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  • Public Works/Water and Sewer Operator (West Lebanon Township)

West Lebanon Township


Public Works/Water and Sewer Operator

West Lebanon Township is seeking to fill an open position for Public Works/ Water and Sewer Operator Trainee. Please see the attached job posting and job application. Visit www.westlebanonpa.gov for application. Applications and resumes can be submitted by mail or email.

West Lebanon Township
Attention: Antoinette Issis
322 N. 22nd Street
Lebanon, PA 17046

Antoinette Issis, Township Manager: a.issis@westlebanonpa.gov
John Brenner, Supervisor: j.brenner@westlebanonpa.gov

  1. Do all daily, monthly, yearly checks and testing on water and sewer system including testing water daily, reading influent and effluent reads, quarterly meter reads, operation reports. See SOP/EOP’s at pumphouse for daily operation of system.
  2. Make sure ALL DEP paper work and reports are reported on time including chemical reading reports, water withdrawal reports, meter testing reports, annual water allocation report, and all permits are up to date.
  3. Maintain all chemicals, testing reagents, equipment calibration to standards of water quality testing.
  4. Pick up trash, debris, on township properties including cleaning of all facilities.
  5. Maintain all equipment including generators, pumps, instruments, lawn mowers, loaders, street cleaner, blowers, weed whackers, plows, spreaders, hand tools. THIS MEANS ANY AND ALL EQUIPMENT OWNED BY WEST LEBANON TOWNSHIP.
  6. Keep all records of maintenance/repairs/replacement on all equipment, tool inventory, vehicles records, etc.
  7. Keep all vehicles fueled and fluids checked and in a ready to serve conditions whatever the case may be.
  8. Keep and maintain DEP Permitted Approved Green Waste Site clean and sanitary along with all record keeping for other township employees.
  9. Maintain and keep Township’s recreation properties, pumps houses, right of way, grass cut, trimmed and maintained.
  10. Maintain and keep all street signs, inventory, data sheets, in good repair and up to date with all traffic control devices codes of PennDOT. Publications, including emergency highway occupancy permit.
  11. Remove all hazards on township sidewalks, roads and hi-ways in township when they occur including: debris, stones, ice & snow, or anything that could cause traffic hazards or pedestrian hazards.
  12. Maintain highways and roads including: painting crosswalks, fog lines, stop bars, creak sealing, pot holes and paving, bidding out road construction jobs, maintain storm sewer grates.
  13. Report and respond to all PA ONE CALLS and making sure all records are up to date.
  14. Keep all storm sewer grates open after and during storm events as needed.
  15. Keep all records of maintenance/repairs/replacement on all equipment, tool inventory, vehicles records, etc.
  16. Help other township employees as needed where and when asked.
  17. Any duties that may arise from time to time and are reasonable.

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