State Representative Russ Diamond recently presented his vision of what makes a good legislator to a group of elected Republicans in Lebanon County.

First, a good legislator needs to know their district. Russ Diamond has lived his entire life in the 102nd District. Raised in the Ono area and a 1981 graduate of Northern Lebanon High School and Lebanon County Vo-Tech, he worked in a factory in Lebanon for seven years before launching his audio and video production business just east of Lebanon in 1992, which he still operates from a production studio in his home. His instinctive knowledge of Lebanon County attitudes and traditions is very instructive to his legislative duties.

Second, a good legislator needs to know Pennsylvania as a whole. Russ Diamond has crisscrossed the Commonwealth on six separate occasions during his campaigns as an award-winning citizen activist and candidate over the last 20 years. He understands that not every area of the state is exactly like Lebanon County and an understanding of Pennsylvania’s distinct regional differences is key to arriving at consensus with others in Harrisburg.

Finally, a good legislator needs to know the legislative process. Russ Diamond authored bills that were introduced word for word by other lawmakers long before he was elected to be a state legislator himself in 2014. That experience, combined with his intimate knowledge of the 102nd District and his broader knowledge of the state as a whole combine to give him a leg up when proposing legislation and fostering the relationships needed to make it workable on a statewide basis.

The particular group of elected Republicans who heard Diamond’s message unanimously voted to endorse his re-election bid in 2024, and he has been endorsed by an overwhelming vote of the Lebanon County Republican Committee. He has consistently been returned to the House of Representatives because the people of the 102nd District have learned to trust him.

In 2005, he spoke the truth about the midnight pay raise and helped change Pennsylvania for the better. In 2014, he spoke the truth about bogus smear campaigns & character attacks and won a seat in the General Assembly. And in 2020, he spoke the truth about Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 lockdowns and helped change Pennsylvania for the better again.

In all of those instances, Diamond stood for the truth despite knowing that many would criticize him for taking such a stand. But each time, events proved he was on the right side of history. 

Diamond also understands that while solid principles are critical, stubbornness is not always a virtue. Even when someone is convinced they’re right, new and more accurate information can and should sway the viewpoint of a reasonable man. Maintaining an open mind, while still adhering to core principles, makes for a good legislator as well.

Diamond’s re-election in 2024 could prove to be very meaningful for Lebanon County. The county has not been represented on the House Republican leadership team since the late H. Jack Seltzer’s retirement as Speaker of the House over 40 years ago. As the state’s second-fastest growing county, a potential leadership role for Diamond based on his experience and positive relationships with colleagues would be very significant for our county’s future.

When not tending to his legislative duties, Russ Diamond is a musician, author, licensed private pilot, and tinkerer. He and his wife Beth live in Annville in a home built by his great-grandparents, which they painstakingly and completely renovated over the course of eight years. He believes physical labor, a solid work ethic, and tangible projects provide a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence that make for a well-rounded life.

For all the above reasons, Russ Diamond is the right choice for Republican voters in the 102nd District at the April 23rd primary election.

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