joseph A. Kling for $1.

449 South Race Street
Michael D., Corrine D., Frederick L., and Sally Ann W. Shaak to Michael D. and Corinne D. Shaak for $1.

Jonestown Borough

158 North Fisher Street
Hazel D. Moyer Estate, Amy Moyer to Peter and Christine G. Klassen for $47,000.

Millcreek Township

145 West Park Street
Beverly S. Brossman to Teresa A. and Terry L. Blatt for $110,000.

300 West Main Street
Grube Properties LLC to Mackenzie L. Peiffer, Cameron S. Davis for $265,000.

10 North Street
Teresita M. Leed to Richard D. Donati Jr., Angela Donati for $350,000.

415 Stricklerstown Road
Lavina M. Weaver to Kendra S. Wise for $195,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

314 Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 108
JPD RTD Holdings LLC to Janet Evans for $449,900.

Myerstown Borough

27 East Main Avenue
Travis and Erin Brubaker to Megan N. Herbert, Zachary T. Harnly for $205,000.

North Annville Township

1650 Broad Street
Stanley D. Kreiser Jr., Susan E. Kreiser to Jared and Kristen Stauffer for $334,000.

1786 Blacks Bridge Road
John K. Moyer to Jay T. Zimmerman Jr., Sarah E. Zimmerman for $470,000.

North Cornwall Township

1930 Walnut Street
Jose Ceballos to Elizabeth R. Colemire, Daniel M. Reinhart for $235,000.

1536 Nowlen Street
Gareth F. and Amelia L. Broucht to Kelly Serrano for $265,000.

1700 Quentin Road Unit 2 Corrective Deed
TS Quentin Road Lebanon LLC to Hampshire Outparcels LLC for $1.

1700 Quentin Road
TS Quentin Road Lebanon LLC to Agree Shelf PA LLC for $1,980,881.

1335 Colebrook Road
John P. Sirriannia to John P., Christopher, and Joseph Sirriannia for $1.

1625 Center Street
Erma L. Putt to Yazmin V. Torres, Alexander Pacheco for $92,000.

1816 Carlton Court
Julie J. Royer to Reid J. Dissinger, Katey M. McVicker for $239,000.

502 Waterside Circle Lot 117
Betty A. Eckenrode to Bryan D. Eckenrode for $1.

2112 Autumn Court Lot 179
Clair N. and Michelle D. Zimmerman to Siobhan Pucillo for $237,500.

North Lebanon Township

1626 Greenwood Avenue
Ronald J. and Debra Heisey to Ashley N. Royer for $231,500.

1132 Cedar Crest Drive
Bonnie J. Shank to Michael L. Thissen, Bonnie J. Shank for $1.

151 Mountville Drive
Kristen Carpenter to Timothy S. Andrews, Carlos L. Perez, Alyssa M. Gehr for $236,000.

809 Shore Landing Drive
Lorinda A. Jasper to Alan J. and Anne D. Smith for $420,000.

204 Daisy Drive Lot 28 (Mapledale Estates)
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Anita Spaits, Larissa Shuga for $85,000.

2401 East Cumberland Street
Douglas M. Shenk to PA Natural Chicks Inc. for $1.

2100 Hill Street
Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Church Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Ebenezer Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Church Ebenezer Church of the United Brethren in Christ to David K. Drummond for $170,000.

221 Gary Avenue
Alice J. Snyder Estate to George H. Snyder III, Lynda A. Crater, Kathymarie E. Frederick for $1.

221 Gary Avenue
George H. Snyder III, Kathymarie E. Frederick, Lynda A. Crater to George H. Snyder III for $141,334.

2033 Water Street Lot 176
Jason M. Moyer to Jason M. and Jennifer L. Moyer for $1.

110 Dream Drive Lot 1
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC to Patrick D. Brannan, Meghann R. Slatosky for $549,476.

886 Kimmerlings Road
Fern M. Sanders Estate, Leslie R. Sanders to Mary B. Luca, Michael C. Peiffer for $180,000.

1204 Horizon Boulevard Lot 7
Corbett Brickle to Chandra P. Kafley for $340,000.

1340 Sandhill Road Lot 16
Citadel Investment Properties LLC to Joshua L. and Tawny M. Weaber for $280,000.

North Londonderry Township

139 White Tail Lane Lot 8 Edison Woods Final Subdivision Plan (BK 59 PG 89)
Deborah A. Parker to George and Kelley Nahodil for $1,175,000.

150 White Tail Lane Lot 10
George and Kelley D. Nahodil to Nicholas J. and Deborah M. Julius for $880,000.

441 Oak Lane Lot 164
Brian A. and Anita H. Bohr to Matthew L. and Kristy B. Kellum for $388,000.

613 West Elm Street Lot 117
Phillip J. Civello Jr., Merry A. Civello to Phillip J. Civello Living Trust, Merry A. Civello Living Trust, Phillip J. and Merry A. Civello for $1.

97 Lexington Drive Lot 50
Courtney J. Prokop to Andrew and Kayla Kurtz for $502,000.

634 Barrington Court Plot 192
Shirley M. Shuttlesworth Estate, Joseph W. Shuttlesworth Jr., Penny J. Bush to Amy L. Shuttlesworth for $180,000.

27 Villa Lane Lot 34
Erin E. Corbett to Cristal and Blake Bomberger for $377,000.

566 Sweetwater Drive Lot 11
Melanie R. and James J. Higgins to Vipin and Nidhi Arora for $515,000.

633 Sunset Boulevard Unit 12
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Sereyviseth Pheng, Christy Occhiena for $641,292.

1401 Cambridge Court Plot 266
Susan C. Garrison Irrevocable Trust, Lennard C. Sheriff, Lori L. Diller to S&S ABNB LLC for $280,000.

2 North Londonderry Square
North Londnderry Investors LP to North Londonderry Investors LP for $1.

Palmyra Borough

309 West Maple Street
Ricky E. Singley to Jeffrey T. and Sandra C. Fitser for $206,000.

25 East Main Street
Brad E. and Deborah A. Wilhite to East Main Equity LP for $230,000.

506 West Maple Street Lots 133 and 134, Part of Lot 132
Phillip J. and Merry A. Civello to Phillip J. Civello Living Trust, Merry A. Civello Living Trust, Phillip J. and Merry A. Civello for $1.

150 North Chestnut Street
Bhailal N. and Maniben B. Patel to Dev A. and Shrey M. Patel for $1.

321 South Horstick Avenue
Lois A. and Steven P. Stump to Jonathan M. and Sarah S. Wyse for $165,000.

107-109 South Forge Road
Chad L. and Stacy M. Hellenthal to Corey L. Herrington for $275,000.

30 West Orchard Drive
Jason and Chasity Moore to Jeffrey W. and Sarah J. Debree for $500,000.

302 West Main Street
Roland F. Forti Jr., Veronica F. Mundis to 302 Property Group LLC for $445,000.

940 East Main Street Unit 2
OCCC GDP TS Palmyra LLC to Agree Shelf PA LLC for $2,235,489.

South Annville Township

97-99 Diamond Drive
Ralph E. and Janet K. Moyer to Douglas C. and Cindy J. Moyer for $1.

South Lebanon Township

2020 South 5th Avenue Lots 33 and 34 on Plan for Stony Crest Estate
Sarah M. and David A. Krumbine to David A. Krumbine for $1.

2606 King Street a.k.a. 2606 East King Street
Marguerite C. Harnish to Jordon T. Siegfried for $165,000.

South Londonderry Township

110 Carriage Court Lot 134
Robert W. Ackerman to Aryn Ackerman for $400,000.

146 Forest Circle Lot 118
Crystal J. Lemmon to Colby L. Schweitzer for $135,593.

180 Lawn Road
James Halkias to CMH Homes Inc. for $42,300.

53 South Village Circle
Roberta M. Kraft to Rajendrakumar, Gauribahen, Yashkumar N. Patel for $413,025.

50 West Market Street
LJ Partners LP, CLE Enterprises LLC to Cadet 23 LLC for $1,030,000.

11 Woodridge Drive
Carol A. Tanger to Carol A. Herr, Robert D. Herr Jr. for $1.

Swatara Township

1761 Quarry Road
Lori D. Krall to Nicholas Sweinhart for $225,000.

400 Lickdale Road
Kenton D. Klassen to David E. and Donna M. Howard for $82,000.

341 Cindy Drive Lot 76
Bradley J. Zimmerman to Devin M. and Vanessa Felty for $220,000.

Union Township

10680 Allentown Boulevard Lots 12 and 13
Diane S. F. Petrozziello to J Shay Rentals LLC, Shay J Rentals LLC for $240,000.

NS Green Point School Road
Katherine M. Thomas, Karl A., Timothy J., and David M. Drahovsky to Josiah Grunwald for $120,000.

West Cornwall Township

102 Birch Avenue Lots 89, 90, 101, and 102
Issa O. Dixon to Billie J. and Melora Hartman for $605,000.

305 6th Street Lots 31, 32, and 33
Angela L. Hollinger to Andrew and Richelle Arnold for $375,000.

301 7th Street Lot 29
Therese M. Geraghty to MG Mercantile LLC for $185,000.

West Lebanon Township

2306 Lehman Street
Patrick E. and Melanie A. German to Santelli Properties LLC, Mextaly Group LLC for $96,500.