Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

25 West Queen Street
Charles R. Blosenski Estate, Charles Blosenski Estate, Lisa M. Huberty to Gino M. Frattaroli for $1.

24 North Lancaster Street
Jolene T. Cramer to Stephanie L. Keener for $170,000.

Bethel Township

141, 145, and 151 Airport Road Etc.
Barbara M. Bauer Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew Whitehill for $1.

425 Camp Strause Road
Barbara M. Bauer Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew Whitehill for $1.

132 Hamlin Road
Lloyd D. Halteman, Cari L. and Taylor Mc Neal, Cari L. and Taylor McNeal to Rodney K. and Melody E. Martin for $1,600,000.

201 Johns Way Drive Lot 28
Charles R. Gingrich Estate, John Solie to Jonathan D. and Shauna R. Adams for $420,000.

177 Blue Mountain Road
Bruce A. and Cathy J. Light to Jacob R. and Lindsey E. Light for $1,250,000.

City of Lebanon

608 Mulberry Lane
Anna M. Kapp Estate, Anna Mary Kapp Estate, Theodore J. Kapp to Robin L. Greeninger for $255,000.

224 Chestnut Street
William J. and Linda M. McPoyle, William J. and Linda M. Mc Poyle to Ronald D. and Bonnie J. Bailey for $60,000.

448 North 7th Street
Shirley A. Houser to Joseph C. Gibble for $40,000.

373 North 10th Street
Cesar D. L. Torres, Cesar D. and Cesar B. Liriano to Robert T. Diaz for $180,000.

516 Chestnut Street
Linda Breit to Linda Breit for $1.

518 Chestnut Street
Linda Breit to Jerry S. and Kimra J. Martin for $168,000.

237 Guilford Street
Lauren M. Simonton to Luis E. O. Ortiz for $155,000.

563 East Cumberland Street
Hari Om Enterprises Inc. to Josue Villatoro, Katarenia Modesett for $127,500.

51 Tiffany Lane
Thomas Brown to Millpond Properties LLC for $95,000.

915 Guilford Street
Michael A. Yoder to S & L Rental Properties LLC for $31,500.

448 Rear East Walnut Street
John A. Wise to Wilfredo Rodriguez Jr., Celines Rodriguez for $45,000.

407 East Chestnut Street
Samuel A. Mione Estate, Scott A. Mione to Krista D. Petre for $212,000.

265 South 5th Street
William M. Simpson Estate, James T. Simpson to Joanne L. Henry for $1.

716 North 8th Street
Cameron J. Deter to Orlando D. Rosado for $85,000.

157 South Lincoln Avenue
Leslie R. and Gloria Frey to Christopher Frey for $1.

235 South 10th Street
Harold E. Dice to Howard F. Wood for $70,000.

1032 Guilford Street
Harold E. Dice to Howard F. Wood for $70,000.

315 South 8th Street
Thomas S. Long, Donna L. Brightbill, Long and Brightbill to Thomas S. and Frederick S. Long for $1.

725 North 7th Street
Jason C. Capello to Shayna R. Keebler, Derek M. Bennecoff for $205,000.

527 East Cumberland Street
Michael and Debra B. A. Kreiser to Kevin Lutz for $50,000.

Part of 527 East Cumberland Street
Michael L. and Deborah B. A. Kreiser to Kevin Lutz for $10,000.

Cornwall Borough

SS Quentin Road
Timothy I. Auman, KT Realty Inc. to Timothy I. Auman for $1.

1023 English Drive Unit 352
Neil F. and Gale Stockton, Tamera S. Gundersen to David M. and Anne M. Smith for $325,000.

1030 Grant Circle Unit 247 Alden Place at Cornwall
James D. and Dolores M. Reardon to Rick N. and Shirlee H. Barlow for $468,000.

1005 Briarwood Court Lot 32 Quit Claim Deed
Chester O. Bogar to Chester O. Bogar Income Only Trust, Chadwick O. Bogar for $1.

1215 Mosaic Drive Unit 399
Paul F. and Dianne Campanini to Bryan G. and Ana M. Pilkington for $459,000.

645 Aspen Lane
Christian S. Beiler Jr., Mary Beiler to Matthew Plitsch, Amy Mason for $360,000.

East Hanover Township

212 Angle Road
Paul and Leigh Barnes to Magen J. Pesta for $695,000.

10255 Jonestown Road Lot 6
James E. and Sandy M. Kline to J & S Classics LLC for $1.

Heidelberg Township

324 Sheep Hill Road
James R. Rutter Estate, Sheila R. Stahl to Masayo M. Mesler for $370,000.

181 Copper Ridge Drive Unit 16
Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. to Jessica R. and Jeremy A. Umbenhauer for $188,000.

Jackson Township

161 Oaken Way Lot 27
Gregg H. and Cindy E. Smith to Cindy E. Smith for $1.

130 Arbor Drive Lot 409 Block G
Donna J. Simmons, Mary L. Spreen to Patricia R. and Lawrence J. Siegel for $220,000.

11 Rosemont Drive
Judy A. Ocker to Judy A. Ocker for $1.

3 Beverly Drive
Thomas J. and Cynthia A. Schnelly to Thomas J. Schnelly for $1.

75 East Rosebud Road
Derek R. and Annie J. Martin to Benjamin W. Martin for $138,000.

52 Springhouse Drive
Susan J., Christy, and Shawn Adams, Jill Brignola, Unknown Heirs to FHG92 LLC for $175,500.

Jonestown Borough

169 North Fisher Street Corrective Deed
Cynthia D. Miller to Joshua B. and Jerod P. Miller for $1.

Myerstown Borough

526 South Cherry Street
Bonnie J. Zehring to Michael D. and Bonnie J. Zehring for $1.

320 South Cherry Street
Mitchell R. Darcourt to Zook Rentals LLC for $199,000.

North Annville Township

2739 Cedar Run Road
Jerry A. Getz Sr. Estate, Jerry A. Getz Estate, Susan A. Kleinfelter to Susan A. Kleinfelter for $90,000.

870 Laurel Grove Road
Donald R. Blauch Estate, Jacquelyn R. Buffenmeyer to Jacquelyn R. Buffenmeyer for $1.

840 Laurel Grove Road
Donald R. Blauch Estate, Jacquelyn R. Buffenmeyer to Jacquelyn R. Buffenmeyer for $1.

865 Laurel Grove Road
Donald R. Blauch Estate, Jacquelyn R. Buffenmeyer to Jacquelyn R. Buffenmeyer for $1.

North Cornwall Township

233 Gardenia Lane Lot 20
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Janelle Fulk for $487,925.

435 Lori Ann Court
Shirlee H. and Rick N. Barlow to Ryan O Donnell, Ryan O’Donnell, Paige Decker for $527,000.

2156 Penn Street Lot 207
Tilar Hunter Zimmerman Irrevocable Trust, Zimmerman Tilar Hunter Irrevocable Trust, Clair N. and Michelle D. Zimmerman to Tilar H. Zimmerman for $1.

2000 Ranch Avenue
Thomas J. Youtz, Vicki D. Freed to Kyle J. Walsh for $251,000.

2183 Walnut Street
Chris Keiser II, Stephanie L. Keiser to Chris Keiser II for $1.

808 Rex Avenue
David Varela, Adam P. Whitmore to Tanner Q. Martin, Kennedy L. Sheehan for $277,500.

North Lebanon Township

1526 Rolling Meadow Road
David E. and Donna M. Howard to Norman Boulanger II, Cheryl M. Boulanger for $419,900.

593 Dodge Street
Calvary Church to Tyler A. and Emily J. Emerich for $256,000.

129 Mountville Drive
Timothy and Katrina Wise to Delmar L. Wise for $340,000.

2572 Long Lane
Henry J. Arnold Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Timothy and Katrina Wise for $635,000.

239 East Kercher Avenue
Derek R. Martin to Annie J. and Derek R. Martin for $1.

613 Lilliana Drive Unit 111
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Rafe R. Fritz for $453,928.

ES North 24th Street
John E. Templin to Lonnie D. Heilman Jr., Christy Heilman for $13,000.

125 Dream Drive Lot 32
Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC to Richard and Phyllis M. Casper for $95,000.

1120 Baldwin Street
Josie G. Martinez to 1120 Baldwin Street Land Trust for $1.

North Londonderry Township

512 August Avenue
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC, Summer Layne LLC to Michelle C. and Eric J. Leymeister for $567,631.

1 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 152
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Nelson and Elsie Ebersole for $576,269.

88 Oxford Road Lot 26
Jaime Z. Ramirez, Breann Beardslee to Cartus Financial Corporation for $577,000.

88 Oxford Road Lot 26
Cartus Financial Corporation to Jonathan R. Beachy, Ashley N. Beck for $577,000.

1332 Cambridge Court
Fred W. Strobel Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. Strobel Revocable Living Trust, Linda K. and Fred W. Strobel to RMRR Properties for $1.

113 Bradley Road Lot 39
Lane R. and Audrey K. Painter to Audrey K. Painter for $1.

1504 Cambridge Court
Kenneth L. Jimenez to Angela Hollinger for $262,500.

Palmyra Borough

613 West Oak Street Lot 30
Denise and Aaron W. Bartram, United States of America to BP Real Estate Investment Group LP for $140,000.

739 North Lincoln Street Part of Northern Half and Southern Half of Lot 5A
Barbara A. Bell to Barbara A. Bell, Amber T. Neidlinger for $1.

314 East High Street
Leroy A. Speck to Zook Rentals LLC for $80,000.

45 North Railroad Street
Judith A. Rodgers to The Slatner Group LLC, Slatner Group LLC for $140,000.

South Annville Township

903 Louser Road
David A. and Traci J. Risser to Traci J. and David A. Risser for $1.

South Lebanon Township

2102 State Drive
Brian S. and Lori A. Shyda to Bradley S. Shyda for $1.

67 Folmer Street
Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB8, PHH Mortgage Corporation, PHH Mortgage Services to 708 Walnut Street Re 1 for $97,000.

610 Rexmont Road Lot 3
Danielle L. Gochenauer to Danielle L. Keller for $1.

7 School Lane Lot 45 on Plan for Juliada Manor
Harry Stabs Estate, Lisa M. Stabs to Lisa A. Stabs for $1.

146 Stone Hedge Court Lot 30
Wilbert W. Maloney, Tami A. Windholz to Alfonse and Margaret Ranzie for $321,000.

112 Princeton Place Lot 121
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to New Home Star Pennsylvania LLC for $526,000.

512 Prescott Road
Paul E. and Clara R. Field to Awakened Properties LLC for $24,000.

WS 14th Avenue Corrective Deed
William W. Smeltzer Jr., Nancy J. Smeltzer to William G. Smeltzer, Carrie M. Boyer for $1.

NS Lebanon Valley Parkway Lot 34 and SS Lebanon Valley Parkway
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation Inc. to Regupol America LLC for $535,815.

South Londonderry Township

126 Lawn Road
Timothy P. Stine to Stephen M. Stine for $1.

31 Valley Road
Patricia A. Shay, Beth A. Graeff, Sue A. Becker to Beth A. Graeff, Sue A. Becker for $1.

102 Oak Road
Patricia A. Shay to Beth A. Graeff, Sue A. Becker for $1.

43, 51, 61, 71, 81, and 91 Valley Road
Patricia A. Shay, Beth A. Graeff, Sue A. Becker to Beth A. Graeff, Sue A. Becker for $1.

110 Schoolhouse Road
Stevi R. John, Donald John Jr. to Lucas McCanna, Lucas Mc Canna for $265,000.

34 West Market Street Lot 1
Eleanore Z. Gepfer to David S. Fiebig Jr. for $125,000.

Swatara Township

48 Supervisors Drive
Suzanne E. Brandt to Swatara Township, Township of Swatara for $358,000.

2250 Quarry Road
Charles R. Gingrich Jr. to Charles R. Gingrich Jr., Cynthia A. Gingrich for $1.

174 Stoner Road
Shirley A. Boyer to Bradley J. Zimmerman for $70,000.

Union Township

84 Church Lane
Frederick S. and Kathryn L. Otto to Carlton B. Geesaman Jr., Megan I. Geesaman for $275,000.

302 Shepherd Street
Janet L. King to Yaritza G. R. Torres, Jose M. R. Batista for $290,000.

West Cornwall Township

211 7th Street
William H. Linton Jr. Living Trust, Joy S. Linton Living Trust, William H. Linton Jr., Joy S. Linton to William H. Linton Jr., Joy S. Linton for $1.

200 Pine Avenue
Arlene R. Lentz Estate, Edward A. Lentz to Patricia F. Kennedy, Sandra F. Tomlinson for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2408 Guilford Street
Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon to Efrain Torres for $135,000.