Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Bethel Township

603 Greble Road
Heath A. and Allison Spatz to Austin Lambert, Corissa Albert for $440,000.

136 North Pine Grove Street
Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dale Weiler for $110,000.

122 North Mechanic Street
Joette M. Weikel to Berenise Sandoval, Julio P. Davila for $179,900.

City of Lebanon

1101 Chestnut Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Melvin S. and Ruth S. Fisher for $360,000.

716 Elm Street
George J. Pence Jr. to Lance A. and Sandra J. Ginder for $150,000.

716 Elm Street
Lance A. and Sandra J. Ginder to Austin J. and Kaitlyn H. Ginder for $200,000.

530 South 7th Street Lots 128 and 129
Jason and Vanessa OLeary, Jason and Vanessa O Leary to Alexandra G. Encarnacion for $160,000.

505-507 North 7th Street
Michael D. and Christine A. Stoudt to Aaron H. and Willow S. Donnachie for $400,000.

432 Lehman Street
Joan M. Groff, Ronald and Kelly M. Bell to Edgardo R. Castro for $165,000.

324 North 11th Street
Pablo Fornaris to Sonia Proenza for $1.

615 Maple Street
Elita M. Galbraith to Elita M. Galbraith for $1.

436 Walnut Street
EHCompany LLC to Craig and Cathy Horlacher for $235,000.

127-131 North 8th Street
Robert J. and Lori M. Carlson to Life Center Lebanon for $600,000.

895 East Mifflin Street
David and Cindy Emore to Brett J. Kelchner for $171,000.

422 North 9th Street
Amos L. Zook to Unique Property LLC for $176,000.

347 North 12th Street
Greenwood Conservatory Trust, StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Heather L. Torres for $120,000.

429 Scull Street etc.
Terry R. Lerch to Golden Trail Partners LLC for $700,000.

225 South 5th Street
Michael D. Benninghoff to Luis R. S. Santiago for $150,000.

330-332 South 9th Street
Marcie A. Jumper Estate, Elaine Shutt, Sharon Gilbert to Cityscape Development Group LLC for $99,900.

456 New Street
Terry R. Lerch to Yujeidi R. Camilo for $165,000.

122 East Pershing Avenue Lot 4
Back To Your Roots Properties LLC to Shannon Eichenseer for $1.

501 Elm Street
Donald E. Schlegel Jr. Estate, Debra Mills to Elm Street Mennonite Church, Galen M. and Brendle Martin, Thomas Schrock for $160,000.

610 Raspberry Lane
John Daka Estate, John Toska, Randall I. Miller Jr. to Ronald L. and Susan F. Shay for $250,000.

751 North Hanover Street
Scott D. Crawford to Jessica L. Doutrich for $181,000.

842 Walnut Street
Anthony C. Coumbe, Hunter R. Davies to Marissa Lowe, Mayling King for $240,000.

23 Tiffany Lane Lot 12
Colin B. and Erica J. Fox to Jazmin Z. Vazquez for $160,000.

1113 Brandywine Street
George and Stephanie Rodriquez to Austin J. Morabito for $130,000.

459 North 6th Street
Ronald R. and Llenay L. Richard to Sylvan Stoltzfus for $137,000.

360 North 5th Street
Central PA Express LLC to Ramon B. Ramirez for $185,000.

115 Mifflin Street
Mark S. Bomberger to Revital Home Co LLC for $110,000.

700 East Weidman Street
John P. Kern, Christopher J. Hockley to Duane A. Pitt for $55,000.

421 New Street
Ruby M. Leininger to David Williams for $140,000.

23 Woodland Est. Unit 15
Ruth H. and Richard A. Baylor, Brenda S. Buffington to Maria C. Alvanos for $220,000.

Cleona Borough

242 West Penn Avenue
Joseph J. and Cheryl A. Zidik to Hannah Speraw Insurance Agency, Speraw Hannah Insurance Agency for $262,230.

16 Willow Avenue
Heather A. Noll to Matthew L. and Tricia S. Springer for $16,000.

Cornwall Borough

238 Rexmont Road
Joseph J. and Krista L. Fisher to Joshua Ebright for $175,000.

East Hanover Township

SS Allentown Boulevard PennDOT Deed
Steven R. and Karen L. Economopoulos to Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $1.

Heidelberg Township

E of North Market Street
Peter T. Horst to County of Lebanon, Lebanon County for $139,000.

149 Horse Happy Road
Deborah A. Hartman to Deborah A. and Emily Hartman for $1.

Jackson Township

6 Monarch Circle
Paul R. and Beth A. Seyfert to Beth A. Seyfert for $1.

557 West Main Avenue
Barry C. and Diane Kessler, Deborah A. and Barry Knight, Cynthia L. and Fred Parsons, Marjorie D. and Douglas Staller to David M. Andrews, Karen L. Schroeder for $215,000.

413 Abbey Drive Lot 264
Jeffrey R. and Rosann M. Sky to Jessica A. Auman for $360,000.

488 East Lincoln Avenue
Mark G. and Cheryl Newswanger to Gary M. Newswanger for $1.

3 Norma Lane
Joan H. and Douglas E. Fenwick to Joan H. and Douglas E. Fenwick for $1.

WS Wartluft Road Lot 11
Paul S. Zserai to Paul S. and Jennifer Zserai for $1.

20 Wartluft Road
Paul S. and Gladys M. Zserai to Paul S. and Jennifer Zserai for $1.

13 Dragonfly Court
Vincent and Katelyn M. Uglialoro to Stephen J. and Patricia B. Basile for $370,000.

Millcreek Township

20 Round Barn Road
Richard A. and Chastin N. Zook to Keith and Destinee Nolt for $995,000.

14 Martin Road
Earl Z. and Louella M. Zimmerman to Earl Z. Zimmerman Revocable Living Trust, Zimmerman Earl Z. Revocable Living Trust, Louella M. Zimmerman Revocable Living Trust, Zimmerman Louella M. Revocable Living Trust for $1.

306 Stricklerstown Road
Phonda J. and Larry O. Shreiner to Phonda J. and Larry O. Shreiner, Tiffany J. Kupp for $1.

Mount Gretna Borough

102 Muhlenberg Avenue
StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Shelby A. Larkin for $399,900.

Myerstown Borough

306 East Carpenter Avenue
Nicholle L. Gerhart to Jaime S. Orta, Dayanara O. Miranda for $266,000.

4425 South Railroad Street
Heisey Brothers Properties LLC to Merlin High for $70,000.

111 West Carpenter Avenue
Donald W. and Donna D. Stoppi to Zook Rentals LLC for $147,500.

North Annville Township

1739 Thompson Avenue
Joel J. and Angela M. Jakubowski to Adam T. Cooper for $435,000.

801 Syner Road
Adam T. Cooper to Caleb R. and Cecily A. Wheeler for $188,000.

North Cornwall Township

107 Village Court
Fred L., Marci J., and Rick J. Longenecker to JHK Properties LLC for $152,500.

151 Village Court Lot 151 Plan for Eagle Chase LTD
Jolin D. Zimmerman to Albert Zimmerman for $175,000.

311 Bricker Lane
Glenn B. Seibert to Duane A. and Sherri A. Rubendall for $216,000.

53 South 19th Street
Jeffrey D. and Danielle K. Leininger to Esperanza Belliard for $120,000.

117 Millview Court
Greenville Construction LLC to Lifen Lin for $181,000.

1825 Carlton Drive Lot A-12
Marlyne Loriston to Dennis M. Echternach Jr. for $220,000.

1911 Carlton Drive Lot B-1
Harold D. Kline to Sarah Wright for $187,900.

300 North Cornwall Road
Alma M. Schwalm Estate, Kathleen M. Schwalm to Kathleen M. Schwalm for $1.

991 Lilac Lane
Joyce A. Dissinger Estate, Robert P. Hoffman to Michael J. and Yvonne M. Kuhn for $1.

2221 Harvey John Avenue
Paul A. Grumbein, Karen Kopecky to Old Bet Properties LLC for $185,000.

North Lebanon Township

805 Halfway Drive
Jerry S. and Kimra J. Martin to Andrew R. Weaver for $295,000.

1015 Mount Zion Road
Tirrell and Mary L. Nolt to Delvin L. Nolt for $200,000.

915 Maple Lane
Joy Bastian to Curtis M. and Paige N. Brewer for $249,900.

800 Marcon Drive
M. Marie Walters to Joshua J. Risser for $298,100.

1542 Beta Avenue
Ronald L. and Susan F. Shay to Joshua D. and Misty S. Bender for $300,000.

North Londonderry Township

701 Sunset Boulevard
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Guru and Meera Subedi for $173,500.

509 Breezewood Lane Unit 66
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Hari C. Adhikari, Tika Dhungyel for $513,375.

653 Sunset Boulevard Unit 17
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Joshua and Mandy Harshberger for $618,320.

532 Hedge Row Lane Lot 33
Tina Walker to Tika R. Regmi, Ghrita Timsina for $505,000.

706 Cambridge Court Plot 39 on Plan for Rockledge Section II Units 30-64
Emma M. Hawthorne to Stine Property 706 LLC for $234,995.

333 Gravel Hill Road Lot 1-A
James Sanderson Lewis Jr. Estate, James S. Lewis Jr. Estate, Cynthia J. Lewis to 333 Gravel Hill Partners LLC for $340,200.

15 Truman Street Lot 54 Plan for the Oaks Phase 4-A
Schill Family Irrevocable Trust, Heather Mowry to Judy L. Swope for $355,000.

Palmyra Borough

28 North Lincoln Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Elam Zook for $138,000.

209 West Oak Street Lot 157, 158, and Part of Lot 159
Bryan and Jennifer Fazenbaker to Steven N. Gingrich for $198,000.

604 North Railroad Street
Yvette Witherson to Leah Curran for $165,000.

Richland Borough

18 North Race Street
Millpond Properties LLC to Nathan Dubble for $240,000.

South Annville Township

243 Highland Court Unit 121
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Sheila M. Sholly for $423,046.

South Lebanon Township

34 and 30 Monticello Drive
Delwyn C. and Emily S. Ebersole to Delwyn C. and Emily S. Ebersole for $1.

607 South Lincoln Avenue
Joshua L. and Tiffany M. Lutz to Verna L. Rutter for $235,000.

21 Wheatstone Lane Lot 55
Leon E. and Donna L. Ziegler to Anthony A. Moura for $220,000.

735 State Drive
Shirley A. Bowman Estate, Harry G. Bowman to Harry G. Bowman for $1.

1316 King Street
William W. Smeltzer Jr., Nancy J. Smeltzer to William G. Smeltzer, Carrie M. Boyer for $1.

1336 King Street
William W. Smeltzer Jr., Nancy J. Smeltzer to William G. Smeltzer, Carrie M. Boyer for $1.

WS South 13th Avenue
William W. Smeltzer Jr., Nancy J. Smeltzer to William G. Smeltzer, Carrie M. Boyer for $1.

WS South 14th Avenue
William W. Smeltzer Jr., Nancy J. Smeltzer to William G. Smeltzer, Carrie M. Boyer for $1.

1229 King Street
Hasaun Grigger to Gilberto DeJesus, Gilberto De Jesus for $49,000.

1405 Birch Road
Robert J. Funk to David H. and Kenneth A. Funk for $1.

South Londonderry Township

2080 South Forge Road, etc. Corrective Deed
City Light Homes LLC to City Light Homes LLC for $1.

2080 South Forge Road
City Light Homes LLC to Nelson L. Ziegler for $135,000.

ES South Forge Road
City Light Homes LLC to William A. and Kristen P. Edelstein for $33,000.

NS Timber Bridge Lane Lot 1
Pascale S. Fagerstrom to Christopher A. and Meagan E. Cassel for $129,300.

311 Chestnut Hill Road Lot 2 Corrective Deed
LCSheriff Inc., LC Sheriff Inc. to Lennard C. and Pamela J. Sheriff for $1.

81 Sunset Lane Quitclaim Deed
Alexandria L. Worona to Alexandria L. Worona Living Trust, Worona Alexandria L. Living Trust, Alexandria L. Worona for $1.

5074 Colebrook Road Corrective Deed
Franklin N. Graybill Jr., J. Virginia Graybill to Franklin N. Graybill Jr., J. Virginia Graybill for $1.

130 Lawn Road
Ruth A. Baeshore to Curtis L. Martin for $298,000.

Swatara Township

2 Oldfield Avenue Lot 22
Brandon M. Emerich to Jordan A. S. and Hannah R. Andino for $325,000.

7 Groy Avenue a.k.a. 1743 Groy Avenue
William Gardner Estate, Jordan A. Gardner to Midfirst Bank for $100,701.

433 South Lancaster Street
Ronald L., Donald E., Lonnie L., and Bonita L. Lambert to Bonita L. Lambert for $75,000.

100 North Mill Street Lot 12 on Plan for Mill Street Heights
Maria T. Wilson to Glenn M. and Constance L. Landis for $256,000.

Union Township

634 Jonestown Road
Wilmer J. Weaver to Michael J. Bieschke, Tabitha L. Hubbard for $230,000.

22 Silvertown Road
Gordon K. Gienow to Dawson L. Spitler for $257,000.

2614 State Route 72
Kevin C. Neff to Kevin C. and Kelly J. Neff for $1.

165 Awol Road Lot 23 Corrective Deed
Siegrist Family Trust, Joanne L. Siegrist to Annette L. Darkes, Brenda K. Miller, Kristen M. Marshall for $1.

West Cornwall Township

1100 Alden Way
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Steven B. and Rita M. Mack for $420,556.

SS West Main Street
419 Point Partners LLC to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

31 Locust Lane
Jason C. and Angela S. Foltz to Tristan Suhrbier for $269,900.