Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

138 South King Street
Carissa L. Eby to Dustin M. Ferrillo, Carissa L. Eby for $1.

17 Union Crest Drive Lot 5
Rita R. Stima to Kent L. and Linda K. Fritz for $335,000.

333 West Queen Street Quit Claim Deed
Ralph C. Baker, Doris Durham to Dale Baker for $1.

Bethel Township

1133 Houtztown Road Tax Claim Bureau
Douglas R. Mann to Michael Balmer for $25.

136 North Mechanic Street
Maybelle Estate of Spannuth, Douglas R. Kreiser to Bradley Kleinfelter, Lloisvette R. Torres for $140,000.

55 Mull Lane Lot 1
Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull to Kenneth E. and Audrey M. Mull for $1.

City of Lebanon

SS Furnace Hills Road
Coleman Memorial Park to City of Lebanon, Lebanon City for $1.

SS Furnace Hill Road
George E. Christianson to Coleman Memorial Park for $1.

528 North 10th Street
Jennifer Franklin to Dagmaris M. Creagh for $100,000.

131 Guilford Street
Jesse D. and Dorcas J. Weber to Andreas Stump for $119,000.

430 North 6th Street
Jeanette and Richard Torres to Frank Camacho, Charlotte MacNamara, Charlotte Mac Namara for $28,800.

620 Federal Street
Howard F. Wood to Cory Jones for $123,000.

363 North Liberty Street
Terry L. Schauer Jr., Stacie A. Schauer to Wendell L. Leid for $112,000.

1027 Poplar Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Upward 496 LLC for $187,500.

204 South 11th Street
Patricia A. Behm Estate, Kimberly S. Benfer to Nitika P. and Preet Singh for $111,000.

535 Lehman Street
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Brent and Melanie Brubaker for $160,000.

112 Maple Street
Dale R. Gibney to Krystal I. R. Lebron, Giovanny M. Martinez for $135,000.

16 Hoffman Street
Karla D. M. Rivera, Christopher G. Portell to We Buy PA Inc. for $115,000.

252 South 5th Street
Gabriell S. White to Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie for $80,000.

207 Hathaway Park
Robert E. Harnish Estate, Gary V. Nolan to Gary V. Nolan for $1.

8 Woodland Estates Unit 47A
Catherine Klopp Estate, Catherine L. Klopp Estate, Michael L. Conklin to Maureen L. Sweeney, Brendan J. Casey for $235,000.

720 North Hanover Street
Bradley J. and Debra A. Brandt to Tyler W. Spang for $160,000.

16 Hoffman Street
We Buy PA Inc. to Philip Myers for $138,000.

1501 Woodland Street
Chad R. and Melissa L. Carruthers to Duane R. and Luanne A. Lentz for $304,000.

118 South Quince Street
Douglas L. Nyce to Sheila L. Kelley for $97,000.

328 Federal Street
Stephen and Annie Stoltzfus to Steven J. King for $160,000.

256 South 2nd Street
Kimberly A. Kalista to Nathaniel R. Lawrence for $275,000.

1235 Washington Street Lots 94 and 95
Segpar Investments LLC to Gianella Ortiz, Rosa Pichardo for $199,900.

640 Union Street
Harold E. Dice to Jessie S. Zook for $87,000.

539 Maple Street
Darren R. Zimmerman to Amos Zook for $90,000.

422 North 9th Street
Terry R. Lerch to Amos L. Zook for $150,000.

1572 Lafayette Street
Dianne M. and Donald J. Fox to Chad J. and Kevin D. Smith for $100,000.

460 North 6th Street
Christopher R. Frey to Related Realty LLC for $90,500.

1417 Miller Street
Russel A. Rakow to James J. High Jr. for $211,500.

313 Guilford Street
Daniel G. and Lucrecia Hardy, Austin and Ketelynn Spears, Christopher Filson to Ryan S. Wetzel for $60,000.

30 Tiffany Lane Lot 67
Benjamin S. Moyer to Zachary A. Kissinger for $25,000.

122 Cumberland Street Tax Claim Bureau Deed
Daly Suchittra, Sripramot Phisanu to Trademark Realty LLC for $18,074.

426 Freeman Street Tax Claim Bureau Deed
Richard E. and Nancy L. Gibble to Hasaun Grigger for $38,000.

516 Jones Street Tax Claim Bureau Deed
Maribella Vazquez to Rachid Ayar for $42,500.

34 Walnut Street
Dawn M. Fenstermacher to Jose M. R. Caraballo for $205,000.

411 North Partridge Street
Kaleni Holding LLC, More Group Holdings LLC to Anthony Pieruccini for $130,000.

13 East Cumberland Street
Nancy A. Hermann to Nancy A. Hermann for $1.

502 North 7th Street
Brian L. and Christine S. Martin, Vernon H. and Waunita L. Wenger to Vernon H., Waunita L., and Jennifer L. Wenger for $40,000.

Cleona Borough

200 West Penn Avenue
Kansreyhour Ou, Mong Pik to Teresa D. Reyes-Rosario, Otacilio and Terianny Vicente, Teresa D. Reyes Rosario for $300,000.

Cornwall Borough

1042 Bell Tower Drive
Charles R. and Sallie G. Fay to Sallie G. Fay for $1.

109 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC, Cornwall Junction to Courtney J. Prokop for $575,738.

East Hanover Township

10181 Jonestown Road Lot 5
John A. and Donna M. Worm to Inch by Inch Construction Inc. for $254,000.

25 Log Cabin Drive
Clarence T. Barnes Jr., Teresa A. Barnes to Nicholas J. and Allison M. Zimmerman for $500,000.

183 County Line Road Lot 4
George D. Berryhill Sr. Estate, George D. Berryhill Jr., George D. Berryhill Sr. Testamentary Trust, David E. Berryhill to Michael and Stacy Shope for $585,000.

NS Colt Drive Lot 4 Gravel Hill Road
Glenn F. and Michelle E. Kline to Glenn F. Kline Living Trust, Michelle E. Kline Living Trust, Glenn F. and Michelle E. Kline for $1.

(UPI #21-0000000-000000-0000)
Barbara A. Mazich, Richard Barnhart, Millard J. Barnhart Estate, Millard Junior Barnhart Estate to Dale L. and Janelle A. Brubaker for $985,000.

Heidelberg Township

NS Gibble Road Lot 3
Abner G. and Barbara S. Stoltzfus to Abner G. and Barbara S. Stoltzfus for $1.

333 Gibble Road Lot 4
Abner G. and Barbara S. Stoltzfus to Abner G. and Barbara S. Stoltzfus for $1.

3057 South 5th Avenue Lot 11
R. Richard and Mary N. Hurst to Ryan C. Nolt for $1.

605 Wedgewood Drive Lot 13
Glenn L. Moats Estate, Glenn Lavere Moats Estate, Delmar Zartman to Wilmer H. and Rhoda L. Lehman for $330,000.

Jackson Township

1021 Miller Road
Dale R. Brubaker to Arlin N. and Louise A. Weaver for $605,000.

19 Scenic Drive Lot 262
Richard E. Hower to Joseph B. Fite III, Ruth A. Fite for $236,000.

4 Lakeview Drive Lot 102
Annie L. and Robert R. Artz to Michael J. and Lorna J. Keppley for $235,000.

31 Arbor Drive Lot 16
Pamela A. Meyer Estate, Pamela Meyer Estate, Frederick A. Heagy to Frederick A. Heagy for $1.

49 Laurel Drive Lot 84
Curtis J. Burns to Laura Krick for $217,100.

Millcreek Township

415 Stricklerstown Road
Lavina M. Weaver to Kendra S. Wise for $195,000.

7 Sweetwater Lane Lot 296
Andrew and Regina Horst to Jose D. L. P. Feliz for $375,000.

122 East Main Street
Mary Lou Bergman Estate, Gregory R. and Gary R. Bergman to Vanessa R. Wolgemuth for $150,000.

212 Village Drive Lot 405
Bradley A. and Kara L. Shanaman to Bradley A. Shanaman for $1.

Myerstown Borough

200-202 West Carpenter Avenue
Douglas N. and Gregg J. Bahney to Chad K. Hackman for $225,000.

116 North College Street
Logan and Jane Salem to Wade E., Logan, and Jane Salem for $1.

102 North College Street
Allen R. and Lacy J. Braun to Ryan E. Benner, Rebecca L. Schweitzer for $215,000.

North Cornwall Township

250 Kathy Court
Arthur J. Arnold Jr., Carol E. Liguori to Darryl Liguori for $350,000.

NS Colebrook Road PennDOT Deed/Right of Way
Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Department of Transportation for $0.

North Lebanon Township

1880 North 7th Street
Mae S. Weise Estate, Mae N. Weise Estate, Marie E. Weise to Thomas L. and Terrence L. Weise for $1.

1145 East Old Cumberland Street
David J. Lentz to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $145,000.

129 Dream Drive Lot 31
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC to James A. and Linda M. Krall for $90,000.

1215 East Old Cumberland Street Residual Tract 1 and Residual Tract 2
Iglesia Metodista Unida Nuevo Nacimiento, New Birth United Methodist Church, Church New Birth United Methodist, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, Church Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist, Church Iglesia Metodista Unida Nuevo Nacimiento to Casa De Adoracion Revive, Church Casa De Adoracion Revive for $1.

1535 Sholly Avenue Lot 76
Elaine Brinkman to Cassandra Hill, Zachary Beard for $286,000.

North Londonderry Township

2 North Londonderry Square
North Londonderry Investors LP to North Londonderry Investors LP for $1.

24 Auburn Drive
Ruth M. Schaefer to Ruth M. Schaefer for $1.

1446 East Maple Street
Charles E. Kindt Jr., Elizabeth Kindt to Renae L. and Aaron T. Pratt for $479,900.

802 Cambridge Court
Brian K. and Cynthia L. Hoy to Cynthia L. and Brian K. Hoy for $1.

1031 Syner Road
Alicia E. R. Kanth to John and Elizabeth A. Campbell for $437,000.

5 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 151
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Rory L. and Joan Gallagher for $543,774.

440 Hemlock Street
Courtney B. Marinkov to Jason P. and Holly M. Allison for $270,000.

W of Harnish Street Tax Claim Bureau
JMR Development Co. Inc. to Michael Balmer for $25.

(UPI #28-2298427-361492-0000)
North Londonderry Investors LP to North Londonderry CFA LP for $1.

2 Jean Drive Lot 191
Ruth E. Diener to James Sweeney for $390,000.

1109 South Green Street Lot 80
Kenneth C. Kremer to Kenneth C. Kremer for $1.

141 Oxford Road
Damayanti Subedi, Amar M. Adhikari to Amanda M. Ermilio for $385,000.

12 Red Oak Circle
Ryan D. and Tiffany L. Billheimer to Ryan D. Billheimer for $1.

Palmyra Borough

417 West Oak Street Lots 196, 197, and 198
Kendra L. Jurell to James E. Jefferies Jr., Brenda L. Jefferies for $185,000.

600 West Maple Street Lot 19
Dan Parson Team LLC to A Plus Home Works LLC for $1.

511 East Oak Street All of Lot 180 and Part of Lot 181
David G. and Brittney L. Giunta to Tiffany Leines for $348,000.

952 East Walnut Street Lot 19 on Plan of Kensington Heights
Nang S. Dong to Safal Mahat, Chandra and Saraswoti Gurung for $389,000.

840 East Cherry Street
Robert A. Showers Estate, Deann M. Showers to Deann M. Showers for $1.

554-556 North Chestnut Street
Mark D. Countryman to Robert J. Tobias, Vy A. Frehafer for $282,000.

505 West Main Street Lot 2 Block A
Alyssa A. Kreitz to Heather A. Lewis for $178,000.

Richland Borough

19 Judy Lane Lot 11
Stacey A. Jovalusky to Deborah Brackett for $279,900.

South Annville Township

612 South Mount Pleasant Road
Stephen L. Carney to First Choice Home Buyers LLC for $142,673.

326 Quittie Park Drive
Jamie L. Wolfe to Zachary S. Commerford for $329,000.

148 Bellflower Avenue
Garman Builders at Wynfield LLC to Diane Romanowsky for $557,638.

308 Quittie Park Drive Lot 67
Gerald L. and Lena E. Worcester to Aita S. Rai, Diku Gurung for $340,000.

South Lebanon Township

2606 King Street a.k.a. 2606 East King Street
Marguerite C. Harnish to Jordon T. Siegfried for $165,000.

50 Monticello Drive
Amanda L. and Seth E. Miller to Seth Miller for $1.

381 Charles Street Lot 204
Neal B. and Shirley A. Levengood to Thomas C. and Alice L. Jones for $395,000.

775 Norman Drive
WellSpan Properties Inc. to WellSpan Properties Inc. for $1.

1330 Jill Ann Drive
Gail M. Yiengst to Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. for $90,000.

1009 South 3rd Avenue
Darren S. Zombro Jr., Kristi L. Smith to Darren S. Zombro Jr., Kristi L. Zombro for $1.

3 Clover Drive Lot 9
Cleon R. and Cindy J. Nolt to Treyson Holdings LLC for $100,000.

607 East Evergreen Road
Robert J. and Lillian Sentz to Robert M. Sentz for $1.

1229 King Street Tax Claim Bureau Deed
Isaac N. and Lydia M. Lutz to Hasaun Grigger for $41,000.

2 Sue Circle Lot 34
Brandy L. Gupta to Christina M. and Ramsay S. Kurban for $257,500.

1106 State Drive
Richard S. Ammons Jr., Tara N. Ammons to Yohan Rosario, Sugeily Rodriguez for $313,000.

South Londonderry Township

11 Woodridge Drive
Carol A. Tanger to Carol A. Herr, Robert D. Herr Jr. for $1.

218 Lawn Road Lot 2
Betty L. Kreiser Estate, Betty Lou Kreiser Estate, Francis E. Kreiser to KJ Kreider Rentals LLC for $85,000.

204 Kreider Road
Travis and Rebecca Finkenbinder to Thomas and Johanna H. Rauch for $699,000.

5558 Elizabethtown Road
Jared C. and Emily R. Moyer to Andrew D. and Jocelyn Gehman for $200,000.

2010 South Forge Road
Thomas C. and Alice L. Jones to Joseph B. Schuler, Antoinette L. Russell, Christian A. and Elizabeth L. Waltman for $630,000.

77 Lantern Lane Lot 14 Block A
Allen R. and Cheryl F. Glotfelty to Lin Ly, Kimleang Sour for $425,000.

133 East Patrick Road
Larry L. and Marilyn J. Layman to Todd P. Rankin for $525,000.

1612 Mount Wilson Road
Thomas M. and Claire A. McClain, Thomas M. and Claire A. Mc Clain to Claire A. McClain, Claire A. Mc Clain for $1.

184 Fox Road Lot 34
William J. Warden Jr., Lori J. Warden to Conor W. Minnick, Madison A. Vitelli for $595,000.

Swatara Township

196 Lickdale Road
Stephen J., Bernice K., and Steve Werni to Steve Werni for $1.

7 Township Line Drive
Richard E. and Linda L. Grumbine to Richard K. and Yvonne M. Engle for $300,000.

310 East Queen Street Lot 45
Brent L. Marks to Lisa M. Marko for $280,000.

3 Oak Street and WS Oak Street
Jerold D. and Cynthia M. Holman, Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Nathen Maulfair for $221,111.

Union Township

429 Jonestown Road
Wabash National LP to House Group LLC for $165,000.