The late Moise Pierre was born in Port de Paix, Haiti, on May 14, 1934. He was the son of the late Mandfred Poitevien and Francine Pierre. He passed away on Saturday, March 4, 2023. He was the loving father of Marlyne Loriston and Martine Nyrline Pierre.

Upon completion of schooling in Port de Paix, he spent many years teaching in Bono. He then joined the National Bank of Haiti, where he worked until he left for Chicago in 1966. When Moise arrived in Chicago, he joined the UPS team and worked with them for over 21 years. He also worked for a beer company for over 26 years. This tells you how loyal and hardworking he was. He got along with everyone. He enjoyed doing handyman work and was very good at welding. He loved gardening and enjoyed growing his own vegetables. He was a very good cook and would invite a few friends over for dinner anytime he was off on the weekend.

The late Moise’s health started declining about two years ago. His daughter, Marlyne, kept encouraging him to move closer, but that was difficult for him to do, especially since he had lived in Chicago for almost 60 years. About two weeks ago, he finally called and asked to be picked up the following week, not knowing that God had other plans for him.

He is survived by his daughter, Marlyne, granddaughter, Shcarah Loriston, and sister, Anne Marie Fenelon. Brothers and sisters (deceased), Alexandre Pierre, Josiane pierre, Elsa Pierre, Monfred Junior Poitevien, Georgina Poitevien, Carlo Poitevien, Eva Poitevien, Jack Poitevien, Alfonce Poitevien, and Oberle Poitevien. Cousins, Marie Yoleine Piere, Maire Clara Pierre, Nicole Isidore, and Marie Julienne Boucher. Nieces and nephews, Alix Simon, Guirlene Pierre, Jean Marie F. Pierre, Lyvy Pierre, Anola Pierre, Gina Fenelon, Rony Fenelon, Widmark Fenelon, Cadducchi Pierre Paul, Vengy Tassi, Herard Poitevien, Margalie Poitevien, Darleine Poitevien, Lude-Rose Poitevien, Raphito Poitevien, Jeanclaude Poitevien, Leslie Poitevien, Alfoncine Poitevien, Jinnette Poitevien, Abner Poitevien, Vabner Poitevien, Luckner Poitevien, Murrielle Poitevien, and Soule Poitevien.

The family of the late Moise Pierre acknowledges with sincere appreciation the comforting messages, floral tributes, and other expressions of kindness.