Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Bethel Township

121 Long Road
Pauline E. Grumbine Estate, Michael R. Blecker to Michael R. Blecker for $350,000.

1804 Mount Zion Road
Pauline E. Grumbine Estate, Michael R. Blecker to Michael R. Blecker for $150,000.

625 Blue Mountain Road
Veronica A. Palkovic Estate, Veronica Palkovic Estate, Jeffrey L. Palkovic to Eunice M. Musselman for $220,000.

647 Monroe Valley Drive
Willard S. and Kimberly Frederick to Irvin W. Martin for $431,000.

ES Daub Lane
David R. and Brenda K. Geib to SGE Capital LLC for $54,000.

593 Blue Mountain Road
Jeffrey A. Thome to Michael Verna for $335,000.

City of Lebanon

1111 Lehman Street
Wesley I. Gennace to 708 Walnut Street Re 1 LLC for $88,000.

446 Pershing Avenue
Harold E. Dice to Yinesca M. C. Matos for $170,000.

29 Canal Street
Rafael M. Altreche to Pedro and Damaris Beltre for $68,000.

520 Cumberland Street
Beth Hamdan to Jean H. and Anita R. Felisma for $138,500.

458 North Sixth Street
Verna L. Rutter to Top Hat Real Estate LLC for $80,000.

54 and 56 Guilford Street, 515 North First Street
Roy M. and Carolyn L. Zimmerman to NGW Properties LLC for $300,000.

18 Pershing Avenue
Carol A. Houser to Thomas R. and Melissa A. Houser for $220,000.

316 Federal Street
Daniel A. Kaiser to KPG Holdings LLC for $1.

235 South 10th Street
Howard F. Wood to TJ Estate Investments LLC for $89,000.

616 Walnut Street
Shannon L. Schultz to 1829 West Juniata Street LLC for $120,000.

1240 Colebrook Road
David A. and Kimberly A. Loucks to Ariana, Margaret F., and Michael A. Long for $220,000.

128 Canal Street
Di Ann Dilger Estate, DiAnn C. Dilger Estate, DiAnn Celia Dilger Estate, DiAnn Dilger Estate, Jamie Fox to Hernandez Housing LLC, Santelli Properties LLC for $95,000.

400 Canal Street, 400 Rear Canal Street
Patricia M. Young to Sage Kane for $135,000.

808 Rear North Ninth Street
Randy Oblinsky to Hector Rios for $20,500.

618 Hill Street
June G. Hollinger Estate, Becky A. Firestone to Mark A. Smith for $158,000.

711 South 15th Street
Lloyd M. and Ada N. Sensenig to Michael R. Kohler for $154,750.

593 Guilford Street
Roberto J. Valentin to Natalia D. Aybar for $225,000.

330-332 South Ninth Street
Cityscape Development Group LLC to PJZ Holdings LLC for $235,000.

438 Walnut Street
William T. Logan to Revital Home Co LLC for $77,500.

444 Walnut Street
William T. Logan to Revital Home Co LLC for $77,500.

523 Spruce Street
Jancelis S. C. Robles to Anthony D. Strite for $149,000.

412 Spring Street
Howard F. Wood to Onyx Investments VII LLC for $120,000.

1211 Lehman Street
Patrick W. and Rosita D. McLaughlin, Patrick W. and Rosita D. Mc Laughlin to Alexandria R. Vernon for $1.

708 Elm Street Lot 2
Holly A., Molly, Jennifer, Eric, and Alan Moses, Unknown Heirs to Pennymac Loan Services LLC for $125,416.

333 Hornet Street
Redevelopment Authority of the County of Lebanon to Lidia S. Cordero for $120,000.

1040 Lehman Street
Juan A. Alvarado to Jeury R. Guzman for $209,000.

23 South Eighth Street
Jeffrey and Jennifer Zimmerman to Maple Hill Properties LLC for $675,000.

Cleona Borough

403 East Chestnut Street
Ryan T. and Sarah M. Daub to Ruth E. Frantz for $238,000.

105 East Penn Avenue Lot 29
Ashley L. Smith to Sevanah H. Tanno, Christopher Perez for $221,000.

Cornwall Borough

137 Julia Lane
Ammon A. Boltz Estate, Brian J. Boltz to Lisa M. Boltz for $1.

1286 Ash Lane Lot 191
Brian K. and Marcia A. Shaffner to Marcia A. Shaffner for $1.

Deed in Lieu of Condemnation N of Schaeffer Road
Glen R. and Linda K. Krall to Cornwall Borough for $31,000.

201 Steele Street
Robert L. Friend Estate, Robert Lee Friend Estate, Karl L. Zimmerman to Nicholas D. Ulrich for $240,000.

1066 Alden Way Unit 238
Harry L. and Carolyn Southall to Johnson Gregovich Family Trust, Todd I. and Leanne G. Johnson for $425,000.

364 Granite Street
Frank Tomecek Jr., Kristine Warner to Bobby A. Shank for $215,000.

655 Aspen Lane
Robyn L. and Duane L. Koch to Ryan and Dayana Groff for $625,000.

East Hanover Township

28 Sherks Church Road
Melissa A. Sallada, Roger Funck, Charles I. and Ginger E. Hershey to Melissa A. and Roger Funck, Charles I. and Ginger E. Hershey for $1.

10685 Jonestown Road
Paul L. and Betty M. Weaver to Nicholas F. Heimbach for $400,000.

Corrective of a Corrective Deed 11 Log Cabin Drive
Kevin M. and Gina M. Burkholder to Kevin M. and Gina M. Burkholder for $1.

Heidelberg Township

178 Copper Ridge Drive Unit 45
Eric L. Ziegler to Michael F. and Jayne C. Hain for $190,000.

Jackson Township

11 Glenwood Drive
Roy P. Matthew Estate, Michelle R. Plempel to Brookwood Rentals LLC for $315,000.

405 East Lincoln Avenue
Krall Family Trust, Terry L. Krall, Sharon L. Miller to Shirley M. Krall for $1.

505 West Washington Avenue
Linford R. and Luella M. Brubaker to Joshua L. Brubaker for $1.

13 Lantern Avenue Lots 72 and 73
Grichevsky 2013 Family Trust, Gennady Grichevsky to Gennady Grichevsky, Irina Gorenbuh for $0.

67 Laurel Drive
Diane Schollenberger, Diane L. Sheriff to Smoke Rodriguez LLC for $176,100.

310 West Jackson Avenue
Milissa Spera to Brubaker Properties LLC for $520,000.

31 Apple Creek Lane
Charles R. Brown Jr., Kayla M. Ramsay to Trust Between National Equity Inc., National Equity Inc., Janell M. Anderson, N. P. Dodge Jr. for $476,400.

31 Apple Creek Lane
Trust Between National Equity Inc., National Equity Inc., Janell M. Anderson, N. P. Dodge Jr. to Robert C. and Nicole M. Ramirez for $476,400.

20 Wartluft Road Corrective Deed
Paul S. and Gladys M. Zserai to Paul S., Jennifer, and Gladys M. Zserai for $1.

55 Arbor Drive
Patricia S. Larson to Richard W. and Carol A. Krom for $320,000.

810 Tulpehocken Road
Lester W. and Janet H. Huber to Huber Properties LLC for $1,650,000.

25 Greenbriar Drive Lot 442
Joanne E. Haym to Joanne E. Haym for $1.

Jonestown Borough

25 North Fisher Street Lot 90
Chelsea L. and Austin L. Carpenter to Randy and Ashley Wintersohl for $295,000.

Millcreek Township

216 South Fort Zellers Road
Michael S. Strickler to Gideon B. and Rebecca M. Stoltzfus for $82,500.

Myerstown Borough

47 Main Avenue
Ronald L. and Brenda L. Baum to Dalton C. Olive for $100,000.

10-12 West Main Avenue
Railroad Street Inn & Suites LLC to Wenger Investment Group LLC for $180,000.

111 North Railroad Street
Clint O. and Debra K. Brown to Karen A. and Michael A. Gerhart for $173,000.

817 South Railroad Street
Richard A. and Suzanne M. Rivera to Cynthia Clemens for $70,000.

North Cornwall Township

Deed for Sanitary Sewer Lines and Related Equipment (UPI #26-2331724-365193-0000)
Narrows Glen Inc. to North Cornwall Township for $1.

210 North Mill Street Corrective Deed
Rita A. and Glenn J. Hill to Allen D. and Brenda A. Balmer for $1.

2129 Walnut Street
William B. Kiscadden to Lonnie Heilman Jr., Christy Heilman for $152,500.

North Lebanon Township

616 Lilliana Drive
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Crossings at Sweetbriar to Thomas and Claire Martinez for $576,554.

1592 Colonial Circle
Ryan R. and Kaitlyn M. Burns to Meredith A. and Troy N. Dolan for $515,000.

867 Water Edge Court
David L. and Peter Fowler to Miguel and Maria Heras for $450,000.

3220 Joyce Street
302 Investment Group LLC to Rebecca L. and Matthew D. Bowman for $430,000.

1460 Old Hickory Lane
Abdelmalik Moudouji, Abdelmalik Moudoujy, Khalid Rida to Abdelmalik Moudoujy, Rachida Rida for $1.

3112 and 3116 Tunnel Hill Road
James J. Reece to Jacqueline J. Reece for $1.

232 Gary Avenue
Hennick Construction Inc. to Ryan and Sarah Daub for $384,900.

North Londonderry Township

711 Cambridge Court
Bryan K. and Karen L. Foreman to Yvonne and Robert J. Trunk for $252,500.

44 Hickory Street
James F. Gillespie Living Trust, Alberta L. Gillespie Living Trust, James F. and Alberta L. Gillespie to Bryan D. Elsenpeter, Mollie A. McArthur, Mollie A. Mc Arthur for $328,000.

12 Oatfield Lane
Susan J. Bonawitz to Kenneth T. and Nicole E. Hall for $558,000.

593 Sweetwater Drive Lot 16
Marianna Detwiler to Mukesh V. and Neeta M. Patel for $525,000.

573 Sweetwater Drive Lot 19
Allen Stuart to Allen and Jennifer Stuart for $1.

Palmyra Borough

702 West Oak Street Lot 47
Rachel M. Cullari to Alnwick Partners LLC for $285,000.

417 West Oak Street
James E. Jefferies Jr., Brenda L. Jefferies to Karen L. Huggins for $280,000.

134 and 136 East Cherry Street Lot 16
James D. and Bethany R. Tesche to James D. and Bethany R. Tesche for $1.

901 East Main Street
Hogg Family Investment Limited Partnership to Hogg Family Investment Partnership II LLP for $650,000.

150-152 North Railroad Street
Faye M. Witters Estate, Scott A. Witters to Scott A. Witters for $1.

125 North Grant Street
Janice E. Schneider to Alexandra Confair for $296,000.

832 West Maple Street Lot 22
Lebanon Valley Property Management LLC to Scott J. and Kelsey L. Kuntz for $230,000.

Richland Borough

101 South Race Street
Thomas E. Haley Estate, Thomas Edward Haley Estate, Tom Haley Estate, Ryan Haley to Michael R. and Cindy L. Davis for $210,000.

823 East Linden Street
Troy L. Rohr to Troy L. and Vicki D. Rohr for $1.

111 South Race Street
Joshua T. and Kurstin Sugden to Benjamin M. Horst for $235,500.

308 Poplar Street
SRC Properties LLC to Musser Property Management LLC for $987,500.

SS Church Street Lots 16 and 17 and Part of Lot 15
Gregory M. and Fritzie P. Moyer to BRH Homes in PA Southeast LLC for $55,000.

South Annville Township

237 Highland Court Building 124
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Erica Weigle, Gary D. and Kim Collins for $333,500.

94 Beech Tree Court Unit 92
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Tullio D. V. Casimiro for $324,990.

20 Finch Drive Lot 93
Yadu Mainali, Punam Bhattarai to Maryant and Gabriel B. Bunch for $479,900.

South Lebanon Township

3 Clover Drive Lot 9 Phase 1B East Evergreen Estates
Treyson Holdings LLC, Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Jake S. and Rachael Schommer for $580,000.

128 Princeton Place Lot 124
Mike and Jennifer Wickenheiser to Michael and Jennifer Wickenheiser for $1.

7 Colonial Drive Lot 23
Dean L. Gardner Estate, Michelle R. Etter to Michelle R. Etter, Shauna M. Francis, Matthew T. Gardner for $1.

61 Monticello Drive Lot 87
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC, Strathford Meadows LLC to Francisco J. O. Martinez, Jessica Garcia for $523,653.

525 East Walnut Street
Sarah L. Allwein to Daniel Mandes for $180,000.

(UPI #30-2342042-358997-0000) Lot 85
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Christopher C. and Molly Keiser for $601,571.

909 South Third Avenue Lot 45
Robert G. Latessa to A Team Holdings LLC, A-Team Holdings LLC for $200,000.

637 Henry Houck Lane
John M. Keefer III, Melinda B. Keefer to Thaddeus Hawks for $320,000.

South Londonderry Township

127 Schoolhouse Road
DLG Homes LLC to Zook Rentals LLC for $356,000.

2744 Horseshoe Pike
Trevor P. and Heidi K. Kase to RND Rentals LLC for $376,000.

5671 Elizabethtown Road
Ronald R. Obenstine to Spayd Properties LLC for $275,000.

2735 Horseshoe Pike
Dwight E. Kauffman to Rebecca and Brandon Sell for $270,000.

1605 Mount Wilson Road
Tracy L. Winsett to Tracy L. Winsett, Takota M. Berry for $1.

39 Kingston Drive Lot 26
Gloria J. Armstrong to Ronald T. and Gloria J. Armstrong, Wendy A. Aksu for $0.

Swatara Township

441 South Lancaster Street
Ronald L. Stoever Estate, Heather M. Rupp, Jessica L. Stoever to Douglas A. Campbell for $265,000.

314 Cindy Drive Lot 117
Amanda S. Boyer, Hayden M. Beyler to Kimberly Frederick for $218,000.

Intermunicipal Transfer of Public Street (UPI #32-0000000-000000-0000)
Bethel Township, Township of Bethel to Swatara Township, Township of Swatara for $1.

155 Lickdale Road
Church Congregational Church in Christ, Congregational Church in Christ, Victory Lighthouse to Lighthouse Baptist Fellowship for $1.

307 Lighthouse Drive
Robert J. Weidman to Brian A. and Jacquelynn A. Salois for $200,000.

Union Township

305 Micro Drive
PPC Lubricants LLC, PPC Lubricants Inc. to FNLR Non Friction LLC for $6,156,640.

522 Shepherd Street Lot 63
Michael H. and Lindsay A. Martin to James Hess Jr., Alicia Hess for $331,000.

West Cornwall Township

204 Oak Avenue Lots 117, 118, 119, and 120
Susan O. Wood to Edward Schwarz, Susan Snyder for $510,000.

184 Scenic Ridge Boulevard
Raymond E. Stolz III, Laurene Stolz to Stolz Family Trust, The Stolz Family Trust, Raymond E. Stolz III, Laurene J. Stolz for $1.

144 Riders Way
Gary Holsopple to Joseph M. Crugnale for $255,000.

409 Seventh Street Mount Gretna
Louis V. and Denise LaRicci, Louis V. and Denise La Ricci to Benjamin Latz, Jessyka Lighthall for $435,000.

NS State Route 117
Eastern Enterprises Inc. to Shawn M. Watts, Rosemary Y. Suh for $22,880.