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Behold is an ancient word that appears many times in the Bible. It means to see, to view, to look with attention and earnestness.

Example: The sunset was a thing of beauty to behold.

Behold also fits our idea of the Perfect Farewell. It becomes an opportunity for us to slow down and focus full attention on a life well lived.  In a very real way, we behold this special life and make it shine.

As we create the service together, our conversation results in a plan that demonstrates the special individual characteristics of the deceased. 

  • What were the life accomplishments? 
  • Did he or she have any hobbies or special interests? 
  • A favorite color or type of flower? 
  • What else?

Attention to these details factor into the creation of the service that allows all who knew the deceased to clearly see the beauty and the meaning of what he or she meant to everyone. Behold!

We continue to feel blessed and honored to be beholden the families we serve.

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