Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

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Annville Township

125 North Lancaster Street
Eric M. Bordner to Sharon K. Clark for $73,000.

21 East Main Street Lot 5
MASL Services LLC to AWAPP Properties LLC for $275,000.

Bethel Township

1161 Houtztown Road
Fannie S. Glick to John O. and Sadie Stoltzfus for $325,000.

137 Deer Drive
Barbara E. Boyer to William Nolt for $255,000.

38 Horizon Drive Lot 93
Andres A. and Melissa Y. Salgado to Joshua Graby for $315,000.

City of Lebanon

522 South Eighth Street Lot 5 Etc.
John D. Enck to Keith L. and Paul W. Kilgore for $148,335.

467 New Street
Michael T. Ginder to Richard T. Santiago, Judith V. Baez for $179,000.

451 North Third Avenue
Charles F. and Eric G. Kercher to Eric G. Kercher for $1.

NS Lehman Street Lots 147-152 North Side of Tow Pathway
Aspens Inc. to WBXB LLC for $1.

2 Creekside Drive
Tina M. Stoltz to Tina and Gregory Barr for $10.

301 South Eighth Street
Jonathan Cameron, Shalani Colon to Jorge E. M. Polanco for $189,900.

539 Maple Street
Amos Zook to Wilbert M. C. Gonzalez for $165,000.

563 South Fifth Avenue
Floyd J. Fields to Kristina Trilli, Kasey Fies for $205,000.

405 Cumberland Street
Earl H. Brinser Jr. to Maria R. Ortiz for $125,000.

525 Walnut Street
Fredericki J. Valmas to Zook Rentals LLC for $155,000.

212 East Grant Street
Seamus G. Carmichael, Denyse M. Allen to Lucardy and Kaleigh M. Jean Francois for $348,000.

1406 Elm Street
Thomas and Toni M. E. Roarabaugh to Skyler E. Ferree, Kaylyn Williams for $220,000.

374 North Gannon Street
Michael T. and Linda Shay to Joseph C. Gibble for $100,000.

525 North Eighth Street and 524 North Gannon Street
Charles P. and Ellen V. Buchanio, Luis and Diana E. Suarez to Solomon Street LLC for $270,000.

823 Mifflin Street
MSS Rentals LLC to Leon W. Beiler for $205,000.

1021 Walnut Street
First Choice Home Buyers LLC to Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. for $88,000.

223 East Locust Street
Timothy R. and Samantha J. Smith to Samantha J. Smith for $1.

328 Lehman Street
David L. Huber to David L. and Jocelyn D. Huber for $1.

116 North 12th Street
Eastern Shore Estates LLC to Francisco G. Mateo for $169,900.

556 Miller Street Lots 200 and 201
Eva A. Mitchell Estate, Sheila Green to Sheila Green for $1.

920 Chestnut Street
Albert Bishop III, Rhonda K. Bishop to Bernardo E. Rodriguez, Rosa E. Medrano for $115,000.

43 Tiffany Lane Sheriff’s Deed
Richard Snyder to BP Real Estate Investment Group LP for $101,000.

529 North Ninth Street
Steven L. Knolles, Frances C. Julius to Jeffrey Zimmerman for $325,000.

720 Quentin Road
Downtown Lebanon Developers LLC to Horizon Valley Properties LLC for $2,800,000.

750-752 Cumberland Street
Patrick F. and Edward T. Riley to One Way Thrift LLC for $200,000.

51 Walton Street
Panda Real Estate LLC to Yudi M. U. De Polanco for $139,900.

498 North Sixth Street
Jeremy and Kelly N. Herrmann to Kelly N. Herrmann for $1.

431 East Pine Street
Jernigan Properties LLC to Darius and Kathryn Hubbard for $275,000.

823 Scull Street
Kristopher L. Martin to Brian D. Sensenig for $90,000.

702-704 Locust Street
Jessica A. Sforza to Revital Home Co LLC for $120,000.

131 Canal Street
G & S Home Improvement and Renovation LLC to Christian O. O. Centeno for $159,750.

889 East Lehman Street
Shawn and Natalie F. Schwab to Veronica R. Colon for $246,000.

17 South Fourth Street
Sherri L. Sevco to Quentin J. McElwee, Quentin J. Mc Elwee for $1.

507 East Guilford Street
William H. Saylor Jr. Estate, Debra L. Meyerhoffer, Cindy L. Saylor to Michael Secoges for $20,000.

Cleona Borough

146 West Chestnut Street
Kerrie D. Smedley, Joseph P. Brewer to Henry J. Duncan, Jean M. Sonni for $357,000.

433 West Penn Avenue
Fulton Financial Realty Company to FBCLPA001 Propco LLC for $1.

43 Dogwood Lane
Kathy A. Waibel to Kayden M. Clark for $190,000.

Cornwall Borough

1007 Brandywine Drive
Cindy M. and Harry E. V. Roberts to Terrance P. and Mary C. Breidenstine for $430,000.

323 Boyd Street Lot 25 Block D
Geraldine M. Orr to Robert M. and Nicole D. Anspach for $200,000.

112 Forge Drive Lot 4
Landmark Homes at Junction LLC, Cornwall Junction LLC to Humberto J. and Christina K. Miranda for $735,692.

1031 Stanford Drive Unit 183
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Warren J. Hanna Jr. for $486,012.

East Hanover Township

10220 Allentown Boulevard Lot 4
Sandy L. M. Kline to Samuel Freeburn for $200,000.

1713 and 1715 North Route 934
Russ E. Cassel to Russ E. and Kyle E. Cassel for $1.

14 Mount Laurel Lane
Shelby J. Herr Estate, Karen K., Tracy A., and Wesley J. Herr to Katelyn Baldwin for $420,000.

64 and 66 Swatara Drive
Pamela L. Evans to Lerch Flippers LLC for $165,000.

Heidelberg Township

130 and 116 East Reistville Road
Doris J. Bucher, Kai Chanse to Doris J. Bucher, Kai Chanse for $1.

1374 Heidelberg Avenue
Fulton Bank to FBSCPA001 Propco LLC for $1.

2613 Heidelberg Avenue
Eugene Z. and Linda R. Horst to JBE Partners LLC for $450,000.

133 Copper Ridge Drive Unit 28
Landmark Homes at 897 Inc. to Gerardo Talamantes Jr., Megan Talamantes for $644,292.

Jackson Township

560 East Main Avenue Lot 4
Donald J. Hibshman to Amber L. Stamm, Brant Petroski for $310,000.

30 Rosemont Drive Lot 353
Donald J. and Mary J. Klopp to Clair R. and Verna H. Burkholder for $269,000.

SS Pleasant Drive
Steven L. and Melissa S. Boyer to Nancy L. and Mark L. Boyer for $1.

405 East Lincoln Avenue Corrective Deed
Krall Family Trust, Terry L. Krall, Sharon L. Miller to Shirley M. Krall for $1.

52 Springhouse Drive Lot 92
FHG 92 LLC to Ronald E. Baer Sr. for $230,000.

Jonestown Borough

230 Hill Street
Karen D. Manoskey to Karen D. Manoskey for $1.

152 Twin Creeks Drive Lot S57
Jay A. and Donna F. Kleinfelter to Brenton S. and Savannah J. Yost for $380,000.

19 South Lancaster Street
Rehn Properties LLC to Zook Rentals LLC for $177,500.

Millcreek Township

WS Cocalico Road
Dinger Family Woodland Irrevocable Living Trust Agreement, Dinger Family Woodland Irrevocable Living Trust, John H. Dinger, B. Thomas Shirk to Lawrence B. and Lisa A. Zimmerman for $1.

8 Sweetwater Lane Lot 318-8 Sweetwater Lane
Steven F. Landis, Amanda J. Templin to Amanda J. Templin for $1.

101 Krumstown Road
Samuel K. Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Sadie S. Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Samuel K. and Sadie S. Fisher to David J. and Verna S. Lantz for $3,796,900.

26 Central Drive Lot 227
Christine R. Yeakley to Christine R. and Darryl R. Yeakley for $1.

Mount Gretna Borough

106 Temple Avenue Lot 31
David J. and Michele C. Julio to Mark and Patricia Malay for $429,500.

302 Pennsylvania Avenue Lot 100
Shirley D. Corbett to Susan C. Simonton for $425,000.

Myerstown Borough

200 West Lincoln Avenue
Fulton Bank to FBMYPA001 Propco LLC for $1.

117 West Washington Avenue
Alexandria J. Nertavich, Joshua E. High to Joshua E. and Jennifer P. High for $0.

North Cornwall Township

2165 Penn Street Lot 228
Clair N. and Michelle D. Zimmerman to Alexandra R. Perez, Robert W. Clauser Jr. for $230,000.

2012 Greystone Drive
Jean C. and Marie E. Joseph to Hamlet W. R. Segura, Ana Gutierrez for $245,000.

126 Millview Court Lot 126 Millview Court
Krista L. Noll Estate, Charles E. Noll Jr. to Charles E. Noll Jr., Isabela M. Noll for $1.

300 Fisher Lane Lot 23
Harry W. and Michelle L. Ward to Jean C. and Marie Joseph for $449,900.

270 Gardenia Lane Lot 41
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Kamal Dhital for $497,805.

1717 Center Street
Dreambig Investment LLC to Carlos R. Beltran, Eidalisse S. Mejias for $215,000.

1809 Fieldcrest Road Lot 124
Jennifer A. Ebersole to Brandon M. and Amy L. Kirsch for $645,000.

138 South 22nd Street Lot 138
Kathryn J. and Darius Hubbard to Dylan and Ashley Brightbill for $180,000.

105 South 17th Street
Cityscape Development Group LLC to Gregorio A. P. De Los Santos, Liz M. Rivera for $199,000.

(UPI #26-2335552-362931-0000) Lot 20
Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to Larry D. and Brenda L. Bowman for $680,829.

635 Byler Circle Unit 143
Annmarie L. Lightner to Annmarie L., Benjamin J., and Todd A. Lightner, Erin Thornton for $1.

424 Wilshire Drive
Gladys M. Walborn to Keith M. Walborn for $1.

North Lebanon Township

115 Mountville Drive
Steven M. and Ellen K. Rogers to Jeffrey E. and Audra L. Horst for $675,000.

1040 Harmony Hill Drive Lot 72
Brandon D. and Amy N. Shelly to Amy N. Shelly, Debra K. Stoessel for $1.

504 Bella May Circle Unit 62
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Crossings at Sweetbriar to Richard C. Eckard III, Shiew M. You for $534,000.

1548 Beta Avenue
Ralph H. White Estate, Cynthia A. Reich to Tina M. and Keith B. Harris for $344,000.

113 Mountville Drive
Steven M. and Ellen K. Rogers to Jeffrey E. and Audra L. Horst for $190,000.

1705 North Seventh Street
Keith B. and Tina M. Harris to Milissa E. Spera for $260,000.

107 Ginger Court
Gregory L. and Tonya L. Moskoff to Tonya L. Moskoff for $1.

3701 Hill Church Road
Patrick J. and Bonnie Connor to Barry L. Hinkle for $389,900.

935 East Maple Street Lot 33
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Richard I. Hess III, Amber L. Hlavaty for $90,000.

1214 East Lehman Street
Ronald G. Weidman Sr. to Cityscape Development Group LLC for $147,000.

1030 East Maple Street
Seth A. and Lisa S. Lambert to Matthew R. Hoover for $325,000.

935 East Maple Street Lot 20
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Reginald B. and Nancy J. Holmes for $93,000.

North Londonderry Township

1036 East Maple Street Lot 47
Elsie M. Reynolds to Jeffrey S. and Donna A. Myers for $350,000.

16 Patton Road Lot 8
Mamie Garman to Scott Garrison for $85,000.

1113 South Green Street Lot 82 Section C
Clyde H. Wrenn to Michael J. and Lisa M. Koval for $325,000.

204 Barrington Court
Merry T. Wind to Keith and Billie J. Umberger for $236,500.

612 Sunset Boulevard Unit 51
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Louis M. Di Salvo, Sarah C. Annibali for $609,800.

15 White Oak Circle Lot 145
Richard S. and Sondra L. Sherwood to Leigh A. Gratia for $471,000.

405 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 134
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Douglas and Glenda Heisick for $514,900.

505 Breezewood Lane Unit 67
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC, Summer Layne to Kamala Dhungel for $599,061.

1318 Mill Pond Way Lot 23 Section 2
Robert W. Kuch Estate, Kimberly A. Cordray to Andrew M. Boltz for $307,500.

10 Grand Summit Drive Unit 10
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC, Winding Creek to Mary E. Holden for $511,400.

502 Barrington Court
Thomas M. and Susan L. Lehman to Hannah Hoang for $240,000.

33 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 144
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Janice and Kevin F. Huddy for $510,244.

ES Patton Road Lot 8 Corrective Deed
Scott Garrison to Scott Garrison for $1.

ES Patton Road Lot 8
Scott Garrison to Scott and Wendy Garrison for $1.

Palmyra Borough

324 South Railroad Street Lot 2
AMW Real Estate Inc. to David S. Snavely for $355,000.

48 East Front Street
Gregory S. Riehl to Jacob E. Good for $202,500.

South Annville Township

55 Beech Tree Court Lot 13 Building 22
Andrew J. Scurto to Victoria I. Scurto for $1.

(UPI #29-2311457-363320-0000) Unit 143 Building 11
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to MH Hoover LLC, Hoover MH LLC for $405,155.

721 Horseshoe Pike
Brian K. and Irene R. Witmer to Harold J. and Jean M. Shuey for $53,000.

712 Fairview Drive and 721 Horseshoe Pike Combination Deed
Harold J. and Jean M. Shuey to Harold J. and Jean M. Shuey for $1.

(UPI #29-2310773-360919-0000) Lot 84
Garman Builders at Wynfield LLC to Patrick J. and Bonnie J. Connor for $539,990.

405 Mayapple Drive Unit 109
Douglas L. and Lori A. Corcoran to Alex J. Morris for $309,900.

South Lebanon Township

WS South Lincoln Avenue Lot 78
Strathford Meadows LLC to Jarred Starry for $486,887.

10 Ritter Way Lot 33
Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation to Conewago Contractors Inc. for $1,550,400.

640 Progress Avenue Lot 46
Kenneth J. and Jenna R. Garman to Mark J. and Maura E. Streisel for $340,000.

W of Michters Road
Doris J. Bucher, Kai Chanse to Doris J. Bucher, Kai Chanse for $1.

1342 King Street
James M. Brown to Dreambig Investment LLC for $110,000.

12 Fox Run Road Lot 11
Nicholas P. and Amanda L. Recine to Lixian He, Sheng Liu for $398,000.

17 Lebanon Valley Parkway Lot 35
Plastic System Packaging Millet PSPM Inc., Plastic Systems Packaging Molding Inc. to Plastic Systems Packaging Molding Inc. for $1.

275 Hazel Court Lot 28
Brandon M. and Amy L. Kirsch to Kalpana G. and Keshab P. Parajuli for $500,000.

602 Charles Street Lot 37
Robert L. Blouch Jr., Virginia A. Blouch Estate, Virginia Ann Blouch Estate to Elissa R. Darkes for $250,000.

209 Adam Drive Part of Lot 18 and Part of Lot 19
Brian Eisenhour to Donald M. and Lori A. Weaver for $340,000.

13 Briar Road Lot 41
William R. and Maxine W. Storch to Anne E. and Patrick M. Killeen for $1.

24 Strathford Drive Lot 39
Jamie P. and Alexa P. Bonner to Richard B. Siebels for $565,000.

23 Mine Road
Robert L. and Robert L. G. Bringman, Kathryn E. C. Wade to Robert L. Bringman for $1.

615 Noble Street
Patricia A. and Herman W. Dundore to Junior R. Ortiz, Jazmarie L. Mercado for $231,750.

609 South Lincoln Avenue
Spence R. Dixon to Michelle Dixon for $200,000.

South Londonderry Township

215 Kreider Road
Palmyra Area School District, School Palmyra Area School District to Matthew and Ashley Grams for $6,400.

165 Schoolhouse Road
Beota Y. Rhoade Estate, Melanie Y. Haldeman to Benjamin J. and Kristen M. Weaber for $351,000.

249 Farmhouse Lane Lot 31
Alex and Anna S. Borisik to Joshua and Caitlin Neiswender for $460,000.

112 Timber Road Lot 54A
Johnson Gregovich Family Trust, Gregovich Johnson Family Trust, Todd L. and Leanne G. Johnson to Jesse and Brandy Cisney for $463,501.

1 Bradford Street
Judah and Bethany Clapper to Samuel and Amanda Crooks for $330,000.

279 Stone Harvest Way Lot 52
Harlan F. Haake Jr., Vicki J. Haake to Haake Family Trust, Harlan F. Haake Jr., Vicki J. Haake for $1.

176 North Village Circle Unit 102
Robert E. Beamenderfer to Robert E. and Denise C. Beamenderfer for $1.

86 South Village Circle Unit 237
Henry S. Weber Jr. Estate, Springbrook Farms Inc., Raffensperger Enterprises LLC, Fred C. Raffensperger II, John C. Weber, James N. Clymer to Richard S. and Sondra L. Sherwood for $405,445.

21 Chesterfield Drive Lot 16
John A. and Judy A. Galle to Preeti and Prakash Subedi for $586,000.

Swatara Township

203 Irene Drive Lot 135 Corrective Deed
Pamela A. Heagy to Jacob C. and Sandra M. Bucks for $219,900.

132 Swatara Road
Jason F. and Michelle L. Arnold to Michelle L. Arnold for $1.

100 North Mill Street
Glenn M. and Constance L. Landis to Jay A. and Donna F. Kleinfelter for $300,000.

14 Troy Avenue Lot 10A
SWFL Properties LLC to Devin M. Heim for $210,000.

Union Township

20 Stoney Lane Lot 1
Roger D. Yordy Estate, Tara S. C. Yordy to Theresa V. Yordy for $1.

437 Jonestown Road
Ira Fisher to Lee Appelt, Renita Service for $230,000.

221 White Tail Lane
Robert G., James M., Doris E., and Linda D. Edris to Robert G., Doris E., James M., and Linda D. Edris for $1.

148 Campmeeting Road
Helen N. Houser to Eric E. and Holly E. Houser for $1.

199 Camp Meeting Road Lot 1
Nathan Lentz to Patrick J. Farrell for $200,000.

191-193 Fisher Avenue
Larry R. Wolfe Estate, Colleen M. Wolfe to Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler for $180,000.

West Cornwall Township

292 Old Mine Road
Curtis B. Evans Estate, Lauren E. Groff to Apryl L. and Joe C. Miller for $275,000.

292 Old Mine Road
Curtis B. Evans Estate, Lauren E. Groff to Shannon and Ryan K. Fretz for $0.

67 West Main Street
Betty B. Gernert to West Cornwall Township, Township of West Cornwall for $256,000.

124 Cassadee Court Lot 5
Donald M. and Lori A. Weaver to Jonathan M. and Sarah S. Wyse for $925,000.

194 Riders Way Lot 74
Jerry C. and Abigail Allgyer to Alexander Wagner, Morgan Reiter for $243,500.

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