Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

49 South Mill Street
Gary F. Alonzo Estate, Deborah A. Alonzo to Trenton Brubaker for $237,500.

NS Spring Alley Lot 110 and Part of Lot 111
Allen R. and Beverly A. Yingst to Township of Annville, Annville Township for $10,000.

100 North Weaber Street
Barbara A. Bennett, William F. Bennett Jr. to William F. Bennett Jr. for $1.

Bethel Township

566 Greble Road Lot 1
Seth W. and Janet S. Oberholtzer to Mervin Mullet for $254,000.

283 Beagle Road
Mary A. Zombro, Billie Jo Binkley, Samantha M. Herto to Marvin F. and Ruth L. Smoker for $230,000.

46 Tree Line Avenue Lot 38
Holly D. Martin to Philip A. and Kate L. Herr for $420,600.

425 Camp Strause Road
Andrew Whitehill, Alletta M. Schadler to Camp Carson LLC for $1.

145 and 151 Airport Road, 141 Airport Road, Etc.
Andrew Whitehill, Alletta M. Schadler to Farmers Pride Airport LLC for $1.

52 Creek Drive Lot 55
Judith M. and Fernando L. Ferreira to Bradley W. Menzel Jr., Jessica G. Menzel for $390,000.

City of Lebanon

312 South Ninth Street
Alexander V. Ryabukha to David E. Bomberger for $172,500.

116 South Fourth Street
David M. Varela, Angela C. Hitz to Eric E. Herb Jr., Mazzilyn J. Herb for $185,000.

367 North 11th Street
Iraida B. Sanchez to DJL Lebanon Realty 367 North 11th Inc. for $90,000.

251 South 10th Street
I360 Realty Com LLC, I360 Realty.Com LLC to Tiffany and Brandon M. Emerich for $164,000.

627 South Seventh Street
JRHeller Com LLC, JRHeller.Com LLC, J R Heller LLC to Zachary and Cassandra Snyder for $215,000.

221 Federal Street
Jenny E. and Richard Gummo to Albros Home Improvements LLC for $50,000.

360 North Fifth Street Corrective Deed
Central PA Express LLC to Ramon B. Ramirez for $185,000.

502 East Mifflin Street
Mary A. Hockley to Christopher J. Hockley for $1.

715-717 Glenwood Street
Jose M. Baez, Kenia D. Rodriguez to Nashaliz G. Diaz for $1.

817-819 Chestnut Street
J. Robert Ladd Estate, Nancy W. Ladd to Patrick E. Gamble for $1.

650 Locust Street, 318 South Seventh Street
Mary Jane Sforza Estate, John C. and Anthony L. Sforza to Xiomara P. Marcucci for $170,000.

610 Hill Street
Jacob and Elmer Allgyer to Kristen S. and Gavin C. McDade, Kristen S. and Gavin C. Mc Dade for $225,000.

124 South Eighth Street
Gardell W. and Emily J. Weaver to Shambhu Acharya, Saraswati Ghimire for $195,500.

429 North 11th Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Michael R. Mejias for $160,000.

471 North Fifth Street
Trudi A. and Jason D. Shaeffer to Domenico and Giulio Parente for $72,000.

504 South Seventh Street
Catherine M. Lazorcik Estate, Joseph J. Paugh, Patricia A. Downs to Elizabeth A. Lazorcik for $169,200.

1223 Lehman Street
Isabel Montalvo to Sherilyn F. P. Rivera for $132,000.

603 South Broad Street
Tyler S. and Lauren E. Henry to Mitchell Snyder for $145,000.

1514 Oak Street
Linda J. Gibble to Beth Gibble for $1.

25 East Pershing Avenue
Flippers & Keepers LLC to Ramsay A. M. Guerrero, Fabrizio R. Small for $265,000.

1134 Buttonwood Street
Impact Missions, Impact! Missions to Miguel R. Sanchez, Noemi Fuentes for $140,000.

1022 Nowlen Street Lot 33 and Part of Lot 34
Flippers & Keepers LLC to Frank G. Honey for $190,000.

358 North Fourth Street
Rocket Mortgage LLC, Quicken Loans LLC, Quicken Loans Inc. to Hasaun K. Grigger for $76,500.

1105 Lehman Street
Hometown Revival LLC to Luis J. R. Calderon for $185,000.

Cleona Borough

307 South Wilson Street
Marc L. and Kellie J. Spencer to Kellie J. Spencer for $1.

111 North Center Street
Ashton K. Wenger to Willie F. Reyes, Eduardo Martinez for $254,000.

328 East Maple Street Lot 23
JVM Real Estate LLC to David A. and Donna Sitler for $300,000.

Cornwall Borough

645 Aspen Lane
Christian S. Beiler Jr., Mary Beiler to Matthew Plitsch, Amy Mason for $360,000.

488 Boyd Street Lot 2 Boyd Street Subdivision
488 Boyd Street LLC to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

488 Boyd Street Lot 2
Anthony J. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

498 Boyd Street Lot 3
Anthony J. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

496 Boyd Street Lot 4
Anthony J. Fitzgibbons to Anthony J. Fitzgibbons for $1.

102 Short Street Lot 114A
Mark L. Brandt to Brian L. Brownsberger, Ruby M. Leininger for $240,000.

East Hanover Township

19 Racehorse Drive
Angela Cali Estate, Salvatore and Paolina Cali to Salvatore and Pietrina Cali for $480,000.

WS Pine Road
Michael J. and Brenda L. Nauman to Katie A. Garrison, Michaela L. McCloskey, Michaela L. Mc Closkey for $1.

Heidelberg Township

39 Rhine Road
Robert C. and Shannon Loose to Shannon and Robert C. Loose for $1.

218 Albright Road
N A Martin Plumbing Inc., N. A. Martin Plumbing Inc. Martin N A Plumbing Inc. to Dylan T. Martin for $70,000.

Jackson Township

120 Pleasant Drive
Gerald E. and Kevin E. Bickel to Donald L. Kauffman Revocable Living Trust, Dawn M. Kauffman Revocable Living Trust, Donald L. and Dawn M. Kauffman for $837,500.

132 Millardsville Road
Justin T. Miller, Renee L. Yeich to Wilson Z. Shirk for $175,000.

18 Bower Drive Lot 198
Lindasue and Barry Corvelli to Lindasue Corvelli for $1.

47 Krall Road Lot 1
Jonathan M. and Twila J. Garman to Mahlon Z. Horning for $575,000.

11 Orchard Lane
Nancy L. Pavloski Estate, Rebecca A. H. Uram to Darren Zimmerman for $280,000.

Jonestown Borough

111 North Broad Street
Antonio S. Di Santolo, Antonio S. DiSantolo to Antonio S. and Vincenzo S. Di Santolo, Antonio S. and Vincenzo S. DiSantolo for $1.

Millcreek Township

Part of 997 Texter Mountain Road
Irvin M. and Verna M. Ringler to Michael S. and Eva Ulrich for $1,600.

980 Texter Mountain Road Etc.
Michael S. and Eva Ulrich to Michael S. and Eva Ulrich for $1.

8 Sweetwater Lane Lot 318
Mark A. and Amanda J. Templin to Amanda J. Templin for $1.

8 Sweetwater Lane Lot 318 Final Plan of Newburg Village Section 6
Amanda J. Templin to Amanda J. Templin, Steven F. Landis for $1.

Myerstown Borough

121 South College Avenue
Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evangelical Congregational School of Theology, Evangelical School of Theology of the Evangelical Congregational Church, Church Evangelical Congregational School of Theology of the Evangelical Congregational Church, Church Evangelical Theological Seminary, Church Evangelical Congregational School of Theology to North American Baptist Seminary, Sioux Falls Seminary and Kairos University, Church North American Baptist Seminary for $1.

208 and 210 West Park Avenue
David M. and Anne M. Smith to Jason D. Brader, Lyndsey M. Roth for $325,000.

313 South Broad Street
Gabriel E. F. Perez, Gabriel E. Figueroa, Yeisha L. O. Bauza to Hunter K. Dwyer for $180,000.

North Annville Township

5 Mishs Mill Road
Adrian Krawiec, Emily L. Phillippy to Emily Phillippy Revocable Agreement of Trust, Adrian Krawiec Revocable Agreement of Trust, Krawiec Adrian Revocable Agreement of Trust, Phillippy Emily Revocable Agreement of Trust, Emily Phillippy, Adrian Krawiec for $1.

1742A Thompson Avenue Quit Claim Deed
Randy L. and Kathy Rogers to CBK Trust, Cassidy Rhen for $1.

North Cornwall Township

808 Rex Avenue
David Varela, Adam P. Whitmore to Tanner Q. Martin, Kennedy L. Sheehan for $277,500.

808 South 16th Street Lot 51
Andrew D. and Ashley Shelly to Christina M. Pagan for $390,000.

1 Greystone Crossing Lot 119
John W. Feeman II, Jennifer A. Feeman to Ryan J. Eshleman, Elaina J. Bruno for $435,000.

1602 Center Street Quit Claim Deed
Gregory P. and Beth A. Harris to Gregory P. Harris Trust Agreement, Beth A. Harris Trust Agreement, Gregory P. and Beth A. Harris for $0.

140 Rocherty Road
Bruce A. and Lori A. Kehler to Bruce A. Kehler for $1.

150 Cart Way
Donald S. and Martina J. Witwer to Ronald and Van T. Baum for $555,000.

944 York Street Lots 1 and 2
Chad M. Daubert to Susan Harring, Mark Templin for $284,000.

605 Byler Circle Unit 158
Shounak Gadwal to Patricia D. Lengel for $262,500.

North Lebanon Township

615 Lilliana Drive Unit 110
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Crossings at Sweetbriar to Robert and Soon ODonnell, Robert and Soon O Donnell for $424,900.

1011 Kochenderfer Road
Katie Revard to Terry R. Brown for $295,000.

33 Penny Lane Lot 18
David A. and Deborah L. Patteson to Brayden S. Smith for $230,000.

1649 North Eighth Avenue
Matthew L. and Brianna L. Hoke to Adam and John M. Eder for $289,900.

527 Bella May Circle Unit 97
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Deborah Webb for $433,291.

955 Weavertown Road
Avion Roache, Tiffany N. Cintron to Avion Roache for $15,000.

1530 North Seventh Street
Carol A. Butler Estate, Carol Ann Butler Estate, Richard L. and Michael S. Depugh to James B. Glendening for $315,000.

North Londonderry Township

1504 Cambridge Court
Kenneth L. Jimenez to Angela Hollinger for $262,500.

460 Stone Gate Boulevard Unit 153
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC, Winding Creek to David and Deborah Kauffman for $576,870.

1131 South Prince Street
B & A Partners LLC to David Zielinski, Tiffani A. Hossler for $390,000.

166 Oxford Road
Edward J. and Jennifer R. Smith to Salvatore Amato, Mallory Marconi for $580,000.

104 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 38
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Edward J. and Jennifer R. Smith for $539,200.

729 Sunset Boulevard Unit 25
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Brian B. and Anna L. C. Maissen for $169,500.

1336 Cambridge Court
Robert A. and Stephanie A. Miller to Angela Cali for $218,900.

Palmyra Borough

148 North Chestnut Street
Bobbi Ann Porter Estate, Jason Porter to Nicholas Payne, Rosa Oum for $140,000.

115 North Lincoln Street
Rajeshkumar S. Patel to Hannah G. Campbell for $198,000.

408 East Cherry Street
David A. and Donna A. Sitler to Benjamin Miller for $120,000.

Richland Borough

215 South Race Street
Richland Church of the Brethren, Church Richland Church of the Brethren, Church of the Brethren of the Tulpehocken District to Richland Community Bible Church for $1.

206 East Main Street
Pennsylvania Delaware District Council Assemblies of God, Pennsylvania-Delaware District Council Assemblies of God to Steven Martin for $100,000.

13 Church Street
Luke H. Ritchie Revocable Trust, Margrette D. Ritchie Revocable Trust, Margrette D. Ritchie to Timothy W. and Christine M. Martin for $187,000.

South Annville Township

412 Mayapple Drive Unit 62 Building 1
Janelle Fulk to Christian T. Kettering for $385,000.

29 Erinn Lane Lot 31
Stephen H. and Linda L. Williamson to Stephen Williamson Living Trust, Linda Williamson Living Trust, Stephen H. and Linda L. Williamson for $10.

124 Bellflower Avenue Lot 73
Garman Builders at Wynfield LLC to Glenn and Annette Austin for $627,938.

South Lebanon Township

WS South 14th Avenue Corrective Deed
William W. Smeltzer Jr., Nancy J. Smeltzer to William G. Smeltzer, Carrie M. Boyer for $1.

NS Lebanon Valley Parkway Lot 34 Etc. Lebanon Valley Business Park
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation Inc. to Regupol America LLC for $535,815.

133 Princeton Place
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Rihai Jiang, Fen Lin for $532,900.

549 Schaeffer Road
Steven J. and Bonnie L. Wenger to Wenger Land Holdings LLC for $1.

146 Stone Hedge Court Lot 30
Alfonse and Margaret Ranzie to Alfonse and Margaret Ranzie, Joseph Pariti for $1.

715 Klein Avenue
Kevin B. Beck Estate, Holly A. Shaud to Holly A. and Jonathan M. Shaud for $1.

37 Parkside Drive
Ryan M. ODonnell, Ryan M. O Donnell to Diane George for $261,430.

441 Crest Road
Rohrer Family Trust, Doris J. Rohrer to Lloyd and Jane Burkholder for $287,500.

352 Acorn Circle
Brent E. Balmer, Sydney A. Saylor to Khaled Abbas, Nashwa Badr for $262,930.

South Londonderry Township

244 South Village Circle Unit 193 Springbrook Farms
Courtney A. Royer, Dale Stoutzenberger to Thomas Wagner for $312,000.

315 Chestnut Hill Road
Patricia A. and John F. Miller to Patricia A. Miller, Charlene Wandzilak for $1.

1540 Mount Wilson Road
Sandra R. Rebman Estate, Jeanette Weller to Dylan McCoy, Dylan Mc Coy for $333,500.

700 Jubilee Lane
Richard L. Gerhart Jr., Rebekah A. Gerhart to Daniel and Lisa Hughes for $209,000.

Swatara Township

137 Mowery Road
HMG Investors LLC to Nelson Ziegler for $49,811.

378 Mountville Drive
Brenda K. Brubaker to Danielle K. Graby for $1.

70 Mowery Road
Antonio S. Di Santolo, Antonio S. DiSantolo to Antonio S. and Vincenzo S. Di Santolo, Antonio S. and Vincenzo S. DiSantolo for $1.

Union Township

37 Hoover Drive Lot 8 Quit Claim Deed
Angela M. and Randy L. Rogers to KBC Trust, Cassidy L. Rhen for $1.

115 Fisher Avenue
Antonio S. Di Santolo, Antonio S. DiSantolo to Antonio S. and Vincenzo S. Di Santolo, Antonio S. and Vincenzo S. DiSantolo for $1.

308 Shepherd Street Lot 114
Jean Barreau Jr., Mariana P. Villarini to Samuel B. and Brianna J. Stone for $330,000.

West Cornwall Township

63 West Main Street
Betty B. Gernert to Tamatha L. Farina for $340,000.