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Next Tuesday, Nov. 2, city residents will have the opportunity to vote for judges, mayors, city council members, school directors and more. My name is Cesar B. Liriano and I’m running to be your next Mayor of Lebanon City.

I think it is time that we need change and new leadership in Lebanon City. I do believe that experience matters. I believe I have the right experience that the citizens of Lebanon need in a mayor. I was a city school board director, which gave me the experience of working with multi-million-dollar budgets, policies, rules, and regulations. I also have a degree in Business Administration and am a business owner and a former landlord. I was a policy council member, which gave me a better understanding of working with policies and regulations. I also have experience serving on several non-profit boards. This diverse amount of experience is what I have to offer as your next Mayor.

The most important experience I have is raising my three children here in Lebanon. I’m a proud father and husband. I want a city where my children feel safe, enjoy where they live and want to continue to live here when they get older. When I make decisions, I think of what is best for my children and yours.

It is time we move Lebanon forward and make the necessary changes to be a growing and vibrant city. We should be a place where people want to move to, not away from. We should feel safe walking down the street and not have to step over piles of trash and junk. We need to bring our community together and not tear it apart. It is also time for the city officials to talk to the people, have town halls, walk the streets in every neighborhood, work with people, hear their ideas and build a real sense of community.

I believe I have the right experience to help move our city forward. I believe we can do this together. So, I ask you to consider giving me, Cesar B. Liriano, your vote on Tuesday. We need a change in leadership to move our city forward.

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