Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

122 South Manheim Street
William K. Watson Estate, Kathleen A. Watson to Dylan J. and Kayla N. Bomgardner for $180,000.

ES North Railroad Street
Mark Hershey Farms Inc., Hershey Mark Farms Inc. to BBGY Inc., Boger Concrete Co for $110,000.

149 West Sheridan Avenue
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Howard F. Wood for $135,000.

830 East Walnut Street
Gregory T. Kline to Duane E. Hess for $260,000.

413 West Sheridan Avenue
Randall L. and Kathleen M. Wampler to Conner J. Campbell for $265,000.

511 East Main Street
Eric S. and Michele C. Crosson to Nicholas Allwein for $400,000.

1236 East Main Street Lot 1
Eric B. and Renee H. Clift to 1236 East Main LLC for $1,650,000.

Bethel Township

N of Mountain Drive
Parco Inc. to Jerimie G. Thompson for $12,000.

1046 Stracks Dam Road
Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder to Mel O Dey Enterprises LLC, Mel-O-Dey Enterprises LLC for $600,000.

1550 Mount Zion Road
Andrew L. and Regina M. Newswanger to Kendall D. Lauver for $230,000.

132 Maple Drive
Karen Showers to Kayla M. Showers, Hunter W. Wallace for $340,000.

996 Shirksville Road
Chris P. and Denise H. Hoffman to Roger L. and Stacey M. Martin for $1,125,000.

952 Frystown Road
Steven B. Snyder to Steven B. and Laura Snyder for $1.

City of Lebanon

1594 Berry Drive
James R. and Theodore E. Deininger to James R. Deininger for $1.

23 Maple Street
Terry L. Smith to Lydia M. Smith for $1.

1016 Willow Street
Francisco Sanchez to Janera Sanchez for $1.

51 Lehman Street
Francisco Sanchez to Janera Sanchez for $1.

511 Guilford Street
Francisco Sanchez to Janera Sanchez for $1.

725 South Third Avenue
Elroy and Kelli Ortiz to Timothy M. Eck, Karley J. Kolb for $271,000.

107 South Third Street
Terry R. Lerch to Oscar D. R. Marroquin for $178,000.

985 Reber Street
Mildred E. Steckbeck Estate, Mildred Steckbeck Estate, Keystone Guardianship Services to Keith and Amy Donnachie for $180,000.

210 South Fifth Street
Christopher T. Bentz to Nelsi and Efrain Ortiz for $95,000.

321 Lehman Street
402 Holdings LLC to Elmer K. and Sadie M. Kauffman for $486,000.

354 South Seventh Street
Kirk R. and Marie A. Galebach to Zachary J. Eisenhauer for $180,000.

310 Canal Street
Adam Eder to Luis M. O. Polanco, Carmen Y. R. Soto for $182,000.

32 South 11th Street
Philip J. and Andrea J. Lerch to John L. and Emma F. King for $135,000.

1127 Washington Street
Howard F. Wood to Harrison C. and Catherine R. Snider for $197,500.

622 Elm Street
Troy L. and Lacy M. Jones to Nicole F. Decena, Belly J. Monescat for $290,000.

718 North Seventh Street
Mindy N. Hill to Heisey Brothers Properties LLC for $90,000.

214 Mifflin Street
Edwin F. Salem to Edwin Salem Irrevocable Trust, Edwin Salem for $1.

228 Mifflin Street
Edwin F. Salem to Edwin Salem Irrevocable Trust, Edwin Salem for $1.

913 Reinoehl Street
Mark Edwards, Louis J. Portas to Luis M. G. Salcedo, Nancy D. D. Frias for $242,000.

306 North Third Avenue
Oliver Q. and Erin N. Woelfling to Maria E. M. Cabrera, Patrick J. Miranda for $150,000.

437 East Weidman Street
George Hanna to Smucker Home Improvements LLC for $77,000.

729 South 12th Street
W. Lawrence Hess Estate, Warren Lawrence Hess Estate, Debra K. Noye to John J. Miller for $102,000.

520 Maple Street Part of Lot 40
Joseph C. Gibble to Yeika N. P. Rodriguez, Matthew R. McDaniels, Matthew R. Mc Daniels for $196,500.

15 East Locust Street Quit Claim Deed
Denise M. Mercado to Denise Brandt for $1.

557 South Fifth Avenue
Genevieve E. Brown Estate, Genevieve E. Brown, Cynthia Schaeffer to Martin E. Jimenez, Julisa P. Rodriguez for $185,000.

511 North Second Street
Timothy W. and Brenda A. Jones to Wilmer M. and Joanne W. Martin for $120,000.

401 East Lehman Street
Dorothy L. Mohl Estate, Colleen S. Gallo to Jerraldine L. and Benjamin J. Rillo for $255,000.

124 South Third Street
Christopher J. Flashel Estate, Nadine K. Flashel to Cityscape Development Group LLC for $50,000.

625 Quentin Road
Golden Lebanon LLC to Krishna Lakshmi Lebanon LLC, Lakshmi Krishna Lebanon LLC for $3,600,000.

125 South Third Street
Heather Rheinheimer, R. Richard Rheinheimer II to Joyce N. Rheinheimer for $1.

424 North 10th Street
Karen S. Weise to Karen S. and Christopher T. Weise for $1.

NS Lehman Street Lots 136-146 Northside of Tow Pathway
Aspens Inc. to Denson LLC for $1.

416 North Partridge Street
Whispering Hope Enterprises LLC to Leonida A. M. Espinal for $139,000.

318 South Second Street
Louise M. Willeman Estate, Michael H. Willeman to 248 South Quince Street LLC for $98,000.

Cleona Borough

220 South Cyrus Street Lot 26
Vicki E. Speaker to Jonathan D. Wentling for $285,000.

235 South Center Street
Sandra L. Wampler to Andrea N. Locklear for $1.

138 South Harris Street
David R. Achenbach to David R. and Kyle J. Achenbach for $1.

231 South Center Street Lot 105
Sylvia E. Thompson to Ronnie L. Boltz for $165,000.

Cornwall Borough

363 Rexmont Road
Jacob Stoltzfus to Valerie A. and Michael D. Sweatlock for $272,500.

50 Anthracite Drive
Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Nathan E. and Stacy M. Baum for $1,031,555.

135 Ironmaster Road Lot 4
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Mark E. and Susan L. Huntley for $730,360.

1030 Stanford Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Alan C. and Charlotte I. Mickletz for $407,343.

1009 Parkwood Court Lot 23
Margaret D. Broussard Estate, David H. Broussard to John C. Hewitt for $475,000.

119 Julia Lane
Jacqueline D. and Michael T. Silcox to Michael T. Silcox for $1.

East Hanover Township

805 Ono Road
House Cash LLC to Wade Funck for $329,900.

31 Reeds Creek Road
Dennis L. and Karen F. Grubb to Christopher and Miranda Seaman for $620,000.

8 Terrace Lane Lot 2 Quit Claim Deed
Vincent and Katelyn M. Uglialoro to Vincent Uglialoro for $1.

806 Ono Road
James D. and Karen S. Landis to James D. and Karen S. Landis for $1.

806 Ono Road
James D. and Karen S. Landis to 12G Real Estate LLC for $530,000.

49 Bullfrog Road Lot 1
Kaylia A. Albright to Ralph Santella for $515,000.

Heidelberg Township

258 Albright Road Etc.
Christopher L. and Mabel J. Wine to Middlecreek Mennonite School, School Middlecreek Mennonite School for $790,000.

312 South Lancaster Avenue
Michael L. and Alicia A. Martin to Michael L. and Alicia A. Martin for $1.

340 South Market Street
Micah Horst to Abraham Hursh for $1.

Jackson Township

NS West Lincoln Avenue
Laysers Flowers Inc. to Jeffrey L. Layser for $1.

NS West Washington Avenue
Laysers Flowers Inc. to Jeffrey L. Layser for $1.

28 Rosemont Drive
William T. Walkley Estate, William T. Walkley III Estate, William Thomas Walkley III Estate, Wendy T. Ferraro to David L. and Dawn J. Innes for $245,000.

478 West Washington Avenue
Susan J. Stamm to Edwin N. Pryor, Veronica Diaz for $251,300.

151 Gable Drive
John M. and Amber H. Mills to John M. Mills for $1.

NS East Rosebud Road Lot 1
Northside Cemetery, Levi S. King, Abner K. Lantz, David J. Smoker to Lebanon County Northeast Church, Church Lebanon County Northeast Church for $1.

SS Pleasant Drive Lot 1
Nancy L. Boyer to Adam L. and Kelsey A. Boyer for $1.

SS Pleasant Drive
Nancy L. Boyer to Nancy L. and Mark L. Boyer for $1.

SS Pleasant Drive
Nancy L. Boyer to Steven L. and Melissa S. Boyer for $1.

80 Pleasant Drive
Nancy L. Boyer to Nancy L. and Mark L. Boyer for $1.

189 Ken Lin Drive
Brian E. and Sheila J. Shewmaker to Brian E. and Sheila J. Shewmaker for $1.

Jonestown Borough

226 North King Street
Marian E. Emrich Irrevocable Trust, Mary J. Grimes to Mary J. Grimes for $71,282.

365 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-132
Sandy F. Martin to Norman A. and Andrea L. Martin for $1.

Millcreek Township

28 Treeline Drive Lot 120
Ryan M. Snook, Sophia M. Balmer to Sophia and Gary N. Balmer for $1.

17 Abbey Lane Lot 77
Bernard L. Seger Revocable Trust, Ruth R. Seger Revocable Trust, Barbara Lammers, Donald Seger to Ruth R. Seger Supplemental Needs Trust, Bernard L. Seger Supplemental Needs Trust, Barbara Lammers, Donald Seger for $1.

17 Abbey Lane Lot 77
Bernard L. Seger Supplemental Needs Trust, Ruth R. Seger Supplemental Needs Trust, Barbara Lammers, Donald Seger to Darlene Seger for $0.

49 Memorial Boulevard Quit Claim Deed
Timothy F. Murray to Timothy F. and Betty S. Murray for $1.

Mount Gretna Borough

202 Lancaster Avenue Lots 411, 412, and 413
Salvatore L. Bonacci to Paul M. Curcuruto for $359,900.

Myerstown Borough

123 West Main Avenue
Tammy S. Landis, Mark M. Landis Jr. to Dawson A. Koch for $198,000.

North Annville Township

439 Hostetter Lane
Ronald G. and Brenda M. Wolfe to Philip and Mikayla Gibble for $235,000.

135 Horseshoe Boulevard
Lawrence E. Zulick Jr. Estate, Lisa M. Bertin, Lori B. Gogets to Alex M. Ciambrone, Sierra R. Dimmer for $350,000.

5850 Valley Glen Road
E. Michael and Brenda S. Groy to Jordan D. and Alyssa N. Kennedy for $1.

5850 Valley Glen Road
E. Michael and Brenda S. Groy to E. Michael and Brenda S. Groy for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1813 Center Street
Francisco Sanchez to Janera Sanchez for $1.

602 South 16th Street
Terri A. Harker to Amanda Goodwin, Corey Strauser for $500,800.

2030 Acorn Drive Lot 93
Nancy C. Arendash, Robert Hummel to Jeanne L. Wengert for $250,000.

1622 Center Street
Janelle N. Murray, Scott B. Robie to Carmen S. Acevedo for $180,000.

606 Pondside Lane Lot 152
Catherine M. Krause to Kyle M. McConnell for $460,000.

103 Farmstead Circle
Seaneen R. Lockard to Lockard Irrevocable Trust, Seaneen R. Lockard for $1.

2130 Penn Street Lot 194
Clair N. and Michelle D. Zimmerman to Dylan M. Arnold, Paige C. Harrison for $245,000.

110 Farmstead Circle Lot 7
Mark G. and Patricia A. Malay to Josue H. Rodriguez, Mariarosa A. Hernandez for $415,000.

North Lebanon Township

835 Narrows Drive Lot 4
Frances J. Degler to Edward M. Degler Jr. for $1.

3210 Joyce Street
Gina R. and Johnny Snow to Garrett C. and Chelsea R. Strunk for $415,000.

1150 Garden Avenue Lot 24
Edward J. Zabiegalski Jr. Estate, Carolyn D. Karl to Andrey T. and Timothy A. Dolbun for $265,000.

3631 Hill Church Road
Bryan T. and Elise S. Nelligan to Alysha K. and John P. Baer for $398,900.

2175 Cloverfield Drive Lot 40
Bernell Herr, Nicholas Knott, Daniel Good to Janelle N. Murray, Scott B. Robie for $324,900.

515 Bella May Circle
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Crossings at Sweetbriar to Katherine and Westley Remley for $117,600.

2098 Weavertown Road
Janice L. Arnt Estate, Richard E. Arnt to Andrew L. and Regina M. Newswanger for $315,000.

WS Kenbrook Road Lot 2
Andrew S. Arnold to Andrew S. Arnold, Tristin Fake for $1.

859 Jay Street Lot 79
Daniel Mariscal Jr., Angelina M. Belen to Stephen M. Lehner Jr. for $321,000.

500 Bella May Circle
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar, Crossings at Sweetbriar to Charleen C. and Robert Betz for $477,083.

North Londonderry Township

1025 East Cherry Street Lot 34 Section E
Glenn L. Orehek Estate, Kevin L. and Glenn D. Orehek to Thomas J. and Kristin N. Krammer for $365,000.

1012 South Green Street
Janet F. Stalnecker to Janet F. and David A. Stalnecker for $1.

22 Plum Street
Nancy E. Kreider to Kristie R. and Brendan M. Dainoski for $705,000.

1049 South Forge Road Lots 141, 142, 143, Etc.
Joann R. Ponessa to Allen Property Holdings LP for $160,000.

72 Naftzinger Road
Dale L. and Wendy J. Teets to Dustin M. Teets for $1.

5 Valley Drive
Kenneth G. Hannaford to Kenneth G. and Heather Hannaford for $1.

504 Breezewood Lane Unit 55
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC, Summer Layne LLC to Jennifer L. and Patrick R. Wellar for $173,500.

41 Valley Road Lot 124
David M. Frank to Daniel C. and Mandy K. Braden for $305,000.

209 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 137
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Larry M. and Siren I. Hake for $557,285.

Palmyra Borough

314 East High Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Kira M. Wilcox, Zachary S. Engle for $215,000.

608 North Railroad Street
Steven and Brittany Hershey to Stephanie A. Perez, Romy M. Herrera for $175,000.

144 North Chestnut Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Melvin S. and Ruth S. Fisher for $227,500.

137 North Lincoln Street Lot 50
Pamela A. Shreffler to Bryce J. Conlow, Kylee A. Hess for $187,000.

739 East Spruce Street
Faye M. Whary to Melissa Mong, Kristopher Shultz for $390,000.

71 Bartlett Circle Lot 106
Eugene K. and Shirley M. Shaffer to Shaffer Family Trust, Matthew Rinehart for $1.

138 South Hetrick Avenue
Leola Brown Estate, Detra D. Gonzalez to Ask4Noah Property Solutions LLC, Ask 4 Noah Property Solutions LLC for $82,000.

546 North Railroad Street
Clarence L. Jennings, Patricia A. Dove to Fallon Gyorke, Michael Gehron Jr. for $210,500.

404 West Main Street
Shantilal G. and Kaushalyabahen S. Patel to Rashmika Patel for $1.

Richland Borough

309 Chestnut Street Lot 1
Lawrence H. and Margaret R. Umble to Kenneth and Jenna Garman for $455,000.

405 Elm Street Lot 1
Patrice M. Brightbill to Devin and Laura Belleman for $285,000.

South Lebanon Township

144 Palm Lane Lot 70
Stephen J. and Cheri R. Kaplan to Charles P. Sweigert for $247,000.

33 Parkside Drive Unit 27
Kristen K. Watts to Jeffrey and Richelle Jones for $280,000.

1442 Esther Drive
Gary Wayne Smith Estate, Gary W. Smith Estate, Todd R. Smith to Fadma Aboudig, El Mahfoud Boudriss for $221,000.

609 South Fourth Street Lot 8
BSRE Holdings LLC to Rama Investment Properties LLC for $162,000.

512 Prescott Road
Awakened Properties LLC to Sharon M. Honigmann for $70,000.

South Londonderry Township

78 Mockingbird Lane Lot 12
Kenneth R. and Amanda E. H. Beaner to Anna and Alexander Borisik for $775,000.

ES Lawn Road
Kurt M. Yordy to Kate L. Hess for $125,000.

5588 Gingrich Road
Irvin J. and Lucinda L. Hess to Curtis L. and Ashley K. Bucks for $122,000.

2816 Horseshoe Pike
Kurt S. and Beverly J. Kauffman to Jacob and Darianna L. Hernley for $220,000.

20 Roseland Avenue Lot 51, 52, and 53
Roger J. Schremph to Ethan G. and Bethany H. Martin for $325,000.

387 Fencepost Lane Lot 73A
Kamala and Bodha R. Dhungel to Kristen Barna for $445,500.

Swatara Township

96 Werner Road
Donald R. Girard Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Steven Girard to Steven Girard for $0.

96 Werner Road
Steven Girard to Matthew S. Shearer for $0.

6 Teaberry Lane Lot 3
David J. Motter Sr. to David J. Motter Sr. for $0.

62 and 63 Mowery Road Lots 1 and 2
Earl B. Mohn Jr. Estate, Sherry L. Capello to H5 Ventures LLC for $450,000.

Union Township

10724 Allentown Boulevard
Stephanie M. Heim to JRE Seven LLC for $107,000.

43 Green Point School Road
Freda F. Warren to Glenn W. Warren III, Natalie B. Warren for $1.

35 Camp Meeting Road
Bruce M. and Sharon F. Weiss to Zook Rentals LLC for $160,000.

315 Shepherd Street Lot 25
William B. and Kimberly N. Andrews to Brandon M. Care, Natasha N. Latin for $351,000.

West Cornwall Township

301 Heights Avenue
Barbara E., Robert A., and Scott W. Lauver to Scott W. Lauver for $1.

207 Weaver Avenue Lot 7
Stephanie Capkovic, Robert G. Kripaitis to Stephanie A. Capkovic for $1.

105 Third Street
Thomas C. and Anne N. Stover to Charity Lorenzen for $274,500.

428 South Butler Road Lot C and C-1 Etc.
Mark A. and Tracy L. Boyer to Mark A. Boyer for $1.

West Lebanon Township

1929 West Cumberland Street Lot 17
Michael R. and Martha K. Petry to William Bering Sr., Debra Bering for $104,000.

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