I’m Lexi Gonzalez, a reporter at LebTown and student at Lebanon Valley College. I plan to graduate in May with my bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing with specializations in journalism and communications, literature, and film. 

The pandemic struck in the spring semester of my freshman year of college. I was one of many students and workers sent home. The same week I was laid off as a server, I met LebTown’s editor and publisher, Davis Shaver. 

Since then, I have had the opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom at LebTown, and what I learned at LebTown in the classroom. My reporting focuses on “good news” in Lebanon County. I also produce the site’s service features – our food safety inspections, obituaries, police blotter, and real estate transfers.

Local journalism is essential. It empowers local citizens with the information they need to get more involved in their local communities and elections. It holds local public officials accountable. It celebrates what makes local communities tick. And LebTown is doing that work.

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As always, my inbox (lexi@lebtown.com), Davis’ (editor@lebtown.com), or any LebTown writers’ are open for things happening in Lebanon County that you think should be covered. Thank you for continuing to support our small but mighty newsroom!

– Lexi

Lexi Gonzalez has worked as a reporter with LebTown since 2020. She is a Lancaster native and became acquainted with Lebanon while she earned her bachelor's degree at Lebanon Valley College.