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Dan and Li Morrissey saw the workings of the WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital ICU up close and personal after a recent quintuple bypass surgery.

I was blessed by receiving a recent quintuple bypass surgery at WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital. Not only am I expecting a full recovery, but I also met many ICU professionals that seemed to provide the right level of care, and the right type, at the right time. The ICU provides world class care as they function together as a well oiled machine,

I had the pleasure of working with 14 charge nurses over six days time. All brought their own unique personality while supporting the mission of helping me get well and helping my wife Li deal with a very traumatic time. 

My favorite time of day was shift change, especially the one at 7 a.m. A light came on, then another and another, until all of the lights were on as staff began to arrive and the night shift prepared to go home. It was like watching the opening of a Broadway play each morning.

When I pushed the call button, someone arrived even if they were not assigned to me. They would do what was needed and then disappear into the night (or day). And when taking a walk, which began the first day hours after the breathing tube was removed, I was greeted at each nursing station and by staff walking the halls, who took time to stop whatever they were doing if only for a moment to encourage every step. It became clear the ICU functioned in concert rather than independently.

I had the pleasure on the last day to welcome Wendy from housekeeping back after being out with her own medical conditions and meeting Jason from physical therapy, who provided verification I was ready to function outside of the hospital as well as a warm and unexpected but welcomed motivational talk about the healing process… slow and easy. 

It became apparent that I wanted to show appreciation for not what they did for me but what they do for everyone! So I hatched a plan to provide lunch at my old friend Dave Dinunzio’s sub shop. Li was moved by the compassion that she experienced and decided to provide one hour massage gift certificates at her Lavender Spa to the charge nurses who helped us.

Now I know what the phrase “Hug a healthcare worker today” really means. They are very special people.

In conclusion, “DSKG” my new friends! Don’t stop, keep going!

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