Duane O. Sorenson, 78, of Lancaster, passed away unexpectedly at his residence on Sunday, August 9, 2020. He was the husband of Kay L. Shanaman, with whom he celebrated 23 years in marriage, and the father of Quin M. Sorenson and Walter M. Barlow. Duane was born on June 9, 1942, to the late Orris and Lorraine Sorenson.

Duane was a study in perfect contrasts. He was both a scientist and an artist, graduating with degrees in chemistry and physics while perfecting the craft of woodworking, creating everything from huge porches for the house to a desk for his son to a small keepsake for his granddaughter. He was both a teacher and a student, as he devoted his later years to lending his knowledge to local students (after working for years as a chemist) but constantly continued his own intellectual development, studying subjects ranging from politics and history to music and the arts. He was both undoubtedly sophisticated and yet sweetly unrefined, as someone who enjoyed ballroom dancing and discussing the philosophies of Descartes and the works of Dali, but who sometimes showed the sartorial sense of Ben Franklin and the naiveté of a Candide. He was both a brash adventurer and an unabashed bibliophile, who traveled the country engaging in all manner of sports and outdoor activities (occasionally with reckless abandon) while always having at least one book on hand to read (and comment upon) in the evening. Duane was, in short, the very archetype of a renaissance man, who lived life on his own terms. He was also generous and kind, gregarious and funny. He was a devoted father and a loving husband. He was a mentor, a role model, and a friend. He will be missed by his family, and all who knew him, immensely.

For those who wish, contributions in Duane’s name can be made to the charity of their choice. Services will otherwise be private.